Apr 30, 2005

Car lands in top floor of house

BBC: Two men remain in hospital after a bizarre accident in which a car smashed into the top floor of a house. Police are investigating exactly how the car managed to "take off" from street level and crash into the house in Basingstoke, Hants, on Wednesday.

How did this happen?

A real life X-Wing

All of you starwars fans check out the X-Wing on EBAY!!!! link

Flickr: Photos from Rosie O'Donnell


Bill Gates Switch ad

Watch this funny flash animation of Bill Gates switching to Mac link

"Someone keeps stealing my letters..."

awsome online flash lol link

Apr 29, 2005

Behold its the SNEX!

lol this is pretty neat link

The Simpsons on Wikiquote

This is kool :) now i can check out all of Homer's quotes link

I Can't Stop Thinking! (2000-2001)

Awsome comics to read about computer related stuff, read the last one link

Virtual Boy

Here is a fan site of the horrible Virtual boy... It made ppl's eyes water and also made them not see red after they played. The same guy who made this hardware also made Game Boy :) He died in a car accident :( thats sad /life.

well check out the site virtual-boy.net

Opportunity Mars Rover Stuck in Sand

Space.com: NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has run into a sandy snag. All of its six wheels have sunk in deep into a large ripple of soil.

Skype answering machine

This is very usefull, very user freindly link

Virtual browser

This is another free proxy site :) try it out link

The first ever Skype payphone!

Here is the first Skype Payphone, with video :) link

Photographs show a sandstorm in Iraq.

Awsome sand storm pictures from Iraq link

How does Auto link work?


The Sega song...

Link, I don't know what it all means but oh well lol


Awsome Flash games :), I like Park the Pope game... Soooo hard link

Di Fm Guide to Dance music


I, Googlebot

Google Blog: Data centers are not the most visually stimulating environments, and Google's are no exception. After all, they house computers, and the walls, ceilings, and floors are invariably stark white, or some minor monochromatic variation. So imagine this dream scenario for me: I'm a painter, apart from my day job as a data center technician, which keeps me busy swapping out parts and running cable. And we'd just set up a new Google data center in an undisclosed location.

Google bot looks kool

Nintendo Paper Models


First PS3 Screenshots… of the Dead

kotaku: Games Radar has posted a clutch of screen shots for a new PS3 game coming out called Possession. The real-time strategy game has you turning the citizens of a city into zombies and then using them to destroy their own town.

Xbox back in the red in latest Microsoft figures

gi:Home and Entertainment Division records an operating loss for the March quarter, Software giant Microsoft has announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2005, revealing that while the company overall saw solid profit growth, the Xbox division slipped back into the red with a $164 million operating loss.

TigerDirect Sues Apple Over New OS

eWeek: Online computer and peripheral retailer TigerDirect has filed suit against Apple claiming Mac OS X 10.4, known as "Tiger," infringes on its trademarked name.

Archive of funny pictures :) on the net


Office Guns

Funny in a way but deadly!!! link

Apr 28, 2005

The movie spoiler

A site all about movie spoilers :) good to remember how a movie ended. link

Xtra Google

www.xtragoogle.com unleash the power of google

Via: theunofficialgoogleweblog

Nokia Releases N91 Mobile Phone w/Hard Drive

This looks pretty hot... link

Apr 27, 2005

Installing OS X on a PC

This step by step tells you how to install OS X on a PC... I got to try this ;)

link1 | Mirror

Online Mind Reader!!!!

The crazy thing is it actually works!!! HOLY CRAP link

Xbox 360 to be backwards compatible

the INQUIRER: A QUESTIONNAIRE being taken online by Xbox Live users appears to give the final confirmation that Xbox 360 will be backwards compatible - at least, if you buy it with the optional hard drive.


Opera: Before the weekend, Opera's CEO, Jon S. von Tetzchner boldy proclaimed at a company meeting that if download numbers of Opera 8 reached 1 million within four days he would swim from Norway to the USA [press release]. Opera's communications department could not resist the temptation, and made his statement public. As any respectable CEO and gentlemen, Mr. Tetzchner stands by his word.
DOWNLOADS: 1,050,000: Target reached by April 23 09:00 CET! read the rest

This is cool I recomend people using Firefox and Opera... I have them both installed ;) and I'm starting to like Opera ;)


Cool Trailer, this movie is coming out in Spet 30th... Is this the next Star Wars? Star Trek? maybe not but it's still cool to watch

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star

Wired:Podcasting will soon break out of the "pod" and onto the public airwaves.

The world's first all-podcast radio station will be launched on May 16 by Infinity Broadcasting, the radio division of Viacom.

Serious Wheels Classic, Sports & Muscle Car Pictures

Cool site on cars, with tons of photos link

Longhorn In-Depth

Cool screenshots of the new Microsoft windows operating system link

Apr 26, 2005


Check this site out it's the best ASCll site ever created... prove me wrong link


This is awsome!!!!!! I want one of these cuz their just awsome! link

Cryptozoology and Philately

Discription: These pages feature stamps of animals which once were or are still considered legendary, but which may actually exist. Stamps of animals thought to be extinct but which have been found alive are also featured. Other stamps depict supposedly extinct animals for which sightings comtinue to occur. All of these animals are called "cryptids." Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids. link

The end of analog TV

MSNBC: Depending on the outcome of discussions in Congress, television as we know it may end at exactly midnight Dec. 31, 2006.

Intresting,,, or is it? Did MSNBC run out of news lol

Download the new Family guy ;)

Episode 1 season 4 now available through bittorent and other p2p sites, this episode is supposed to air on May 1st and it has been leaked onto the net.

Download (270 mb's), also here is a direct link ;) | google

AntiOnline Ip locatore

A nice ip locator with a map. ;) link


Discription: The SphereXP is a 3D desktop replacement for Microsoft Windows XP. Taking the known concept of three-dimensional desktops to its own level. It offers a new way to organize objects on the desktop such as icons and applications. Check the videos and screenshots to get the idea. link

Apr 25, 2005

EB Games “Win A Game For A Year” Contest

Sign up for the contest now :) link

The history of Tetris

Read this intresting story about how Tetris got out from Russia and became a household name. link, also read this one

Go Proxing

Here is another proxy website, go here for more

Google readies banner offerings

Cnet: Google is taking a big step toward becoming an online banner-advertising network as the market for brand ads heats up. Beginning Monday, the search giant will start allowing advertisers to display ads that contain animated images on third-party partner sites--a first for Google and a departure from company co-founders' early stance against such Web advertising. (Google itself still shows only text ads on its site.)

This is going to suck a lot... Google will probably gain a lot of money but they will go downhill and start loosing their users, there are other search engienes that don't have ads and their doing great, such as mamma or alltheweb...

BBC Launches Real-Life 'Hitchhiker's Guide'

LONDON (Reuters) - As "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" nears its cinematic release, the BBC has launched a new service based on the novel's central concept: a mobile device filled with information about life, the universe and everything. Not a bad idea... but I allready can get to wikipedia on my cellphone.


Icons : "Icons" is a documentary show that gives viewers the total run-down on the world of video games. The show will provide in-depth coverage on topics ranging from behind the scenes looks at game developers, to profiles of industry giants and notorious figures in gaming, to a retrospective on the history of famous games. Homepage

Download Season #3 (Bittorent) | Info on tracker | 2.45 GB | tvtoMe


Check out all the nice artforms of tall buldings around the world link

Apr 24, 2005


So this guy bought a domain name and guessed the new pope now he's not selling the domain name, thus he's not profiting from it. link

Rent my son

This is just plain wrong.... link I found this on blogdex lol

Haunted NES is fake

The guy who bought it has written an article in 1up.com :) saying it's fake. Remember this a month ago... Read

The LiveCD List

A list of all available LiveCDs and LiveDVDs. (Linux and all the others) link

Police Decoy

Check this out, imagine driving and this pops up. link


Freeware for those of you who don't have winrar, or don't like winzip

* Supports ZIP, 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BH, BZ2, CAB, CPIO, DEB, GCA, GZ, IMP, JAR, LHA (LZH), LIB, RAR, RPM, SQX, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TAZ, YZ1 and ZOO archives.
* Supports BIN, C2D, IMG, ISO and NRG disc-images.
* Support for external plugins.
* Windows® shell integration, e.g. drag & drop, shell context menu and drop handlers.
* Create 7-ZIP, BH, BZ2, CAB, JAR, LHA (LZH), SQX, TAR, TGZ, YZ1 and ZIP archives.
* Support for the Deflate64 algorithm which allows you to create ZIP archives larger than 4GB.
* Script support which allows you to make automated backups.
* Basic features like: add, extract, delete, rename, run, view, checkout, install, test, comment, SFX, virus-scanning, disk-spanning and much more.
* Repair corrupted ZIP and SQX archives.
* Can extract multiple archives at once using Multi Extract.
* Encrypt archives using 6 different algorithms. Blowfish (128-bit), DES (56-bit), Triple DES (168-bit) and Rijndael (128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit).
* Create self-extracting encrypted archives.
* Automatic updates using the "Web Update" function.

Apr 23, 2005

Things I talked about

Today I was talking with my brother about how Canadian kids are on top of the fat list , I asked him why is that?, and he answered me "well half of the world is either having a hunger problem or they are at war in their land" then he goes "That's why U.S. , Canada and U.K are on top of the list".

lol, this is how out conversation usually go, we also talked about some more stuff that I can't remember, but who cares lol

Steve, Don't Eat It!

Web flashbacks! link (Year 2003)

He has eaten tons of more stuff!!!! link

Tiny URL vs Huge url

http://hugeurl.com/ vs http://tinyurl.com

Dangerous Hacker!, Be careful, he might hack you, too...

hahaha Rofl! This hacker (who calls himself that) tries to hack another person on IRC but the other person gives him his local host ip and he keep attacking his own pc untill... well read it yourself ;) link

Firefox Explosion

Storming Redmond, intresting art peice about opensource and Microsoft link

Credit card pranks!

How far could he go before they would check his credit card signature?
How crazy would I have to make my signature
before someone would actually notice?

The classic badgerbadger

www.badgerbadgerbadger.com this site will make you go insane lol

Good Wife's Guide

Housekeeping monthly 13 May 1955             although seems fake, it is still convincing, link


I Like you? or I'm sorry you decide... pretty funny link


BullshitJob.com: Wost Desk Location Ever

That dude can't even spell right lol, poor guy. Hope he gets a better desk location link

Look what I made!

Here is the picture, To make your own go here


Google Sightseeing: Possibly the world’s largest tagging - Dave has written his name across a field in Bunker Hill, IL. I guess he must have been really bored one day…

Thats cool :)
G&M: New research shows that Canadian kids are near the top of a list no one wants to be on -- ranking among the fattest in the world.

Madden NFL 06 - ESPN :60 Next Gen Spot

Watch the trailer of the next gen sport games. link

404 research Lab

An entire site for all of those creative 404 error messages link

Lego Starwars Trilogy

While everyone,,, well some people probably have got their hands on the new video game called Lego Starwars... but remember this? link

The History of the internet!

This is a humor based history of the web, not entirely real lol good for some gigles. link

Congress confuses file sharing with manslaughter

TheRegister: Making a movie available electronically prior to its release can now result in a three year sentence, thanks to the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act approved Tuesday by the House. The Senate has already passed its own version, and the final bill is expected to be signed by the President.

wow, glad I live in Canada. Cuz we don't have dumb laws like that

FREE linspire 5.0 (five-0)

first click on "BUY LINSPIRE", apply coupon code "linspire4RA", then ENJOY! Linspire 5.0 is amazing! Via DIGG
Torrent (might require registration on Linspire)

Update: To download free software you need to pay lol NO WONDER IT's FREE

Go to linuxiso.org and get Fedora or debian or REDHAT, if you are intrested in Linux

Apr 22, 2005

Do Firefox browser bugs matter?

BBC: No program is perfect, but bugs in open source software are less of a problem, says technology analyst Bill Thompson.

Ask Google a Question?

This is pretty funny, written by Mosley link

Ball revamped tournment!

This is the hardest puzzle ever... it has 10 levels and I can't get past the first one. ENJOY link


Makes your windows look like Linux with Litestep. You can also convert your windows to a mac with this theme pack link

Xbox 360 real pictures?

Engadget.com - All right, after many a false sighting and tons of sketchy pics (the Xbox 360 was starting to give the Virgin Mary a run for her money), our sources are confirming that this is really it. My, Xbox 360, how concave you are! We also admire your simple, round nexus. Mmmmmm.
link | Hi-Res photo | Joystiq | Watermarked highres picture | Msn.co.uk

Notice in the photo there is no controllers, that's because it uses WIFI, and also can you see the power button, it has a pretty good resemblence to the ourcoloney.net button.

Also read Xbox 360 Revealed? by teamxbox, link

xbox 360 The first pictures?

Xbox 360

53 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena


Xbox 360 Revealed?

Teamxbox: Following our previous story of the first pictures of the Xenon Development Kit, now comes another shocking image to keep us awake until May 12th. Oh you damn Gamem8ker!

That's a computer lol, with two fans... I mean COME ON!

The Atari 2600 Webserver

Digg: A funny look at an Atari 2600 web server. How did they get that ethernet to work? link

Whoa!!! this is probably a fake one, I mean come on look at that ethernet cord. You be the judge did they put APACHE into a cartridge?

What did Job's say about longhorn?

Read this... link Intresting!!! It's not even an article so shame on you if you are not going to read it :)

Firefox 1.0.4 Beta

I'm sick of that old update it has ruined all of my extensions :( this should help it I guess link

What's in your BAG!!

Flickr: Photos tagged with whatsinmybag


This is a search engiene for Podcasts! Sweet link

Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart

Wired: On one hand, you have a company that rose up from modest beginnings to become one of the richest businesses in America (indeed, the world), and in the process revolutionized the use of technology to create a new way to do business -- helping people find what they want.

Good read ;)

Google maps and NYC Subway system

Pretty neat link

Full Collection of Google Icons

Download the zip file and enjoy the power of google in your hand. Link


Bombs over YAHOOO!!!! Go here and start bombing the web... link


Here is a classic game enjoy link

OOS. Moxiecode

Description: Above are some examples of classic games using the tilebased concept, just to give you an idea what I´m talking about. link

Fast-food finger finder arrested

LAS VEGAS - Police have arrested a woman who claimed she found a human fingertip in a bowl of chili served to her at a California fast-food restaurant.

A Jibjab for the British people :)

http://www.gbjab.com/ http://www.jibjab.com/

Apr 21, 2005

ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition

This is the lastest and greatest release of famous ACE Mega CoDecS Pack.
In this codec pack you will find plenty of usefull CoDecS (CoderS/DeCoderS), Media Player FilterS, Media Players and other UtilitieS. Also I added Authoring ToolS for video watchning, audio and video processing. In Add-On Pack you can found Authoring ToolS for content creation.

I'm using this and its awsome!!! also read this

Berkeley laptop thief is scared out of his wits by professor

BB:The last few minutes of this video from a biology class at Berkeley is of professor explaining the terrifying consequences that will soon befall the student that stole his laptop.

Redefined: A Cappella Nintendo Medley

Milk&cookies: Redefined, an a cappella group from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, sing and act out a medley of Nintendo theme songs. Kool

Google Personalizes the Web

Searchenginewatch: Say goodbye to bookmarks: Google has rolled out a seriously cool search history feature that automatically keeps track of all of your web searches and every page that you view from search results.

The new Google My Search History feature is a beta application launched in Google labs. To use it, you need to have an active Google account (Gmail, Google Groups or Google Answers—registration is free). From that point on, all of your queries and search results are logged by Google.

Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth

Timesonline: THE wartime past of a leading German contender to succeed John Paul II may return to haunt him as cardinals begin voting in the Sistine Chapel tomorrow to choose a new leader for 1 billion Catholics.

Photo in the News: Whale Found in Egypt Desert

OMFG they found a whale!!!! in the Egyptian desert... that is crazy link

TIME MACHINE ! For Time Travel ? very low reserve

Enother weird ebay auction... link

Pope Benedict XVI Wikipedia

All you need to know about him! More then you need to know link

Apple Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" Review

winsupersite.com: allow me to make a confession that may surprise you. I've been a Mac fan my entire life. Back in 1987, when my house burned down after a Christmas tree mishap I'd rather not detail at the moment, I needed to replace my crispy Commodore 64 set up with a more modern system. I originally wanted an Amiga, but alas, the local Commodore dealer didn't offer financing. The local Apple dealer did, however, and after figuring out how much I wanted to spend (an exorbitant amount even by today's standards), I arrived at two choices: An Apple IIGS with a color display, 768 KB (not MB) of RAM, one 5.25-inch floppy drive, one 3.5-inch floppy drive, and an Image Writer II printer, or a black-and-white Mac Plus with 1 MB of RAM.

Although I don't have a mac I still find mac's intresting... it's like from another world. ;)

New google stuff


They have also added google maps and local to the Google.co.uk

Top 100 sites from Pcmag.com

top 100 sites that maybe we didn't know about


Apr 20, 2005


All about crazy fads... link

How to make a Coin Ring......

I'm going to make one of these once I get the tools link, via digg

Google sues Froogles.com

Cnet.com: Google has sued Froogles.com, charging the rival shopping search engine with trademark infringement.

N64 Mobile!

This is another Nintendo 64 portable... Here is the link to N64 mobile!

Haunted Nintendo Entertainment System

Ebay: Paranormal NES
Spiritual Communication via Nintendo Console?

The eeriest gaming story I heard... Thats freaky man! At least the bidder got rid of it for more then what he paid for. :) Also read this! eBay Staff: This auction is not a 'joke' and is intended to be completely serious in nature, as far as my personal experiences are concerned.

Winning bid: US $225.53 Read the story too that's pretty freaky!


Welcome to The Code Project.

Codeproject:Your place for 9,097 free C++, C# and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions, news and the best bunch of developers on the net.

CREAT ASCII pictures!

Now creat those cool text images :) These are cool link

Stories for robots

These are pretty funny if you know what it means... link

Monkey Lander!

Play this fun Flash Game... link

Let's Have a LAN Party!

Joel Durham Jr. - ExtremeTech
Gaming doesn't have to be a solitary pastime! Sure, your gaming rig is in the basement, and the only interaction you experience with other human beings is when the UPS guy brings you the new hard drive you ordered. Get over to a LAN fest and revel in the company of your fellow gamers!

Cool articke on lan parties

Apr 19, 2005

The Gallery of Stick-Figure Warning Signs

Description:For the longest time, whenever I saw one of those "don't stick your head into the rotating blade" warning signs with an illustration of a stick-figure person doing exactly that, I've wanted to make a web gallery of them.

KWEEEEEEEEEEEllllllllllll Check it out!

Apr 18, 2005

Play Pariah Multiplayer Demo

Download now!! a great FPS for your pc that will come out this summer :) The demo came out three days ago, and I played it since that day. It's very fun, this is another masterpeice by Digital Extremes. Download from 3dgamers

The revenge of the screen savers #1

Its hear listen to it on your Cell Phone, Mp3 player, PC, Mac whatever!!! link

Master Wound Healing Gene Found

Betterhumans: Could lead to insights into tissue regeneration and cancer, A master gene that activates wound healing in insects and mammals has been discovered, a finding that could lead to new insights into tissue regeneration and cancer. Via digg

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 For Free


Exploits & Codes

FrSIRT this place has tons of exploits and codes... USE THEM AT YOUR OWN BLUH BLUH BlUh ;)


Apr 17, 2005

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?


Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English

20% Yankee

10% Dixie

10% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

Apr 16, 2005

Graphics Tips: Adobe Photoshop Tip: Comic Art Effect

Link pretty neat photoshop effect I must try this myself...

Here is more photoshop tutorials


http://grat.uito.us/ <<< Social wishing, a tag based wishing yay!

Works the same way as del.icio.us

Apr 15, 2005


Cool I'm thinking about using Mac or linux now I know what to do,, ;)


Please release "Always Use Protection" condom Poster

Here is the article about it. Here is the poster... pretty damn smart and neat I say.

Google Satellite - Area 51 Pics

Digg:A cool article showing some Google satellite pics of Area 51. You can't zooom in on this section anymore BTW. (link)

Update: Google, Area 51

Homeless Man Receives Suped-Up Shopping Cart

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A homeless man named "Ja" is walking the streets with a new suped-up shopping cart filled with high-tech gadgets.


Notproud.com CONFESS NOW!!!!@!@!@

This is a confession site, everything is anonymous. You can read the confessions too ;)


I clicked on Anger and this is what I found:

04/12/2005 at 10:33:02

I utterly loathe and despise how almost every single aspect of american culture is geared towards selling me something. I read an article where they are going to have advertising in video games now. Will it bring the price of the games down? No fucking way. So now kids will pay $50 to be advertised to. And how much does label clothing cost so that you can walk around as a fucking billboard? You pay them for your body to advertise for them. They should be paying us to wear their cheap made-by-malaysian-children shit. And try to take a walk or eat or go to the bathroom without having some fucking advertisement in your face. They put ads in menus now! How much merch does that actually sell!?!?! I honestly consider moving to another country just so I can generally exist without a sales pitch being forced into my consciousness.

Angry video gamer I would be mad too but Video game advertising is not old,,, play Winning Eleven Soccer games or Burnout or Splinter Cell ;) They all have Ads in them.

Update: Joystiq articles 1-2-3

Free beta version MMORTS

Digg: A super realistic MMO real time strategy naval warfare game, that's so good it's hard to believe it's in beta, and it's free. link

Internet casino buys monkey naming rights

MSNBC: $650,000 from GoldenPalace.com will go to wildlife park

Via Leo

Intel employees put hotspot on the North Pole

Infoworld: is contributing to global warming, the company admitted Thursday. Not the bad kind, though. Two employees at Intel Russia have erected what may be the world's most northerly Wi-Fi hotspot 130 kilometers from the North Pole.

Via leo

Dinosaur eggs found whole in mother's belly

NewSciensit:The first dinosaur eggs found complete with shells in the body of the mother has solved the long-standing mystery of how dinosaurs laid their eggs. The evidence shows they laid a clutch in a series of sittings, like birds, rather than all at once like crocodiles and other living reptiles.

SYMBOLS.com --

the world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols! link

Man U stars make Welsh chip stop

BBC:A north Wales chip shop can count the stars of Manchester United among its customers after they stopped off following a day's white-water rafting.

The first team spent £175 on chips, fish, pies and sausages at Y Badell Aur chippy in Bala, Gwynedd, on Thursday.

Apr 14, 2005

Laser-controlled headless zombie flies

Here is another one from boing boing scientise have figured out on how to control the fruit flies nurons, remotely by shooting lasers at them.

Here is the link to it there is also a 4 or 5 second video there too click on it and watch it.

Comic book illustrated with Half Life 2 screenshots

BB: BrashFink has made a fantastic original comic book by taking screenshots from Half Life 2 and laying them out inside funnyubook panels, with speech balloons, etc -- it's like static machinima, or a fotonovela made with game graphics. link

This is cool and entertaining if you like the Half Life 2 (DA GAME)

Surprises Lurk in Satellite Snaps

Wired: For many years, Mike Leeds has been road-tripping from his home in Portland, Oregon, to Nevada's Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man arts festival.

Bogus blogs snare fresh victims

BBC: Cyber criminals are starting to use fake blogs to snare new victims. .... The bogus web journals are being used as traps that infect visitor's machines with keylogging software or viruses.

Apr 13, 2005

Italy to Address Violence at Soccer Games

SFGate:Premier Silvio Berlusconi said Wednesday that "drastic measures" may be needed to stem the rise of violence at Italian soccer stadiums, a day after a fan hit a goalkeeper with a flare in a European Champions League quarterfinal.

Bunch of hooligans, that is sad...

Next Xbox for $299?

Seatlepi: Following up on the MTV/Xbox news, Goldman Sachs predicts in a research note today that the next-generation Xbox could be released as early as October or November at a retail price of "perhaps about $249-$299."

Now this price looks promising but I guess, not a lot of people will buy the ps3 and the xbox 2 at the start of the stocking, I predict people will wait till the prices drop, by people I mean casual gamers ;) lol

Every Confirmed Game for E3

Spong: Working over at IGN and bathing in the endless investment money that tries to fill the black hole that is the terribly written if not colossal games site must be great. So great in fact that the 41,960 members of staff have managed to compile a list of all confirmed titles to date.

I'm looking forward to Call of Duty 2 for the pc and StarCraft: Ghost for the Xbox, Ea's titles are the best I like half of them to come out as soon as possible. Sooooooooom many good games DAMN it

Pimped VW Bettle

bonlebon:This guy pimped his VW Bettle so good that makes the pimp my ride dudes look like amateurs. here is the link to the car WOW amazing

Apr 12, 2005

First look at Project Gotham Racing 3?

Gamespot:Teaser image briefly shown on Ourcolony.net shows what appears to be the racing series' signature cover car--a red Ferrari. Enjoy the picture... doesnt it look too real?

I love these alternative reality games such as ourcoloney.net

Boomtown - Battlefield

a new Battlefield 2 preview Our day with BF2 #1,, not a bad preview at all :) link

The Windows XP Tweaking Companion (XPTC)

TweakGuides.com - The Windows XP Tweaking Companion (XPTC)

Download it now it's a whooping 166 pages :), for all the tweaking and optimizing needs.

TIME Magazine: The 2005 TIME 100

TIME Magazine: The 2005 TIME 100

My copy is coming soon, this is one of my favorite part of being a subscriber.

Cloned Cows Yummy and Safe

Wired: Cattle-cloning scientists at the University of Connecticut say milk and meat from cloned animals are safe for human consumption. Oh wow!

Hacked Highway Sign Sets Speed Limit At 100 MPH

VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The message was too good to be true.
An electronic highway sign on Interstate 75 in Michigan told drivers: "Speed limit 100 mph go go go."

pretty funny I might say...

Apr 11, 2005

Derren Brown - Video clips

Description:Derren Brown is a unique force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour. He doesn’t claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of applied psychology, magic, misdirection and showmanship. Whatever you choose to call it, Digg

Watch simpsons streams to your pc

Download a harmless plugin and now get a good stream of the shows :) link, also family guy

Mapping Google News

Slashdot: CousinLarry writes "A neat project called Buzztracker.org has been mining Google News for over a year and keeping track of relationships between geographic locations mentioned in articles. www.buzztracker.org see where all the dots get connected to? WASHINGTON niiiiiiice

Torrent Searcher (Web v1.5)

Search most of the bittorent search engines. link

I also added this to the big huge list of bittorent sites ;) BIG HUGE LIST

Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik was to perform his very popular techno-ballad, “Elektronik – Supersonik”:

haha this is funny link, I think its a fake, because of all the nonesence I think he was on crack when he made it. Digg this


After going over my last post, I figured out why not put widgets onto it too. Download Konfabulator!, these widgets can be anything they are very usefull. I posted about widgets once but back then it was a MAC only thing now windows users can do the same thing. Then search for the crack on google ;) or use cracksearcher.

OSX Themed Web Site and Transformation Pack

Best way to make windows xp look like osx I've got to check this one up. link

N64 Portable

I've seen a lot of homebrew gaming portables this one is like a laptop link

What President Bush has on his iPOD?

NYT: Between his return on Friday from Pope John Paul II's funeral in Rome and his meeting today with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, President Bush spent an hour and a half on Saturday on an 18-mile mountain bike ride at his Texas ranch. With him, as usual, was his indispensable new exercise toy: an iPod music player loaded with country and popular rock tunes aimed at getting the presidential heart rate up to a chest-pounding 170 beats per minute. read it on at nyt

Apr 9, 2005

Free CGI proxy

ProjectByPass.com :: The web's first FREE web based CGI proxy! it's not the first lol, here is another one. http://www.thesmo.com/spb.php

Remember proxify? http://proxify.org

Google Blog: Just the facts, fast

Google Blog: Have you ever needed a piece of info right now? Today we're excited to introduce Google Q&A. We've pulled together facts from all over the Web

This is cool, but I don't think I will use it alot.

The Top Ten College Pranks of All Time

The Top Ten College Pranks of All Time

Nice pranks :)

How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)

Electronic Frontier Foundation did an awsome job helping people know what is the best way to blog is. link

Apr 8, 2005

Google CEO, co-founders earn $1 in salary

Google CEO, co-founders earn $1 in salary - Apr. 8, 2005


Why Duke Nukem Forever is taking forever

viavga: 3D Realms have been developing Duke Nukem Forever for what seems like an eternity.

Check out the screenshots I've never seen them before.

Half Life 2: Aftermath

Eurogamer: Valve in "good at making Half Life games" - shock!

yay! can't wait

Iran today in a blink of an EYE

Israeli president speaks with Iran's Khatami
Iran's Khatami attending meets President Ciampi
Ex-General: U.S. should reassure Syria and Iran

Intresting stuff

Google Sightseeing

Why bother seeing the world for real?

http://www.shreddies.org/gmaps/ ;)

Apr 7, 2005


Check this gameroom! He must have stole all of those games... this guy is seriouse about his gaming. link, Via joystiq


If your a big Starwars fan then click on it and read it... I WARNED YOU

link i'm too lazy to read it, so I will just watch the movie.

adland: VW Polo viral - the punchline kills. (uk)

This is a hoax ad... I've tried to watch it and now I found it. Some people have found it funny and some don't. link

MSN Messenger 7 Final Due Tomorrow - Download Now!

Neowin: According to reliable sources, MSN are preparing to go live with the next version of their widely popular instant messaging client, MSN Messenger.


Apr 6, 2005

My messy room!

Originally uploaded by Sassanix.

Me being messy in my room!

Ok I know it's disgusting and everything but you need to understand that I do, clean it up often.
   I found it funny to post it up ;)
CAN YOU DO BETTER use the tag messy and lets see what your messy room looks like.

Studying before exam

Originally uploaded by Sassanix.

Well this is me in January before my physics exam studying mad.

I Am Canadian

Well I'm officially Canadian now, I had to attend a ceremony today, and swear on Queen Elizabeth II. This is a bit confusing now... lol I was Born in United Arab Emirates and I'm Originally from Iran(I've got an Iranian Passport), and now I'm Canadian, I think of myself as all of this all together, and I will not loose my originallity by using the term Canadian. I'm considered a dual citizen, well that's great.

Apr 5, 2005


A whole blog, only dedicated to linkdumping link

Apr 3, 2005

Catholic Insider

I was listining to Adam Curry's podcast when he mentioned this podcaster. Listen to the live podcast of the events of the popes death.


Apr 2, 2005

Sites that pulled April Fool's jokes for 2005

This is a cool list of all the jokes that were on the interweb of information yesterday... link

Nasa found Water on Mars!


i'm too late lol (April Fools Joke for Yesterday on Nasa's website)

Apr 1, 2005

"Is this a HARMFUL cheeseburger or something?"

MetaFiler: A California woman calls 911 after the drive-thru guy at Burger King doesn't get her order right.

Haha... that's funny

Gmail is now 2 Gb

yep it is... It's almost 2 Gb's it say 1704 Mb's not 2000 Gb. But oh well its better then nothing Gmail

I wonder... Hmm...

Google Gulp!, this is one of those cool april fools jokes that Google comes up as a tradition each year.


Compfused: This is a cool stop motion music video made by a few bored guys. This probably took a pretty long time to make.

Watch it, isn't this crazy... They must have worked on this for hours or days.

Download embedded videos

Here is a cool and useful greasmonkey script, whenever I wanted to download an embedded video I usually looked at the html codes, by viewing the source. Now with this bad boy I can download it without going through all of that hassle. (Digg)

For streaming videos and sound use a program called Stream Down... It works everytime... You either buy it or crack it ;)