Nov 28, 2004

Awfully busy these days

Click here to download MSN 7.0 Beta. I will be posting huge posts.

Also I got Half Life 2 on Nov 16 and I finished it yesterday, the ending wasn't the way I expected it to be.

Nov 4, 2004

Canada 2.0

anyone? link

Frontpages from around the world after Bush's win

Newseum brings us all the U.S. Election frontpages from around the world link

Here is the two I liked 1,2

Jet for sale on ebay!

Look at this fighter jet (VULCAN BOMBER XL391) for sale on ebay, nice. link

3gb's free email!!!

Google is like a little kid compared to this free 3gb's free email


More on the news Micheal Moore's website is something to remind you of the people who died in the war.

Nov 3, 2004

Kerry concedes.

BB: 8:15am: Four more years of a nation led by criminals. I was making coffee with one eye on CNN when the news broke, and I called my dad, a man who's spent many years fighting for good things, sometimes at great personal cost.

Nice article about the elections

VoodooPC pitches 'world's fastest' PC

TheRegister: Canadian performance PC maker VoodooPC today introduced what it claims is the "world's fastest gaming computer", based on the latest processor and chipset technology from AMD and Nvidia.

Damn it! This is expensive.

Nov 2, 2004

Elections in U.S.

A lot of Iranians want to see Bush to win in this years elections becasue they beleive that he will come and get rid of the mullahs. And they see Kerry as any other democrat trying to open a long conversation with the mullahs.

But I don't see this will happen after what Bush has done in Iraq I don't think he will do that. Iran is surrendered from all the sides, something mgiht happen if he is elected.

CNN results


Microsoft demonstraiting Windows 98 while explaining something:
Also if you are in love with microsoft watch this

Paris Booed Off Stage

Party93.1:Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was booed off stage as she tried to launch a pop career

she deserves it