May 31, 2003

Marooned in Iraq

This is a new movie made by the director Bahman Ghobadi I guess you have heard his name before with that movie A Time for Drunken Horses (2000) he is the director who brought the story of kurdish kids near the border of Iran/Iraq.
In this movie this Iranian director made the stories of Kurds in the Iranian, Iraqi border to a film that NANCY RAMSEY that works for the New York times called it "Poignant and heartbreaking."
This movie has won some international awards too.

Click here to watch the trailer
Click here to go to the official website

Salam's story

Salam's story has been posted on Guardian, a reporter with the name Rory McCarthy has tracked him down in Baghdad and he has written about him. Salam pax has written a lot of reports of life after and before the war in Iraq in his weblog.

Salam's weblog
Article on him
Salam pax in the news

May 30, 2003

What makes you special?

The argument about the nature and the nurture of human beings, Time has done a wonderful and very interesting work on this. We are doing genetics in our Science so this was interesting to share it in our class.
Read the article it's very educational, you would know how genetics play a big role in our lives.Genetics sometimes determine what we are going to turn up for the rest of our lives.

From PlayStation to supercomputer for $50000

From Cnet:The resulting system, with components purchased at retail prices, cost a little more than $50,000. Researchers at the supercomputing center believe the system may be capable of a half trillion operations a second, well within the definition of supercomputer, although it may not rank among the world's 500 fastest supercomputers.


May 29, 2003

RoadMap to Peace

From the weblog Loom:
These days sure you hear, here and there about the peace in middle east and political stories about the palestine and israel and their funny shows.

Here is some cartoons subjected as Roadmap to Peace that is a collection of Professional Cartoonists about this Concept. take a look .

Sassan says:
I have read this at Loom the new Iranian English blogger. I have never would think of this as funny well I know that they keep stretching this since 57 years ago, and I guess this still would continue but I hope these people would get together peacefully.I mean we are all human beings we should all get together, look at the hatred and what it could do to you to any one of us.

May 28, 2003


Hello guys I have found a new way to get pass through the proxy around the world. Here it is a single free toolbar called Anonymizer, this toolbar is so simple that it works very fast and easy the only problem is that just use this on the blocked sites not everything because it doesn't give you access to every single website like you have to pay money to get through these so just press off, when you try to activate the anti blocker sites just press on and go to the site. this works very easy and it worth it if you cant see some sites that you like.

Download through the site
Download through the FTP

Update: Plate from said: I think this one is better than
What is perfect? What is flawless?

What's perfect?
This is a question that I was thinking about after we watched a movie called Gattaca , basically the movie was about the genes and how people could create their own
Children but those who were born naturally we were lesser of the society they called them in-valid, and those who were created genetically were perfect there were no flaws.
Is this possible are we going to that end or do you guys think there wont be such thing, they have already started cloning and other things in genetics, like making perfect or I should say good looking fruits.

May 27, 2003


I'm going to move to my new domain now it's called everything is the same exept the domain name so please change the link to when you try to link o my weblog not this one no more.
Blogspot was so slow that it made me go crazy this is my purpose to move.
See you on the other side of the cyber space.
email me if you think I'm not doing the right thing!!

Update: Ignore this comment I won't go to my own server because I would loose some of the things that I need it to blog,I'm still blogging from here.

Hello sorry I haven't wrote for two days I will be back I'm working on my projects for my school you know when it gets closer to the end it gets harder in here or maybe longer hehe. Well i'm off now, Be back really soon.
Take a look at the new links I have in my blog now.they are the newest in Iranian, English blogging.
Hope you like them.

May 25, 2003

Yay I told you this would be fun!

Photos of the Veteran Cars in the 2002 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, In England.Link

Testing testing, blogger has been slow and I had some technical difficulties for few past days.
When I checked their status this is what I found:
BlogSpot has been especially sluggish recently and we are working hard to improve the situation. We sincerely apologize that the problem has taken longer to resolve than expected and for the frustration of having poor performance from the servers.

May 24, 2003

An activist Iranian blogger

Iranian Blogger Against Censorship

I have found a new weblog in three different languages Persian, English and French that condemns censorships in Iran, I found it very interesting because they compare the situation to their weblog you can get a bunch of proxies. take a look at their blog.

to see my last post on proxies go here. a blog that goes over
Chinese government and proxies.

May 23, 2003

Mad cow!

I was reading my news paper Herald and I read this big article on Mad cow disease, it is been a new discovering made by Canadian authorities that there is been a cow slaughtered having Mad cow disease in Alberta.This happened on Tuesday May 20, well all that SARS Canada was worrying about now it's Mad cow, there has been no Death reports on any symptoms by any one as far as I know, but there is a lot of fears around the province I live in N.S. they say that 90% of meat and beef come from Alberta every single day, those good BBQ that I have most of the summer that stake is from Alberta, but I guess this is a sweet new humming for farmers around other provinces in Canada.There is going to be more consumption for the meat in other provinces from their own then from Alberta. There is also warnings about not eating any meat from fast food restaurants like Wendy's and McDonalds now their hamburgers and meals are cheaper.Well there is a lot of things going on because of this in Canada.

Mad cow in Canada (NEWS)


Zazoo this is a Clip that we watched in P.D.R. I'm not going to talk about it just watch it, well It was funny.
so I hope you guys enjoy it.
Click here to watch the clip.

May 22, 2003

The second news!

Hamedbanaei the Iranian blogger has started building a site called Second News, it works like the Google news but this is the first Google Persian News type that generates images with the news in Persian, after another Iranian site that works the same but this one is only text it has no Images that goes with the news.
The only bad thing about this site is that the news is only from two sources of Iranian sites that end with .ir (Iranian sites) and those two sites are ISNA and ILNA both of those sites have news that are only published in Iran so these sites are Iranian Persian point of view. It would be better if they added another news sources like those websites in this website is supported by millions of Iranians if they do something like that this site is going to be a hit in Persian communities all around the world, so whenever you wanted to see the most recent news on those sites you could see them from all the Iranian news websites.
It seems like they are adding other languages in to this website, right now they only have Persian but I hope they bring English too I guess this website will grow faster this way.
But over all I loved the Idea of this, I hope it doesn't end up like bad junky leftover websites from 90's.
Click here to see what Hamed has wrote about his website second news.

May 21, 2003


I was looking around weblogs that I read usually, and I come across something very interesting in Iranian or Canadian? blog, he talk about a new comedy show in NBC and there is an Iranian guy In it with the character name Nasim. Whoopi Goldberg and his cast including the Iranian Handy man who has performed a lot of Standup comedy in London and he lives there, he is now a british Iranian.He performed most of his Talent in England. Now he is playing a role in this show and you can see the Sneak peeks and everything in here, (300k, 50k) and I guess you would see Nasim or his real name Omid Djalili making jokes and they are funny and all of his jokes were political and about Iran, when I checked the sneak peek preview. Omid Djalili has had roles in many movies and shows that I bet you guys have seen him, like in the Galidiator he played the role of the slave trader, in Mummy the Egyptian officer who wanted to see the treasure, and then he dies with the bugs, so he played in a lot of movies and shows. I guess it would be very interesting to see him as a handy man with Whoopi this fall season in NBC. It seems he had some difficulties after Sept11 with his stand up comedy here take a look at this interview with him.
This is what whoopi in NBC is about:"Whoopi," with Whoopi Goldberg as an ex-diva who runs a small New York hotel in an unconventional manner with her Iranian handyman, Omid Djalili ("The Mummy"). from Charlotte bserver.
Links related:
About Omid Djalili

May 19, 2003

The weather is too good so I can't resist summer all thought we have school after today, by the way it's Victoria day so we didn't have school today on Monday, and In Iran and U.A.E and all the other countries that celebrate Prophet Mohammad's birthday have had a day off.
So I hope you guys have a lovely day and a wonderful life until the next time I write, I guess it's tomorrow.

Today I was with others walking near a Cisco I guess I have spelled it wrong, anyways there were a lot of Iranians around in Halifax specially today. By the way this was an Inside joke that sounds funny.

If you want to know which one is I have few reasons, if they are Male:
1- his head is half bald
2-his with his mom
3-he looks at you
4-he is with his son
5-the last reason again his with his mom

Any ways for those who are Iranians don't take this seriously.

May 18, 2003

New Song!

I have added a new song by Amir Bahador Kharazmi he is a student in Tehran, Iran and this song that is playing right now is one of his hit songs in Internet called (khooneye madarbozorge) it means Grandmothers house.

This is what he said about this song:
The Song Which Used To be Played On the Cartoon Khooneye Maadarbozorge In The Year 1995 With Those Lovely Characters Happoo Koomaar And Makhmal And...Anyways The Song Is A New Single With My Auto Tuned Vocals And Lovely Basslines & Bassdrums Which Will Explode Your Speakers.

here is his website in check his other songs.
For my last song in my blog click here.
I hope you guys out there enjoy this.

Kung-Log is a donation-ware application to posts and manage entries of MovableType, Serendipity, Nucleus weblog systems. Systems using the Blogger API are also supported (i.e. Blogger, Drupal, b2, and pMachine), although the Blogger API feature-set is very limited. Kung-Log was originally restricted to MovableType only, because of specific features of the MovableType weblog that are not available to other kinds of weblogs. I added support for Nucleus and Blogger API by user request.

You can see The screenshots and all the other things in their site.
To see the screenshots click here.
Ethernet Could Soon Hit 40 Gigabits

Ethernet's top speed could hit 40 gigabits per second within the next two years, a senior Cisco Systems executive says.
Very intresying article.
Here is the link to the Article


In this website you can get any digital pictures on the web and in their directories.
Go to the site to discover more. I recommend it to weblogers who like to have a verity of good pictures and Photos of around the world.Link
This is an example of one of their Photos.


May 17, 2003

What was my mistake?

I have read this from a new Iranian English blogger who has joined blogging in English lately, after a long time writing in Persian. He has closed his Persianblog without a single bye or anything like that now the only thing is his English blog. Hamed is a programmer who lives in Tehran, Iran, his weblog is brilliant I love it, I always visited it I'm disappointed in those who have done such a thing, by looking around Iranian blogsphere it seems like his situation is been solved. Take a look at what he has wrote.

What was my mistake?
What was my mistake in my behavior over internet and chat ??
The simplest answer is , using my real name . This is my big mistake , I must use another name for my web site , my chat IDs ( like yahoo ) and any other places over net . Now I am going to be unknown , so I can write any thing I want , from tech to tech !
My another mistake was confide some persons which I meet them over chat and internet , even they are using their real name , and I had meeting with them . Their behavior was too disappointing for me , I never thought that they could do like that with me . I am disappointed of all Persian people like them . I have changed the way I am living , now , I never ever trust anyone , I can not confide. Continue

It is one of the most thinkable posts I have ever seen in a blog.
I'm working on this blog so sorry if you see any errors.
Thanks for visiting at this moment.

May 16, 2003

Matrix reloaded!

Yesterday me and my brother we went to a theatre to watch matrix, man that movie was awesome you guys should watch it, it has some stupid stuff in it, try to ignore it, there were a lot of special-FX in this movies I liked that superman thing that neo did to save Trinity and all the cars were flying, over all It was a nice and well done movie. At the end of the movie the movie just gets cut off you know what I mean with a message of "To be concluded!" that was brilliant in my Idea to use the word concluded. Concluded means: To bring to an end. The only problem is there is another Matrix coming out in November called Matrix- Revolution.

One of my faviroute scenes 1000 agent Smiths fighting kung-fu style with Neo.

May 15, 2003

Persian language in U.S. Department of state website

The Persian section of U.S. State has been opened with a welcome from Colin Powell, he said that there is no anger on Iranian people it's only the government that they seek and try to eliminate.
The blacklist
By Mr.Hoder
Here is a list of some of the blocked websites by Iranian government. This is not a comprehensive list though. There are a few weblogs among them too.

I have saw few news pages like BBC talk about this and they said mostly this blocking happens in Parsonline an Iranian ISP provider.

May 14, 2003


The funniest page agianst matrix reloaded read it and luagh as hard as you can.
CGI Proxy Code

Some changes to my last post

Everyone can add their own CGI from a webserver I gave so other people who can't get to that website in Iran or anywhere else, I made the html so it would be usable anywhere.
To get the code click here.
All Iranian, English bloggers try to spread and talk about this.

May 13, 2003

Sina has been released!

Mr.Hosein derakhshan has wrote that Sina has been released from prison, after 22 days. no one knows what is the next step for the Iranian bloggers is it good or is it bad, what is the destiny going to bring.

Mr.Hoder wrote:

Sina released
Sina has just been releasedon bail from a prison in Tehran after 29 22 days. Nothing of those sad denial interviews yet. I'm trying to call him if I can find them at their home in Tehran.

- The bail is 300,000,000 Rials (about $38,000)
CGI Proxy servers and Proxy servers

I have found a few proxy crackers that can open the sites that doesn't work in Iran and other places, I found few interesting ones like a CGI proxy server just put the URL and it works people in Iran tried it and it works the only problem is that problems with Scripts sometimes JavaScript also Flash might not work. These are the links to proxy and CGIProxy servers: Proxy servers
CGI proxy list also Proxy servers
Google search on CGI Proxy
Make your own CGIproxy in HTTP/FTP Proxy in a CGI Script and you have to download it the upload it with your CGI supported Server.

this is my responce to Hosein Derakhshan's article on Proxy in Iran and solutions for it, he wrote the article in his Persian blog.
Please pass these solutions to others.

Everyone can add their own CGI from a webserver I gave so other people who can't get to that website in Iran or anywhere else, I made the html so it would be usable anywhere.
To get the code click here.

May 12, 2003

International Year of Freshwater 2003

2003 is the International Year of Freshwater. Watch Nane Annan's slide show about Earth's most precious resource.

I found this link while I was doing my research on water and Global issues.

Bloggers unite!

May 12 — On April 20, the eve of his 30th birthday, Iranian journalist Sina Motallebi made history: He became the first blogger to be arrested. In Iran, where newspapers are routinely shut down for mysterious reasons and where journalists are imprisoned without explanation, blogs, or weblogs, have emerged as a last bastion of personal freedom — and the latest perceived menace for the Iranian government to grapple with...
Information from MSNBC Newsweek

Newsweek writes about Sina matlabi and all the Iranian bloggers.
Create Poser Animations In Flash

The results:

quality="high" wmode="transparent" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="100"

Link to the Tutorials

May 11, 2003


Take a look at Iranian made cars and buses, this is a group page on MSN on Iranian made cars they have all their information as a group. I wrote about Peykan before as being the national Iranian car and Iran's symbol of cars.
Iran started making their cars before south Korea and their design is still the same as it was on the first day it came out in 1967, Iran is now trying to design new cars made in Iran.

Here is the Iranian company of Peykan Irankhodro website.
The group on Peykan with their pictures on Peykan.
History on Iranian cars.

May 10, 2003

Hate their stupid filters!

Yesterday I read a post by hoder in his blog that Iran is blocking some websites and I thought my website is safe because Mr.derakhshan said the blocked websites where only nudity related and also political so I said ok I have none of those in my site and then I was talking to someone in Iran and they said my website is blocked and it doesn't work I asked others and they answered the same thing I asked them if any other websites were the same they said ehsans blog an Iranian blogger is blocked to with why Iranian government does this I mean my website is only an educational entertaining website to inform people around the world about a small city called Khonj in south of Iran in Fars.
But they don't want to have a good image of Iran they want to scare everyone away.

30+ websites blacklisted by Hosein Derakhshan my Site

An ISP Provider called Parsonline I guess shows this for their blocked sites
Letters From London

This is a weblog written by Mojtaba in London he has introduced me as the youngest Iranian blogger, I should thank him for introducing me in his blog to his visitors.

Visit letters from London
What is Pocket Blog?

Pocket Blog extends your weblog to any Pocket PC device. Weblog entries are maintained offline. When Internet connectivity becomes available, such as when your Pocket PC is placed in it's docking cradle or a WiFi card is inserted, changes are automatically posted to your weblog. Pocket Blog also downloads recent weblog entries, enabling you to edit entries that were originally posted from your desktop.

Go here to see all the screenshots and how to use it and download it.

Flash online game!

there is a game I found it's called Nitto and it's a free online racing simulator for cars it's very fun to play because it's made with flash and it's online so try to download it and play it.

Download Now

May 9, 2003

Okay or not Okay that is the question!

I don't know if teenagers are allowed to talk politics well I guess they encourage it in my school and I guess they would do it around other schools too around where I live, Canada. I remember in my old school an Iranian school in Dubai we didn't talk about politics with our teachers I though it would destroy my image in front of the teacher I don't know if I was thinking right oh well now I'm in Canada no one cares about this stuff.
So what do you think?


Hello again today I went to watch a movie I watched X2 it wasn't bad, a lot of special effects not bad from the first one, didn't like the ending that much they should have done something better, I really wanted to watch Matrix reloaded it's a good movie they always bring something new into the Cinema industry new special effects like remember the bullet scene and all those marshal arts scenes they all used in about all of the movies that we look at them that uses action for their topic.
When I went to the Matrix website I found something called The Animatrix all the Animated episodes are online so take a look at them I found them amazing man those were weird and also something new to me, all the 3D they used in this episodes were good.

Animatrix click here to see the episodes there is only four by the way.

some clips of X2

May 8, 2003

Blogging for Revolution

This is an article by Pejman Yousefzadeh I don't know who he is but I found what he said very good and very nice to describe Iranian bloggers and their spread in blogsphere and how blogsphere has a big impact on Culture, Society and Politics, and he also talked about Sina matlabi who was arrested for his weblog and his interviews with radio broadcasters outside of Iran.

New things!

Today I added a song made from Flash that I downloaded from here the song is by Snap, Rhythm Is A Dancer Part 1 Data | UK (CJ STONE Remix). I hope you guys like it and I also added my translata for Da Ali G so you can read my blog in his way.
hope you guys like these changes if you have any comments please email me or leave a comment here.

May 7, 2003

-Colin Powell
Secretary of state, when asked if France would suffer consequences for opposing the U.S.-Led war.

Source: Verbatim, April 28 - May 4, 2003
To Remake Iraq, Invite the Neighbors Over
To rebuild Iraq, says Joe Klein, Bush must reach out to its neighbors

It's time for President Bush to do something bold. Hah, you say. Bush is all bold all the time. Yes, but his boldness has been pretty much confined to military action and tax cuts. continue

I read this article in Time while I was trying to sleep last night and in this article from time you would see how Iran has a big impact on Iraq.
Where is Raed? SalamPax Writes again.

The only Iraqi blogger in Baghdad writes again after a big silence through out the war after it begun by cutting the electricity. take a look at it.

May 6, 2003

The persianblogger Meetup

Hello, I remember saying that there is going to a be a Persian bloggers meeting through out the world It's now due May7th and there is only 3 people have signed up for my City Halifax,NS. If you live around here and you are a blogger or if you are a reader of blogs please signup and if there is not more than 5 people signed up the blogger meeting would not set place.

Halifax,N.S. bloggers come meetup

Halifax, NS

May 5, 2003

Past Life Analysis

Who were you in your last life? this is the funniest thing I have ever saw in my life you put your birth date in it and it tells you what and where and who you were in the past.This is my past take a look at it, I luaghed so much.
For your own go here

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Portugal around the year 875.
Your profession was that of a teacher, mathematician or geologist.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Inquisitive, inventive, you liked to get to the very bottom of things and to rummage in books. Talent for drama, natural born actor.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
The world is full of ill and lonely people. You should help those, who are less fortunate than you are.
Do you remember now?

What did you guys get?
Archane DOS browser

Arachne is really cool ... it's a full-featured web browser for DOS! You can run it on any DOS machine, you don't need Windows at all to browse the web. However, although it's definitely cool, it's probably not for newbies! If you'd still like to try it out (or would like more information), visit the Arachne website below.
Arachne is currently fullscreen graphical WWW browser which runs on DOS compatible operating systems.
this webbrowser was made by Michael Polak.
Arachne screenshots:
click here to see the screen shots they are very good looking you should try this browser.
Click here to visit the Archane website
Download Arachne
More DOS Utilities

May 4, 2003

Pepsi and its impact on others!

Take a look at this ad what do you think of it?are we all a target of big companies like Coke and Pepsi?

Clip was found on
Dosgames on internet!

I found a website with all the dosgames on it, it is very fun because you can download it and the play it all though some games are demo or they are not free to get the other levels.
The good thing is you can see screenshots and if you like it you can download it.



This is a French and English website based on Flash games you can play all the flash games you want on the web.

Here is one of the games as an example of how good their games that they provide are.

This game is called ZED

More game websites

Millionaire's route to the top prize

Major Charles Ingram has been found guilty of cheating his way to the top prize on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.
I found this article very intresting take a look at it and see how this guy cheaed his way to the million dollars.

Ingrams found guilty of cheating
More links

Hello everyone I just wanted to tell you that added some new English blogs on the left side bar so take a look at them.

May 3, 2003

Countries profile: Iran, South Korea

In my school I was talking to a South Korean guy my age we were talking about what is happening and I asked him are you scared of what is happening in South Korea. He said yes the third world war would begin and I have to go there and serve my country I said but you live in Canada, he answered me yea but I'm not an immigrant. That answered a lot of questions. Then he asked me what is happening around Iran and in Iran, when I said we had a supreme leader and a President he started laughing and he said what about a prime minister. Well it's all funny because Iran's government is pretty much all funny the government in Iran's government from my opinion sucks and it is not good at all don't think that its good. This is laughable.


MSN Plus!

Yes it's out it's even free you can download it and try it for your self.
It's All Free!

You guys should read this this article came out in May 5,2003 Edition of time.

Music! Movies! TV shows! Millions of people download them every day. Is digital piracy killing the entertainment industry? Continue
Eyeing Blogger, Creators of Movable Type Expand

The husband-and-wife team behind Movable Type, the popular Web publishing system, on Wednesday said they plan to go head-to-head with Google's Blogger to offer a one-stop personal publishing service. continue
Downloading Persian music got easier!

I remember when I tried to download music I always went to Kazza I didn't like, so I didn't download Persian music's for a while until I found an IRC chat for Iranians that I could have downloaded Iranian music.
If you are a Persian or if you like Iranian music o here to download it.

May 2, 2003

Bloggers unite to fight

Web log writers around the world are joining forces to protest against the detention of a fellow blogger.

Iranian Sina Motallebi has been held by the authorities on, so far, unspecified charges and now fellow web users are banding together to press for his release.

BBC's article on Bloggers and Mr.Sina.

May 1, 2003

Symm Time

A free program that is easy to use and also very user friendly, this program shows you all of the time zones around the world.
It has so many festers that are very neat like My favourite place on the monitor that you can click a button and it goes there, also you can add the time zones that you like.

Official website, Download

Information from

Hondas brilliant ad

This is an ad about Honda accord a very nicly done ad, that can be seen in flash too in some websites like this.

I saw an article on this too in here, the titile is Amazing Honda Ad
They say: This is one of the most amazing ads I've ever seen, truly a thing of beauty. Fully two minutes long, it's a Honda commercial call "Cog," the most elaborate Rube Goldberg device you've ever seen set to film, all made entirely of car parts. According to the news stories linked above, it required 607 film takes to get right. It's so perfectly filmed, you can't imagine it, you've just got to see it.
I got this one from another website:
Two news articles have been spotted on the web about this ad: Daily Telegraph and Daily Record, both British news organizations. Yes, everything in the ad did happen as shown. There was no computer generation involved.

Watch the ad

The Wooden Periodic Table

This is a very interesting website for those of you guys are involved in chemistry, or study it. this year I remember we had to do a lot of projects on Chemistry and the Elements.

Take a look at the The The Wooden Periodic Table
Singing fish!

Singing fish is a search engine only for Audio and Video searches around the web.
It is somehow similar to