Oct 28, 2005

Two movies that look good

Paradise Now and Everything is Illuminated, iI haven't seen them but when I watch them I will talk about them ;) for now watch the trailers.

Office 12 Screenshots plus Torrents

Check it out ;) link

Oct 25, 2005

It's coming...

It says it will just rain and a lot of wind... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no more rain!

Oct 24, 2005

15 mb Hard Drive!!!

OMG IM GOING TO BUY THIS WHEN I GET THE MONEY ... something I would say back in 1980's probably lol

but look at the price on that 2495$'s! link

Mouse WebCam

cool stuff link

Oct 22, 2005

Why Americans Should Never Be Allowed To Travel

The following are actual stories provided by travel agents hehe link

Oct 21, 2005

Gmail Gone Public

Here u go ppl ;) link

Oct 20, 2005

One of the coolest optical illusions

It's amazing how our brains work :) link

Oct 19, 2005

Gmail name change in UK?

Google statements over here

is your hearing okay?

Test it over here link

Google File Search 1.0 Final

Ghacks: We are proud to announce that our Google File Search tool has reached final status. We decided to provide two versions, one with installer and one that you simply unpack and run.

pretty good

Oct 18, 2005

Oct 15, 2005

Cameron Cartio... ROMA

Remember this? link

Guess what language this is in? Italian? Spanish?.... Greek?... Persian? WHAT IS IT? I know what it is,,, try to figure it out

Oct 14, 2005

The Hacker Manifesto

~beberg/: Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering"...

Oct 12, 2005

Average age of newspaper readers: 55

Startribute: Newspaper readership is down. Fewer young people are picking them up, and the average age of a newspaper reader is now 55, according to a Carnegie Corporation study. Many papers have been losing circulation at alarming rates across all age groups.

Not surprising....


Google.org will include the work of the Google Foundation, some of Google’s own projects using Google talent, technology and other resources, as well as partnerships and contributions to for-profit and non-profit entities.

Oct 11, 2005

If Microsoft Never Existed...

Extremetech:The alarm clock goes off, buzzing insistently until I reach out a hand and groggily slap at the button to silence the sound. I roll out of bed, pause for a few minutes, then head for the shower...

Fire destroys 'Wallace and Gromit' warehouse

CNN: BRISTOL, England -- The company behind the new "Wallace and Gromit" film said Monday its "entire history" has been destroyed in a fire at a warehouse containing props and sets.


Google Current

Google's daily video of the top clicked news, it is around 3 minutes long and it is brought to you by google and current tv...

Google Current

Oct 9, 2005


Extreme VR shot inside a water bottle, by photographer Thomas Mottl.
very cool

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Image Coloring

neat :), link

Vista / Longhorn: Install the Sidebar into Build 5219

Description -
The sidebar has been leaked and it works in build 5219. Here are the instructions how to download and install it.

Directions -
JCXP.net has leaked the sidebar. Here's how to download and install it: ....


also check Windows Vista Build 5231 and Windows Media Player 11 Leaks!

Google Reader

A nice RSS web reader by google link

Oct 7, 2005

Press Releases God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers

POBBC: President George W Bush told Palestinian ministers that God had told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq - and create a Palestinian State, a new BBC series reveals.

Oh wow!

Gervais writing Simpsons episode

BBC: The Office's Ricky Gervais is writing an episode of hit US cartoon The Simpsons, following an invitation from its creator Matt Groening.

Story is from December 23 of 2004

YAY! He's one of the best comedians out there, latest project from him is called Extras.

Oct 3, 2005

Maybach Exelero

Expensive car but nice :) made by the same company as Benz link


Play this flash pac man link


Pick a fight :) and see who wins link

The Simulator

nice :) it's like a game link

The Suitcase Go Kart

kool! but does it work? link

Female Soldiers from around the world

From the IranDefence.net site :) kool link

all of them look kool untill you get to Iran :(

Oct 1, 2005

The zBox Supercomputer at the Institute for Theoretical Physics

University of Zurich's super computer WOW link