Jun 30, 2003

Intresting Daily snapshots

U.S.A. Today Snapshots: a website for Daily snapshots of interesting daily American and World habits of things.

Second Desktop RSS/XML/RDF reader

This is the second FLASH xml reader I have saw on net and used it. I prefer Blago RSS news reader.

From SWF Desktop:
Supercharge the Windows OS desktop by creating wallpaper that gracefully integrates vector graphics, animations, dynamic content, XML news feeds, hyperlinks, calendar & date information, count-down timers, interactive buttons, links, fill-in-the-blank fields, and pictures downloaded from the web. You name it, if you can do it in Flash in a browser, you can see it on your desktop.
Made by SWF Desktop.
SWF Desktop link via: iProDev.NET

Those who are intrested: RSSify at VoidStar.com their PHP is not enabled or something else has happened. There are more websites that can RSSify you website or your weblog.
A site with Rssify.php:

Jun 29, 2003

Today's fine links!

Here are some of good links I have found today about lots of funny and not funny things.

Technotar.net an oil company in Tehran, Iran.

President Bush's Axis Of Evil humor.

Markfiore.com Find the terrorist in your neighbour hood.

See a Moose, Report a Moose , a webpage by the government of Canada in Nova Scotia in the place where I live, Moose sight seeings are down. Via: Regarding the Outdoors.
About Shahram Shiva

Shahram Shiva is a performance poet, actor and award-winning author, known for his rich and entrancing concerts of Rumi, the 13th century Persian mystic poet. Born in Iran to a Jewish family, Shiva is the only major presenter in the West who performs Rumi's poetry in his own English renditions as well as the original Persian verses...

Jun 28, 2003

TIME: Should Christians Convert Muslims?

For me it's all the beliefs and first of all why would you change your beliefs to something else whose someone is telling you to do it. First of all Christianity and Muslim are not totally different religions same as Jewish. They all believe in one god and nothing but god and they all believe in an end as a gift from god for all our efforts and that is Heavens and Hell. And all of us believe in Jesus and Noah and every single other prophet from god. Yea they might all said something differently but they all wanted us to believe and have faith.
BBC NEWS | Technology | Polynesians get free wireless web

BBC: The tiny Polynesian island of Niue has become the first country to get a free nationwide wireless internet service.Via: iProDev.NET

Jun 27, 2003

New downloads

Music Target - File-Exchange Programs - Lean Version

In this website you can find a lot of sharing programs.

Google toolbar2 beta

There is a new version of google toolbar that has a popup killer, auto fill, and a blogthis! for blogger.

MSN Messenger 6.0 Preview

You can now get the new MSN6 it's a new improved MSN with lots of new things.

Jun 26, 2003

Our graduation

I promised everyone to tell you about my graduation ceremony, my graduation was yesterday for grade nines, well we came in in lines, everyone is looking at the students like they have never saw a human being and it's freaky when you think about it, because it's the moment of judgments. After sweating in buckets hehe actually no I wasn't sweating that much well the gym where the ceremonies where held was burning. After all those boring speeches and everything else bluh bluh bluh bluh and then our principal said would the first set of the graduates please stand up, we were looking at each other whos the first one, until after two minutes we found out it was us. We all went up there one by one getting the diploma, a piece of papaer, waiting for it for a year that said I made it to high school.
Well this is a start not an end, I got three more years of education until university, ah man I have to get to University and then get a job, what happens after the job! Maybe get a family hehe I guess I'm thinking a head of myself. I hope I make it to all of these dreams that I have.
Testing I'm checking if this work? I'm using the new dano for my weblog It got migrated, to the new blogger. The things I have to change are the codes so there is a chance that the RSS would be deleted. I hope not even the comments were creating some damages to this new blogger. I guess this is it! I fixed my problems, if anyone else sees anything please tell me.
Any one else having difficulties with the migration?
Update: RSS and comments are working now.

Jun 24, 2003

My Fifth Harry potter book "Harry Potter and the order of the Phenix"

The book came to me I didn't go to it, I got it, my mom got it for me now I'm on page 12, the book starts with a low paste but it's way more interesting then th others. My cover is the orange one's I was hoping for the blue one. Oh well I guess it's the way life goes.

Jun 23, 2003


I translated the pages so you wouldn't have to read all the Persian parts.

1-Some pictures after the arrests on Iranian University students shown by the IRIB the Iranian Television owned by the government. In these pictures you would see some pictures taken in the news at 9 PM, they have started with a basiji by asking him questions and then showing their hatred to Iranian L.A. based television and then showing Foreign news networks such as CNN and BBC.link

2-In this page you would see some of the pictures taken by YALDA MOARI, 22 members of Mojahedin or MKO in the morning of 21st of June 2003 in a ceremony of the organization of Nejat (rescue) was set in Iran. These people are the people who said no to Rajavi and resisted his opposition group and their were in Jails and got tortured, they were let go by Mojahedin near Iranian border so the Iranian government would kill them, This people who came back in Iran their ages were between 1 to 29, they were all sent back to their homes after finding their families. The organization of Nejat is putting an effort to bring more members back to Iran. Link

3-In this page you would see pictures of demonstrations In brussel in support of Iranian Political refugees in Belgium. Link
Canadian sets herself ablaze in London

Here is what Canada is concerned about from the protests on The French embassies around the world from Iranian opposition party MKO.

CBC: LONDON - A Canadian woman set herself on fire in London Thursday to protest France's crackdown on an Iranian opposition group. A man tried to do the same outside the French Embassy in Ottawa. more from CBC
Students bring protest to Iran parliament

Student leaders held sit-ins Sunday to protest the detention of classmates following last week's fierce clashes between pro-clergy militants and anti-government demonstrators, in which police said 520 people were arrested...

more news from Iran go to Tehran.com and Iranmania.com .

Jun 22, 2003

Iranian bloggers

Proliferating Iranian weblogs give voice to taboo topics | csmonitor.com

Reuters | Iran Internet Use at Risk from Conservatives

Iranian Media

Iranian media helps protesters grow
After the crackdowns in Iran

Here are our University students again they just don't stop for democracy and for their own voice and opinion.

Reuters | Iran Students Warn Clerics Over Protest Crackdown read this.

TEHRAN/DEAD SEA, Jordan (Reuters) - Iranian student leaders said Sunday a crackdown on protests against Islamic clerical rule could make them adopt more radical and violent methods. More

Jun 21, 2003

Support Iranian Democracy!

It's very supportive if you see other blogger supporting us I should thanks John in Blogs of War and also Jeff in BuzzMachine for their support of Iranian bloggers and democracy in Iran.

Here is Blogs of War post on the Iranian democracy on July 9, 2003.
Here is Buzzmachinepost on the Iranian democracy on July 9, 2003.
Read the comments on the Buzzmachine.com it's simply outstanding and very shocking what people say.

Here are the logos that you can put on your blog.


Here is mine

It's Summer?

Since Friday 4:10 PM in our Province Nova Scotia in Canada an Atlantic Province has officially started their summer. On Thursday we had school there were only about 10 people combined with two classes in one that came to school, we didn't do anything just watching perfect storm, so at recess I went home with one of my friends because there was nothing to be thought or learnt so I said bye to my teachers and I went home, my teacher asked me aren't you guys coming to Graduation dance this afternoon, I said no he said oh and then we left with my friend to my home with all of my stuff for a year on my back in a garbage bag, we had a locker clean up that day, that's why there was no use of coming to school on Friday. Now Friday is gone and now it's Saturday and there is a lot to do on Summer time.
We have a graduation ceremony on Wednesday for grade nines so I brought my suit and my tie and everything to impress others hehe... well it's a ceremony I have to look good anyways. I will give more information on this later, and what happens that day so stay tuned. or just visit me again on Thursday to see more on this.

Jun 20, 2003

Yare dabestani translation

In Nonblogger Alis weblog I found the translation of the Yare dabestani in English I was planning to do it my self before I found it.

Yare dabestani means my fellow classmate or MY PRIMARY-SCHOOL COLLEAGUE, so here is the translation. To listen to it in Persian click here.


My primary-school colleague,
You're with me and along with me,
The alphabet stick is above our heads,
You're my spite and my woe,
Our names have been carved,
On the body of this blackboard,
The hit of the stick of injustice and tyranny,
Has remained on our body,
All the grass of the plain of our not being cultural,
Is weedy,
Its people's hearts are dead,
If it's good,it'll be good,
If it's bad,it'll be bad,
Our hands should,
Tear these curtains up,
Who can except me and you,
Cure our pain?

My primary-school colleague,
You're with me and along with me,
The alphabet stick is above our heads,
You're my spite and my woe,
Our names have been carved,
On the body of this blackboard,
The hit of the stick of injustice and tyranny,
Has remained on our body

Jun 19, 2003

Iran in internet!

These are some of the links that talk about Iran that I thought it would be interesting for you guys to see it too.
Here is The BBC's David Willis report from Los Angeles about satellite TVs for Iranians.

Iranian TV broadcast from the US causes a pro-democracy stir.
More audio-video from Iran via Yahoo

Bush Warns Iran Against Nuclear Weapons - Morning Edition - Thursday, June 19, 2003 | Audio

Metafilter: Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack' British and American intelligence and special forces have been put on alert for a conflict with Iran within the next 12 months, as fears grow that Tehran is building a nuclear weapons programme.
posted by kablam at 4:32 PM PST

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - World - UN Nuclear Agency Urges Iran to Accept Stricter Inspections.

Map of nuclear sites in Iran

Slideshow: Iran Protesters Set Fire to Selves Yahoo

News photos from Iran
News stories Yahoo (IR)
News stories Google (IR)
News audio and video Singing fish
News audio and video Yahoo
* Sing Yare Dabestani, sing

via Iranian.com
Hamid Bakhsheshi:
Late Friday afternoon, I'm trying to tie things up to get out of the office and go home. I'm sure the wife has plenty of things for me to do before the weekend even gets started. As Houshang Tozi said in one of his plays, Booye Khoshe Eshgh (the sweet smell of love), "here in America wives help the husbands around the house". If my dad only knew!

Anyway, I thought I check my emails one last time and then go. I had a message from naghmeh.com. I clicked on it and went to the site. I had visited it many times before and was amazed how well they had put this site together.

This time there was couple of new songs there. One was called "Yare Dabestani" (school friend) and the other "Iran". I listened to the first one. It is a wonderful mixture of pictures, graphics and poetry with the song. Before I knew it I was melted into this video. I went back twenty-four years to high school in Tehran. I was seventeen and crazy with the ideas of a so-called revolution. Fists up in the air shouting words of disagreement and hate even. Shoot, what did I know?

It also reminded me of so many friends and classmates who died believing the same thing I did. I, too held bloody shirts up in the air and made bandanas with them. I too sat at the front gate of the Tehran University until the guards came and took me away. I too was looking ahead for a better country and a better soil to grow my roots stronger. If I only knew.

So, sing Yare Dabestani, sing. I once wanted to hang the lantern of my life on the dead pine tree. Instead I left and came to America. My lantern burns and maybe, just maybe, some one will warm from it's glow or another student will read by it's light.

Blogs of WAR!

Blogs of war has made an special page about the Iranian Bloggers and the Iranian protesters take a good look at it, it's all you want well at least a little bit of it.

Blogs of war Iranian section

Cuba's Fidel Castro Falls for Phone Prank by Miami Radio DJs

(AP) - Two radio show hosts who duped Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez into believing he was speaking by phone with Fidel Castro now claim to have similarly tricked Castro. A recording provided by the Cuban-American radio announcers has a man they say is Castro responding for about four minutes Tuesday to snippets of a tape recording of Chavez, a Castro friend. He catches on to the prank after he is called an assassin and the conversation disintegrates into him denouncing the caller with a stream of obscenities. More

Update:Transcript of prank call allegedly made to Fidel Castro

Jun 18, 2003

Khatami interview

With all due respect as a fifteen year old Iranian teenager who has been educated enough in Canada to determine who the liar is I call Khatami the biggest liar.
Have you guys read this interview with Khatami after the demonstrations? well you should read it, and see who have Iranians elected as their voice.

Read khatamis interview
MSNBC |Iran's Khatami says he proud protests so small: Iran's reformist President Mohammad Khatami said on Wednesday he was proud those opposed to Islamic rule could only muster a few thousand protesters in more than a week of sometimes violent demonstrations.

Jun 17, 2003

Hope on the streets of Tehran

Here are some anonyms students from Tehran telling BBC of their opionion.It's very interesting to look at these. Student of Arts graduate of Tehran said:" When the time is right we will all join. I can smell it in the air. This time is different.

Update: I was talking to a friend from Kuwait, we were talking about his friend in Isfahan, He told me that he was talking to his friend from Isfahan from computer, his friend have told him that he was beaten by a group called "Basiji", they were horrifying they attacked everyone in the streets you would see no one now walking around there every thing is out of control around Isfahan, he is injured during the demonstrations from all of, that he went to sleep he wasn't well at all.

Some pictures of the students around iran.
I got my permenant card

In Canada there is a new policy for about a year now for immigrants, so today I got my Permenanat card. It has my picture on it with and my signature, and it has my birthdate all over it, no one can make a copy of this card becasue it would be impossible, on the back it has the birthdate and everything else too.

About thePermanent Resident Card
The fifth Harry Potter book

When the 5th Harry potter is coming out I'm definitely going to buy it, I mean it's an awesome book I used to talk about it with my friends in Dubai. I remember I told the next chapter to my friend while he had his ears covered because he wanted to go over it by him self. I have all the 4 Harry potter books in Persian and three of them in English I have different versions of the book in Persian, I used to tell my uncle to buy it for me when he visited Iran, so he sometimes brought different version of one Harry potter book and they were all awesome some of them where different from the other ones like they added stuff to it or like just erased it. When the fifth one comes out I'm going to buy it in English and I'm trying it to see if it's better or not I read the fourth one in Persian and English and I likes the Persian one better I don't know why but I thought it was better.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Why grown-ups go potty over Harry
BBC:The fifth Harry Potter book is to be published with both children's and adults' covers on launch day, for the first time. After Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released in 1997, commuters were spotted covertly reading the brightly coloured book behind their newspapers, prompting Bloomsbury to issue a paperback adult edition in 1998.

Update: Harry Potter phenomenon|Thousands of Potter books stolen

Jun 16, 2003

Iran's leader urged to accept he is not God's envoy

Tronto star:
TEHRAN (AP) — More than 250 university lecturers and writers have called on Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to abandon the principle of being God's representative on earth and to accept he is accountable to the people.

Jun 15, 2003

New links

I have added a few links to my weblog.I Have added the Yare dabestani song to my weblog so everyone can click on it, yare dabestani is a song that University students in Tehran, Iran sang it while they were demonstrating, I have been listening to it for a few hours now it is very shaken able, for us Iranians.

I have added some search engine links to my weblog too so me and my visitors can click on it the links are on the bottom of my blog.

Jun 14, 2003

Satellite Revolution!

This is some funny article I have ever read in my life, you guys should read it too it's about the protesters and LA Iranian televisions.

To go to the article (Iranian.com) by Siamack Baniameri.

The first Iranian CGI proxy

Made after the Iranian governments censoring sites.

The biggest fruad in the ebay history

Man arrested in huge eBay fraud
June 12 — Police in South Salt Lake, Utah, are working with eBay to determine just how many people were victimized by what authorities say was one of the biggest frauds in the auction site’s history. Police arrested 31-year-old Russell Dana Smith last weekend after hundreds of auction winners complained that they sent $1,000 or more to a company named Liquidation Universe for laptop computers they never received. Police say the firm appears to have raked in $1 million from about 1,000 victims in just a few weeks.
Iranian protesters remain resolute

BBC News Online has received e-mails from some of the demonstrators and others affected by the action. read the comments.

Jun 13, 2003

Men's Blogger T-shirt

Check this T-Shirt doesn't it look good from all the other wearables for blogger? I guess it does.

There is a new section in google it's called Googlestore it has all the Items on the google and blogger. check it out.


Man the trip made me isolated from the rest of the world, no new or anything except that people watched a movie and Stanley's cup for hockey. but I didn't know what was happening in the news when I came back I realized all of the attention is on Iran, the protestors in Iran, Nuclear construction in Iran, riots in Iran.The Internet is full of these news right now. I can't go to a single website with out the word Iran and it's happening at these weeks.

The protesting is one of the big ones that has my attention also the other Iranians. Other Interesting news on Iran is the joined Iranian twins through the head. check this out.
Latest news on the protestors in Iran
News on Iran

I found this right now:
Google named best News service by Webby Awards

About my trip

Here it goes I'm talking about the trip now, first of all we went to our school at like 8:30 I had to wake up at 7:00 AM so I get everything ready.
it took us two hours to get there, me and one of my friends sat next to each other and played Game boy advanced there was nothing else to do. When we got there they told us the rules and everything, like don't swear or don't go to other cabin, we were separated from the girls, our cabin was called "Dogwood" we had the best cabin ever I couldn't sleep at all at the first day our chaperon flipped on the people that were running on the hallway I guess it was like 2:30 Am ha-ha it was funny he was in his boxers ringing around shouting at people and stuff while I was trying to sleep, I couldn't sleep everyone was turning on the lights.
In this trip a lot of fun stuff happened. We were al separated into groups I was group #3 so when they rang the siren we had to be at this " U" shape place, once I missed it and I looked everywhere for them but I lost them, so I went with another group for that activity.
I also sank my Canoe that was provided by the Camp in there with my paddling partner, he was shaking the canoe a lot and I don't know after I guess 30 minutes of fun in the lake we sank, the water wasn't that deep, they told us to wear shoes so we wouldn't get hurt by shellfishes and other creatures so I wore my shoes and we had to walk because we tried to bring the canoe the way it was and try to paddle back but it didn't work, they water got deeper on the shores. We had to put all the other canoes on the truck because we were the last ones to come out, that was just plain crucial, me and my friend ran to our cabins to get a shower we ran as fast as we could so no one could see us. Then we figured out that other student's sank too!

The last day we had to do a skit we made a skit about our chaperon going crazy on us, everyone loved it. Food and everything was provided by them, it wasn't bad well I was hungry I had to eat it, I should say 99% grease.
After the skit we had to play outside, it was night and some guy throw a soccer ball at me without any purpose so I ran after him o kick him but I fell and triped over rocks so I hurt my elbow and there was a lot of blood that day, one of the teachers helped me with first aid and to make my elbow feel better I saw something similar to this at eyranian.net .
The camp was running by the Salvation army. we had a Misses so she said grace before each meal we had.
On the last sleeping day I should say the second day our chaperon made us sleep whenever we wanted to, so we didn't sleep until it was 5:00 AM or I guess 4:00 AM, some of my friends put shaving cream on my face and my eyes my eyes burnt for a few minutes. I was sleeping so good.
It was fun we did a lot of activities. After that we go to the school and we went home my mom told me that my two little sisters were asking about me during my trip.

Jun 12, 2003

A new Iraqi blogger

Here is a new Iraqi blogger that writes in English and talks about life in Iraq.

G said:
"If we were in Beirut, grozny or Tehran with the same set of events we just had in Baghdad, We would have half of the politicians around us assassinated by rival factions, at least 10 suicide bombers, half of the American journalists here taken as hostages and sectarian / ethnic fighting’s in the streets."

G's weblog
A break after the trip

Hello everyone I know I haven't written anything after the three day trip but I will write really soon I promise I'm just tired from the trip and we had a gym test today (beep test) that we had to run back and forth so I'm tired. I will tell you all about my exiting things that happened on the trip, I loved the trip by the way.

Jun 8, 2003

Books by Iranian writers

there is a book called Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi's it's all her childhood in a comic strip style book about Iran and what happened in Iran in 1979 and everything else about it. I read an article on TIME about her and the way she writes it's very interesting.
An Iranian Girlhood

Going on a grade nine trip

As I'm writing this I'm going to pack my stuff for the grade nine trip an get ready for tomorrow. All the grade nine classes are going on this trip we had to pay a 100 a fee for each student for food and everything else. We are each organized in to groups, boys and girls have separated cabinets.student have been fundraising and everything else to get to this trip I just brought the 100$ (Canadian) in to the classroom with all the forums so I would be ready.I hope this would be a fun trip.I will write about it in my wblog after this three day trip will be finished.

Jun 5, 2003


Hello everyone here is a website that is being published from Canada for Canadian-Iranians it is in Persian I have seen other websites like iran2canada but Ircana has more information for Iranians in Canada.
My brother Ehsan (he's only 12) does a section in Ircana  too it's the gallery and information about Atlantic Canada, here is the gallery that he has done for the website, here is the gallery from around Dartmouth it's mostly around our house.
This is our sprinkler in front of our house, and the spring near my house I will show more pictures later.

These are taken by my brother Ehsan.

Jun 1, 2003

Singer's creations

This is a website for the creation of Mike Singer you can get softwares he has created, look at the screenshots or download them.