Jun 30, 2004

Ground Control Full Game!

FilePlanet is giving it out for free go here.
Busting the Biggest PC Myths

PCWORLD:We expose the bad advice that wastes your time and money

haha this is nice! Via: Engadget
Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11

Well after seeing the movie, this is what I thought!, First of all he made G.W.Bush look like a total idiot. He made everything sound like Bush was involved in it even the whole September 11, by telling the audience that he was involved with the saudies and the Bin Laden family.

But it may change a lot of peoples opinions about U.S.
Dance Dance… Clear!

Engadget:We always knew there was something very dangerous about a video game that didn’t require you to sit on your ass while playing it, and now Dance Dance Revolution has almost claimed its first victim, a 15-year-old girl in Nebraska who was playing it at the local mall when she collapsed and needed to have her heart restarted by paramedics using a defibrillator.

How intresting!!
Top court rules ISPs not liable for royalties

OTTAWA - Internet service providers are not responsible for paying royalties on music downloaded by users, Canada's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

Good news for ISP's bad news for Music industry
Eyes And Ears Of The Nation

Time:Thousands of truckers, bus drivers and rest-stop workers are being enlisted to spot terrorists. Is this comforting news?

Man this is pissing me off! How rasict is this?


BB: Thousands volunteer to spy on fellow citizens
Time has good news for nosy, racist jerks: the Dept. of Homeland Security is enlisting 400,000 people to report on suspicious behavior in public areas.
Color In Motion

A very nice site about Colors, take a look at it. Link
Scientists say watching TV hastens puberty
Study finds it is a matter of light and radiation

Guardian: Does watching television bring on early puberty? Many parents would not doubt that repeated exposure to Sex and the City or the kind of sensual variety shows common on Italian TV could as easily turn their daughters into Lolitas as stir up the latent testosterone in their sons.

This is disturbing! So if I watch Tv does it make me age too?

Is it realy her website?

Well take a look at it, link
Here is a game for fun!

Click here

Jun 28, 2004

Great casemod

BB:A PC built inside a toaster-oven. Link

Sooo cool!
Father of Captive U.S. Marine in Iraq Urges Mercy

TRIPOLI, Lebanon (Reuters) - The Lebanese father of a US Marine kidnapped in Iraq and threatened with beheading urged his son's captors Monday to have mercy on him as a Muslim and Arab.
Movie Goer Assaulted at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing

LASVEGASNEWS:(Jun. 25) -- The highly anticipated film, Fahrenheit 9/11, came with more than just controversy at one Las Vegas movie theatre. Moviegoer, Richard Streeter, was one of the many who made his way to a theatre to see what the hype was about. After viewing the film, he was greeted outside the theatre by members of the Las Vegas MoveOn.org.

By the way I downloaded the Movie! I will tell you guys and girls about the movie what I think about it.
U.S. returns sovereignty to Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Members of Iraq's interim government took an oath of office Monday just hours after the United States returned the nation's sovereignty, two days ahead of schedule.
Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

BBC:An Iranian newspaper has reported the controversial story of a woman who claims to have given birth to a frog.

Wow what the hell is this!!!! So weird lol

Jun 27, 2004

Beer device cheers football fans

BBC: A Caledonian University student claims he has made an important breakthrough in how to pour "the perfect pint" during Euro 2004.

How lazy can they get!
Waxy's Bandwidth Blowout #1: Heat Vision and Jack

This site is hosting movies (DIRECT DOWNLOADS) so people can download!

Waxy: First up, the best TV pilot you've never seen: Ben Stiller's Heat Vision and Jack from 1999.
terrible linking policies out there!

Read this post from Boingboing!
8th Grade Exam

Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895?

Description: This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 from Salina, KS. USA.
It was taken from the original document on file at the Smoky Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, KS and reprinted by the Salina Journal.

Senate bill bans P2P networks

cnet:Popular file-trading networks such as Kazaa and Morpheus would be outlawed under a new bill that enjoys broad support from top Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate.
Site-Flavored Google Search Box

The new google option from google labs
“Then she sta…sta…sta…stabs one of the gangsters.”


Watch this ad about a DVD player called Soken

Via: engadget
Watching Michael Moore

Jeff: As I walked out of the theater on the opening day of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, I thought (read: hoped) that even here, in the East Village of Manhattan, true Moore country, where the flick was already sold out all night, surely even here they wouldn't fall for all his obvious, visual/rhetorical tricks, his propaganda too unsubtle for the cheapest tin-horn demagog...

Read the rest! I guess Mr.Jeff hated the documentary. I guess I have to watch it to see if he is right about it or not, I have also saw the show called CNN Newsnight with Jeff Greenfield and Jeff was there.

Jun 26, 2004

Star Wars/Office Space mashup

BB: Office Space Wars is one of the funniest amateur video projects I've ever seen: it's a remake of Office Space, set in the Star Wars Universe, with Vader as the bad boss, Jar Jar as the stapler guy, and R2D2 as the bad printer.

lol so funny! here is the link
Scientist Sees Space Elevator in 15 Years

WASHINGTON - President Bush wants to return to the moon and put a man on Mars. But scientist Bradley C. Edwards has an idea that's really out of this world: an elevator that climbs 62,000 miles into space.

I don't think this idea will ever work!, Because Earth is constantly moving around, so therefore how are they going to make this work?
Games X Copy!

Finally a ripper that works, after using Alcohol 120% I recommend this one to everyone who wants to back up their games! From the creators of DVDXCopy.

Download (full version) | Mirror
Crack | Official site

You take full responsibility of your downloads!

No, Moore! Writer demands apology

TheAge:The American author Ray Bradbury has demanded that Michael Moore return the title of his classic novel Fahrenheit 451... "It's not a nice thing he has done," Bradbury, 83, said. "My book is known all over the world and that title is my title."
Study shows figures for net piracy on the rise

G&M:The recording industry's effort to quell on-line music swapping through legal action chilled download activity for a short while, but Canada's youth have become almost as bold as ever in pulling music off the Web without paying, a market study shows.
Web browser flaw prompts warning

BBC:Users are being told to avoid using Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches a serious security hole in it. The loophole is being exploited to open a backdoor on a PC that could let criminals take control of a machine.

Micro$oft: What You Should Know About Download.Ject

Jun 25, 2004

Firefox 0.9

Is out get it now!

Schwarzenegger Wants Strays Killed Faster

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to repeal a state law that requires animal shelters to hold stray dogs and cats for up to six days before killing them.

Arnold:Must Terminate Cats and Dogs! Due to overload
Fun world statistics comparison site

Boingboing:A BB reader sez: "This is the world's biggest database for comparing statistics between countries. Sounds boring, sure- but check out the 'Mortality' stats. They've got World Health Organization stats on how people die all over the world - e.g. Austria has the highest per-capita rate of deaths resulting from "Falls involving ice-skates, skis, roller-skates or skateboards". Heaps of Japanese die of 'drowning and submersion in bath tub". Check out "struck by reptile". Amazing." Link


:( France lost! To Greece, i'm shocked.

England lost to Portugal!

Damn! What bugs me is that they lost during the penalty shots.

Euro 2004 (England)

Let's see if France will win to Greece, I want France to win.

Jun 24, 2004

BC boy wins National Coin Design Contest

Canada Day Coin to be given to new Canadians during Celebrate Canada Week

OTTAWA, ON, June 22 /CNW/ - Mr. Tim Spiegel, Member, Board of Directors,
Royal Canadian Mint, was in Brentwood Bay, BC, today to unveil the 2004 Canada Day Coin, which will be given to all new Canadians sworn in during Celebrate Canada Week.

Read the rest!

Such a cool coin!

Via: BoingBoing
Congo word 'most untranslatable'

BBC:The world's most difficult word to translate has been identified as "ilunga" from the Tshiluba language spoken in south-eastern DR Congo.


The 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made, compiled by the NY Times

Nice information

Jun 21, 2004

Fresh cat poo on Ebay!


Description: Three inches long, and a qurter inch in diameter, this piece of cat poo is guaranteed to be a great addition to your collection. Just scooped out today!

Fans Forge Future IPods

Wired:An iPod fan website displays hundreds of speculative designs for exotic music machines. The mockups give some insight into what iPod fans want. How about a pair of movie-star sunglasses that play video in 3-D? By Leander Kahney.

Nice stuff!

Gallery of iPod concepts
The Next Gen DVD's
Blu-Ray is coming

Blu-ray Summit Report
What's the latest from the Blu-ray camp? Lots.

IGN - It's been a busy time for the next-generation of DVD. In early June, the DVD Forum steering committee approved the final physical specification for HD-DVD, to be the Forum-endorsed successor to DVD.
A good site

Here is a good site provided by space.com about SpaceShipOne.

Wired: Space Shot on a Shoestring
CNN.com - Private craft flies into space
A good site

Here is a good site provided by space.com about SpaceShipOne
GMAIL 4 Troops

Command & Conquer 3?

There is this big rumor going around the gaming world that it will be announced soon!
stamen: google news

By using this you can use google news in archives! very nicely done in Flash.
First private astronaut gone to spcae

I was reading NewScientist and I came upon this that said that First private astronaut reaches space! so they finally did it. Just make a rocket and blast your self out of here.

How a wholesome drink became a villain.
By Chris Suellentrop

Slate:America's international reputation is as the land of milk and money. Here, milk has long been thought of as not just another nutritious beverage but as purity, even patriotism, in a glass...
'Three UK vessels seized in Iran'

BBC: Iran says it has seized three British navy vessels inside its territorial waters near the Iraqi border.

Jun 20, 2004


Bangalore, India (June 14, 2004) — Marvel Comics & Gotham Entertainment Group – Indian publishing licensee of Marvel Comics and the leading publisher of international comic magazines in South Asia – announces the launch of Spider-Man India.

Hmm... this looks horrible? How is the story going to go?!

Via: Boingboing
MS, Yahoo, Google email wars

p2pnet.net News:- A while back, Google stole a march in what's fast becoming the All American Email Contest when on April 1, it said it would offer an email service with 1 gig of storage. With it, users would never have to delete anything because all their incoming would be archived and, thus, would be easily and readily retrievable in the future.

Gmail I guess won their stupid war!
Pop-up toolbar spreads via IE flaws

Cnet: An adware purveyor has apparently used two previously unknown security flaws in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser to install a toolbar on victims' computers that triggers pop-up ads, researchers said this week.

Everyone switch to some alternatives like: Firefox.
Google Expands Paid Search

Wired: In an effort to generate more money from advertising on content sites, Google has begun letting any Internet publisher host a search on its website and collect revenue from advertiser-sponsored search listings.
I guess they want more money!

Also from wired read this Builders in a Strange Land
Got the Euro 2004 fever!

For now Football ;)


Jun 19, 2004

I got 6 Gmail Invites left!

What should I do with them!

My bro now has 39$ CDN just for the Gmails

Jun 18, 2004

AFP: In a decision that will warm the hearts of fast-food fans, US authorities have classified batter-coated, frozen french fries as a fresh vegetable

How stupid is that!

What about this one!

After Eight Years, Man Takes Elevator to Freedom

Eight years!!!!
German 'Samurai' on the Loose in Woods Near Berlin

BERLIN (Reuters) - A camouflage-clad German man wielding a samurai sword attacked at least seven hikers in forests west of Berlin, performing sword tricks before ordering them to leave the woods, police said Friday.

Meet Joe Blog
Time:Why are more and more people getting their news from amateur websites called blogs? Because they're fast, funny and totally biased.

I just read the story when I got my hands on TIME! nice article on Blogs.

Jun 16, 2004

Iran massing troops on Iraq border

ThewashingtonTimes:PI) -- Iran reportedly is readying troops to move into Iraq if U.S. troops pull out, leaving a security vacuum.
Cool robot sculpture gallery

Boingboing:Online gallery with images of work by Southern California-based artist, sculptor, designer and machinist Greg Brotherton. Great retro-combat-robot pieces, futuristic weapon porn, and a robo-blog with lines like, "Progress has resumed on my life's work: an army of robot women to take over the earth."

So cool!
No PlayStation 3 until 2007?

IGN:It appears that Microsoft, which launched Xbox in late 2001 after Sony's PlayStation 2 and Nintendo's GameCube consoles, will be the first company to unleash its next-generation home console. The tentatively codenamed "Xbox 2," set to receive a name revision before its release because Microsoft doesn't want consumers to assume it's inferior to PlayStation 3 based on end numerals, hasn't yet been given an official release date...

Via: engadget


Here is the official website
Attack downs Yahoo, Google and Microsoft

ZDnet:Many Web sites went offline for two hours on Tuesday after an Internet attack
A domain name outage on Tuesday morning that left many popular Web sites, including those of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Apple, temporarily inaccessible was the result of an Internet attack, according to Web infrastructure company Akamai.

Read more

I thought it was my internet!

Jun 15, 2004

Dave Winer's audio post

About weblogs.com and it's hosting situations!

Listen! (9 min)

Warning: he coughs a lot! lol

I thought Germany would win over Holand!

But it turned out to be a tie! There must have been two penalties, with those fouls from both teams! It was a good game though!

Idea finally spins gold for Web's inventor
Nearly 13 years after he invented the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee will become a wealthy man today.

Tim Berners-Lee will receive $1.7-million for concept that changed the world
GlobeandMail: Nearly 13 years after he invented the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee will become a wealthy man today.

Virus First: Cabir Worms Its Way into Cell Phones

EnterpriseLinux:The next new thing for virus writers? Infecting mobile operating systems. A new virus, Cabir, is capable of spreading via cell phones and other handheld devices. The malicious code attacks the Symbian OS, which is used to run many Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericcson handsets.


Jun 14, 2004

Sweden won!

Sweden 5-0 Bulgaria

Very sad for Bulgaria!

Related: Google Answers, The meaning of the word Soccer
Wheres willy?

If you go to this website you can track down your bill! In Canada it's the same version of Where is Goarge?. I got a 5$ bill that told me to go here, So I did and registered, it doesn't seem to have gone far away. It's only been in New brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Jun 13, 2004

Call for Canada!

Leo: I'm very happy to report that I've agreed to host a daily show for G4/TechTV Canada starting later this summer.

Read the rest

More in to this: You can download G4Techtv Show over at Suprnova.org (Bittorent)

More from g4techtv.ca
Football games aim to score

BBC: As the Euro 2004 football tournament kicks off in Portugal, BBC News Online looks at the host of video games that offer a chance to recreate the action.

Nice report about Console and Pc Football games coming out this year.
Apple Power Mac ads 'misleading'

BBC:A complaint against Apple's claim that its Power Mac G5 was the "world's fastest personal computer" has been upheld by the UK's advertising watchdog.

McDonald's Germany Moves to SuSE Linux

Slashdot: Novell has made an announcement that McDonald's is moving towards Linux.
The Chronicles of Riddick

It was a very cool movie! I recommend it to everyone who liked the first one! This one is even better then the first one! I'm going to get the game too and started playing that one tool. I guess I have to rent the first one too because I forgot a lot about it.
Yes France Won!!!!!

Zidane strikes stun England

Euro2004:France 2-1 England
Two Zinedine Zidane goals in added time earn the European champions a remarkable three points in Lisbon.

I jumped all around the house started cheering! (No I wasn't on drugs, I don't do it lol)
Bekham well!! you know he had a stupid tatoo and well he just made one goal and messed up a penna;ty shot.
Zidan scored at 90 + minutes! Two goals!

Rooney was playing so bad! So rough! Hitting other players.

Here is Canada's Euro 2004 Schedule!

Looking for a generous Muslim bro, sis

;) lol Read this Gmail swap!

Army campaigning on the Internet!

Check this out!

History made as man beats horse

BBC:A man has won the annual Man versus Horse race for the first time in its 25-year history.

Whoa! He must be, a great runner.
[ Evil Dead: The Musical ]

Cool Just For Luagh is doing it! Link

By the way I've seen Army Of Darkness and it was good! (1992)
Google indicateur - All about the search engine Google


Jun 12, 2004

Cybernetic animal photoshoppery

Boingboing.net: Today on Worth1000's photoshopping contest: cybernetic animals. Link
Dance Dance Revolution on your PC!

An open source project called Stepmania have done this! It looks so good!
PearPC - PowerPC Architecture Emulator

It looks like virtual OS on ur Winxp or your Linux.


Jun 11, 2004

IBM faces copyright infringement suit

Zdnet:Software company Zero-Knowledge Systems has filed a copyright infringement complaint against IBM, alleging it wrongfully reproduced its privacy language specification.


Over XML
Police to let England
fans smoke dope

Sun Online:ENGLAND fans will be allowed to smoke dope before Sunday’s crunch clash with France — to keep them calm.
Welcome to Manila

I think it's free now!

Home : It Worked!
10 Super Foods You Should NEVER Eat!

With shocking or not so shocking facts!

Jun 10, 2004

Ehsay reloaded to Football!

Football = Soccer


Original US Army FSW Unlocked
Megagames:It seems that Pandemic did a good job of keeping a few surprises in Full Spectrum Warrior a secret. Intrepid gamers however, wasted no time in revealing the full features included with the game, the most of interesting of which is the existence of th...

Ground Control 2 Goes Gold
Megagames:Vivendi Universal Games and Massive Entertainment have announced that Ground Control II: Operation Exodus, has gone gold. The game has been finalized and localized in more than 12 languages. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus will ...

I thought this game would never come out! lol There was only a Demo and that's all!
Firefox 0.9 Tour

I don't see a lot of changes!

Invite a friend to join Gmail!
You have 3 invitations left

Hmm... I thought I gave them away!!

Wired:Gmail Invitation Prices Crash

Hmm... this is cool! I'm selling again lol
Blog Festival Pictures

Hoder:Here are some pictures from the first day of the Weblog Festival in Tehran.
06/10/2004 Entry: "Daily Show clip: Stewart, Durbin, and Biden tear Ashcroft a new one."

Boingboing: A Boing Boing reader sez: John Stewart tears Ashcroft a new one over the torture legalizing memo. And it's funny." Link

Watch it! it's funny
Turn your PC into a Mac

engadget: We’ve got a bonus how-to for you this week. After becoming obsessed with a story on Wired News from last month about people getting their Windows PCs to have the same look and feel of Mac OS X, we convinced Aqua-Soft.org staff member Kurt Williams to give us the lowdown on how we could do it ourselves...

Now that's better steps!

Jun 9, 2004

Oodles of Doodles

Googleblog: One of the things I like best about Google is that we're the kind of company that, when a user writes in to suggest that we honor the once-every-122-years Transit of Venus on our home page, we actually do it!

Google Moves Toward Clash With Microsoft

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18 - Edging closer to a direct confrontation with Microsoft, Google, the Web search engine, is preparing to introduce a powerful file and text software search tool for locating information stored on personal computers.


Very intresting! It's a test to see about you life!

Planet Venus completes transit

BBC: The planet Venus has completed a very rare passage across the face of the Sun - an event not witnessed since 1882.
More from Wired
BBC - Science & Nature - Space - Transit of Venus

Build Your Own PVR :: Why Tivo When you can Freevo?


Jun 8, 2004

Stricken Frank: Help me, I'm a Muslim

Bullet-riddled BBC reporter cried in Arabic for help from bystanders as they watch him bleed in Riyadh.


So sad! :(
Hostages Freed

Reuters:Three Italians and a Polish citizen held captive in Iraq for almost two months have been freed. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini says the men were released after a military operation, led by Polish and U.S Special Forces.
The RADEON™ X800 PRO ATI.com Edition is SOLD OUT!

Ati Radepm X800 Officail site, you can order yours online now! but wait it's sold out lol


Microsoft tries its hand with vector illustrator

Neowin:This is interesting, I wonder if the idea of developing a vector-based illustrator came after the growing trend of Vector Art and the fact that the DCE will be a part of the highly anticipated Longhorn.

Go to Microsoft - Expression

Looks cool!
Yahoo tests new home page

Cnet: Yahoo has begun quietly testing a makeover of its home page, as evidenced by trial mock-ups seen by some Web users over the past few weeks when they accessed the portal.

Super Mario War

A Free 500 Kb game!

This is a modification from Super Mario Bros.

Iraqis Paying 5 Cents a Gallon for Gas

BAGHDAD, Iraq - While Americans are shelling out record prices for fuel, Iraqis pay only about 5 cents a gallon for gasoline — a benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars subsidies bankrolled by American taxpayers.

Nice! Some places in middle east Water costs more than Gas!

Jun 7, 2004

Google Answers: Just for fun

Google Answers: A popular email circulating over the internet titled "So you think you
know everything" makes 45 claims of fact. Maybe they're all true,
maybe not. Some are super easy to research (I've done several myself),
others maybe not so easy.
Super Web Soccer Game - the soccer world cup online game (3D java soccer)

Just to keep up with the soccer things

lol ;)
The Newseum presents "D-Day: The Hard-Won Beaches of Normandy"

Newspapers during the D-Day Invasion (link)

Also : French D-Day Activities Attract “Diverse” Crowd

Bugmenot: BugMeNot.com was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times).
The new Firefox Theme?

Take a look
RED ALERT Mullahs Hiring Terrorists: Suicide Bombers FORM

Project: 'FREE IRAN!'[activistchat.com]: As part of the anniversary ceremonies of Iman Khomeini's death, an international gathering of candidates for suicide bombing will take place in Tehran under the title " Suicide in Tehran." The "Center for the appreciation of the Shahid" of the world Islamic Movement, declared ...
Ronald Wilson Reagan

This bio is kinda cool!

also the story behind Tetris! I don't know if this stuff from here are true.

Jun 6, 2004

CNNNN: Embedded in your heart | Metafilter

CNNNN: Australia's finest news source, with the very best Newstainment around, presented by professional commentators with the aid of the CNNNN Newsband, studio audience and newsbar monkey, and advertisement support from Esteem ("because you need it") and Boggs beer ("the imported beer made right here"). Featuring new reality show Animal Farm, Bush's Slumber Down Under (let's "give him the big Dubya"), extreme news from the Firth Report, CNNNN Pay-Per-News and much, much more. [warning: RealPlayer]

Japanese toy turns CDs into old fashioned records

Boingboing: Japanese toy turns CDs into old fashioned records
I can't read this because it's in Japanese, but it looks like this device scratches a groove into an ordinary CD, allowing you to make a gramophone style record out of it. Is the sound horn a plastic cup?

This is soo cool!
Transformers Flash Video

This is so weird!

E3 awards

The winners will be announced here on Tuesday, June 8, 2004. See the list of nominees here.

Read Previous Winners from 1998 - 2003

Here are the noms
Doom Movie Goes to Universal

Megagames:The journeys of the Doom movie around Hollywood continue as Warner Bros. have allowed their rights to expire. Universal was quick to jump in and optioned Doom for producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and writer/producer John Wells of ER and West Wing fam...

Another Video Game movie! lol but this one is from a First Person Shooter game, all the other ones where third person shooter, like Lora Croft.
Ronald Reagan

Died at age 93!

Some ways I didn't like him. But the hostage issues in Iran, and also the revolution, he could have stopped it and supported democracy in Iran.

Remember this lol , they have changed it to this now.

Jun 5, 2004

China Cracks Down on Net Games

Wired:Responding to an unprecedented boom in computer game popularity, China's government established a censorship task force this week to monitor the content of imported games for offensive or politically sensitive content.
A nicely done Comic on Internet called Copper

Toxic dust found lurking in tech kit

The Register:A study conducted by environmental groups in the US has found yet another way our computers are trying to kill us.

The research found that dust on computer processors and monitors contains several chemicals that have been linked to neurological and reproductive disorders. The source? Brominated fire retardants, such as polybrominated diphenyl (PBDEs).

Whoa! oh noooo!
Michael Moore.com : Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer

Watch it
Selling Son's Beloved Play Station 2 For Punishment!

Ebay: Parents please let your children read this auction.
It was a glory day when my son received his Play Station 2. This beloved machine was his prize possession. He played, if not for hours at a time.


Jun 4, 2004

Hey I'm back!

Just been busy

Jun 2, 2004

Beatels - come together

A nice song! I love this song from beatels.

Here is a Flash Music Video of this Music Video, it's all over the internet now.

So nicely made

Jun 1, 2004

A Saddam Souvenir
Time:President Bush keeps the former dictator's pistol at arm's reach

Sounds like Bush went after Iraq for a pistol in the first place!
Ian Knot

How to tie an "Ian Knot", the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.
"One day, all shoelaces will be tied this way".

lol what is this!