Sep 30, 2005

PSP iTunes?


Goowy email

Neat email serviece done in Flash link

In pictures: Visions of Science

Here are one of the greatest science photos of this year. link

Nice MOd!

Xbox, PS2, Gamecube All-in-One = Ultimate Gaming Mod

Computer users move themselves with the mind Computer scientists have created a hat that can read your thoughts. It allows you to stroll down a virtual street. All you have to do is think about walking.

Now that is revelutionary not this nintendo controller!

Do u want to be awake?

What keeps you awake?

Tech Manifesto: There are many high caffeinated energy drinks on the market. Which ones work the best? In this article, Tech Manifesto will show you all the caffeine levels and ingredients in these products resulting in all night gaming experience.

From that list I'e tried: Red Bull, Bawls, Mountain Dew, Starbucks Brewed Coffee ... Do not try 6 BAWLS in one day... as ur hands and feet will shake and u will crash to a sleep. (happened to me)


Sooo cool, check out those white LED's! link

SP3 soon?

ZDNET: Microsoft has revealed plans to release a third service pack for its Windows XP operating system.
"There will be a Service Pack 3 for Windows XP," Bernard Ourghanlian, technical and security director at Microsoft France, confirmed, revealing that Microsoft's OS is set for another major update.

P2P Future Darkens as eDonkey Closes

BetaNews: eDonkey has become the latest victim of the recording industry's wrath following the Supreme Court's ruling against Grokster. In testimony at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Hearing on the future of P2P Wednesday, MetaMachine president Sam Yagan said his company was throwing in the towel.


Sep 29, 2005


All right... Screw the phone! Take a look at the design of the site!!! It's unbelievable, whoever made it had some great imaginations.


Sep 26, 2005

[GUIDE]: Making your windows folder smaller!

here is a nice guide made by Neowin forums :) which helps you ge rid of a lot of useless files... in you /WINDOWS directory link

Opera Vs FF



Here are some smallware check them out link

Keyboard Shortcuts

For firefox link

IRAN 2000-2003

Azadi (Freedom)
published in German & International Magazines

Sep 22, 2005

Prank call (Persian Guy)

Listen to this Persian Guy prank calling some Indian restaurant in English... link

Passengers saw landing drama unfold on TV

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The airliner circled Southern California for hours, crippled by a faulty landing gear, while inside its cabin 140 passengers watched their own life-and-death drama unfolding on live television.

also watch the video ;)

Sep 21, 2005

Sep 20, 2005

'Allah' ice-creams banned


SUN: ICE creams are being withdrawn from Burger King — because a design on the lid looks like the word Allah.

Sep 18, 2005


Tasty ;) I had two of these in Dubai (both chicken, didn't taste the meat)

Official Site

Little Bird

I don't know what this bird is called... but it fell from it's nest on the edge of a tall building. It was looking up towards it's mom, too scared to move. The bird is on top of the roof top of a SUV in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Mountain Dew in Arabic

This is Mountain Dew in Middle East ;)

Huge Gummy Bear

13 pounds of gummy bears, sorted out, melted, and layered into an empty tub of animal crackers. A day and a half of work link

Sep 17, 2005

Jwish Rapper

Watch this Rabbi Rap... neat link


So many cool tricks! I never knew, that you could do sooo many trix with your pen. link

Egg & Muffin Toaster??!

wow! it looks soo cool link

Moon Landing

Go to this Google Map recreaction of the moon landing on their site... now click the + sign to go all the way zoomed in (Do not move it left or right) now you can see the landing zone clearly on intrent ;) link

Google Face (Eeerie)

Check out this face that was found on Google Maps link

Sep 16, 2005


-Duplicate File Finder
-Comparison Results Summary
-File Comparison & Results
-Folder Synchronization Method Choices
-Atomic Clock Sync

looks like a good damn software ;)



This is a handy tool that has RSS Aggregator and tons of more nice plugins :) it works like a widget... try it out link


A distro on java, kool


Sep 15, 2005


It's Sergey Brin's in a DRESS!!!!... (Segey is the founder of google)

1.First Google Homepge (It looks like Crap)
2.Sergey's site
3.Sergey's old photos
4.Sergey in a dress (jpg)

Sep 11, 2005

Had a bad day lately?

Look what happens here >>> link


Watch the short animated movie called Plumber :) link

Purse Snatcher hehe

Look what happens to this guy... when he tries to steal a purse from this girl.


Downtown Manhatan after 9/11

Link (JPEG)

iFLEA ;)

OMG this was funny... here is the link

Sep 10, 2005

Dogpile uses all the other search engiens to find it's results ;)


What an accident!!


Think about the BAC of the animals!!!

iPOD Nano

Check these photos of the ipod nano! it's thin.. link

Fbombing Chenny

Link (WMV)

thnx for MOE for sending me this :)

Cameron Cartio - Roma

Cameron's Official Site ;)

Hope you guys enjoy the song


Title: disco in tha elevata - Kategorie: Flash Movies / born to be aliva


Electronic Intifada

A site against the Israeli occupation, it’s a very interesting site (



Bluetooth Router


Another use

Best use for CD’s? Hehe you decide




See the damage of Nuclear weapons: (

Link (WMV)

Sep 8, 2005


Mystery of German exploding toads

Toads in an area of northern Germany are being killed off by a mysterious disease - they are exploding. link

Dll stuff ;)

 DLL Archive

Everyone has uninstalled programs at one point or another, just to be presented with that wonderful dialog asking whether or not we want to delete some 'shared' Windows resource... Do we? Does something else use that DLL file it's asking about? Help!!! That's where AnalogX DLL Archive comes in - it searches through all the files on your system and lets you know if any of them contain references to the DLL's in question!


TinyApps.Org, a guide to very small software for your PC


Windows Key Shortcuts ;)


Google Talk Tweaks


Ranish Partition Manager is a powerful hard disk partitioning tool.It gives users high level of control for running multiple operating systems,such as Linux, Windows 98/XP, FreeDOS, and FreeBSD on a single disk.

Sep 7, 2005

Don't Click It

Can you resist clicking? I can’t (

Windows Mix

I thought this was neat, link

Sep 5, 2005

Ready set GO!!

Hello everyone!!! I’m back from my trip and I will get blogging ASAP I promises, I’ve just been busy lately with this thing called LIFE ;) but I’m not dead.