Nov 17, 2006


Mac emulation downloads for windows xp :p

Here is for those who might like the look and feel of the mac os x and want it on their pc as well.

Cops Taser UCLA Student

U.S.-Born Student of Iranian Descent Alleges Racial Profiling in Videotaped Incident

ABC NEWS: Nov. 17, 2006 — There is painful six-minute video that has suddenly spread all over the world via YouTube and "click here to watch" buttons on campus newspaper and TV station Web sites and on countless blogs. continue reading this


Nov 6, 2006

Stoned in Love Chicane feat: Tom Jones

Tom Jones and Chicane :) probably the best dance song of this year.

Oct 9, 2006


I just want to clear up something over at my blog, I'm not dead or have abandoned this blog. I've been just busy with University and I havent had a decent time to think over what I want to post.

After my workload is not really work anymore I will be blogging nonestop.

Till then blogging lite

Sep 17, 2006

Daily show and Africa :)

Jon Stewart gives the best option to involve people with the struggle in Africa.... link

Sep 16, 2006

The Princess and Professor. The CPU switch.

A blonde trying to understand how to change and put in a CPU processor :)



This used to be a sweeeeet DOS game that I used to play. take a look at it... very addicting link

10 most beautiful cars of all time

Automotoportal: Our search for the most beautiful cars was primarily guided by one criterion - undoubtful and unmistakable beauty, as much as it is possible to use that term when referring to cars.

Links to free episodes of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

If you like their show, then check them out link

Not bad, but don't take them too seriously.

Sep 11, 2006

September 11, 2001: What they saw

Never before seen footage till now link

There is no comments in the background and its an amazing emotionally moving footage.

Sep 6, 2006

Game Over (by PES)

Stop-motion videogame animation using everyday objects... highlighting classic retro game scenes! :) amazing watch it

War Backfiring on U.S., Khatami Says

NEW YORK -- On the eve of his first trip to Washington, former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami warned that U.S. military action in the Middle East has backfired, producing greater terrorism, imperiling the future of Iraq and damaging America's long-term interests.

Sep 5, 2006

BT - Flaming June

Unce Unce :D

Iran head wants liberal teachers ousted

TEHRAN, Iran -Iran's hard-line president urged students Tuesday to push for a purge of liberal and secular university teachers, another sign of his determination to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

If I say people should rise up and defend their right, everyone will call me a coward because I won't be doing it...
Iran is f***ed, more then ever... and I can't do anything about it so it's up to those who have the power to change something in Iran, plus no one wants another Iraq.

Sep 4, 2006

Steve Irwin is dead :(

Rest in peace, he was cool and I allways remember watching his shows

Loss of a crocodile.

Sep 1, 2006

Rene liu ruo ying - fen kai lu xing

This song is from China :D, a remake of David Ushers black black heart.

Aug 30, 2006


Just Another Soldier is written by a soldierwhos name is Jason Christopher Hartley from the U.S.A. who was or is in Iraq, and he reports about how he can't shoot the kids in Iraq... kind of angers me. He also put up some pictures of kids that he said "Photos of the week of cute Iraqi kids who I want to shoot"

He complains "You Can’t Shoot Kids" in the title of his post...

Jason also writes: Something I can not reiterate often enough is how monumentally misbehaved Iraqi street kids are. But some of them are just so darn cute, you can’t help but want to squeeze their little faces– until they suffocate.

Some of the comments are also intresting to read, as they show how stupid some people sound like.

Aug 29, 2006

Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam

Charley Reese: President George Bush's ignorance of the Middle East and its people is well-known. So also is his habit of parroting words and sentences given to him by other people. He hit a new low when he referred to "Islamic fascists."

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Death

Newsflash: we're all going to die. But here are 20 things you didn't know about kicking the bucket.

Aug 27, 2006

ATM mistake lead to $700,000,000 credited to bank account

englishrussia: This story happened a few days ago in Ekaterinburg city, in Ural region in Russia. One man decided to add some money to his bank account via ATM. He went to the nearest one and put 2,000 roubles (around $74). The ATM took the money and returned him a slip.

Aug 26, 2006

Aug 24, 2006

Back Dormitory Boys - DADADA

you can watch the original video here

Pluto loses status as a planet

BBC: Astronomers have voted to strip Pluto of its status as a planet.

About 2,500 scientists meeting in Prague have adopted historic new guidelines that see the small, distant world demoted to a secondary category.

Aug 23, 2006

Meet Aref, The Iranian-African!

eyeranian find this gem on the internet, it's hair raising ;) it's that good.

The boy is really sweet

Aug 22, 2006

Aug 14, 2006

Bump keying

Youtube: an unbelievable security flaw in locks, this is a very good lockpicking technique, works on at least 90% of all pin locks, very interesting, the man in the video is Barry Wels, a lock and security extrodinaire.

wow, well it's time to go with digital locks now then.

Aug 13, 2006

Google Maps + Google Video + Mashup - Claude Lelouch's Rendezvous

"On an August morning in 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris.

No streets were closed, for Lelouch was unable to obtain a permit." link

Read the instructions, it's pretty neat

Iranian president lambasts US on new blog

TEHRAN (Reuters) -
Iran's president has launched a Web log, using his first entry to recount his poor upbringing and ask visitors to the site if they think the United States and Israel want to start a new world war.

Aug 10, 2006

Iran's latest secret chic: Tattoos

TEHRAN -- It's an undercover movement -- literally: Tattoos have become a fad among many young Iranian women who proudly display them in private but must keep them under wraps from authorities.

Aug 9, 2006

In other news

If you had enoguh of middleast, take a look at this!

Nude man beats car with pigeon

SUFFOLK, Va., July 18 (UPI) -- Two Whaleyville, Va., residents were stunned when a naked man accosted their car in their driveway and began hitting it with their pet pigeon.

Aug 6, 2006

Israeli propaganda censorship

It's amazing when I see these things... link

Aug 4, 2006

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

A musical on treadmills, I smell money on this one ;)


Nasrallah is a bad name to have in Lebanon, youngster finds

BEIRUT (AFP) - Nasrallah is a bad surname to have in Lebanon, as
Israel tries to break the militant group Hezbollah.

Israel seizes Mohammed Hassan Nasrallah - 14 year old - and his grocer dad, in "daring" commando raid

Aug 2, 2006

Colbert Analyzes Wikipedia

In his popular The Word segment, Stephen Colbert features Wikipedia, analyzing its Truthiness value and the application of Wikiality on ALL information. Youtube

Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self

The Onion: WASHINGTON, DC—In a decisive 1–0 decision Monday, President Bush voted to grant the president the constitutional power to grant himself additional powers.

hehehe :p


Wikihow: How to Eat With Chopsticks

Finally I can learn this mystery

Don't kill Harry Potter, authors urge Rowling

NY:John Irving and Stephen King, made a plea to J.K. Rowling on Tuesday not to kill the fictional boy wizard Harry Potter in the final book of the series.

Jul 24, 2006


Chinese black helicopters circle Google Earth

Mystery military project wows the crowd
The Register: Those among you who like your skies darkened by black helicopters are invited to mosey on down to the remote Chinese village of Huangyangtan which hosts what must be the strangest military installation ever spotted by the Google Earth Community:

Jul 23, 2006

Meanwhile, The View From Inside Iran

TIME: Hizballah may be Tehran's client, but Iranians aren't buying the propaganda.

Jul 22, 2006

Experiencing déjà vu? Here's why

cooltech: Researchers believe they have found a key insight into déjà vu, the eerie sensation of seeing something that has already been experienced, the New Scientist magazine reports.

now that is what I allways wanted to know... :D

Jul 21, 2006

Paul Van Dyk - Another Way

Middle East Crisis: Who backs an immediate ceasefire?

Take a look at this...

Israel calls up army reservists

BBC: Israel has called up thousands of reserve troops and told civilians to quit southern Lebanon immediately, amid threats of a large-scale incursion.

... Senior Lebanese officials said the country's army would go into battle if Israel invaded Lebanon.

also Iran's stake in Lebanon crisis: Iran could both benefit and suffer from the continuing conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, according to some observers and ordinary Iranians.

Meet the Remote-Control Self

KYOTO, Japan -- Hiroshi Ishiguro is a busy man. Between his two jobs, countless meetings and presentations, his demanding schedule was eating up all his time. So he built an android version of himself to pick up the slack.

Is Lady in the Water a Floater?

Wired: M. Night Shyamalan's latest movie drowns in a pool of cheap colors, one-dimensional characters and wooden dialogue. By Jason Silverman.

How To Grow A Chair: An Interview with Richard Reames

Cabinetmagazine: Using ancient grafting techniques and a few basic tools, Richard Reames shapes living trees into furniture and sculpture near his home in Oregon for clients worldwide.


Jul 19, 2006

Jack Black Is Computerman!

Geekzine: In this short by Dan Harmon, Computerman (Jack Black), a half-man, half-machine in white underwear, saves his master from anal rape at the hands of the FBI through the power of the Internet (ed. note: ironic, since most of our experiences with the Internet have caused anal rape).

Jul 18, 2006


Obtain live malware samples through Google searches. (don't do it) lol it's stupid


Photo of the day: Israeli kids sends gifts of love to Arab kids


President Bush Strikes From Behind (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

This is funny lol

dailykos:At the G-8 summit, President Bush grabs German Chancellor Angela Merkel from behind and gives her a quick massage before rushing off. Chancellor Merkel is not amused.

Pictures and videos are all on the site

Arabist's photos on flickr

These are the photos that was taken by this user, these are the pictures that they would not show in United States. link

Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big Time.

Weirdtechnewshub has a list up :D

'Yo, Blair!': Overheard at the G8

The independent has the full transcript of Tony and Bush conversation, link

Update: Washington post

Jul 17, 2006

18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

Soothe a burn, cure a toothache, clear a stuffed nose...
Amazing stuff :D

Amazing pool tricks on Youtube :D

A whooping 5 minute long of this guys pooltricks. watch

Jul 16, 2006

A-Ha - Take on Me

This song and music video is from 1985, classic :D

Australian guy goes shopping while wearing stocking on his head

Must be the funniest thing I've seen this all week YOUTUBE

Scientists Eliminate the Need for Males

Oh no! :(

Gizmodo:Science has created all sorts of fascinating devices for us to enjoy, but now it's produced technology that could eliminate the biological need for the biggest whores for all that tech, males.

A monkey with a deathwish

This monkey is nuts! watch him

This monkey has a deathwish too, he calls himself Worlds Most Dangerous Comic

TinTin Intro

Brings back memories

I loved the books and the cartoon, still do :D

New Lebanon air strikes kill 23

BBC: At least 16 died in the city of Tyre, while strikes on a border village killed at least seven, including five with Canadian and Lebanese citizenship.

well it happened

Canada's message to its citizens in Lebonan before this:
Canadians warned to be wary

Canada's Foreign Affairs Department told CBC News that it has been monitoring the situation, but has no immediate plans to get Canadians out.Ottawa issued a travel advisory, warning Canadians in the region to remain indoors and take precautions to stay safe."The Foreign Affairs Department is looking at making plans available for Canadians to be able to leave," CBC's Nahlah Ayed reported on Sunday."They have not announced any plans yet, but they are asking everybody in Lebanon to stay in touch and to get registered at the Canadian Embassy."

Well no one in our government gives a shit... at least as I'm aware of.

Update: Their sending ships to evacuate the citizens

A Scanner Darkly first 24 minutes free

A Scanner Darkly is a new movie I'm anticipating to watch, directed by Richard Linklater which uses rotoscoping to give it a diffrent edge and animation look, Keanu Reeves plays as Bob Arctor in this movie.

Download the first 24 minutes of the movie for free!

Click here to download in flv format (FLV PLAYER REQUIRED)

Israel and Lebonan

If you believe everything you watch on the news then I recommend you to watch this documentary about the conflicts between Israel and Palenstine in the region and it also talks about why American media sympathizes with Israel.

What is making me feel a little angry is why the Canadian government is not acting so fast to bring its citizens out of Lebonan and why is Stephen Harper our current Prime Minister is taking sides with Israel.

In other news an American kid makes an RPG...

Jul 14, 2006

The Dorm Room Prank!

This is a very clever prank ;) take a look at the video link

Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist

Washingtonpost: Biologist Who Underwent Sex Change Describes Biases Against Women.

Republic of China

I find this very fascinating that, Taiwan's official name is Republic of China, read more

Easily mispronounced domain names: What are your favorites?

grupthink: These domains can be pronounced in different, often shocking ways. If you find more, please add them to the list!

hehe, funny stuff ;)

Jul 13, 2006


If anyone out there likes Far Side comic strips has to take a look at this wikipedia post ;) It even involves dinosaurs, oooooh :D

Wikipedia: Thagomizer

Jul 12, 2006

West African Black Rhino Extinct, Group Says

NationalGeo: The West African black rhinoceros has likely gone extinct, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) announced last week.

"The West African black rhino is now feared extinct," the Switzerland-based environmental group said, and Africa's northern white rhino could soon follow.

How to Treat a Mosquito Bite

eHow: Avoiding mosquito bites should be your first line of defense, but if the little bloodsuckers bite, you'll need some defense against itching and infection.

Great ;)

Musiclens In tune with you

Take a look at this! btw I got dance music out of this easily lol link

Israel invades Lebonan

CNN: Israel sends tanks into Lebanon after Hezbollah attack

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Hezbollah guerrillas killed seven Israeli soldiers and captured two more Wednesday, prompting Israeli airstrikes and military raids inside southern Lebanon, Israeli officials said.

Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z!

Japan Probe has a nice post on the new Powerpuff girls from Japan ;)

What's worse than the Powerpuff Girls? Why, the NEW Japanese Powerpuff Girls, of course!


This is soo cool, take a look at it if your tired of your boring dns server and try out this one! It even fixes up your typos and it tells you which site is intended for phishing, so it's a good anti-phishing tool.

1. Safer
2. Faster
3. Smarter
4. No software to install
5. Free

Jul 11, 2006

Street Installations

Weird stuff

Read this obituari :)

Read it, if you want, I'm not forcing you, but he seemed like he was a nice guy.

Signs you are not my new roommate

Craiglist: I'm looking for someone to move into my apartment so my voicemail and email have been inundated with prospective roommates. As a therapeutic exercise, I have compiled the following list.


Jul 10, 2006

Revealed: The disgusting abuse that sparked Zidane's fury

Daily Mail: It is the question on every football fan's lips. What did the Italian footballer say to prompt Zinedine Zidane's shocking headbutt in the closing moments of Sunday's World Cup final?

The answer, it has emerged, was a vile stream of racial and personal abuse.

First Marco Matterazzi called the French star the Italian equivalent of 'n*****', and then insulted both his mother and his Muslim background by saying he is the 'son of a terrorist whore.

Jul 9, 2006

Italy won :(

They didn't deserve it, France should have won...

Here is a video dedicated to a great player Zidane, I don't know why he did that, I'm Shocked. What he did tonight doesn't change anything, he's still a legend.

Update: watch this Materazzi video I found, it shows his previouse work on other players

Spain Pamplona - San Fermin 2006 - Encierro 1 - 07 July 2006

Why do they do this? looks like fun though
watch the video

Jul 8, 2006

Funny news reporter

Take a look at this guy while he gets crazy!!! lol link

Sash! - Ecuador

1997 ;) Everyone loves 90's COME ON!!!!

Jul 7, 2006

Transparent Laptop

Is his a hoax or for real? A laptop with a transparent screen. link

We have seen the laptops with the photoshoped backgrounds, but this is pretty damn cool if it's for real.

Ending Women's Suffrage

Some guy went to an all girls school to do this ;) wow Youtubelink

Jul 6, 2006

Putin recalls kissing boy's belly

BBC: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his controversial kissing of a boy on the stomach was just a spontaneous gesture of affection.

What I want to know is why not his face?

Stephen Hawking asks his question on Yahoo! Answers :)

I found it very cool of him to do so, "How can the human race survive the next hundred years?" that was his question

Jul 5, 2006

Late assignments ;)

Watch the video here, it's worth it

Piece of man's skull falls off, draws crowds

KOLKATA, India (Reuters) - Hundreds of people are thronging a hospital in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata to see a patient holding a piece of his own skull that fell off.


Operation to remove light bulb from inmate's anus

MULTAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - Fateh Mohammad, a prison inmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass light bulb in his anus.


World Cup a big yawn in football-hating U.S.

A recent polll revealed that 56 percent of Americans did not even know that the 2006 World Cup was taking place in Germany. Reuters

Jul 4, 2006


Now you can be famous for 15 minutes ;) 15x15

Jul 2, 2006

A better wall plug

Read more on this cool reinvention

Strange Conversations With An MSN Encarta Bot

Friedbeef: Below is an actual conversation I had with the new MSN Encarta bot with fancy AI I've been reading so much about...

Hu opens world's highest railway

BBC: Chinese President Hu Jintao has opened the world's highest railway, describing it as a "magnificent feat".
The Qinghai-Tibet line boasts high-tech engineering to stabilise tracks over permafrost and sealed cabins to protect passengers from the high altitude.

What's with all the fuss about this, I think it's amazing :) , although it might ruin the Tibet culture altogether :(

Iran: war by October?

Paul Rogers: Washington's political timetable may turn harsh rhetoric into military escalation, unless voices of restraint in both the United States and Iran can prevail...

Jun 30, 2006

Vibe Streamer

Free MP3 Streaming Server.
Easy installation and configuration.
Share unlimited files and directories.
Full support for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

This could be a good program :)

Massacre on Gaza Beaches

Mosaic: Massacre on Gaza Beaches PM Haniyeh Reacts Palestine TV, Gaza Bombings in Gaza Abu Dhabi TV, UAE Gaza’s Strike........

Warning it contains graphics that some viewers might find disturbing...

Why did Israel do this? Why in the world did they kill them while they were enjoying the summer?!

BBC has an article on this and why they attacked them.

Jun 29, 2006

This is Iran

Take a look at these heartbreaking pictures from Fradanews
Translation: Commited armed robbery of bank melli (National Bank of Iran)
Punishment: public execution

Warning very graphic

Jun 27, 2006

Maradona the original

He basically changed the game I would say ;)

watch this video

15 seconds and they score!

Check this video out :) it's Turkey scoring on S.Korea after 15 seconds. World Cup 2002


Check this out it's pedro!

You know Pedro from Napolean dynomite?! well that's him


Royksopp - Eple


This is a very cool idea made by Google Maps API then they combined it with Overheard in New York and thus Overplot was created. Overplot

Cool interactive flash

Drag the circles to attract the water, very neat


The Daily Show -when politicians talk about games

watch this video lol

Street Fighter Online

This game has been around for awhile by Capcom just thought some might find it fun as well :)


Computer books based on pictures, not text. Free.

in pictures

Jun 25, 2006

The Hottest Sauces in the World !

I love this list, it shows you the list of the hottest sauces in the world :) Check it out it's pretty cool

Jun 22, 2006

Saved! Fan catches woman in death fall

Telegraph: A Portuguese football fan who leant out of a window to complain about the noise upstairs saved a woman from falling to her death from the flat above.

My favorite sites for food and Recipes ;-)

Simply Recipes

Jun 21, 2006

China makes ultimate punishment mobile

USATODAY: ........................ Makers of the death vans say the vehicles and injections are a civilized alternative to the firing squad, ending the life of the condemned more quickly, clinically and safely.

Only in China.

Jun 20, 2006

Jail finds

jumbledpile: These are things I find abandoned in books or stuffed on the book cart at the jail where I volunteer.

Intresting stuff

A melon filled with gas and lit on fire and a baseball bat

This is the ingredient that made sassan laugh today, take a look as well Google Video

Royksopp - Remind Me

From 2002

Jun 17, 2006

Sewer Rats Healthier than Clean Cousins

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gritty rats and mice living in sewers and farms seem to have healthier immune systems than their squeaky clean cousins that frolic in cushy antiseptic labs, two studies indicate.

The lesson for humans: Clean living may make us sick.

wow! Amazing! But still I rather be clean than a dirty rat.

Enough Fear

Here is a campaign that is an international effort to prevent war between Iran and US. Their collecting photos of Americans and Iranians to voice their opinion on this great political bs...

Enough War

Jun 14, 2006

blogging lite

World Cup fever / Exams ;)


Jun 12, 2006

Iran Vs Mexico analyzing

I like these kind of football talks better than what I see on Canadian tv.

Jun 11, 2006

Computer simulation of a meteor hitting Earth

Allright this is creepy, and when it happens I will swear and drink lots of beer and probably do weird stuff that I can't type it up here...

Mexico 3 - Iran 1

Update Some more pictures :

WE ARE COMING BACK!!! after Daie gets sick offcourse

It was the goalies problem (mirzapour) and Daie is too old and did nothing !!!! Oh well mistakes happen and we should learn from them.

Hopefully the next game we will do better

Jun 9, 2006


The new Pixar movie that is actually looking good...
Summer 2007

Watch the trailer

Google Video Football Fever

w0rld cUp 2006 stuff

Germany killed Costa Rica but I felt sad for them :( ... 4:2
Poland lost as well although they had that home feeling in Germany 2:0 Equador won.

My bets for tomorrows games are


England, Sweden , Argantina will win ;)

Also the new Adidas ads "Impossible is nothing" was cool too, Watch it: Part 1, 2 and the making of.

Jun 8, 2006

Blonde attack! Ronaldinho survives

Youtube Video

World Cup Oddsmaker

Sizing up the best bets in this year's "Superbowl of Soccer." link

Ahmadi?!!@! r u shy?

Ahmadinejad refused to shake his hand with her, cuz he doesnt believe it's Islamic!!!
One messed up president :(
In Iran women and men kiss cheeks and even hug and also shake thier hands without going to hell for it ;)
But the government does not approve of these acts...

Jun 7, 2006

Gigi D 'Agostino - Another Way

Amnesty Internation clever ads

Look at these ads all across streets, shock ads. link
More info from adland

'We would welcome your troops with flowers...' While Iraq has been grabbing the headlines, Iran, its once tempestuous neighbour, has been relatively quiet - or has it? John Casey spent two weeks in the country and found that a new generation has tired of the claustrophobic rule of the old mullahs, so much so that many people envy the invasion of Iraq

Wednesday April 9 was an interesting day to be an Englishman in Teheran.

Nice article to read

Spanish castle illusion

I love this kind of illusions, read the instructions and be amazed.


AhmadiNejad Campaign Iranian TV interview

Very rough translations from Persian to English:

Ahmadinijad: Is the real problem of our country peoples hairstyle?
Youth do what they feel like to do with their hair... it's not mine or your business. What concern me are the real problems that I and you really care about, Government has to be concerned about the economy and the security of the country and its people, government has to support its people.
People have different tastes and diverse culture with great traditions and values, different looks. Government is the caretaker of everyone, why are you making your people less worthy? You have made the people so frustrated that the present problem with youth is their hairstyles and the government doesntlet them do what they want with their hair.
Is this the governments ambitions and goals? Is this what the people deserve?
It's really insulting our people.
Why are you not recognizing your people?
You really think our problem is some girl wearing clothes that's too revealing?
Is this our countries problem? Is this our societys problem?

The irony is his government started caring for those problems such as womens clothes and what people do... a crackdown on social issues they call it, such as dress code.

Iran police crack down on unIslamic women's dress

April 23rd Sassan:

An Iranian policewoman (back to camera) watches a couple kiss before restraining them on a street in Tehran, Iran April 22, 2006.

EditGrid Vs Google Spreadsheet


Editgrid is better for sure :)

Jun 6, 2006

Iran related videos

Hashemian Goal (Hashemian Vs Mahdavekia)
Zandi Freekick vs. Azerbaijan

Mahdavikia Goal against Mainz
Karimi vs. Leverkusen
Ali Karimi Goal CL
Karimi's Interview in German
Iran football team having fun and joking around


2 more days left!!

RBD - Mexico, Mexico

A Mexican WC2006 song, I guess it's fair If I post a Mexican soccer song as well as a Persian one ;)
Maximum respect for the Latinos
Sunday June 11th, 2006 will see you in Germany.

Voodoo priest predicts Togo glory

BBC:Togo's chief voodoo priest is predicting success for Togo's football team at the World Cup in Germany.
"The ancestral spirits say that Togo will go far at the World Cup," Togbui Assiogbo Gnagblondjro III says.

I say 99% your wrong! what if she's right? Oh my that would be crazy.

FIFA gets the colors right!

WCBLOG:Have you noticed that with the Italian refereeing crew getting the call for Iran-Mexico game, FIFA has officially made this a Tri-Color game?

Nice ;)

Real body found at Fla. fake crime scene

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Truth proved to be stranger than fiction for a high school criminology class investigating a fake crime scene when the students discovered a real body during a field trip.

How to Run up a Wall and Flip

Wikihow: Have you ever seen an action hero star or video game character run towards a wall, take a few steps on it, and flip backwards? Did you silently wish to yourself that you could do the same? Believe it or not, while difficult and dangerous, it IS possible to run up a wall and flip. The move is called a "wall flip". After plenty of training and experience, here are the steps you can take to complete this incredible (and potentially dangerous) move.

I should try this, but there is only one problem and that is I might die! :(

'I Had A Funny Feeling in My Gut'

MOSCOW – It was just past midnight as Stanislav Petrov settled into the commander's chair inside the secret bunker at Serpukhov-15, the installation where the Soviet Union monitored its early-warning satellites over the United States. Then the alarms went off. On the panel in front him was a red pulsating button. One word flashed: "Start."

Jun 5, 2006

Kung fu fan tries to stop train

China Daily: A 17-year-old boy surnamed Liang almost died when he tried to use a kung fu movement to stop a running train in Laibin Railway Station in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Tuesday, Nanguo Jinbao reported.

Made me giggle lol

Google Spreadsheets Sneak Peek

Creating spreadsheets in google, wow but still openoffice is better for being free. link


Wikipedia:June 6 2006 can be interpreted as "666": the sixth month, sixth day and the sixth year. The same is of course true of the same date in other years, such as 1006.

This whole biblical stuff is intresting ;) , not as intresting as to convert me though.

Moby - Porcelain

This song is from the year 1999
One of my favorite artists :)
Official Website

Taking the lead from man's best friend, the military wants to turn odor recognition into a science.

Taking racial profiling to a whole new level, apprently terrorists smell diffrently then others.

Seedmagazine: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, the government's primary agency for military research and development, has the time and resources to dream up some of the most groundbreaking ideas that modern science will allow. This pie-in-the-sky thinking can lead to great breakthroughs, though over the years there have been a few spectacular flops—Anyone remember weaponized bees?

Iran - FIFA World Cup 2006 - The Official Guide

3D Space Invaders

Use the arrow keys to move and remember that the playing field is 3D. Use the spacebar to shoot. link

Gummi bears defeat fingerprint sensors

The Register: A Japanese cryptographer has demonstrated how fingerprint recognition devices can be fooled using a combination of low cunning, cheap kitchen supplies and a digital camera.

This is amazing!

Ahmadinejad Playing footy ;)

You probably won't see this one on the news over N.America.

Support TEAM MELLI with Style ;)

LegoFish:Show your colors during this year's fifa world cup and support Team Melli! Go IRAN! update: Get your limited edition Team Melli player T's before they are sold out.


Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God

KIEV (Reuters) - A man shouting that God would keep him safe was mauled to death by a lioness in Kiev zoo after he crept into the animal's enclosure, a zoo official said on Monday.

Ukrain has crazy people... but the man who died answered a pretty tough question.

Animator Vs. Stickmen

This one is a great Flash video ;) link

Jun 4, 2006

Put stuff on the crab

To waste more time go here

Terror suspects arrested in plot to blow up Canada's parliament

The Independent: Canadian authorities were holding 17 men on suspicion of plotting to carry out terror attacks with bomb-making materials that police said were three times the quantity used to destroy a US federal office building in Oklahoma 11 years ago.

All related that I found which is intresting

Mounties 'supplied explosives'
The Age:Canadian authorities decided to move quickly against a suspected homegrown terror ring and head off any attack on Ontario targets after undercover Mounties delivered bomb-making materials in a sting operation, according to a news report today.

Canada Muslims fear backlash Canadian Muslims say they fear a backlash has begun following the weekend arrest of 17 suspected al Qaeda sympathizers accused of plotting bomb attacks.

Toronto mosque vandalised after 17 arrests
TORONTO (Reuters) - Vandals smashed windows of a Toronto mosque after a weekend police sweep that netted 17 suspected al Qaeda sympathisers accused of plotting bomb attacks, and Canadian Muslims expressed fear on Sunday that a backlash had begun.

Canadian arrests will fan debate on immigration Saturday morning was probably not the best time for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to urge the US to slow the implementation of tighter border controls on travellers from Canada.

FBI makes possible link between arrest of Toronto terror suspects and U.S.
TORONTO (CP) - A series of terrorist attacks plotted against unspecified targets in southern Ontario were "inspired by al-Qaida," a CSIS official said Saturday, adding that the ring of suspects arrested posed a "real and serious" threat.

Note: Items on display during a press conference in Toronto on Saturday. The bag of fertilizer, right, was not seized during the raid and was there for display purposes only. (CP/Aaron Harris)


Khamenei speech: Excerpts

BBCMONITOR:Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, addressed the nation on Sunday.

I have nothing to say about this leader, but if anyone has read Animal Farm will know what's going to happen, Iran is the real life Animal Farm.

'It's Time To Be Proud'

Another calorie story ;)

Sky: Fast food chain McDonalds is to launch a special World Cup burger that is bigger than a Big Mac.
The restaurant is to sell the sandwiches, which are 40% bigger than its biggest current burger, over a six-week period.
They will pack a belt-busting 669 calories.
The move has prompted outrage from health campaigners.

Allright I'm realy hungry now, so I'm going to make a Cheese burger YUM!!!!

Sandwidch fury!!!

Remember the 8500 calorie manwich , some guy tried to top that by making his own sandwich (No get this!!! it's 30,000 Calories.

The 2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Photo Gallery

There are a lot of intresting animals out there but were causing them to get wiped off the planet, very sad. link

Who will win the Golden Shoe?

The adidas

Ali Karimi offcourse :) VOTE FOR HIM NOW

Jdasjkh alsdjk....

What is this? MSNBC do you care anymore?

Jun 3, 2006

Afshin - Sheytoonak

Worlds Fastest Growing City

Dubai offcourse :) I was there last summer, I grew up there... so go here and check out these pictures.
In many areas, it is not easy to see Dubai's sky without at least one crane in your view; Industry experts cautiously estimate that 15 to 25 per cent of the world's cranes are in Dubai. Some US$ 90 BILLION are on-going in Dubai alone.

Pollution over China Blows out to Sea

Look at all the pollution blowing to Japan and probably U.S. , disgusting :(

Nasa: The atmosphere is a globally shared natural resource, and this image from the Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS) illustrates the point. A pool of air pollution has spread out over eastern China and then slipped over the coast like water over a dam. A river of haze flows across the East China Sea past the Korean Peninsula and northeastward toward Japan, where it arcs along the western coastline of the island chain before disappearing out of the scene at upper right.

Maximizing your ROI at Pizza Hut

This is an awesome idea to get way more for your money at the salad bar from pizza hut ;)


sweet link via eyranian :)

Mc Hammer Blogs! check it!

It's him, he's blogging for real :)

The Pirate Bay Back Online

Slyck: On May 31, 2006, BitTorrent as many people know it came to a grinding halt. The Swedish National Criminal Police raided Rex|Port80, the home of The Pirate Bay and at least 200 other domains. The raid disrupted The Pirate Bay, throwing much of the BitTorrent community into chaos.

Moved from Sweden to Netherlands :) sweet
The take down of The Pirate Bay: Operation Take Down

Alan Kotok the LEGEND died

He was the person who created the first game on the PDP-1 and he helped invent the joystick. R.I.P.

Joystiq: Legendary computer scientist Alan Kotok has died

The Asian Giant Hornet

Look at them! Their huuuuge.

Link (with pictures)

Jun 1, 2006

Dance monkeys dance by Ernest Cline

Go here

The Chemical Brothers-Let Forever Be

Another song from the 1999 :) enjoy

Luis Martinez scores vs Poland

A match between Colombia and Poland in the friendly match for WC2006 :)

Look at the amazing goal

The Iran Badge Hoax (Re-examined)

Kuro5hin: The world reacted with shock and dismay last month to the news that Iranian Jews were being forced to wear yellow badges, a policy made infamous by the Nazis. Canada's National Post featured the story on its front page with a headline reading "Iran Eyes Badges For Jews" above a photograph of Hungarian Jews wearing yellow Stars of David from 1944.

World Cup starts next week, but America doesn’t care

FifaWCblog: When Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology announced that final exams would be given June 3-29, hundreds of students stormed the vice chancellor’s office in an attempt to have finals postponed for a month so they wouldn’t coincide with the World Cup. And the Bangladesh soccer team isn’t even in the tournament.

An intresting and true article by a fellow blogger.

Teenage boy blows up the house with deodorant

Telegraph: A teenager left at home while his parents were on holiday decided to do some washing - and ended up blowing the roof off and causing £35,000 of damage.

Hmm... he's not dead!!!!

May 31, 2006

The Iranian Soldier-Bear of Monte Cassino

IranianChamber: After the Battle of Monte Cassino, one of the fiercest and bloodiest conflicts of the Second World War, many accounts emerged of the bravery and heroism of the soldiers. But perhaps the strangest story of all was of an Iranian brown bear who served alongside the allied soldiers in the worst heat of the battle. Despite the incessant bombardment and constant gunfire, the bear carried vital supplies of ammunition and food to his fellow-soldiers fighting on the mountainside. Many observers who witnessed his remarkable actions doubted the reality of what they were seeing. But the story was no legend.

WOW I love history! They never teach you this stuff in history class ;)

May 29, 2006

Why the Democratic Ethic of the World Wide Web May Be About to End

washington post: The World Wide Web is the most democratic mass medium there has ever been. Freedom of the press, as the saying goes, belongs only to those who own one. Radio and television are controlled by those rich enough to buy a broadcast license. But anyone with an Internet-connected computer can reach out to a potential audience of billions.

The Emergence of Social Inequality among Robots

cabinmagazine: In 1949 the British cyberneticist, Grey Walter, and his technician, "Bunny" Warren, built two electronic tortoises, Elmer and Elsie. continue reading this intresting article :)

May 26, 2006

If it quacks like an alien ...Unidentified facelike object peeks out from duck X-ray at wild bird rescue center

SFGate: As if crop circles weren't proof enough that extraterrestrials are among us, an alien has now been found in the stomach of a duck.

That, at least, is the conclusion reached by workers at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia (Solano County) when they viewed an X-ray image they took of a sick mallard.

via bb

crazy story about a duck ;)

Websites as graphs

Ashref: link

An SUV flipps on the highway (video)


Scientists ponder invisibility cloak

Yahoonews: WASHINGTON - Imagine an invisibility cloak that works just like the one
Harry Potter inherited from his father.

Researchers in England and the United States think they know how to do that. They are laying out the blueprint and calling for help in developing the exotic materials needed to build a cloak.


Get points for killing your stick figure link

Fun :)

Pandora: How to Rip and Save Pandoras Music to MP3 Files for Free

Tech-recipes has a nice tut on how to download the mp3 files!!! sweeeet

May 25, 2006

Atheist sues for proof of Jesus

CNN Video: A man is suing the Catholic Church, demanding proof that Jesus existed. CNN's Delia Gallagher reports (May 24)

hahaha! I wonder who will win

Fastest Internet Ever Coming Your Way

YahooNews: Someday, we might conquer the vast distances of space and visit the stars. But right now, on this planet, we are on the verge of eliminating distance itself. And the vehicle for eliminating distance is the next generation of the medium you are now using: the Internet.

yay great now were going to have bigger banner ads and DVD spamms and etc...

May 24, 2006

Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life

"Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" is a popular song written by Eric Idle which originally featured in the 1979 film Monty Python's Life of Brian and has gone on to become a common singalong at public events such as football matches.

Story about the song

Life of brian

Good question...

The straight dope: Why does the alarm clock snooze button give you nine extra minutes, not ten?

read the answer, it's actually quite intresting

May 25th is towel day!!!

What do I do?

Carry your towel with you throughout the day to show your participation and mourning.

When do I do it?

May 25th.

Where do I do it?


Why a towel?

To quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have. Partly it has great practical
value - you can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta;... continue

I've only watched the movie and also the British tv shows, overall Adams had a great imagination.

May 25th is for the mourning of Douglas Adams (1952-2001)


Look at this guy using an application called MacSaber on his Macbookpro. Starwars kid revisited :)

If all drivers were polite, they would get where they're going faster

Science Blog: A new study from the University of Michigan found that traffic metering systems that incorporate new algorithms for merging could reduce the seriousness of traffic slowdowns that originate near freeway on-ramps

Sadly this will never happen...

Aston Martin racecar flies farther than Wright Bros.

History is made! + look at the pictures :D

Autoblog: Last weekend during a practice lap at Mid-Ohio Raceway the 009 Aston Martin ALMS went airborne off the track and "flew" 142 feet before landing off the track in the dirt.

Windows Vista beta 2

First look from Cnet videos...

Not exciting at all, microsoft = teh suck! Its been forever since they have promissed us longhorn and now vista! :(


Soft drinks: Unsafe beverages

This is an intresting article on what soft/fizzy drinks do to you! ... link

A car that slows you down

CNET:Vehicles in London could soon be fitted with technology that would automatically slow them down if they break the speed limit.

Transport For London, or TFL, said it is investigating the technology and plans to run a trial next year in an attempt to cut road traffic deaths.

Teenager repellent "Mosquito" turned into ringtone

ringtonia: The kids call it Teen Buzz, and it's spreading it from phone to phone via text messages and Bluetooth.

Why can't they just put it on silence?!

Antiotter says he nearly died :D

Antiotter: My neighbor accidentally put a .44 Magnum round though my wall. It missed my head by three inches. It started in his bathroom, went through the mirror, went through the closet on the other side, blew through that closet door, traveled across his hallway, blew through our common wall, richocheted upward off my computer desk, and lodged in the doorframe. Continue looking at the pix ;)

May 23, 2006

Aqua - Lollipop

Aqua's success was so big that it could be seen in the Danish GDP for 1998. 0_0 WOW

Who doesn't like 90's!!!

Iraq Veteran Speaks Out On War Crimes

Description: Testimony from a former U.S. Army Ranger

Jessie Macbeth, a Former Army Ranger and Iraq War Veteran Tells All

This ... all » 20 minute interview will change how you view the U.S. occupation of Iraq forever. I cannot possibly recommend this more highly. An Iraq war veteran tells of atrocities he and other fellow-soldiers committed reguarly while in Iraq. I have never seen this level of honesty from a U.S. soldier who directly participated in the slaughtering of Iraqis.



Michael Meacher and Andreas Von Bülow express their serious doubts about 9/11 Link


Daryl Cagle's   

In another cartoon furor, the government of Iran has closed down the "Iran" newspaper and jailed its editor along with cartoonist, Mana Neyestani. The cartoon (see it here) is written in the Azeri language, the boy asks the cockroach a question and the cockroach replies "Namana" or "I don't get it." continue

May 22, 2006

Bob Sinclar - "World, Hold On"

Iran nuclear plans may be environment hazard -UAE

ABU DHABI (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates said on Monday Gulf countries planned to hold talks with Iran over concerns that Tehran's nuclear programme could pose an environmental threat to them.

Why are the Gulf countries saying this now? I mean come on... you were just told to say that by Germany I suppose or some other country.

Arash - Iran Iran

Persian song for Germany World Cup 2006

ISNA: Students at the University of Tehran protesting

They are demanding for an apology from the guards, and they are chanting slogans and singing patriot songs such as "yare dabestani" (Fellow schoolmate)
Pictures from ISNA: 1 , 2

Funny flash video with resizable browser


NETGEAR WiFi Phone for Skype

Product not available until July, 2006. :(

Looks cool though


Argentine Family Photograph Themselves Once a Year Since 1976

Can't wait till June 17th to see how weird they look like!


May 21, 2006

Iran Air 747 Late 1970s Ad

Description: This is a one minute ad for Iran Air. Your thickly accented Iranian guide describes the advantages of using IA to Teheran, Iran - Land of 1001 nights.

Mac and Pc ads side by side


This is a Saudi textbook. (After the intolerance was removed.)

Washingtonpost: "God told His Prophet, Muhammad, about the Jews, who learned from parts of God's book [the Torah and the Gospels] that God alone is worthy of worship. Despite this, they espouse falsehood through idol-worship, soothsaying, and sorcery. In doing so, they obey the devil. They prefer the people of falsehood to the people of the truth out of envy and hostility. This earns them condemnation and is a warning to us not to do as they did." Continue

May 20, 2006

The whole story of the Iranian badges...

See how a a fake story became so big... shame on you national post!

Blogcritic:Iranian Badges for Non-Muslims a Propagandic Feast for Reckless News Agencies

Hoder: The real story behind the 'badges for Iranian Jews'

Vista Transformation Pack 4.0 Released

Now you can make your windows xp look like Vista (Current) for free :)
If you want to download or check out the screenshots then click on the picture below.

Da Vinci Code

A movie based on the book by Dan Brown, pure fiction with some fact...

Ive never read the book because I dont read books that dont interest me and also books with plots that seem too obvious.

I watched the movie the second day it was out on the theaters and let me say, it was a good thriller and with some interesting plots but almost every timeyou could have guessed what would come next.

Some funny parts I have to say were the monk beating himself up for Jesus, Tom Hanks saying he needs a library fast and many more...

2 hours long with a lot of useless dialogue and I'm not sure why Christians are upset about this movie. The whole concept is WHAT IF... nothing else and I respect that. Besides that if anyone believes the religious aspects of this movie then they are clearly stupid.

Watch it, its a good fun movie but not a great movie... if your parents going to kick you out of your house for watching this movie then thats just ridiculous.

If you are going to starve your self to death so people will not watch this movie then you need a life, and if youre suing this movie for religious reasons than again your stupid.

Thats all I have to say


Infernal - From Paris To Berlin (DJ Alligator Remix Edit)



About : Songbird is a media browser and Web player built from Firefox's browser engine. Songbird is open source, will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and supports user contributed, cross-platform extensions.

Check it out it's really sweet! Can't wait for the stable version.


May 19, 2006

E3 2006

E3Expo - Electronic Entertainment Expo

It has passed and we saw the battle of the new consoles all three... with Nintendo punching their way out of the womb of being kiddie and creating the Wii and targetting a greater target audience and Sony PS3 trying to sell as much as possible with only graphics on their mind, and Microsofts Xbox 360 with their Xbox live and also their community and media center ideas, all three are trying to get our money. Year 2007 is just around the corner and we might see something intresting here, Sony for the first time could be the 3rd or even 2nd most popular console after Nintendo's Wii due to its price tag.

For those who are intrested here are some links

Joystiq E3
Kotaku E3
Reviews and previews/Screenshots:
To the game
Google Video: E3 2006
Youtube : E3 2006

Really upset by Ramin's arrest

The Iranian government should worry about feeding its people then arresting those who are writing books...

Lady sun says: Don't keep quiet about Ramin Jahanbegloo!

Another arrest... Ramin Jahanbegloo’s arrest reminds me of Sina Motallebi’s arrest, except for the fact that Sina was a friend and I don’t know Jahanbegloo very well... continue reading it

I Ordered A Pizza, But I Got A Dose Of Reality Instead

An intresting yet believable article on a pizza deliviry man who came to the authors door and said the unexpected.

Read the article here

May 18, 2006

India wants a robot army!

Sounds like Si-Fi now but it could happen...

India to embark upon robotics, remote tech weapons: PM
New Delhi, May 14: Observing that India`s indigenous defence research was "gaining in confidence", Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the country would soon embark upon production of cutting edge technology weapons in sensors, robotics, propulsion systems, stealth and fighting wars through use of remote technology.

Yahoo is trying hard!

I think they are getting better at this, check out their video search and also their new homepage | or theirsimplified search which looks like Google.

Yahoo Video

FAST FOOD NATION Trailer -- "The Big One"

Could be good ;)


What were they thinking...?
You know what we're talking about.
You know of some weird ass street name in your neighborhood.
Click on the red markers to check these out, zoom in to see the awful truth, and you can also add your own.

Check it out, good for a laugh or guranteed to make you giggle at least ;)


Ehsan the second father of Blogs in Iran!

He got engaged and announced it on the net ;)
congratulations to his engagement

Ehsan: Golnaz and I got engaged last night. I’m so happy and wanted to share this great feeling with you! :D

I consider him the second blogger because, he started blogging right after Hoder, and his blog was very enjoyable!

Note: this is not the first time that an Iranian blogger announces his engagement on their weblog.

David Guetta - Just A Little More Love

Lawmaker says Marines killed Iraqis 'in cold blood'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A decorated Marine colonel turned anti-war congressman said Wednesday that Marines killed at least 30 innocent Iraqi civilians "in cold blood" in Haditha in November, suggesting the attack is twice as bad as originally reported.

Somewhat related (Watch Lazy Ramadi)

May 17, 2006

BBC News 'wrong Guy' is revealed

BBC: The true identity of a man who was mistakenly interviewed on BBC News 24 has been revealed.
Guy Goma, a graduate from the Congo, appeared on the news channel in place of an IT expert after a mix-up.

Watch the video here, look at his face!!! link

May 15, 2006


Wikipedia: The Hashshashin (also Hashishin, Hashashiyyin or Assassins) had a militant basis as a religious sect (often referred to as a cult) of Ismaili Muslims from the Nizari sub-sect. They were thought to be active in the 8th to 14th centuries.

Intresting read :)

May 14, 2006

Iran vs Israel

The final game of Asian Cup 1968. Iran won 2-1

May 13, 2006

Brown note

wikipedia:The brown note, according to an urban legend, is an infrasonic frequency that causes humans to lose control of their bowels due to resonance. Effective frequencies are reportedly between 5 and 9 Hz, below the audible range for humans (humans cannot hear below around 20 Hz). The brown note is unrelated to brown noise.

President says his letter to President Bush was invitation to Islam

IRNA: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that his letter to President George W. Bush did not concern the nuclear dossier, but rather was an invitation to Islam and the prophets culture.

Right from the Islamic republic agency! lol

May 11, 2006

How to be a man

Maddox's satiric Web site spawns popular book

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- For nearly 10 years, the Web site run by a man who goes by the name "Maddox" has amused and irritated thousands with a no-holds-barred brand of satire, leaving nothing sacred or safe.

Rare Mirage Lasts for 4 Hours off East China Shore

wow, it's amazing!

Click here

May 6, 2006

Benyamin Bahadori - “85”

Avaye Nakisa (Iran)
2006 (1384)

Bia2: Is it even possible that you have managed to miss the recent sensation caused by this mysterious Iran-based artist?! A couple of months ago some scattered songs surfaced on the internet from an artist by the name of Benyamin, who later showed himself to be Benyamin Bahadori!...

Also read an interview with him in Persian newspaper Shargh, and click here to download it.

Ali Khamenei

Ali Khamenei | Wikipedia

May 5, 2006

Garfield by Jim Davis

Here is a discusion made by the Comic Strip doctor!

Garfield is by far the most boring / un-original success comic strip in the world.

May 3, 2006

First Pet Hospital Opened in Iran

Opened in 2004 by Payam Mohebee

May 2, 2006

Iran Driving

WOW, If anyone invades this country which I doubt it... first thing they need to do is fix the roads and the whole system.

May 1, 2006

CHN’s Exclusive Interview with Juliette Binoche

Tehran, 12 April 2006_Ladan M. Sadeghioon (CHN) -- "Sharing feelings and thoughts is the abstract reality of life," said Juliette Binoche, famous French actress who traveled to Iran for a short visit by the invitation of the prominent Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami.

For those who don't remember her she was in that movie Chocolate ;) ... everyone who likes Chocolate should have watched that movie :D

Nancy Ajram - Ah Wa Nos

Arabic (Egyptian) music Video with Nancy singing it ;)

Linking Tehran and Tel Aviv

BBC:Hossein Derakhshan is a 31-year-old Iranian internet activist, based in Canada, who writes the bilingual weblog Editor: Myself. Here he writes about his first visit to Israel, which he undertook to challenge the stereotypes of both Iran and Israel.

Apr 30, 2006

O'Reilly makes me mad!!

O'Reilly: Blowing Iran "off the face of the earth ... would be the sane thing to do"


Apr 26, 2006

PROOF men are from mars, women are from venus!

Briana says: Heya guys,

My friend stumbled across this as somehow passed around through her extended network of friends through their extended network of friends, through their extended network of friends, through..... you get the picture. This was just SO HILARIOUS i HAD TO share it with you guys. Guaranteed to make you smile! =)

Read the rest it's really hilarious, definitely made me laugh. Link

Apr 24, 2006

Executed for the crime of entertaining the children

TimesOnline:FOR the crime of staging a children’s show, Faud Radi and Haidar Jawad were executed by the new moral guardians of Baghdad.

There is something wrong here, what has happened to us Humans?! How come we have forgotten to love and be peaceful.

Cow stuns experts by delivering egg

WTF! Now I've heard everything.

China Daily: A cow mysteriously delivered an "egg" recently in Qinhuangdao of Heibei Province.

The 1-year-old cow was found to have delivered what seemed to be a black egg early one morning last week. The strange "egg" has the same shape of a real egg but a bit larger.

The owner said that the cow ate much more since it delivered the "egg."

Animal experts have been curious over the "egg" and have begun researching it.

Apr 23, 2006

Crackdown in Tehran

An Iranian policewoman (back to camera) watches a couple kiss before restraining them on a street in Tehran, Iran April 22, 2006. REUTERS/Stringer

For more pictures of the Police cracking down on the youth go here and here