Apr 30, 2004

Profile: The Google founders
The founders of the Google internet search engine - Larry Page and Sergey Brin - are the type of young men most parents would dream of their daughters bringing home. Read the rest
Hubble telescope snares space bug

BBC:Fourteen years on and the Hubble Space Telescope continues to take images of the Universe that take the breath away.
Robotic bollards to take control

BBC: Robotic bollards that can quickly move across a carriageway to close off lanes have been developed by US engineers.

Very cool except in the pictures the guy is sitting on a desk, if they are going to do that on a real highway then that wouldn't be cool.
Microsoft will deliver better security any day now

InfoWorld - It's the Wild West out there. On our last trip to the ANCL (Advanced Network Computing Laboratory) at the University of Hawaii's Manoa campus, in between beach-ogling and getting our notebooks ripped off, we left a series of clean Windows XP ...

Pictures from Bandar Lengeh

Bandar Lengeh is 1631 km far from Tehran

Pretty nice photos

First day of winter in Nova Scotia in My opinion!

It's about 20c outside!

I'm out
Watch this

It's about a Robot and doing the military stuff.

It's cool, link
XP Users Cop a Feel of OS X

wired: Look at the first desktop screenshot at left. It looks like a Mac OS X machine, right?

Wrong. It's a Windows XP box made up to look like a Mac.

Very nice!
U.S. Army!

This was on T.V. Last night or so about U.S. Army and beatings in the prisons of Iraq.

Link to the Pictures, their disgusting.

Also look at this don't loot video.

What happened to human rights!

Apr 27, 2004

US radio pranksters fined after fooling Fidel Castro on air

AFP - Two Miami radio journalists were fined 4,000 dollars for broadcasting a phone conversation that fooled Cuban President Fidel Castro into believing he was talking with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, they said.

What does FCC has to do with this!

25 GB cd made out of paper!

Dutch artist Joanneke Meester holds up a replica pistol made out of an eight-inch piece of her skin... read the rest
The BradLands: GMail security flaw

Good god!

GMail security flaw: I just discovered a rather serious security flaw in Google's GMail service, currently in beta. If I wanted, right now, I could access the mailboxes of at least a dozen people, alter their user information, send e-mail using their address and otherwise generally f**k up their accounts.

More on this
Title:Some Picture a friend brought back from Iraq

This is all I know


Look at some of the photos that media ignores about the situation in Iraq. (Warning: not for little kids to look at)
Stairway to heaven Backwards?

Hmm.. pretty cool

Go to this blog

Apr 26, 2004

The new Yahoo! Messenger!

Give it a shot it's good with the built in Radio feature, I like it.


Apr 25, 2004


If you are a blogger you can get a free Gmail account!

wow it is the best thing!


Some blogger talks about this go here.

And some people called him racist against Arabic Culture, well I will let you guys debate. 31 Comments now
At $26 a pop, eMacs go like Big Macs

WP: Tokyo, , Apr. 23 (UPI) -- A Tokyo computer distributor was busy Friday contacting some 20,000 clients who thought they bought Apple eMac computers for $26 apiece.


Via: Hoder/i
Dog Feels Below Par After Eating 28 Golf Balls

Reuters - Vets cut open a German Shepherd dog to find she had scoffed no fewer than 28 golf balls.
Open letter to crackhead

boingboing:A San Francisco Craigslister has written an open letter to the crackhead who improvised a pipe from his motorcycle's sparkplugs.

Fingertips 'read' text messages

BBC: A way to read text messages just by touch has been developed by researchers in Germany.
Fox News. Not here yet, but already hilarious

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 - Page R2

GlobeandM:I've never been called "a douche-nozzle" before. At least, not that I know about anyway. The insult came from one supporter of the Fox News Channel.

Read it it's so funny, well If you are a Canadian.

California vs. Google

Google Blog:A (being charitable) confused California Senator has proposed a bill to outlaw Gmail because of the ads it includes in email. "We think it's an absolute invasion of privacy. It's like having a massive billboard in the middle of your home," she says.

Even if she was correct, which I don't think she is, why is a law necessary? If Gmail is so clearly annoying, won't people who don't like the ads simply not use it? What purpose would such a law serve except to take Gmail away from those who thought the ads were an acceptable cost for the service?

Derek Powazek has responded with a letter from his Gmail account asking for an apology.
Testing Gmail

miscoranda: April Fools turned into Christmas very fast. When you get given a gmail account for testing and told to use it, break it in, love it, report bugs, and talk about it all you like, you do exactly that. Screenshots first, explanations thereafter...

I found couple of screenshots of the new Email serviece from Google called Gmail

Here click here
And also here
Sneak Peek from Google

Apr 24, 2004

Playing Games With a Conscience

Wired:Groups bemoan the proliferation of "hate" games, but some of them foster cooperation, understanding and tolerance. By Daniel Terdiman.
Singer Harry Babbitt Dies at Age 90

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Harry Babbitt, who sang in his warm, high-baritone voice with the Kay Kyser big band on such hits as "The White Cliffs of Dover" and who voiced the laugh of Woody Woodpecker, has died. He was 90.

More on Woody
More on this Laugh (sound)

Teacher accused of ordering student thrown from window

COVINGTON, Ga. (AP) — A teacher at a Newton County school has resigned after officials say she admitted she told two students to throw a 14-year-old girl from a classroom window.

People in United States are getting their education very well as I can see.

Apr 23, 2004

Net pirates 'at top of food chain' targeted in global swoop

TheStraits Times:10-nation crackdown on online privacy, involving US$50m, proves a 'good day for the cat' in ongoing cat-and-mouse game

THE swoop by Singapore police against two Internet piracy syndicates here on Wednesday night was part of an international effort against website operators suspected of distributing more than US$50 million (S$84 million) worth of pirated music, movies and software, a move the United States Justice Department described as the largest-ever crackdown on online piracy.

More from WIred

I remember Class Warez and also FairFlight they were so stupid!

I will post a readme file from one of their game that is so funny, I think it would be intresting to see more about them. lol

Rhino gets amorous with car

CNN: LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A rampant rhinoceros gave a group of visitors a glimpse of nature in the raw at a British safari park when he tried to have sex with their car.

Rights to JPEG Patent Questioned

Internet News:Compression Labs is suing 31 of the biggest names in tech for their use of patented JPEG technology.

Short for "Joint Photographic Experts Group," JPEG is a lossy compression (define) technique for color images and widely used for displaying photographs and graphics on Web sites.

The Austin, Tex.-based video technology developer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Forgent Networks (Quote, Chart), a vendor of scheduling software -- and IP. After two years of fruitless negotiations, Compression Labs told manufacturers this week it's time to pay up.

Its United States Patent No. 4,698,672 covers the digital still image compression used in the JPEG file format, and the company has been going after an A-list of companies that make digital cameras, printers, scanners, PDAs, cell phones and software that let users save as JPEG.

Apr 21, 2004

Scooter was at Dubai!

What they said:
Hi guys!
Man, we had been very excited about what was expecting us in Dubai!!
Last Thursday we checked in on our hotels after a 5,5 hours long lasting flight to Dubai and after a short break we had to go to the tennis stadium where the concert should take place.
The construction work for the show worked out very good between our team and the local one. They had been very courteous and obliging!
There were two support acts before us playing and the show started finally! The crowd were with us from the first minute on - that was big fun!!
And it was great that so many people from Iran attended the concert in Dubai also!!
We extended our trip to the Middle East for some days off and had good fun there.
Thank you to the fans who attended the concert in Dubai - you had been fantastic!!
We hope of a soon continuation!

Here is an advertisement for Scooter in Dubai

I hope they had come to Canada close to my place
New tool designed to block song swaps

cNet: Network security company Palisade Systems this week will launch software designed to identify and block copyrighted songs as they are being traded online.

Hmm... Sounds like their trying to find a solution to a computer cancer.
Sorry if this small cancer joke offends anyone.
IPod on Four Wheels

It seems like it's true, first I thought that iPods were going to be intergerated into Minis to target the Brits, now they are going to put the iPods into the new made Smart cars.The models name mught be iPod car.

More about this from Wired Mac Blog!

Apr 20, 2004

Passwords revealed by sweet deal

BBC:More than 70% of people would reveal their computer password in exchange for a bar of chocolate, a survey has found. It also showed that 34% of respondents volunteered their password when asked without even needing to be bribed.

It's funny becasue did the people who asked the question knew about their emails? I would give my password if they didn't knew my email or any thing that had a password on it. But this report was funny what people can do with their passwords.
Have you guys read this!

Very sad to see what they have done.

Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescue
Short of energy?

BBC:How much oil is left - and where to find it

Half-Life 2 in 2005?

VGPRO:Valve's Gabe Newell seems bent on creating as much confusion as possible regarding Half-Life 2s release date. In a recent interview to Polygon magazine, Mr. Newell suggested that the company was determined to do what it takes to ensure H-L 2 is the ultimate first person experience when it's released and he included the possibility of delaying the game until 2005 if that would help its development.

Then Halflife2.net says: There have been a lot of rumours and assumptions produced at other sites (or should we say tabloids?) about Half-Life 2 being delayed until 2005. This isn’t the case at all; people are simply getting confused by a hypothetical comment from Gabe Newell.

What's going on! If tis turns to be another case of Duke Nukem 4, that would make me mad.
ATI Say X800PRO Faster Than 6800 Ultra

Megagames:Just as the NV40 received its official baptism, amidst a frenzy of benchmarking praise, and ATI choose to trouble the waters by voicing some doubt over the, perceived, global graphics dominance of nVidia's new board.

yoooohooo let the video chip making war begin once again.

Apr 19, 2004

The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus

O'REILLY:There has been a rash of recent editorials about privacy concerns with Google's gmail service. A number of organizations have asked Google to voluntarily suspend the service. One California legislator has gone so far as to say she plans to introduce a bill to ban it. This is nuts! A number of things to consider...

Nice report about GMAIL and the big stupid rumors.

Apr 18, 2004

Zapatero Orders Spanish Pullout from Iraq

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said Sunday he had given orders for Spain's 1,400 troops in Iraq to come home as soon as possible.
Burned, beaten hostage recalls ordeal
Canadian out of Iraq, set for home
1st interview from safety in Jordan

TS: MONTREAL—Fadi Fadel was tortured by his Iraqi kidnappers, who burned him with cigarettes, kicked and beat him and repeatedly pointed a machine gun at his head, demanding the Canadian aid worker confess to being a spy......
"I can't believe it," he said. "Canadians from coast to coast came to my rescue. It makes me feel so good about Canada."
UN peace police shoot each other

Heraldsun: THREE police officers serving with the United Nations force in Kosovo were killed yesterday when a row broke out over the war in Iraq and officers began shooting at each other.

Two of the dead, including a woman, were American; the third was Jordanian.

Apr 16, 2004

Global P2P jihad stumbles

The Register: The legal debate surrounding peer-to-peer file-swapping sites has shifted up a gear in the past few months, beginning with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filing hundreds of lawsuits against serial downloaders, who they claim are costing the industry millions. But the crusade against copyright infringement has met more than a few stumbling blocks.
Government of Canada versus BlogsCanada

BlogsCanada:"Cease and Desist"
Ever since launching BlogsCanada last August, I've been waiting for the Government of Canada (GoC) to tell me that they don't like the way this site looks so much like the main GoC site.

Martin confirms Canadian hostage freed in Iraq

The Globe and Mail - A Canadian held hostage for more than a week in Iraq was set free on Friday, smiling and apparently unhurt.

Canada! Canada! Canada!

Apr 15, 2004

Special LEGO-version of Volvo XC90 unveiled at New York Auto Show


Google: An explanation of our search results

Read about Google ranking and hate crime websites


Amazons search engine

Apr 14, 2004

No Chip in Arm, No Shot From Gun

PALM BEACH, Florida -- A new computer chip promises to keep police guns from firing if they fall into the wrong hands.
Friend Buys Computer Just Like That
KANSAS CITY, MO—Account executive Jeremy Trask, 33, entered a local Best Buy Sunday, shopped for approximately 20 minutes, and bought a brand-new laptop computer right off the shelf, "like it was a bag of pretzels," Trask's friend Paul Cheng said Monday.

lol you guys should read this it's pretty funny. the ONION makes me luagh sometimes

Like this one from Wired says:

Onion Taken Seriously, Film at 11

Wired:The article in the Beijing Evening News told a shocking story of American hubris: Congress was behaving like a petulant baseball team and threatening to bolt Washington, D.C., unless it got a new, modern Capitol building, complete with retractable roof.

There was a problem with the story. Rather than do his own original reporting, Evening News writer Huang Ke had cribbed, nearly word for word, his text from an American publication. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Ke hadn't bothered to vet the source he had plagiarized: The Onion.
Half-Life® 2

Experience The Most Anticipated PC Game Release Ever.

Some videos of Halflife 2 from Sierra, click here.

Al-Jazeera says Italian hostage killed on tape

CTV: The Arabic television network Al Jazeera reports the kidnappers of four Italians in Iraq have killed one hostage and are threatening to kill the rest.

The satellite station did not say how it obtained the tape, and did not broadcast it. But it said the tape showed the death of one of the hostages.

Italy's Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, confirmed the report and said an Italian official had viewed the video. Earlier in the day Frattini said Italian troops would remain in Iraq, despite the kidnappers' demands that they withdraw.

Aljazeera.net said this
Nokia Announces Redesigned N-Gage

Gamepro.com:Nokia announced today the N-Gage QD, essentially a redesign of the original N-Gage. The QD features a longer battery life, improved controls, brighter screen, and a new N-Gage Arena launcher application pre-installed on the console, as well as advanced smartphone features such as personal information management, XHTML browser, email and the possibility to download and install additional Series 60 applications. Games can now be inserted into the handheld without taking off the back lid, and users will no longer need to talk from the side of the phone.

Click here for the photos!
CNN.com - Firm cheers loss of robot in Iraq

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts (Reuters) -- A U.S. robot manufacturer Monday hailed the destruction of one of its units in Iraq and said it showed how valuable the machines have become for the U.S. military.
California Lawmaker to Google: Do Not Gmail

INews:The California senatorwho authored the state's Do-Not-Call legislation has serious privacy concerns about Google's proposed e-mail service.

"I believe you are embarking on a disaster of enormous proportions, for yourself, and for all of your customers," State Sen. Liz Figueroa said in a letter to the Mountain View, Calif., company.
Nvidia Ships Next-Gen Graphics Processor

ZDnet:Nvidia's GeForce 6800 series kicks off this year's round of the graphics accelerator wars. We have a preview with preliminary benchmarks.

It's that time again. Launching the first assault in the next generation of 3D graphics cards, Nvidia has announced the GeForce 6800, its newest weapon in the ever-escalating conflict with competitor ATI.


More info from Nvidia
No right of return, Bush tells Palestinian refugees

The Globe and Mail - US President George W. Bush told Palestinian refugees Wednesday that they can forget about ever returning to their ancestral homes.

Apr 12, 2004

$5 billion Mars mission of Russian oligarchs

Pravda - A privately owned Russian company presented a draft of a Mars mission on Friday. The project is designed for a team of six astronauts and is scheduled for 2009. The spaceship is going to be equipped with video cameras which will broadcast everything live.
Man goes ballistic, says Linux is a security threat

the Inquirer: EE TIMES said a real time operating system (RTOS) firm has gone apeshit bananas about the very idea of using Linux in embedded systems because it poses a security threat.... But O'Dowd feels that code added from evil empires like China are being added daily into command control, comms systems and weapons systems.

Apr 11, 2004

Using the iPod mini for self-defense

Engadget: In addition to letting you carry around 1,000 songs in your pocket, apparently the new iPod mini makes an excellent means of self-defense, at least according to Phil Leif, who says he used his to fend off a mugger on Saturday....

I got to get one of those now. lol
We'll kill hostages, one by one, rebels vow

smh.com.au:One of the three Japanese being held hostage in Iraq will be executed at an unspecified time today - and the other two within 12 hours - unless Tokyo agrees to new demands, says an Iraqi go-between who claims to have seen them alive yesterday.

False hopes for the safety of the three were raised earlier when word spread from the Middle East to Japan that the Arab news network Al-Jazeera had reported they were to be released at mid-morning yesterday.

Good God!

Apr 10, 2004

Multi-coloured chicks for Easter

BBC:A farm in the northern US state of Alaska has given Easter egg decoration a whole new meaning. Triple D Farm and Hatchery, in Palmer, injects the eggs with dye to produce multi-coloured baby chicks.
I never knew how the did that, but now I know.
BBC to screen first TV sperm race

BBC:Digital TV channel BBC Three is to broadcast what it says is the first televised sperm race later this month.
The race, to be shown as part of the educational Lab Rats series, will pit the sperm of presenters Dr Mike Leahy and Zeron Gibson against each other.

This is the funniest thing I have heard, people in Las Vegas I think started doing this now.
File-sharing to bypass censorship

BBC:By the year 2010, file-sharers could be swapping news rather than music, eliminating censorship of any kind. This is the view of the man who helped kickstart the concept of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, Cambridge University's Professor Ross Anderson.

What a horrible view! File Sharing is for everything, right now you can download yesterdays CNN news or BBC of the web easily. But I think this guy means blogging, filesharing sounds a little weird for news.
Happy Easter

Watch the rapping bunny
How Microsoft Is Clipping Longhorn

BW:To get the already-delayed follow-up to Windows XP out the door by 2006, it has decided to omit some of the most ambitious features
Spiderman 2

Watch the new trailers
Coming June 30th
SCO Asks for Five-Month Delay in IBM Trial

Linuxworld.com: Summary Since SCO's enemies interpreted the fact that the Red Hat suit was put on a peg as a setback for SCO - wasn't it Red Hat that wanted the case to proceed? - they're going to dine out on this one.

When is this going to end!
Netsky.Q takes down P2P and crack sites

Afterdawn:Email worm Netsky.Q variant has managed to bring down the websites hosting eDonkey2000 and eMule at www.edonkey2000.com and www.emule-project.net. The worm has also brought down two piracy sites at www.cracks.st and www.cracks.am. The only site that has managed to survice the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is Kazaa homepage at www.kazaa.com.

It seems like RIAA or Microsoft or someone else who has problems with piracy.
OS X Trojan Horse Is a Nag

(Editor's note: This story corrects an earlier report that stated that the Macintosh operating system had become a target of a malicious Trojan Horse.)

Security experts on Friday slammed security firm Intego for exaggerating the threat of what the company identified as the first Trojan for Mac OS X.

Apr 9, 2004


Someone asked me how to make animations like my Banner well I used an easy program called Mix-Fx!
You can dowload it from here .

Here is the SN: Ivan Arnoldo Ruesga Pelayo - LQBRHSWFUUGCUJLBEJUMMXA
9-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Rabbit Theft

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - A 9-year-old girl accused of stealing a rabbit and $10 from a neighbor's home was arrested, handcuffed and questioned at a police station.

piercing eyeball in Netherlands
Mexican Woman Performs Own Caesarian to Save Baby

Reuters - A woman in Mexico gave birth to a healthy baby boy after performing a Caesarian section on herself with a kitchen knife, doctors said Tuesday.

Betting It All on Vegas Roulette Spin

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A British man who has sold all his possessions, including his clothes, will stand in a rented tuxedo on Sunday and bet everything on a single spin of the roulette wheel.
Canadian hostage went to Iraq to help children

CTV:The Canadian aid worker taken hostage in Iraq this week is "a man of endless compassion" who has "devoted his life to helping children," according to a statement released by his family.

Apr 7, 2004

Microsoft Offers WiX to Open-Source Community

A Microsoft employee, Rob Mensching, lobbied the company to release WiX, which is now the first project from the software developer to be released through the Common Public License scheme.

Linuxinsider: Microsoft this week released a portion of its source code through an open-source license, posting the code on SourceForge , an online source-code repository, in its most high-profile code disclosure ever.

Here is where you can get the codes, I think it's a clever move from Microsoft, but the funny part is it might have been leaked soon so they decided to leak it in a more innocent way.
Taiwan Semiconductor to Provide Chips for Microsoft's Xbox Games

Apr. 7 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. announced Tuesday that it has signed an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to provide semiconductor manufacturing services for Microsoft's Xbox consoles and products.

I just thought this news showed how cheap Xbox should have been since the first day it came out, it's similar to a brand name clothes coming from India and selling them more then it's worth.

I reformatted my pc after Idid a complete backup, after I did that I make format cd's from Norton Ghost 2003, I used 10 cd's for all of the format cd's! 10 700 MB cd for a about 9 GB.

Ehsan is going today to Man United at 5:00 PM, so read his blog entry on this.

Also look at his cool design site look at his last design , go to ehsany.tk.

Apr 5, 2004

I don't feel like blogging at this point!

I just had my first hour of driving with my driver Ed teacher, it was crazy. I thought I was going smoothly then he would say no no your wrong or he would puase for a second or so I didn't know what he wanted from me!!! lol I think he wanted not to get killed. And he also controls the wheels but sometimes he would tell me not to let go but it looked like he wanted to drive. I also stopped in the middle of the roads couple of times. Anyways I'm a beginner.
You're can get you license when you're 16 in here (Canada)

Blogging light

Apr 4, 2004

Canada to tighten its copyright law?

Afterdawn.com: Minister of Canadian Heritae, Hélène Scherrer promised on Friday that changes will be made to the Canadian copyright law. The changes would make it illegal to download music for free from the Internet.

I wonder if it's any song or the songs that is under the copy right law.
Fashion leap for Jackie Chan as Kung-fu star promotes new clobber

BEIJING (AFP) - Rubber-boned Chinese martial arts star Jackie Chan, has taken a leap into the world of fashion with the launch of his own line of clothing, reports said.

Pretty cool eh!

Apr 1, 2004

April fools from Google

Google Copernicus Center is hiring

More about this years April fools on the web, from Wired.
Welcome to Gmail!!

WOW so good.

Description from Gmail:

A Google approach to email
Gmail is an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail and you should always be able to find the message you want. The key features are:

Search, don't sort.
Use Google search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received.

Don't throw anything away.
1000 megabytes of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message.

Keep it all in context.
Each message is grouped with all its replies and displayed as a conversation.

No pop-up ads. No banners.
You see only relevant text ads and links to related web pages of interest.


Here is the press release
Canada Feds Rule Song Swapping Legal

TechNewsWorld - The Canadian Recording Industry Association -- the counterpart to the RIAA in the US -- sought to extend the war on copyright thieves to a new, northern front. The CRIA brought the suit, resulting in the court ruling, as it sought a ...