Sep 30, 2003

Pictures my brother took from around our house.

click here or go to his blog.
School board cancels classes

HALIFAX — Students in the Halifax region are being told to stay home Wednesday and possibly longer until schools and bus routes are safe. The decision to open schools won't be made until Wednesday after senior staff assess each school.

No school tommorow!
CBC: Hurricane Juan

Photo galleries of the Hurricane Juan.
Global National
Juan slams East Coast
Monday, September 29, 2003 -- From ground level, Hurrican Juan's fury comes into sharp focus. It was a direct hit on Halifax and tonight the city is still a mess in places. Juan was at least as powerful as Hurricane Isabel, which slammed the U.S. last week -- and it shows. Huge trees have been uprooted all over the city, and in many areas heavy flooding is still a problem.

Watch it!
Sept 30th 2003 about 12:00 Pm after the power at 2:20 AM for my area

Right now I have power after the monday Hurricane Juan, on Monday we went to look around in Dartmouth downtown and Halifax downtown it was a mess, the public gardens in Halifax which has the oldest trees that I have ever seen was all destroyed they were all out of their roots all gone. On our backyard couple of tress have fallen down. I have no internet right now I do'nt know untill when this is going to be published.
Drafts: No internet! power back at 4:37 PM
September 30th 2003
Cable sucks when the power lines are down
Xml/RSS readers comes very handy when you don't have any internet!!! I mean I have went through m rss reader to see if I have missed anything in 28th of September, I wish we hadn't have changed our Internet connection

Sep 28, 2003

Hurricane Juan nears Nova Scotia

MIAMI, Sept. 26 — Hurricane Juan headed for landfall in Nova Scotia on Sunday with wind gusts up to 120 mph, threatening wave surges of 5 feet on the coast, forecasters said. Canadian officials issued hurricane wind warnings for Nova Scotia, though Juan was expected to weaken as it hits colder waters before hitting the shore. continue reading this!

It allready started raining and the wind is so strong, it's going crazy in here. Check this map to see where the Juan is going to! I hope it's only a lanfall. NS is right on the top left, on the west of this map.
Update: Hurricane Juan packing high winds, heavy rain

Who would make a better president Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs?
An objective analysis.

This is pretty funny check it out.
Macromedia Contribute 2

Here it is happy now!

Macromedia Contribute is the easiest way for individuals and teams to update, create, and publish web content to any HTML website. Administrative controls let nontechnical users make content changes, while Contribute maintains site standards for style, layout, and code. Macromedia Contribute will save you time and streamline your web-content maintenance process.

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Cracks and keygens and Serial keys! (2)

I have added crack searcher to the list, it's a application that uses internet to search and it's very fast, it doesn't take up that much space.

Here is a list of things I use, I hope these are useful to some of you.
Cracks 4 u
Crack locator
Cracksearcher | Mirror
Hurricane is coming this way!

Atlantic hurricane could have an impact on Nova Scotia, P.E.I.
HALIFAX (CP) - A hurricane brewing in the Atlantic could have an impact on Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island by Sunday night. Full Story

Here we go.

Sep 27, 2003

Download Accelerator Plus Accelerator is a download accelerator/manager that can increase download speeds by up to 300 percent. It features multiserver connections to provide the best possible performance from your dial-up or broadband connection. Download Accelerator can also recover from lost connections, computer shutdowns, and other errors. This program even searches for mirror sites to maximize your download performance. It integrates fully into Netscape (including Netscape 6.x, 7.x), Internet Explorer, and Opera, plus it supports proxy servers, features automatic hang-up after download completion, download scheduling, and dial-up configuration.

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Game boy wireless (2)

CNET - Motorola's semiconductor unit will supply chipsets for a wireless adapter for use with Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP.
Continue reading this

Iran's ballistic Missils

Iran, under pressure to dispel fears it is developing nuclear arms, Monday paraded six of its newly deployed medium-range missiles, which military analysts say could reach Israel or U.S. bases in the Gulf. It was the largest number of Shahab-3 ballistic missiles put on public display since Iran announced in July it had finished testing the weapon and deployed it to the Revolutionary Guards. (Reuters Graphic)

People Data!

This site scares me, this site should get closed down or something, haven't they heard about privacy?
My favorite Photoblog!
Check all of the photos that has been taken around Toronto and everything else.
Check this blog out.

One of my favorite photos are this one, it's called millitary area.
Ohum is back!

I thought Ohum would never come back but when I saw their site I realized their back. check their site and listen to their music.


Sep 26, 2003

2003 September 25 19:50:06 UTC

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center
World Data Center for Seismology, Denver

Click here for more information

Take a look at the big wave that is going to hit U.S.A.
Apple Doin' the Logo-Motion

Wired: For the first time in several years, Apple looks poised to refresh its famous logo. One of the world's most recognizable corporate symbols -- the Apple logo -- is about to get a silvery chrome finish. The logo's shape remains unchanged -- an apple with a bite taken out of the right side.

Makers of Kazaa suing record labels

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Turning the tables on record labels, makers of the most popular Internet song-swapping network are suing entertainment companies for copyright infringement. Sharman Networks Ltd., the company behind the Kazaa file-sharing software, filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing the entertainment companies of using unauthorized versions of its software in their efforts to root out users. Entertainment companies have offered bogus versions of copyright works and sent online messages to users.

Hoder has peeled!

Hussein Derakhshans Persian blog has been changed, it's template is completyly changed. I don't know what to say the old one and the new one are both good. I think it looks like Ben Hemmersley's blog, Don't you think?
IAEA inspectors delay Iran visit

BBC: Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency have postponed a trip to Iran after the government requested more preparation time. The team, who had been due to arrive in Tehran on Sunday, will now leave sometime late next week...

"Samba" Open Source Server For Windows Desktops Upgraded To Enhance NT 4 Migration

Techweb- Samba was upgraded to Version 3.0 on Thursday. The new version is designed to make migrating from Windows NT 4 easier, and supports Kerberos authentication, LDAP directory services, and integrates with Microsoft Active Directory. Samba is an open source project that allows Windows clients to connect to servers running Linux and other operating systems for file-sharing printing and user authentication.
Nintendo to Offer Wireless Playing on Gameboy

Reuters- Japanese video game company Nintendo Co Ltd said on Friday it plans early next year to offer a device that allows GameBoy Advance users to play games together without the use of cables.

Sep 25, 2003

How to add buttons to your MSN6!

First of all you need to have MSN6 because it would not work with any other versions of MSN. The files that you need is in

C:\Documents and Settings\Yourusername\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger

You see where it says your username you can change that to your account name in XP or in your other windows or you can change that to All Users to apply to everyone in your computer.
When you get to the MSN Messenger directory you should see a file called ConfigCache.xml that is where you should edit by right clicking and then pressing on edit to open the XML file with Notepad.

The buttons should be around <msntabdata> </msntabdata> and the codes should go between <tab> </tab> so when you find the XML add the following codes after this <msntabdata> .

These are the following codes that you can add to it, you can make your own to, if you know how to edit and creat XML/RSS files.
Copy and paste these.
Adding Blog this to MSN 6:

Adding Blogdex to MSN 6:

Adding Google Search to MSN 6: To open the links press on Shift while you click to open in a new window.

Adding news and other RSS/XML to MSN 6:

Creat your Javascript Feed then design the html file and as you might see the code is very simple by doing that you can creat your own.

Here is the code:

I will add more of these XML feeds for msn 6 later, here is a screenshot of the result.
New blogger rules!!
How to get macromedia Flashpaper?

Macromedia flashpapaer is with Contribute 2 only when Contribute2 is installed macromedia flash paper would get installed with it too, the good thing about macromedia flash paper is that you can transform those lousy power presentations let's say notes into a .swf file that works with Flash players only, you can send and upload and do anything with them. The basic Idea is to share them with each other over the net or in a Compact disc or in school. Let's say in your school they don't have Adope but you can see flash related material over the net, so you transform your PDF file into .swf with this handy tool. But the problem is it only works with contribute 2 only! So I decided to give a try with that macromedia flash MX 2004 product crack that I showed everyone last few days ago.
Basically download and install contribute 2 with macromedia flash paper, Flash paper comes with contribute 2 itself. All you have to do after the installation is to paste the crack files in the directory of the flash paper in your C drive and then uninstall contribute 2, now try to print something now you would see FlashPaper printer so when ever you try to print something you can do it with .swf files two plus real paper. After you crack this it doesn't ask you for the serial keys or anything like that.

Notice: I tried this crack with contribute 2 and it does not work, it only works with Macromedia FlashPaper.

Related: Crack for Macromedia MX 2004 products
Links: Macromedia FlashPaper + Example
Download Contribute 2 | Crack

Going to write!

I'm going to write on few tips I have found their cool, one of them is checking blogs and news from MSN6 and also how to add a blog this for blogger in MSN6. Also how to crack flashpaper from Macromedia Contribute2.
Soon writing on these!

Sep 24, 2003

Antarctic setting for Mid-East peace bid

BBC: A group of Israelis and Palestinians aim to prove that the two communities can work together - by staging a joint expedition to Antarctica. The project - called "Breaking The Ice" - will take the eight-member team from Patagonia in southern Chile to the top of an unnamed peak.

Iran 'to cut nuclear co-operation'

BBC: Iran is to reduce its co-operation with the UN nuclear watchdog following a demand that it proves its nuclear aims are peaceful, according to an Iranian diplomat. Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran's representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on Monday said Iran had been showing "good will and transparency", by exceeding its obligations and allowing inspections at sites which didn't fall under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Blogs by Iranians

Wow, check out this new site, it's on the blogs by Iranians Hussain Derakhshan has made this. I wish that we could make an online Iranain Sobhane! That would be great.
For now check out these Iranian blogs
MSN shuts down its chatrooms

BBC:Microsoft's internet service MSN is to cut back drastically its chatroom services because of concerns about child safety, it said. MSN is closing all its chatrooms in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and most of Asia from 14 October, and changing the way others are operated globally. "As a responsible leader we feel it necessary to make these changes because online chat services are increasingly being misused," it said...

Sep 23, 2003

Frequently Asked Questions

Compaq FAQ: Where do I find the "Any" key on my keyboard? (FAQ2859)

The term "any key" does not refer to a particular key on the keyboard. It simply means to strike any one of the keys on your keyboard or handheld screen.

Created: 10/8/2001 2:13:42 AM
Modified: 10/25/2002 11:07:05 AM
Author: Mevans

Whoever is Mevans had a good answer!

Check the link Via HOderVia?

Uncovering the Napster Kitty Ads On the eve of its relaunch, the infamous file-trading company Napster appears to be defacing other companies' billboards with stickers of its distinctive kitty logo.The stickers -- showing a cat wearing headphones -- are appearing on street-level billboards, the kind that feature blocks of identical posters plastered to the sides of buildings or construction sites.

Putting a lid on broadband use

Cnet: Earlier this month, a Philadelphia Comcast broadband subscriber got a letter from his service provider, telling him he'd been using the Internet too much. Keith, who asked to keep his full name private, said he'd subscribed to the service for four years and never had a complaint before. Now he was being labeled a network "abuser." Worse, he said, Comcast refused to tell him how much downloading was allowed under his contract. A customer service representative had told him there was no specific cap, he said, adding that he might avoid being suspended if he cut his bandwidth usage in half. But even then, the lack of a hard number gave Keith no guarantee.

Virginia Tech PowerMac G5 Cluster Photos

Check these!

These photos are from the Virginia Tech Supercomputer Cluster composed of 1100 PowerMac G5's.
Nero 6

By far Nero 6 is the best burning software I have ever used. For the serial key paste it in Nero Express when you click on that program you have to press ok for about 6 times or less when a popup comes up and you got the full version after that.

S/N: 1A23-0006-7130-1204-8976-4901

Ye Whoopi was on last night there was two episodes on there, it was the funniest show ever! Go Omid (Nasim) and Whoopi.
Sandwich Recipes: Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam Sandwich

I can't bleive people eat this stuff together I like mine isolated from each other.

Recipe from Alan's Kitchen

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam

4 - tablespoons peanut butter

4 - tablespoons strawberry jam

8 – slices bread

Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on each bottom slice of bread. Spread strawberry jam on each top slice of bread. Place two halves together.

Makes 4 sandwiches.

Sep 22, 2003

Ancient river found beneath Toronto
TORONTO (Reuters) - A river runs through it -- wide, deep, cold and ancient -- and few people in Toronto suspect it's even there. There's an ice-age river flowing deep under Canada's largest city. There has been for at least a million years but it wasn't until last month that anyone saw any real evidence of it. The discovery of the glacial river happened when workers were trying to cap two artesian wells, part of a stormwater runoff project in High Park, one of the city's largest parks, near the shore of Lake Ontario...
M c S P O T L I G H T

This is a website that talks about issues on McDonald's the fast food franchise.
Has anyone seen all the websites around the world on McDonald's? their pretty neat I think the Japan and the Sweden McDonald websites are the best.

Sep 21, 2003

Cleric slams US embassy seizure

BBC:The late Ayatollah Khomenei's closest ally says the 1980 seizure of the US embassy in Tehran was a mistake.

5 freewares of today

Check these five files that I have found

Voice E-mail Pilot? 1.20 -Say what you think and send it by e-mail! (1 Mb)

Flash Movie Extract Pilot? 1.10 – Extracts all cached flash movies and plays them, free (550 Kb) | screenshot

Document2PDF Pilot? 1.10 – Converts MS Word, Excel, HTML, RTF and many other documents to PDF files. (2.36 Mb)

Virtual Print Pilot? 1.22 – Converts any documents to pictures (1.2 Mb)

HTML2PDF Pilot? 1.10 – Converts HTML documents to PDF files. (2.36 Mb)

More useful programs from this websit!!!

Iran blacks out Beckham billboards

Photographs of the footballer David Beckham have been blacked out on billboards in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in what appears to be a backlash against Western cultural influence.Five billboards in the city carrying a head and shoulders shot of the Real Madrid and England star advertising engine oil have been draped in black cloth. Correspondents say David Beckham is the first Western celebrity to be used in an advertising campaign in Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution. It is not clear who ordered the billboards to be covered. continue
Galileo ends in blaze of glory

BBC: The Galileo space craft has been destroyed in the atmosphere of Jupiter. The probe was sent on a collision path with the gas-giant planet and should have impacted at 1857 GMT.The US space agency (Nasa) is now waiting for the signal from the probe to be lost. Because it takes about 52 minutes for a radio signal to reach Earth at the speed of light, it will be a while yet before Galileo scientists can confirm the space craft is actually dead.

In pictures: Galileo's voyage

We are facing death in Iraq for no reason

Guardian: A serving US soldier calls for the end of an occupation based on lies

For the past six months, I have been participating in what I believe to be the great modern lie: Operation Iraqi Freedom.
After the horrific events of September 11 2001, and throughout the battle in Afghanistan, the groundwork was being laid for the invasion of Iraq. "Shock and awe" were the words used to describe the display of power that the world was going to view upon the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was to be an up-close, dramatic display of military strength and advanced technology from within the arsenals of the American and British military.
Snake in my engine!

This is weird, Furom: Originally posted via email to me by Tony Yn:
This guy was driving I-44 in St. Louis to work from Ballwin and made it to Hampton when he heard a pop, it sounded like a flat tire.... He opens the hood and jumped a mile.... Co-worker recognizes him and pulls over... Imagine calling in... I will be late and uh..... This is what was making the noise!! Found this day 9/3/03 at Frank Leta Acura. check it out

Worm Wears A 'Patch' For Disguise The latest virus to hit the Web poses as a security update from Microsoft and takes advantage of a two-year-old weakness in Internet Explorer. Disguised as an official e-mail from Microsoft, the file comes attached to a note asking the recipient to install a "September 2003, cumulative patch" to protect against vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser and Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail programs.If installed, the program, known as Swen or Gibe.F, attempts to disable firewall and antivirus software, gather password information and replicate itself via e-mail, as well as the Kazaa peer-to-peer network and Internet Relay Chat instant-messaging...
Counter Strike for XBOX!

This is sweet on Christmas 2003 counter strike live enabled also single missions too, Are going to come on shelves, it's going to be a good game.


Sep 20, 2003

Macromedia Flash MX 2004!

This is it what we all have been waiting for, the crack seems to be working with all of the new macromedia softwares that are in the category of FlashMX 2004, it worth it after few days of it's publishing in public, this crack is made by by a group of Persian Flash bloggers.

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Via: Shahkelid,, Downloadall
Super Nintendo, I guess everyone remembers them I used to play Super marios on them check this Flash animation, it's so well done made. via:iProDev.NET
Intresting tips

How to put Google search on your IE left side bar. well you go to and you open the registry file and then press yes after the download. Go to your IE (Internet explorer) and here it is Google everywhere by clicking on the Search button.


More on this
Am I!

Am I aloud to post some latest cracks? and serials? I should know before I do anything stupid.
Norton Anti Virus 2004

Click here to Download

Cracks and keygens and Serial keys!

Here is a list of things I use, I hope these are useful to some of you.
Cracks 4 u
Crack locator

Sep 19, 2003

Tony hawk!

Tony hawks website or is it, haha here comes the confusion.

Spandex-clad 'superhero' freeing cars on London streets

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- He wears a baby-blue spandex jumpsuit and shiny gold panties, gloves, cape, boots and goggles. He wields a giant, metal-cutting circular power saw. Who is Angle Grinder Man? He is Britain's self-styled "first wheel-clamp and speed camera vigilante cum subversive superhero philanthropist entertainer type person." That's who.

Sep 18, 2003

Sixty Eight New BBC Feeds!

Userland: From Kevin Hinde at BBC News Interactive comes word that "We now have RSS feeds for all our News indexes. Sport should follow soon. We haven't quite worked out how to publicise them yet, we need to persuade our graphic designers that the orange XML lozenge is a beautiful complement for their delightful layout, so it's all a bit samizdat at the moment, but I thought you might like to know." click here
Sick Nick
Cartoons by Nikahang Kowsar

Kowsar is an Iranian political cartoonist who has very nice cartoons, now he's cartoons are available in English on the web.

Sick Nick I also found the RSS feed if you guys want to subscribe.

McDonald's to Launch Adult Happy Meals

Yahoo: CHICAGO - McDonald's Corp. has enlisted the aid of Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer Bob Greene to promote an adult version of the Happy Meal, the fast-food giant's latest effort to offer healthier products.
A download for Unix users!

unix users check this open source software out, KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system. It is an Internet project and truly open in every sense. Development takes place on the Internet and is discussed on our mailing lists and USENET news groups to which we invite and welcome everyone. No single group, company or organization controls the sources. All sources are open to everyone and may be distributed and modified by anyone subject to the well known GNU licenses.

Tweak FX 1.50 Tweak FX is an open source tweaking tool for Windows 2K/XP/2003. It works with plugins (up to now they are about 40), which can be written very easy in VBScript.It is created with Visual Basic 6.0 and the source is included into the installation.

Download for free

Sep 17, 2003

Sleep position gives personality clue

BBC: If you want an insight into somebody's true personality, then try to catch a glimpse of the way they sleep. Scientists believe the position in which a person goes to sleep provides an important clue about the kind of person they are.

This is so true!
Somethingawfull | Parodied iPod Ads

Check out these iPODS ads (madeup) thet are worth it, give them a visit, here is a iRan ad that they made!Here is the Iraqi ad, it's funny too.

Popular Science | The Worst Jobs in Science

Ah, science! Ennobling. Fascinating. Deeply challenging. Also, dangerous, gross and mind-bogglingly boring. We at Popular Science are sometimes brought up short by the realization that there are aspects of science—entire jobs, even—that, when you strip away the imposing titles and advanced degrees, sound at best distasteful and at worst unbearable. Having chosen last month our second annual Brilliant 10—a group of dynamic researchers making remarkable discoveries—we turned to this pressing question: For the rest out there, just how bad can a science job get?
The answer: Really, really bad.
We solicited nominations from more than a thousand working scientists.....

Think again before choosing your career in Science!

The music does not work! I will fix it soon.

Sep 15, 2003

Amanpour: CNN practiced self-censorship

USAToday: CNN's top war correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, says that the press muzzled itself during the Iraq war. And, she says CNN "was intimidated" by the Bush administration and Fox News, which "put a climate of fear and self-censorship."
As criticism of the war and its aftermath intensifies, Amanpour joins a chorus of journalists and pundits who charge that the media largely toed the Bush administrationline in covering the war and, by doing so, failed to aggressively question the motives behind the invasion.

Livius - articles on ancient history

For those who like me have ancient history for their semester in high school or even if their intrested in click on this link.

Check these two flash files, Font Browser and also Timetracker made by the stcassociates labs.
This is a search engine for scientific information only, you search NASA files also other government and science related files, it's good for researching.

Sep 14, 2003

Speaking of RSS

Here are some of the newest rss feeds that might be useful for some, these rss feeds are in computer security as in viruses and trojans and more.

Latest virus alerts from Sophos
Top virus hoaxes from Sophos
Top viruses reported to Sophos last month
Not blogging for a day
I just did a system recovery I will write more after I get all of those lost softwares that I needed.

Update: I'm blogging, I found all of the files I had lost thank god for the system recovery. All I have to do now is get my office xp and all of those other files that I need to work.

I came online clicked on my news aggregator and it doesn't work! Internet is not the same without RSS. I'm doing everything to fix this, but it's no use. All of those good RSS feeds I had all gone.

Sep 13, 2003


Skynews: Pioneering scanning techniques have produced astonishing images from inside the womb which show babies apparently smiling and crying. read more on this
Apple -vs- Apple :Apple Corps - The Beatles' official record label - says Apple computers' online music store iTunes, which charges people to download music from the internet, is improperly using the Beatles symbol.
Oh man!!

Why does something I'm waiting for is coming late? I mean on September 11 I waited for the show but it seems to be that NBC didn't show it and only CTV does in Canada so I have to wait until Sept 22 to watch this show!
Iran nuclear program

Deadline Oct31!
BBC:Russia urges Iran nuclear compliance
Russia has urged Iran to co-operate with a demand from the UN's nuclear agency to prove that it is not secretly developing atomic weapons.

SpaceDaily:Ottawa "deeply disturbed" by Iran's nuclear program
Canada expressed profound concern Friday at Iran's nuclear program and welcomed a resolution by the UN nuclear watchdog that gives Tehran until October 31 to prove it is not secretly developing atomic weapons.
"We urge Iran to take this opportunity and cooperate fully with the IAEA," said Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham.

News on this:
CNN, Reuters, Guedian

This website has thousands of fun and usefull freewares.

Gurdian: Iran's nuclear deadline
The worsening international crisis over Iran's suspected nuclear bomb programme escalated last night when the UN set Tehran a deadline of 45 days to come clean on its nuclear activities.

Related: Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Special report: Iran

This search engine is going to be one of my favourites! after those I have linked on the right side bar. This is a Flash based search engine that actually works great.
Smallest Hard disk

This small hard disk hold 4 Gigabyte...
Soccer gets Rocky treatment

MetaFilter, 13/09/2003 1:05:38 PM
Upcoming Epic Film Trilogy, or probably not "Fast-paced and action-packed, the three movies will feature "breathtaking" sequences similar to those of Matrix, with a "grabbing" story line like Rocky, combined with the urban awareness of Eminem's 8-Mile." The upcoming trilogy of movies are about..... soccer (football for the international folks). With this heavy-handed attempt to bring soccer to the mainstream of American audiences and with the press that the WUSA and Major League Soccer has gotten the last few years, why hasn't soccer caught on in the U.S. and what can be done to change this?
Spywere destruction!

Here are the latest freewaere programs that can protect you from those nasty spyweres programs+cookies.

1.Spybot search and destroy
2.SpywareGuard 2.2
4.Browser Hijack Blaster

Makeovers! Modds

See what these modders have done to their PCs they look cool, I like the Bubbacomp more then the rest check this out.

Sep 12, 2003

Little greens poll!

When I see polls about Iran I get all scared out because we're talking about my kind not any kind but my kind. Check poll result for this question. Do you think Iran will get nuclear weapons? 1863 users have said No. We will stop them with a preemptive attack. What is this primitive attack! Is it bombing or is it by negotiating? I know Iran is not negotiatable but at least we speak the language of love. Do not judge what you here around you about other people, in this case all of Iran is not terrorists or American hating people they are all opposite of that, they love western culture as well as their rich Persian culture, if U.S. wants to go to war with Iran, thousands of Iranian youths would loose their life also children , if you're thirteen or older you have to stay in Iran and attend war if u did or didn't want to. There will be also United states casualties! no one wants that too. As a human begin trying to have a voice in this piece f land that we all live on. So think again before accepting something before even judging. It's like looking at something if it's beautiful or tasty from out side and you would get it, it is the same case over here. I know Iran is going for nuclear Energy or weapons but it doesn't mean to attack someone else's country, who has given anyone's right to attack Iran! Negotiate or attack the government not it's people, we Iranian people are like all of the other human begins in this world, we like freedom also everything that goes with democracy, we don't like our government to be mixed or bonded with our government, to make these tasks succeed we need to have power but what is that power that we need? whatever the people have done the government stopped us with their brutal acts such as murdering and killing and torturing other who seek that freedom.
The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

Click here

Steel plucked from the ruins of the World Trade Center will be used to build a US Navy ship called the USS New York.

Again one of those ouch articles that makes you laugh at the end, This one is painful.

Sep 11, 2003


Blogger bucks premium-services trend

Cnet: Google-owned Web log-creation site Blogger is eliminating its paid version and folding premium functions into its free service, bucking a trend toward making people pay for Web site extras.

Blogger:Announcing: Free Features for Everyone.

Mr.Vain Recall

Watch this fine Techno video called Mr.vain Recall it's a new version of an older one, I realy like this music video.

I have just finished reading Marjane Setarpis book on her Childhood and Until she left to Austria. An amazing book, I recommend this book for those who care about our past and our heritage as that I mean Iranian style stuff.

My old post on Perspolis

Sep 10, 2003


Rememebr my post! that looked like an article on whoopi and Nasim the Iranian actor! the show is due tommorow, I can't wait to watch it.
Click here

Check it out! this is some sweet Iranian rap.

Sep 9, 2003

Iran's nuclear plans

BBC:Q&A: Iran's nuclear plans, The row over Iran's nuclear activities centres on its uranium enrichment programme. Tehran says it is aimed at producing low-grade uranium fuel for civilian purposes. But the International Atomic Energy Agency says more inspections are needed to determine whether this is the case. John Large, an independent nuclear consultant, explains what is at stake...

IAEA chief calls on Iran to provide full nuclear details

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 8 (Xinhuanet) -- The United Nations atomic watchdog agency called on Iran on Monday to enhance its cooperation and provide a complete, accurate declaration of all its nuclear activities to clear up questions arising from its failure to disclose certain material and activities. "Much urgent and essential work still remains before the agency can draw conclusions on the program," International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei told the IAEA Board of Governors in Vienna of Iran's nuclear program, which Tehran says is for peaceful purposes of producing energy...
12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading

NEW YORK — The music industry has turned its big legal guns on Internet music-swappers — including a 12-year-old New York City girl who thought downloading songs was fun.Brianna LaHara said she was frightened to learn she was among the hundreds of people sued yesterday by giant music companies in federal courts around the country. "I got really scared. My stomach is all turning," Brianna said last night at the city Housing Authority apartment where she lives with her mom and her 9-year-old brother...

Intresting things!

1.The craziest flash game ever!
2. I found another site that gave me a headache!
3. Write an email to yourself in Future.

I found two freewares that you can customize your IE very easily. one of them is called Addabutton it's good for Icons on your toolbar the way you want it, I use it and I'm very comfortable with it.

The other program I use that is also a freeware is IEmate, this program is used for customizing the inside of IE like the TITLE on top of your IE that says Microsoft, or even add toolbar backgrounds the way you want it, with out any spyweres, like hotbar!

My observation on World as a blog. I did this in summer, then I decided not to post it but now I'm posting it. The image is taken from World as a blog's website. This is a humor al though it's not madeup.
click here

Disney Impossible: self-destructing DVDs
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - If Walt Disney Co. gets its wish, an experimental type of DVD will begin flying off store shelves Tuesday, and self-destructing 48 hours later.

Sep 8, 2003

Google celebrates fifth birthday
BBC: The world's most popular site for searching the web, Google, is five years old.It is now an internet giant, used by millions of people every day in more than 80 languages. The search engine site moved to its first office, actually a garage, in Menlo Park, California on 7 September 1998.
X1 is free PC software that uses an advanced indexing process that lets you find any word in any email or file on your computer, in under a second.

I'm going to download this now! I hope it's not a Spywere or a P2P file.
Iranian Youths Seeking to Escape

Whashingtonpost--TEHRAN -- A freshly minted fake passport in his pocket, forged work papers in his folder and a scribbled Istanbul address in his wallet, Hamid seemed well prepared for his journey: an illegal trip across Europe that would, he hoped, end in Holland with a new job and a better life...

Sep 7, 2003


I usually check out for new mixes out there from sites like Eurodancehits.This is Euro dances Septembers Euromix.



A cool flash animation that I found that is about ADAM it has humour in it.

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs

A page on travel warning on Iran to U.S. citezens.

Sep 6, 2003

Iranian Harrypotter fans!

This is a letter that has been sent to J.K.Rowling the author of Harry Potter. Here is the letter from Iranians can now download to chapter 11 of this book online in PDF format in Persian.
To read the letter in Persian click here,The letter is taken from site itself.

Dearest J.K.Rowling,

I am writing on behalf of our small group of Harry Potters' fans. We are a bunch of Iranian teenagers and adults who have recently joined together via a newly made web site for discussing novels and movies. In this website we have a massage board to discuss different aspects of the subject, and not surprisingly, your huge creation – Harry Potter – has its own division.

As you might have guessed, Harry has thousands of fans in Iran just like other parts of the world, but we don’t have the possibility of direct contact with you or your representatives to discuss the matters with, and not all of us are good in reading and writing in English. So I got the responsibility of writing to you about few questions which have popped up during our web discussions. We know how busy you are and we don’t want answering our questions postpones the publishing of the sixth book even by one minute, but as well, we wish to get some response from you with all of our hearts.

1- Book 2, Chapter 9:
"It's not funny," said Ron, fiercely. "If you must know, when I was three, Fred turned my - my teddy bear into a great big filthy spider because I broke his toy broomstick .... You wouldn't like them either if you'd been holding your bear and suddenly it had too many legs and. . . "
Fred is 5 at the time. Then what happens to the Restriction of Underage Sorcery?

2- Book 2, Chapter 9:
"You're just worried I'm going to mess up your chances of being Head Boy -"
"Five points from Gryffindor!" Percy said tersely, fingering his prefect badge. "And I hope it teaches you a lesson! No more detective work or I'll write to Mum!"
In book five it has been pointed out explicitly that perfects can just give detentions, how could Percy decrease the points here?

3- In book 3, why couldn’t the ministry of magic send an owl to Sirius Black and then send someone to flow it on a broomstick to find Blacks’ place? It seems that owls can always find their way to any one. Isn’t it?

4- What is the gain in being an “Animagus”, and what is the point in all the track keeping and laws for it, when any wizard can transfigure to an animal like what Krum had done in forth book when he became a shark?

5- Why neither Lupin nor Snape could saw the two coexisting Harry and Hermione on the Marauder’s Map, Though when each of them looked at the map that night both Now and Future Harry and Hermione were some where in there?

6- Why they didn’t simply use the Veritaserum to get to the truth about the death eaters who fallowed Voldemort by heart and those who were under spell?

7- Why they couldn’t just verify the real death eaters from the dark mark tattoo on their arms?
8- In book 5, did the character (I’ll put his name in the letter) die because of the spell or because of falling behind the veil in the death chamber?

9- Why dose Harry never wonder about his dads’ family or the place of his parents graves?

10- In Harry Potter movies they pronounce “t” in Voldemorts’ name; in Scholastic audio dictionary they don’t do so. Which one is correct?

11- And the last but not least question: Can you give us any estimation of the publishing time of the sixth book?

Again, we are so thankful to you for introducing such a wonderful world and such a lovely hero to us.

By Love,
A group of Harry Potter fans.
Sept 11
We're stuck.The room is filling with smoke. I'm scared.
Peter Alderman in an email to his mother.

CIA, FBI Seek Linguists to Teach, Work as Agents

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In an effort to boost the language capabilities of its agents, the CIA said Thursday it was launching a new advertising campaign for linguists who can teach languages like Arabic, Farsi and Chinese...
'Homeless hacker' may surrender to FBI

I was watching screensavers at Techtv and Lamo was on their Phone, his voice was cracking! I guess a lot of emotions was going on fore him. A documentary crew is with him filming all of his motions. There is a documentary coming out on Hackers and their lifestyle and their purpose. Adrian is one of the hackers that are in this documentary. Adrian lamo hacks the sites and computer systems and then tells the companies of the flaws in their system, so they can fix it. Until now only one company had to complain on this good hackers act. He said when I was watching that it might be New York Times who had a complaint on him. He might become an idol as he might be for some others, an icon in the internet cyber world.

Cnet:Adrian Lamo, the so-called homeless hacker who claims responsibility for a series of high-profile electronic intrusions over the last two years, is negotiating with the FBI to surrender over criminal charges. Lamo, 22, said his attorney is talking with the U.S. Attorney's office in New York City over unspecified allegations of criminal misconduct. On Thursday, FBI agents showed up at his parents' home in Sacramento, Calif., Lamo said in a telephone interview Friday evening, during which he would not disclose his location...

Sep 5, 2003


Yahoo is going RSS these days, in my yahoo now you can have a html online based news aggregator, by clicking here you can put this feature called blogs on top of your my yahoo to get you favorite blog news feeds up there.
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Ingenuity Helps Prisoners Cope

Wired:Locked in a California prison, Angelo needs a cup of coffee. Bad. But electric heaters used to make instant joe are contraband in jail. So his cellmate combines the metal tabs from a notebook binder with a couple of melted toothbrushes and some rubber bands. Soon, Angelo is sipping Folgers. In the movies, "prisoners only create things to escape, get high or kill each other," Fischer notes. wow these are some cool inventions!

I saw all of the funny videos of the guys fainting away and imitating NFL games! in Xbox and ps2! but this is just crazy the guy calls himself beta7 and he says there are other betas that were hired by Sega to test the game! but there were some side effects! he calls it blackouts, cased by the Sega games. Checkk his blog it's pretty interesting and entertaining. He says that his family thinks of him as insane and his girlfriend has left him because of playing Sega games! on Xbox...
Related:Beta-7: Conspiracy or Hoax?

Spain Holds Jazeera Reporter, Qaeda Link Suspected
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain on Friday arrested a celebrated war correspondent from the Arab television network Al Jazeera in the southern city of Granada on suspicion of belonging to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network.
His wife, in an interview with Al Jazeera, denied the allegations.

'Why Nigerians Are Scared of HIV Test' - Fear of eviction from their residence by landlords and the scare of losing their jobs may be the major reasons keeping Nigerians away from HIV/AIDS screening centres across the country.
Kazemi Petition

Zahra Kazemi's petetion can be found over here.

Sep 4, 2003

Canada's Saskatchewan Province hit hard by West Nile virus
Xinhua - OTTAWA,The West Nile virus is hitting Canada's western province of Saskatchewan Province particularly hard this year, it is reported Thursday.

that was a relief that it's not in eastern of Canada!
Singin' the Blues
techtv: Meet a songwriter who really hates file sharing. "Well, now we have the technology that allows you to, in essence, invade my bank account," Cannon says. It's easy to see he's no fan of peer-to-peer networks such as KaZaA. Cannon has strong words for file swappers. "If you take something that doesn't belong to you without paying for it, or without permission -- the way I was raised, that's stealing," Cannon says. But he doesn't put all the blame on the downloaders.

Blame Bill Gates
"The problem is, Billy Gates and Stevie Case want a lot of people to use the service they provide. And a lot of people are using their service because it provides them with a portal whereby they can go in and steal stuff. It's not in Billy's or Stevie's interest to stop that. And at the end of the day I think it's the ISP's responsibility."

I never knew that songwrites got hurt by this, wow he has learnt some knew words from the computer world!

It's raining crazy over here! it's a lot of rain! I hope it's good in other countries that they didn't have rain for a long time.
First day!

Today was my first day of High school it wasn't bad at all, I actually enjoyed it maybe it was the first day of my school. I had to go to school early this morning because I had to find about my non exciting locker that I couldn't find! They told me that I had to come that early again! That I didn't like, also when the school was finished it was crowded! everyone was going crazy, I guess because the school was finished (This sentence doesn't make since at all, so just skip it). Until then blogging more!

Sep 3, 2003


I went to school today, it was crowded and warm! and It took hours to get in the line, I have my schedule also my ID and everything else, they gave us a guide map! that looks like a maze, I don't know about high school, it's crazy. (laughter) lol so in a way it has an educated system built in it. Here goes another year of being the little one in the school. All the years that was a little bit weird , grades, 1, 7 and 8 also grade 10.
Shots fired at British embassy in Tehran
Guardian -The British embassy in the Iranian capital, Tehran, closed temporarily today after shots were fired at the building, the Foreign Office said.
More on this

Sep 2, 2003


Tomorrow High school starts, because it's the beginning of the school it's only for one hour. It seems that they are only giving out our schedules only, well I'm all ready.

Sep 1, 2003

Self-parking car hits the shops

BBC:space can cause massive headaches for many. But from this week, some Japanese car drivers will be able to park theirs without even touching the steering wheel. The Prius, which is Toyota's newest and "greenest" car, has just gone on sale in Japan. The Japanese car giant say it is a world first because it uses electronic sensors to avoid obstacles and guide it into spaces.

Microsoft Wins OK for Xbox Wireless Adapter

LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-Microsoft Corp. has won federal approval for a wireless adapter for its Xbox video game console that allows players to connect to the Internet without cabling, according to a posting on a regulatory Web site...

I have been looking for something like this! to play right from my own room when I'm bored. But I thought it would be impossible.

Via |1,2


Thirteen more links have been added thanks for few gamers out there who took a look at my RSS/XML feed.
Iranian Girl Director Almost Barred from Own Film at Venice

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - The 14-year-old Iranian girl, Hana Makhmalbaf, whose first feature film debuted at the 60th Venice Film Festival Thursday, was almost barred from attending her own premiere. Under Italian law, minors cannot see movies which have no rating -- even if they directed them. But organizers of the Venice competition obtained last-minute permission to let Makhmalbaf, who comes from Iran's leading filmmaking family, hit the red carpet at the Lido's Palazzo del Cinema and watch the official screening.Makhmalbaf's 73-minute documentary "Joy of Madness" is one of 145 films screening at the Venice Film Festival. It is competing for the award for best debut film. continue

Venice International Film Festival