Dec 31, 2004

Happy New Year


Imitation chicken: presidents

haha link

Google Tsunami Relief

Is it a coincidence that the same exact day when the great quake of Asia happened, Quake of BAM happened too?

OMG DEC 26th same as bam some freaky stuff.

Keep helping as you helped Iran with the Bam eaerthquake

Exeem is here! ha

exeem review

Check out this beta review and the screenshots
Download at your own risk!
Download only from me cuz im cool:
eXeem 0.13.exe NOT WORKING
eXeem BETA WORKING needs serial key :( can't find one around. for more of this stuff can't wait.

Dec 29, 2004

Six Navy SEALs Sue AP Over These SEAL Photos A photo found posted on a commercial photo-sharing Web site operated by a woman who said her husband brought the photos from Iraq after his tour of duty appears to show a subject constrained by U.S. military personnel. The Navy SEALs have launched a criminal investigation into photographs that appear to show commandos sitting on hooded and handcuffed detainees, and photos of what appear to be bloodied prisoners. (AP Photo)


The best flash of all the time

well not all the time I posted about this flash game (puzzle thingy) back in like 2003 or 2002. link

Astor Cube

Cool prank ;) read it, and look at the pictures.

The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products

wow those ACME stuff in Bugs bunny were actual ad in a cartoon. OMG


Electronic Reusable Paper

Read all about it here! awsome can't wait. link


atom Films: An irreverent and frenetic account of one man's life (in a dress) from beginning to bitter end.

Hey check it out, very sad though :( haha

The 2004 Engadget Awards



Awsome dance website ;) I check its Top 100 all the time.

Iran's Hebrew Section in IRIB

wow, check it out. link

Cool ASIMO videos

Cheese and Crackers: Tsunami Video

Link also Before and after hi-res satellite images of tsunami zone (bb)

Dec 28, 2004

The electronica primer

Here is the link it has everything in it about electronica music. WOW link

How to's?

Here is an awsome website on how to do things in the technology world, chec kthe website out - Free software, no nasties!, to let everyone know there is also, Year of the Rabbit has a good list of freeware listen on his/her website.

Dec 27, 2004

How To Speed Up Firefox

Here is a good guide for broadband users on how to speed up their Firefox browser! link

One of the best Computer mods

Project Cryo, make your mice cool .

OH this was funny SUper greg

Click here is this the same charecter as Ali G?

An American Guide to Canada

This was entertaining some stuff were not real but the other stuff was, Link

Cool flash site

This website is called Action Script, thats all I know and man it makes me get dissy. link

120 Years of Electronic Music

SWEET!!! it's a timeline

The end??? of the Internet!

Check this link out

What foes DS in Nintendo: DS stand for

Look at all of these websites saying something else

Google search

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

WOW just put in your age and it will tell you.

Child's Play Part II from 1UP.COM

YAY its the sequel to the funniest article in gaming world I luaghed so much at the first one, now its the second one. Go read it. READ

Here is a link I found from the first Child's play. Its an old link that is now broken, but with wayback it works.

Earthquake in the Indian oceans kills thousands

BBC: Sea surges kill thousands in Asia
CNN:Asia quake death toll tops 13,000
MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE In Asia: Some Asian Blogs' Accounts
Eyewitness: Sri Lanka tsunami

Horrible things are happening, right now we are also hit by a great snow storm over at Atlantic Canada. It sucks I'm stuck in the house. 100 km/h wind :(
Tsunami kills 3 Canadians

Dec 26, 2004


Awsome new moviethat will be shown this summer of 2005.

Steven Speilberg is the director and the star of the Movie is Tom Cruise. link

Dec 25, 2004

Googles future predicted watch this its pretty cool and strange

Comedy Central's Last Laugh '04

Andy Dick is bush's speech writer haha link

Near impacts to EARTH we almost died 34 time this year. OMG!

Dec 24, 2004

Some cool flash webisodes

Here is XOMBIE a very cool flash webisodes in chapters link
As everyone knows there is also and these are pretty good. Enjoy Oh and happy Christmas ;)

Baghdad Burning's Wishlist for Christmas

Read about his wish list here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Here ;)

2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist


Dec 23, 2004


Last update on August 20th 2006

You can Find this list updated everyday. ;) Email me if you have found something intresting (sassanix [at]

December 14, 2004
Hundreds of BitTorrent, eDonkey and DirectConnect Servers Targeted Worldwide


Digg this story


Torrent Guides/Help: (For FAQ's and Clients) (On how to make a torrent file) (good post on how to find those rare torrent files) (How to get tv shows automatically to your bittorent client) [ Old LiteZone when it was good ;) ]

OFFLINE ANG GONE (Down by lawsuit) (Down by lawsuit) (replaced with .org .us (unknown reasons most likely host problems) .net .org (Tv eps) (Down by lawsuit)
Look down for alternatives ;) (one of the best private uploaders down by ICE AND FBI :( News: Slyck , ICE , MPAA PRESS RELEASE )
More from my post on ET (Tv torrents) Gone

NEWS: Strict Bittorent related news and guides very good stuff News about p2p News about p2p good article

Here is some alternatives besides the links under my other post. {I update this list almost daily, report dead links if you even care in the comments ;) }

List of torrent sites updated daily: Works (search bt's) (search bts) search for bt's (spanish) (downloading games and appz) (new bitconsole) (korean) (Chinese) (NFO) (music torrents) (Music) (MAC TORRENTS IVITE ONLY) (Guide NEW) (IRC archives Games and MOvies and more) (ANIME) (CHINESE) (CONSOLES) (Directory) (ebooks) (chinese) (Legal torrents) (search bt) (search bt) (archive) (registration requaired) (Public) (tv eps like myth busters and monster garage) (XBOX TORRENTS) (psp videos) {Torrent Searcher (Web v1.5)} (Download political Torrents) (Torrent search) (Bittorent news and search)
Google search bittorent (Change (type your torrent name here) to your desired file your looking for) (Another web based torrent searcher very semilar to Torrent Searcher (Web v1.5)) (Torrent searcher project) (Anime downloads) (mp3s) (cartoons) (Search Engiene) (Anime) (Ps2 torrents, English+Spanish [Registration required]) (Torrent Directory) (Call For Help Torrents) (PSP Torrents) (Late night show tv torrents) (Call For Help torrents via RSS) (Music Torrents) (ANIME Download) (Torrent directory) (Techtv/g4ttv/g4tv Torrents and others... [Forum based]) (Old Cartoon torrents) (Anime) (Video game Music remixes + Tracker) (Dance music tracker) (Tv torrents) (Torrent directory with TV TORRENTS) (Torrent search) (Tv torrents from Rocknova) (Open source torrents) (Registration required) (registration required) (Directory need to register to see all those good torrents on diffrent trackers) (Music torrents) (Search) (Bittorent search engiene) (Search engiene) (TRACKER PUBLIC) (Old Torrentz is bacl yay) (Registration required) (Registration required) (Tv torrents) (Tv torrents) (Tv torrent tracker) (Tv torrents, registration requaired) (torrents for (Movies and Games) (IRC BASED, Cartoon show torrents part of dejatoons network) (Tv torrents) (Linux Iso's) (Required registration) (Tracker with everything) (Bittorent Seach engiene official) (XM Radio torrents) (ANIME TORRENTS) (Roms and emulators, NOT SURE) (ANIME TORRENTS) (Comic book torrents) (Music torrents) (Music torrents) (Music torrents) (Registration required, Torrents/NZB) (Tv torrents) (Registration required) (Public everything) (Tv shows | EZTV) (Tv shows| EZTV) (Wrestiling PPV torrents) (Uk tv torrents/ invite only) (Movies/Registrations required) (Search Engiene) (Directory) (Registration required) (seems legal) (Search/List) (Tv) (TV IS BACK ONLINE) (traker) (Official Search Engiene) (Directory) (Directory) (Linux distros) (Torrent finder/Search) (BEVIS AND BUTTHEAD TORRENTS) (Tv Torrents) (Public Tracker) (Directory)
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More links here links

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Irc p2p: (Forum)

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Usefull sites for movies and video clips: (Full DVD's half size)
Avi2Dvd (Guides and files) (Good program for dvd's) (nero burning software) (Alcohol 120% burning software)
DVD Decrypter (Great free burning software) (Cracked software)
Cracks and Serial keys (some good sites) (Good cracks and serial keys) (Virtual Drive) (free utility to break dvd encryption) (some good cracks and serial sites)

People of the Year

Pc Mag has posted about People of the Year of 2004 are lined up in the pc industry. link

Scared of Santa photos

haha these are good


Dec 19, 2004

£100 cars - Challenge No.1: Buying the car

Top Gear: Buy a roadworthy car with a current MoT and tax disc for £100 or less and then produce a receipt as proof

Scoring - 1 point for every £ saved from the £100 budget

NICE!!!! and Go Dark

Slashdot: Numerous people wrote in with similar stories: "Without providing a reason, both of these sites have shut down: and"

There are tons of other websites out there that provide bittorents. Here is the list add more if you know in the comments. the pirate bay is the best one at this point ;) DEAD DEAD
---------------------------------------------- or _

-------------------------------------------- << guides

Dec 18, 2004

Gamer buys $26,500 virtual land

BBC: A 22-year-old gamer has spent $26,500 (£13,700) on an island that exists only in a computer role-playing game (RPG).

HOLY JEEZ, this means that nowhere actually costs something

Dec 17, 2004

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Review

The Vooner has an awsome review, about this cool gadget. link

Cool video


Firefox 1.0 NY ad

Here is the ad click here neat! more from Mozilla

Dec 14, 2004

The best webcomics of 2004

yay! now go and read the comics link


looking good or bad? link

Dec 13, 2004

FCC Wary of Greeks Baring Gifts at Games

The Tv Column

WP: In response to one or more indecency complaints, the Federal Communications Commission has asked NBC to send it tapes of its coverage of the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Athens, the network confirmed late yesterday.

wow, lol this is comical

Suggested Google Alphabet

Link:A fully automated look at the most popular search keyword for each letter of the alphabet.

Neat stuff.

Dec 10, 2004

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

yahoo: See Johnny Depp as the scrumpdeliciously mysterious Willy Wonka in the teaser trailer for 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' watch the teaser

The 100 oldest currently registered .com domain names


Google suggests?

A new tool from google, it's very usefull.

The Half Life SAGA STORY GUIDE (spoiler)

Its has been updated, I wish someone who has time on their hands around and know Persian please translate it and send an email to ;)

Half Life 2: The next gen pc game of 2004

Space station astronauts told to ration food

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Two astronauts face a not-so-merry Christmas after being told to ration their food and hope a cargo ship with extra supplies docks on December 26.

Currently listining to: DJ Kay Cee - Escape (Club Mix).mp3

Dec 8, 2004

The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time < look at this


It's out go get it if you want to have a good email now days.

Skeletal Systems of Cartoon Characters

Kool check it out, I never knew they would look so deformative.


Company lets U.S. travelers 'Go Canadian'

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) -- An American T-shirt company has a solution for their fellow citizens who want to vacation in Europe without having to answer questions about U.S. politics -- pose as Canadians.

Those posers lol

Dec 7, 2004

BBC writes more about the Persian Gulf issue

BBC, Iran has stepped up its campaign to ensure the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula is known as the Persian, not the Arabian, Gulf.


UPDATE: NIAC: Washington, D.C., 7, 2004 – Significant progress was made in convincing the National Geographic Society to correct inaccuracies in their current edition of the “Atlas of the World” during Monday’s high-level meeting between NIAC and National Geographic’s executive team, headed by President John Fahey.

Happy 10th Birthday Sony Playstation!!

MG: Ten years and a couple of days ago, a console was introduced to a jaded gaming audience. Most "experts" claimed that the move was a mistake and that no newcomer could compete with Nintendo and Sega, the established console manufacturers of the time.

It has been a decade since it has been out.

Firefox users ignore online ads, report says

Cnet:Internet Explorer users are at least four times as likely to click on Web ads than Firefox users, a German advertising technology company said last week.

So whats new hmm... NOTHING go get Firefox ;)

Tintin's eternal youth finally explained

TORONTO (CP):Intrepid comic book reporter Tintin, who began his adventures 75 years ago, looks like a young teen because of a growth hormone deficiency and the effects of too many blows to the head, according to a study out on Tuesday.
More from G&M
lol, this is good.

Nvidia Leaps To PlayStation Platform From Xbox

reports that Nvidias price target has been raised after sony's announcement of working with Nvidia on PS3 video chips.

Sony PSP

lik-sang:Hands-On: First Impressions, Loading Times, Image Gallery and the latest Tech Details.

I want one

Canadian math students rank 7th in international study

PARIS - Canadian math students are being outperformed by those in six other countries, including Hong Kong and Finland, according to an international study.

wow they went from six to seven. The education system must be fixed.

Dec 5, 2004

National Geographic has used a wrong name for Persian Gulf

I cancelled my subscription!

read more bout all of this
Sign the petition
Iran bans National Geographic reporters
a very good decision.
Here is what they say it looks like in the Atlas

Search Arabian Gulf in and press i'm feeling lucky ;)

MSN Spaces: seven dirty blogs

Boingboing: Earlier today, I posted comments from a BoingBoing reader about the fact that MSN Spaces, Microsoft's new blogging tool, censors certain words you might try to include in a blog title or url. If you can't speak freely on a blog, what's the point of having one? This demanded a full investigation.

very intresting people want to swear on their blogs more then anything else lol

Stoned to death... why Europe is starting to lose its faith in Islam

Timeonline reports about this horrific murder.


MSN Spaces Launched

OMG!! nooo, now when microsofts foot is in this blog trend most of the people will think that they created the whole thing.

NEOWIN writes

Dec 2, 2004

Blog Word of the year!

Its good to know that people know what that word blog means ;)

Link from bbc

Red Lines and Deadlines

If you live in Canada go to your CBC WORLD NEWS and watch this Correspondent documantry, it talked about Irans problems in society and also freedom of speech and how the conditions are in Iran.
Newsworld broadcast times:
Sunday, Nov. 28 8:00 PM ET
Wednesday, Dec. 1 10:00 PM ET
Thursday, Dec. 2 1:00 AM ET


He came to Halifax in the province of Nova Scotia where I live, and he said that from Dumusces to Tehran there will be democracy :)