Jan 23, 2006

Human orchasterated ad

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Jan 21, 2006

Master of Yo-Yo

Takayasu Tanaka shows off his amazing freestyle skills and takes first place in the 2005 Japanese Yo-Yo Championship. link

All Peers

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Sweeeeet eh?


Jan 18, 2006

EU under fire over human rights

BBC: The EU is neglecting human rights in favour of securing trade deals or co-operation on anti-terror measures, a human rights group has said.

Political circus ;)

More Talks With Iran About Nukes
Doesn't Make Sense

ABC News
: Jan. 18, 2006 Â? The U.S. and the European Union both said it "doesn't make sense" to take Iran up on its offer of new talks to resolve the country's nuclear program standoff.

This is while they were talking, all their missing is a phone and a translator so that it will make sense to them.

apparentlyy it doesn't make sense... hehehUhahHAUHahahauHUAHHAuhauh :Cough:


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Jan 16, 2006

Nima - Eshghe Interneti

Nima - Online Love

Internet and technology plays a huge role in Iran as this music video shows it ;), enjoy

Best of Google Videos

Check out some orginized google flash video's, their pretty good to waste some time. Link

Flash Puzzle Games

Try these flash puzzle games, their fun. link

Animation: More

Description: The Academy-Award® nominated animated short-film tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth. Click here to watch it.

CNN banned by admins...

So they didn't translate technology right? Haha! Give me a break... How is that possible? Technology is Technology in Persian (if you want to give it the Persian accent then say TEKNOLOJY), besides that I'm all for Nuclear technology for energy offcourse. If CNN wants to get back into Iran then they have to make up an official apology to Ahmadi Nejad ;)

CNN by far is the worst news network, to tell news, if that's what they call it "NEWS". (It's awful)

BBC: Journalists from CNN have been banned from working in Iran because of a mistranslation of the president's comments, the culture ministry says. Also read Time's article on why Iran won't back down...

Jan 13, 2006


This is a music video by Afshin (Iranian Pop singer) , which is called Mach (Kiss) I hope you guys enjoy it.
Via Bia2.com
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Bayern Munich in Tehran

So they played, and Perspolis lost 2-1 all of the goals were done in the first half.

Look at the photos from the match. Also this is a good read BBC: Bayern Munich deny backing Iran.

Jan 8, 2006

Iranian Military Force

Watch this video on Iranian military force