Feb 28, 2005

Jef Raskin has passed away

:( he was the guy who began the Macintosh project link

Feb 27, 2005

Underwater bike ride to launch students' eight-week crime spree

Guardian: As US coast-to-coast crimewaves go, it is not in the league of Bonnie and Clyde. It lacks both violence and avarice and is further hindered by an overabundance of pre-publicity.

thats pretty cool

Feb 26, 2005

Free Web Browsers

Here is a list of browsers that you download and sweet from IE. link


I allways wanted to know how to do this and now I know how to ;)

Description: Deskcam
Ever wanted to put your current desktop on your site/blog? Then this is the application for you! It will grab your current desktop, resize it and save it as either a JPEG or a GIF. Then FTP it to your web server. And it'll do it every 60 seconds. Or whenever you tell it to.


Feb 25, 2005

Feb 24, 2005

Tennis court laid out on a helipad

bb: The Dubai Duty Free Men's Open match between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi will be conducted is being promoted via a special tennis green that's been laid out on the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel's helipad. Link


Google Movies!

yay this is an awsome tool from google. well now you can search for your fave movies. more from google blog


Here is a good site on all of the history of Microsoft and Apple history and how the come up to be this big. Did you know Steve Jobs experimented with LSD. wow link

There was also a movie about this called Pirates of Silicon Valley on TNT in 1999, you can probably download it around on P2P networks. Bittorent or Emule

Feb 23, 2005

Doing kottke.org as a full-time job

Wow jason Kotteke is now going full time with his blog. After quiting his job link

Feb 22, 2005

Paris Hilton’s hacked Sidekick releases unedited tell-all

ENGADGET: Dude, could someone buy Paris Hilton an OGO or a Treo already? ...... then T-Mobile responds to Paris Hilton Sidekick hacking

Intresting, lol this must have sucked for here lol

Update: More from Kevinrose there is even an mp3 file on all of the voice messages. lol Paris Hilton and Vin Diesel’s Voicemail Hacked (UPDATE)

Streaming Tv :)

CoolStreaming Mostly chinese, as it uses semilar technologies to Bittorent. It's pretty cool. There is also Free internet tv This one is not so free, but there is also Tv4all

The Simpsons 16x10 There's Something About Marrying Ep's

This must have been the most controversial episode ever made in Simpsons history and also one of the funniest ones. Here it is download it

Also about this eps they made this website it's part of this ep's lol link

Global blogger action day called

BBC:The global web log community is being called into action to lend support to two imprisoned Iranian bloggers.

Also in BBC: Blogging Iran
Iran is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to keep an online diary

Iran has a lot of bloggers probably more then U.S.A..

Also in news is BBC: Race to reach Iran quake victims, very sad they don't have enough doctors and medicine :(

Feb 21, 2005

UK Leads Illegal TV Downloading

BBC: The latest research from Envisional finds that UK surfers, whom use the Internet to download TV shows illegally, have increased 150% in the last year. Such surfers now account for an estimated 18% of all such activity, with 70% using BitTorrent as their P2P tool of choice:

thats pretty neat

Feb 19, 2005

News 14 Carolina gets pwnt

News 14 Carolina gets pwnt

Probably old but I like it. This is pretty funny the website explains it.

EverQuest II - /pizza

EverQuest II - /pizza

wow this is wicked! now this is what I call good advertisement. Now if only I could do this in Half life 2 lol

Mobile PC - Features - The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

Mobile PC - Features - The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

Very cool check it out

Feb 18, 2005

A parent's primer to computer slang

A parent's primer to computer slang

Microsoft is allways trying to be leet but their not! OMG HAXORS NUBS. anyways this was good for a laugh.

Feb 17, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Fire fear prompts Xbox cable swap

BBC NEWS | Technology | Fire fear prompts Xbox cable swap

I just placed my order so my house won't get set on fire. Here is the replacement order site for microsoft.

Jimi Sweet: The Gates in QuickTime VR

Jimi Sweet: The Gates in QuickTime VR: "The Gates in QuickTime VR"

This is pretty cool, go check it out. Quicktime is required.

Daily show Feb 16th show

Jon Stewart talked about bloggers it was intresting, here is the torrent from btefnet.com

Here is a stream of the part that I'm talking about. The interweb is allways great for this stuff lol. here it is

NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars

Space.com: WASHINGTON -- A pair of NASA scientists told a group of space officials at a private meeting here Sunday that they have found strong evidence that life may exist today on Mars, hidden away in caves and sustained by pockets of water.

Feb 16, 2005

No More Techtv

As most of us that love technology crap used to watch some shows on Techtv now there is no Techtv. Comcast bought the station and then combined it with G4 (Video game Tv) and changed its name to G4TTV and now the have dropped the name Techtv and just stuck with G4, they have also dropped a lot of shows that used to be on Techtv and making it very bad. G4tv

Internet explorer 7 this summer

IEBLOG the microsoft internet explorer has some new things up their sleeves. here it is

Feb 15, 2005

More anti CNN blog! lol

Here it is, CNN Doesn't get it.....

2 people loose their jobs over a blogging one works at CNN and another who worked in GOOGLE! , here is more from NYTIMES about all of this stuff and CNN and blogsphere. lol I find this stuff comical, a single opinion of a person on your blog can get you out of a job.

CNN's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea!

The Brad Blog: Two stories posted in the last week on the CNN website, one on nukes in Iran last Wednesday, and another on nukes in North Korea on Saturday, both use the same aerial photograph of the same purported nuclear power plant!


Siick!!! overclocked CPU to a 7.2 GHZ

Here is a screenshot of a 3.8 Ghz P4 CPU overclocked to a 7.2 GHZ can it run a normal slide show or play any games IS THIS FAKE? Sooo many questions left unanswered. link via: Joystiq

The gates is open in New York!

The Gates
Central Park,New York

Wow took them a long time to work on this, and a lot of money looks pretty cheap to me. ;( why was all this money spent in this feild while they could have done something to do better for humanity, like finding a cure for aids or solving world food hunger and water problems or something.


Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

I don't really understand it that much but it seems to be working for some people. But I understand Mapping Google!

Feb 13, 2005

Legal Movie Download Options, a Joke

This is a good article or post on P2PForums it's actually good. link

Feb 12, 2005

American Dad!

From the creators of the Family Guy now there is American Dad

Official website (Its a blog wow)

Download the First eps from the first season. American Dad 1x01 Pilot (Bittorent) 175 mb's Download it now before it dies (remember to seed) BTEFNET.ORG

Feb 11, 2005

Yahoo! Toolbar Beta for Mozilla Firefox Browser

Nother new here, but since this is official it makes it special. There is a yahoo toolbar made under mozdev.org website Yahoo!COMPANION for=Mozilla and Firefox.

Nothing big, unless google comes up with something better for Firefox now that will be good. but then again tehre is Googlebar ;)

LokiTorrent.com and Torrentstop.com Offline for good!

Slyck reports that they have gone offline for good! :(

Suprnova now this there are still tons of websites out there but this one was the second best after suprnova.

Here is a big list of sites I use sometimes. Some might be broken I won't be surprised.

1. Big list

2. From Slyck: Top 10 LokiTorrent.com Alternatives
3. Here is my bittorent archives if you guys need to know more about it

Update: here is more from Boing Boing. MPAA SHOULD GO TO HELL
1. MPAA shuts down Lokitorrent, obtains server logs.
2. Boing Boing readers fisk Lifehacker.com on MPAA shutdowns

Another update: http://www.lokitorrent.com/index.php (here is the page that they have nuked)

Feb 10, 2005


Podcasting resources and other things that I used to find cool stuff

2. Gigadial.net
3. Podcast alley
4. Ipodder (Software to download podcasts)

The last thing you need is an mp3 player or a cd player or anything that you can carry with you or you can just simply play it on your pc. I listen mostly to technology and movie reviews and also video gaming ones.

Hope you like this

Is Google Maps a video game or a utility?

ERICRICE.COM: On the Web, there's a certain expectation to click things once, I repeat, once. And for everyone who has ever worked with the general public, it's always a marvel to see folks double-clicking on hyperlinks.

A good article about this new google maps


Here it is, I had this in my drafts somewhere found it probably not new for a lot of you. link

Here is my fave so far :) FedEx: Dancing Burt (2005)

Feb 8, 2005


Compfused:This neat ad for Volkswagen gives Gene Kelley some slick new dance moves. Not bad for somebody that has been dead for 9 years.

Very neat and cool

Why I'm giving up broadband (NOT ME SILLY PPL)

BBC: With an estimated five million people now connected to broadband at home, one early internet enthusiast is giving it up for good. David McCandless explains why he's given it the boot.

Firefox exploit read now!

Boing Boing: Shmoo Group exploit: 0wn any domain, no defense exists.

Some scammers will trick people that you are shopping on ebay or something like that. The ultimate PHISHING on firefox. Freaky I will not trust anything with credit cards on Firefox for a while.

Also from Firefox forums

update: the fix is out now ;) link

Feb 7, 2005

ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition Review

AMD REVIEW.COM: Today I am going to review the Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition, which is the latest video card released by ATI. read it

Expensive and only PCI EXPRESS Technology :(

Feb 5, 2005

Clam Win

A free antivirus for windows and it is opensource!

After AVG Free I recommend Clam Win

Scientists scoff at device touted as gasoline saver

DENVERPOST.COM: A new "money-saving" device for your car won't clean the air or improve your mileage, but it might clean out your checkbook. Read the rest of it

lol they paid for a sticker that costs 300$'s American

Deceased woman named in file-sharing suit

WVGAZETTEMAIL.COM: Gertrude Walton of Fayette County hated computers, her daughter said. That did not stop the recording industry from accusing the now deceased 83-year-old Mount Hope woman of illegally trading music over the Internet.

Feb 1, 2005

Unmasking the Insurgents

Newsweek: Shadow war: The elections won't stop the bombers, but quality inteland luckmight help.

Watch the video too ;) , it is very intresting.