Jul 31, 2004

THE VILLAGE or White Castle?

A review about the movie, I'm also thinking of watching White Castle.

They both look too good!
Counter-Strike: Source

First hand impressions, at Gamespot
Batman begins


This movie looks like it will kill all the Spider man movies, well the trailer looked good
Good free frontpage clones

1.Nvu (a frontpage clone for windows and linux)
2.DHE Editor (WYSIWYS)

It's on the bid right now for US $10,900.58 when I checked. Link
Xbox.com hacked!

They say that xbox.com has been hacked. This has happened on July 29th, I also saw some news on this on G4TTV:PULSE eps Week of 7.30.04

More from IGN

Another gmail program link

There is also:
2.POP goes the gmail
Once in a blue moon

(SPACE.COM) -- Some almanacs and calendars assert when two full moons occur within a calendar month, that the second full moon is called the "Blue Moon." link

In case you cared! lol
Report: Zarqawi captured on Syrian-Iraq border

Source Al Bawaba:Reports in Kuwait on Friday said a man assumed to be Al Qaeda leader in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi has been captured near the Syrian border.
Ancient hard-drive, guy in bunny suit

BB: On Gizmodo, this stunning image of an ancient, room-sized hard drive...

wow how intresting, this is a must read
Microsoft looks beyond Windows

BBC:Microsoft is looking beyond Windows for technologies to fuel the future growth of the company.
Iran won!!!!

Iran 4 S.Korea 3

That was a great game

AFC Asian Cup China 2004
Iran and Japan roar to round out last four

31 Jul 2004
The final day of quarter-final action from China 2004 served up some intriguing action. Japan edged out Jordan on penalties before Iran bounced ...

Jul 29, 2004

Updated torrent links

Check this link first then look at these

I just updated all the links I could find for bittorent, some I haven't checked but I know they are bittorent, there might be duplicate links.


I use the above a lot of times, but the bottom they are downloads of client and bittorent sites, some I may have never checked, some I did, a lot is broken. But they might be up sometimes.
http://www.bittorrent.bounceme.net or


http://www.afterdawn.com/ << guides

What is this? I see my blogs name and everything

About Kuma Reality Games

Description:Kuma Reality Games builds re-creations of real-world events using advanced gaming tools. Kuma\War, the first Kuma Reality Game, is a first and third-person tactical squad-based game that provides multiple updates monthly to the consumer's computer to reflect unfolding events in the real world. Each month Kuma\War subscribers will receive playable missions, video news shows, extensive intelligence gathered from news sources around the world, and insight from a decorated team of military veterans. Kuma Reality Games, headquartered in New York, New York is a privately held company.

This game is based on what you see in CNN lol, check it out here

It's a first person shooter game
Weblog: Democratic convention

BBC at the democratic convention

Caution call on video game storm

BBC:Experts have warned against a knee-jerk reaction after the parents of a murdered teenager blamed his killer's obsession with a violent video game.

Parents all around the world, if you have a very weird kid please don't buy or let them buy stupid games such as man hunt that has no story line and it's absolutely over hyped.

By the way did you guys know that video games are considered art now!
White House West

Look at this it's Will Farrell link

Jul 28, 2004

EA to Buy Criterion

IGN:Takes one step closer to ruling the world.
July 28, 2004 - In an announcement that shocked everyone today, it has been confirmed that software giant Electronic Arts has entered an agreement to acquire the UK-based Criterion Software -- the creators of the widely used RenderWare middleware, and cross-platform hits like Burnout and TrickStyle, and the upcoming first-person shooter, Black.

Scary headline!
Google explains itself


Jul 27, 2004

City planner!

This is a complete 2d flash that makes you feel like you are playing sim city before it even came out. Link
Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File

This thing actually works! people if you get some pop ups that your spywere removal software can't get rid of it try doing this. This method works like Spywere blaster but better!

Jul 26, 2004

Convention Bloggers

A community site for bloggers participating in the DNC, July 26-29

Technorati: politics.technorati.com

It's up and running link

Technorati is no more Beta! yay
MyDoom variant slams mailboxes, search engines

ZDNET:A pesky new variant of the MyDoom worm slammed four popular search engines Monday and continued to clog e-mail accounts around the world.

Oh nOo We're doomed!
Saddam writes poetry, gardens in prison

LONDON - Saddam Hussein appears depressed and demoralized in solitary confinement, spending his time writing poetry, tending a garden and reading the Quran, according to a report published Monday in The Guardian newspaper... Amin: “I tried to control my emotions, but to be honest I wanted to vomit,” The Guardian quoted Amin as saying.
Palestinians 'made millions' selling cheap cement for barrier they bitterly oppose

Telegraph: Palestinian businessmen have made millions of pounds supplying cement for Israel's "security barrier" in the full knowledge of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader and one of the wall's most vocal critics.

What if Mozilla were to win in the end?

Blogs.sun.com: Some folks from Microsoft were presenting on the fine work they've done with Channel 9 (rant...the videos don't work on my Mac or presumably on Linux, but they looked great on the demo)...

hahahah please read this!

also Firefox 1.0 Preview Release

Description: A Mozilla Firefox 0.9+ browser extension that inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites, Amazon products and stock charts into the Google search results page. wow

Go here and download it

This is awsome

Jul 25, 2004

Half-Life hacker revealed

joystiq:Half-Life 2 developers, Valve, claim that the “primary” hacker responsible for the theft of the game’s source code is a German man.
Doom 3 System Requirements Revealed

How digital became essential

BBC:More than 10 million people world-wide are expected to buy a digital music player in the next 12 months, according to a report. BBC News Online looks at the appeal of portable devices as Apple prepares its iPod mini for a global launch.
Star Wars Episode III Title Revealed

The title for the next Star Wars film has been revealed as Revenge Of The Sith.

BBC: Third Star Wars film gets title..
The new film will be released in May 2005.

Bugmenot Register

lol, bugmenot is giving their own medicine to them!


Jul 24, 2004


Most Powerful Browser

j-walkblog:The best way to surf the Web is to install every browser toolbar that you encounter. Like this (click to enlarge).

Dark City Vs Matrix

They look so semilar! Link
Bone Tosser

Such a fun flash game, you can play as two players one player is a cat and the other one is a dog. Both throwing things at each other. Link

Paper toss is another fun game link
Turbo tanks! (Java)
New programs for Gmail

I found a program called Gtray, there is allways pop goes the gmail, I wote about it back in a while. Their both usefull
Photoshoped Coke vs Pepsi themes

Click here to look at them (Fark)
Audio and Video Codecs

MovieCodec.com has a lot of things that many of us that need to watch our clips of movies Tv-rips and full movies. It has an Archive of Codecs for audio and video.

From now on if you download a movie and you hear no sound and no video, check the file with VideoToolbox , then download what you need to view the file

What I use:

1. 3ivx < it has Dvix and xvid codecs and many more
2. DefilerPak < I use this to make my videos and my codecs neat and clean so no more choppy videos.

I hope these are handy for some of you ;)

Update: free-codecs For real player and also Quicktime alternatives and many more. I visit it form my codec needs and tools too.

Also www.divx-digest.com

Update: Doom9.org has a lot of guides and test's on what you need
Iran Clears Agent Accused of Journalist Killing

Reuters -TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian court has acquitted an intelligence agent charged with killing Canadian-Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi in custody last year, his lawyer said on Saturday.


Jul 23, 2004

Army rations rehydrated by urine

NS: Would you eat food cooked in your own urine? Food scientists working for the US military have developed a dried food ration that troops can hydrate by adding the filthiest of muddy swamp water or even peeing on it.

such an intresting article, wow!

Jul 22, 2004

Chunk of Mars Found at South Pole

Wired: A team of NASA-sponsored meteorite hunters has discovered what it believes is an ancient chunk of Mars -- on Earth.

It looks like a normal rock to me ;(
Ie Blogs

Moon Movie

A shockdoc about the moon landing

Update: Apollo Image Gallery << if you go here those pictures seems to be fixed.

Jul 21, 2004

Monkey Apes Humans by Walking on Two Legs

JERUSALEM - A young monkey at an Israeli zoo has started walking on its hind legs only — aping humans — after a near death experience, the zoo's veterinarian said Wednesday.

Mars rover finds that water persisted

NS: Surface water on Mars existed across a significant span of time, not just for years but eons, suggest new findings made by NASA's Mars rover Opportunity.

wow, I wonder if there were any humans that used to live there? I wonder if we are those people who lived there, but maybe a spring off? Maybe they all died and send some here. hmm... I Wonder
Technorati Chief as CNN Expert

The birth of Z IPod

Wired:Inside Look at Birth of the IPod.

Bill O'Reilly enjoys ordering his guests and others to "shut up"

BB:This video commercial starts out with a quote from talk show host Bill O'Reilly making the claim that he has told a guest to "shut up" only one time in six years. The rest of the commercial shows clips of Mr. O'Reilly telling people to shut up. Link
Ow my eyes!

Look at this Gif animation Via: BB
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide


Very helpful if you are a bittorent user

Also check these links

Jul 20, 2004

How to Obscure Any URL
How Spammers And Scammers Hide and Confuse
Very cool
Wulfram 2

A cool 3d multiplayer game for free, LINK

Jul 19, 2004

Asteroid Lander by Chad Oakenfold

haha this is the hardest game ever, tell me if anyone actually landed this!

Click here to play
Top Ten Shameful Games

Gamespy:Not necessarily the worst, but the most wrong -- here are 10 of the most seriously flawed titles of all time.

From Gamespy, check it out. This article was made back in 2002 so there might be new crappy games out there ;)

Computer Invasion: A History of Automation in Canada
CBC:Described as "gigantic brains," computers were once so big they filled entire rooms. It all started with ENIAC, the world's first computer that cracked and buzzed, and weighed 27...Computer Invasion: A History of Automation in Canada
Described as "gigantic brains," computers were once so big they filled entire rooms. It all started with ENIAC, the world's first computer that cracked and buzzed, and weighed 27...

Also watch this clip, wow this is only 10 years ago, it's amazing what's been done.

Gmail Alternatives

I know a lot of you out there who want gmail's but can't get one.

Here are two alternatives:
2. Walla

Jul 18, 2004

Jummy Jump!

Remember the guy who jumped in that Euro2004 game? well he has a site!

Check it out

Description:ArtRage is a painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools. You can run ArtRage on a normal Windows machine with a mouse, but it works particularly well if you have a graphics tablet. Even better, running ArtRage on a TabletPC takes advantage of the unique interaction of pen and screen to produce a realistic painting feel.

This is one of the coolest programs that I have seen, photoshop is nothing in my opinion compared to this tool, so check it out at this link.

I drew my foot and it actually exactly like it!
Jesus and Jihad

An Article of NYTImes that talks about a book called Glorious Appearing and it's about Jesus coming to earth and ethnically cleansing everyone who is not Christian.

Jul 17, 2004

Communist Mario?

Now this is some intresting stuff if you are bored to hell

Check it out
Xbox Live hits million milestone

BBC: Microsoft's online gaming service, Xbox Live, has reached a million players, the software giant said.
I hate 1-800 people!

Everyday I have to pick up at least two phone rings for these stupid people! every time it's a christian charity or for Blind people , The Bay, some more chain stores! Next time I should just hang up on them! And I always say there are no adults home right now. And they think i'm the biggest person in the house.

And they all want my money ;(


petitiononline: STOP THE UNHOLY RELEASE OF DOOM 3 ??


whats so holy about games anyways? that makes it unholy!

what does mutants have to do with the Devil? And why would people worship the devil because of a game!,

Doom3 is coming on August and it's gone GOLD. YAY
Tim Berners-Lee Knighted by Queen Elizabeth

TNW:Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, a British citizen who lives in the United States, was knighted in recognition for his "services to the global development of the Internet" through his invention of the World Wide Web.

Jul 16, 2004

Kazaa Lite Resurrection!!!

Well a group they call themselves Warez4u.us has been working on K-lite (the one that got sued by Kazaa), and check it out, now these people have made a new version of it and it's called K-Lite 2.6, the last version that ever came out was called 2.4.3 and I don't know if there is any 2.5!! so check it out, it seems to be the same as always.

Allawi shot prisoners in cold blood: witnesses

smh.com.au: Iyad Allawi, the new Prime Minister of Iraq, pulled a pistol and executed as many as six suspected insurgents at a Baghdad police station, just days before Washington handed control of the country to his interim government, according to two people who allege they witnessed the killings.

Sounds like another Saddam Hussain in town?
By the way if anyone wants to contact me

email me at sassanix(at)gmail.com cause I'm not checking that old email address anymore because it doesn't have a spamm filter!

I will change the adders soon after I finish working on this template I will be working on, I will have more space to put pictures and more things ;)
Da Funnies Show eva made!

In Canada: Da Ali G Show
Catch the Canadian Premiere of the hit HBO® series in which the Brit comic interacts with unsuspecting Americans. Thursdays at 10 pm et/pt. Respec'! On Sow Case

In U.S:Tune in Sunday, July 18th at 10:30pm ET for the premiere of the long-awaited season two - it's going to be massive! On HBO!

Anywyas watch this cuz it's cool and funny

Update:Also in news (NYTIMES): The Cheerful Confessions of Ali G, Borat and Bruno READ THIS

Update2: Download shows
Hawking cracks black hole paradox

NS:After nearly 30 years of arguing that a black hole destroys everything that falls into it, Stephen Hawking is saying he was wrong. It seems that black holes may after all allow information within them to escape. Hawking will present his latest finding at a conference in Ireland next week.

Very intresting article
Paranoid America

Terror in the Skies, Again?

Annie Jacobsen has written an Article about Terrorist activities in an airline that she thought 19 Arab passengers were terrorists on board.

First of all the news paper or the website is called WomensWallStreet and this article doesn't have to do a thing with Money!

I read the whole article and it makes me uncomfortable because since I'm a Middle Eastern teen, I found this very racist and awfully stupid. Why doesn't America just arrest anybody who carries a McDonald bag? Overall the article is very racist and it's only good to make people scared of Middle Eastern passengers.


Jul 15, 2004

Microsoft warns of critical flaws

BBC: Microsoft is warning computer users to protect their PCs after critical flaws were found in some versions of Windows, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

Comment:Since I have very little space on my pc for these updates I won't get them and use Firefox, but note my blog won't show up right and I will fix it. I just have to know how to fix the CSS in a mozilla view if there was such a thing, but don't worry I will make it fast.
A look on Wired

Can Odd Alliance Beat Pirates?
Wired:Several movie studios and technology companies say they are working together to protect upcoming high-definition video formats from piracy, while letting customers share the video among many home devices. By Katie Dean.

Comment: Pirates will live, and allways will, on ships on boats and also on Computers and stories.

And also

Documenting Moore's Oscar Chances
Wired: A strangely worded rule covering the Oscar eligibility of documentaries could spell trouble for Michael Moore, thanks to illegal Internet downloads. Then again, it may not. By Staci D. Kramer.

Comment: For sure Moore will not win the oscar because it didn't feel like an Oscar winner. But I liked the movie a bit.

EBay Tests Digital Music Waters
Wired: Business: In Brief » The online auctioneer experiments with download sales. Also: A Hello Kitty robot is planned for November release.... Fiat and Microsoft will build telematics systems into Fiats.... BT and Yahoo to offer VoIP.... and more.

Comment: And an intresting article on Ebay music!
Memorable Quotes from

Best animated series after Simpsons and Family Guy and some other that I mgiht have watched, but don't remember.

Warning: We Brake For Number Theory

Hve you guys read this on googles blog? link
So Tired
Where Web surfers go when they haven't slept a wink.

Slate.com: When Mike Kuniavsky bought the Internet domain tired.com from a friend in November 1997, he wasn't planning to set up an anonymous confessional. He wasn't planning anything at all. At the time, Mike and I were both Web workers developing sites for the company that owned Wired magazine. "Tired" puns about Wired were de rigueur, so Mike grabbed tired.com for laughs...

Nice article about this site called Tired.com
Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Comedian Whoopi Goldberg will no longer appear in ads for diet aid maker Slim-Fast following her lewd riff on President Bush's name at a fund-raiser last week, the company said on Wednesday.

I guess they were trying to find a reasonto fire her and htey did!
Incredible Hulk becomes a blogger

Nice and very cool blog! lol

Jul 14, 2004

Google's Next Steps


Some of these predictions has all ready been done
Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen

BBC: Mike is a "scambaiter," dedicated to fighting back against those who send out the notorious 419 e-mails, promising untold wealth to anyone gullible or naive enough to disclose their bank details.

Nice article!
bitoogle :: the bit torrent file search engine (bittorrent)

wow what I wanted! Link

Jul 12, 2004

Engadget on Ps3 and Xbox2

The PS3 at E3 >
Big Xbox 2 announcement in September? >

This is too early, in my opinion I mean there aren't even done yet, and developers are still making games for Ps2 and XBX so what's with this rush! It should get like 15 years in my opinion until they bring new stuff not like 4 years.
Student on wild ride after ingesting drugs
CANAAN, Conn. -- A Delaware college student ate a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms and drove around in a pair of stolen cars before arriving, confused, on a mountain in northwest Connecticut, police said.

haha this is the funniest thing ever!
1980's UK Television Adverts

BB:Here's a collection of downloadable TV ads for videogame and PC technology aired on British television in 1982, including Frogger and the Atari VCS. Link

Neat stuff
Microsoft Community Blogs

Here is the link
Bored Kid!

During G.W.Bush speech there is a kid who keeps yawning, I saw this clip back in three or two months ago, on TV.

Click here

Jul 11, 2004

Extremely mad at gravity!

I was walking down the street to open up the post, and I decided to clean it with my T-Shirt and the lens fell of and it broke on the ground! All in five pieces. Now since my second glasses broke, I got no more glasses to break or to wear. My other glasses broke too while I wore it and broke by itself, when I was surfing the net. So now I'm wearing contact and I hate them! My road test is coming up and I hope this won't be something that the guy would say that they won't let me drive the car. :(

I guess I have to wait until my new glasses would be made again
This Land!

The song this land is my land and your land is done with Bush and Kerry. lol It's very well done

Click here made by Jibjab
Human Beans: PowerPizza

It's a Pizza box and a Laptop in it! And their selling it

Mozilla Gains on IE

PcWorld:Study shows Microsoft has lost a percentage of market share to open source browser.

wow this is amazing!

Jul 10, 2004

Self-Taught Pilot Going to Space

Wired:Wild Fire -- a manned spacecraft made by volunteers for less than $4 million -- is eyeing a September launch date to propel passengers 70 miles above Earth's surface. If successful, developers are in line to win $10 million. By Dan Brekke.

It seems like a Canadian Project from the maple leaf and all

Kerry Edwards So Much love

A flash animation that is made from photoshops, also more on this from Fark (NY post mistake). It's all funny

Jul 9, 2004

Blindfolded man performing Mario Bros music on a piano

BB:Here's a video of an Asian man wearing a blindfold, performing a very sprightly rendition of the theme and atmospheric music from Super Mario Brothers on a piano. His work on the atmospheric music is particularily inspired. 7.6MB WMV Link
Alien in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies

Alert! Alien bunnies contains cartoon blood and guts, and a curse word. No bunnies (cartoon or otherwise) were harmed in the making of this re-enactment. Enjoy!

What Mozilla users should know about the shell: protocol security issue

Download the patch if you are a Firefox or Mozilla user

Jul 8, 2004

Technorati tracks 3 million blogs

Sifry's Alerts: At 6:38PM PST on July 6, 2004, Technorati tracked its 3 millionth weblog. The growth of the service has been pretty remarkable - here's some stats: We're currently seeing anywhere from 8,000-17,000 new weblogs created every single day.
On an average weekday, we're seeing over 15,000 new weblogs created per day. That means that a new weblog is created somewhere in the world every 5.8 seconds.

SOooo many blogs
W Ketchup

Haha this is some funny stuff.

Jul 7, 2004

Ballmer: Microsoft needs better sales pitch

Cnet:Microsoft needs to do a better job of convincing customers that the latest versions of its products are worth having, CEO Steve Ballmer said in a companywide e-mail on Tuesday.

hmm... pretty intresting

ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers.

This is a total Windows Clone don't you guys think? Look at the screenshots. LINK

This is a fun feature on your browser. Try it it's fun

Malaysian competition texters cry foul

BBC:Couple's fury as their 29,505 text entries fail to win Malaysia prize. Wong Jee Wai and her boyfriend, Siew Kam Hong, spent more than $5,000 on their entries and complained when they only won third prize, a motorcycle worth less than a third of what they had spent.

wow what a waste!
Full Spectrum Warrior hits its target

BBC:Full Spectrum Warrior is an excellent military action game that marks an intriguing departure from the norm.

Gamerankings: Avg Ratio: 84%

I'm reading Wired.com!

So many good stuff this time!

What articles I loved were:

A Terrible Thing to Waste a Mind (About the game Psi-Ops)
Superhero Game Is Super Blah (About the game Spiderman 2)
SpaceShipOne Back on Course (New takeoff coming up)
Building a Better Mozilla (About cool things with Mozilla)
America's War With Blogistan (Freedom of speach at risk in U.S.A. on the net)
Lego animated Spiderman 2

BB: This is pretty stunning: it's a stop-motion-animated short version of Spiderman 2 done entirely in Lego.

Issue #2 of Classic gamer is out

Download the zipped PDF of the second Classic Gamer Mag (link)
Crazy Case Mod Contest: Meet the Contenders

Check all the mods

Copyright bill poses threat to iPod's future

(USA TODAY) LOS ANGELES — Is the iPod endangered?
Apple's sleek digital audio device is one of the most successful tech toys, selling more than 3 million units since November 2001.

Something is telling me that Micro$oft is involved! Don't you think?

Amazon.com Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game

Waxy.org: Here's a fun game... First, look up the most popular and critically-acclaimed books, movies, and music on Amazon. Click on "Customer Reviews," and sort them by "Lowest Rating First." Hilarity ensues! It's the Amazon.com Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game!

Haha this is a good game!

Check it out
Software piracy continues to grow

BBC: Figures on global software piracy show that more than one-third of programs are being used illegally.

They should have dropped the prices! I wouldn't pay for software that is about 400$ Canadian.

Jul 6, 2004

Funny Half-Life2 Picture

Tale a look at it!

Genuine Glastonbury 2004 Mud ! Fresh this morning !!

Winning bid: £490.00

Here is more about this
Greece win Euro 2004

Portugal 0-1 Greece
Greece pulled off one of the biggest shocks in football history to beat Portugal in the Euro 2004 final.

Damn it! Did you guys see when Ronaldo cried! Oh and also that guy who jumped in the game haha that was so funny. It would have been better if he ran around the whole stadium.
Greece win Euro 2004

Portugal 0-1 Greece
Greece pulled off one of the biggest shocks in football history to beat Portugal in the Euro 2004 final.

Damn it! Did you guys see when Ronaldo cried! Oh and also that guy who jumped in the game haha that was so funny. It would have been better if he ran around the whole stadium.
Greece win Euro 2004

Portugal 0-1 Greece
Greece pulled off one of the biggest shocks in football history to beat Portugal in the Euro 2004 final.

Damn it! Did you guys see when Ronaldo cried! Oh and also that guy who jumped in the game haha that was so funny. It would have been better if he ran around the whole stadium.
Are the Browser Wars Back?
How Mozilla's Firefox trumps Internet Explorer

MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"

Also in MozillaZine
Are the Browser Wars Back?
How Mozilla's Firefox trumps Internet Explorer

MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"

Also in MozillaZine
Are the Browser Wars Back?
How Mozilla's Firefox trumps Internet Explorer

MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"

Also in MozillaZine
Mike's Blog

"Michael Moore has finally started blogging"

"Moore: pirate my film, no problem - [Sunday Herald]"

In regards to this I have the torrent link so you guys can download it too. You need bittorent to download the files.

These are all in Dvix format

Fahrenheit 911 CAM-POT DIVX 649 Mb

Fahrenheit 911 CAM-POT 1076 Mb

Fahrenheit 911 CAM-POT 2nd torrent 1076 Mb

Fahrenheit 911 POT vcds reencoded in... 700 Mb

Jul 4, 2004

Violent Video Games Under Attack

Wired | NEW YORK -- The video-game industry seems to delight in pushing the envelope -- and the bounds of good taste -- with ever-gorier content. That has put it under renewed attack from legislators and activists who claim some titles must be kept out of kids' hands, though courts have repeatedly granted games First Amendment protections.

I hate these people who go after the video game industry, why from all of these stuff you guys go after video games! I mean come on there are other games that your kids can play, like sport games, and other cartoony games without any blood in it!
Internet Weapon Plans: PVC Flamethrower

Blogs of War writes: Like any red-blooded, masculine man of the male gender, I love PVC weaponry.

Read the rest cause it freaks me out in a good way!
This is from the SomethingAwful
By the way I saw the movie Spider Man 2 it was good the way they did Doc Oc was great, so cool.

Jul 3, 2004

What is going to happen in 2012?

They say it would be the end of the world. To me it sounds none-sence! Time is never ending. If you search 2012 in google look how many theories are out there!

One of the simple pages says this:


Arrival of Hindu's avatar of Krishna in 2003

The End of the Mayan Calendar After Dec. 21, 2012

Planetary Alignment Sept. 8, 2040
Will there be an Earth left to have earthquakes?

The End of the Muslim Calendar, 2076

The end of the Jewish Calendar, 2240

very intresting!
Paraplegic Dog Travels To Japan

TOKYO -- A tiny paraplegic dog named Wheely Willy is warming hearts in Japan.

Soooo weird
MSN search engeine

The worst search engeine ever!!

Take a look at it

File sharing in Canada

p2pnet.net News:- News that the corporate music industry has received its second major legal defeat in Canada continues to hold front pages around the world.

Long live Canada!!

Bittorent again!

Remember this, What is Bittorent? when I wrote about it on Oct 1 , 2003. Today I will write about links and applications that you can use to get them.

If you have questions go to Introduction, in the original Bittorent website ;)

For my application I like using ABC, there are more such as
azureus.sourceforge.net (needs Java enabled)
www.shareaza.com (Emule + bittorent)
Bittorent (original application)

These links varies from Anime to applications to movies and more

www.torrent3x.com (requires free membership)
www.filelist.org (requires free membership)
www.torrentbits.org (requires free membership)
www.digital-update.com (requires free membership)
www.phoenix-torrents.com (requires free membership)
www.sharingthegroove.org (requires free membership)
www.gosupernova.com (A search program for suprnova.org)
www.rootdir.de/bt (another search option for suprnova.org)
Oxygen Bursts in Saturn's Rings

Wired -- Scientists monitoring the Cassini space probe on Friday revealed a dazzling outburst of oxygen in Saturn's outermost ring, but the discovery was counterbalanced by disappointingly hazy photos of Saturn's mysterious moon Titan.
Kazaa copyright trial set for November

Cnet: Sharman Networks, the parent company of controversial file-sharing service Kazaa, could face the music by the end of the year following an Australian federal court ruling.
Google Bans GMail Sales

BBC: GMail sellers beware, Google wants to stop people profiting from the trade in popular e-mail addresses.

No more selling people or google will come after you!

Jul 1, 2004

Iraqis offer mixed opinions on Saddam

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraqis gathered around televisions to watch Saddam Hussein in court Thursday, uneasy about the effects of the images on their country and in some cases angered by the control they believed he seemed to wield over the proceedings.


Have you guys realized how uneducated the Iraqis are! I don't want to hurt anyones feelings here but come on!, they kill innocent people in the name of Islam, then here is their former leader saying he is still the president. I will spit upon his face lol, dumb Saddam Hussain. If Iwas the Judge I would have ordered him to shut up and listen.

Saddam: And now for my finale I will stick this finger up my nose. ;)

Attack Iran, US chief ordered British
By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent

Telegraph: America's military commander in Iraq ordered British troops to prepare a full-scale ground offensive against Iranian forces that had crossed the border and grabbed disputed territory, a senior officer has disclosed.