Jun 7, 2006

AhmadiNejad Campaign Iranian TV interview

Very rough translations from Persian to English:

Ahmadinijad: Is the real problem of our country peoples hairstyle?
Youth do what they feel like to do with their hair... it's not mine or your business. What concern me are the real problems that I and you really care about, Government has to be concerned about the economy and the security of the country and its people, government has to support its people.
People have different tastes and diverse culture with great traditions and values, different looks. Government is the caretaker of everyone, why are you making your people less worthy? You have made the people so frustrated that the present problem with youth is their hairstyles and the government doesntlet them do what they want with their hair.
Is this the governments ambitions and goals? Is this what the people deserve?
It's really insulting our people.
Why are you not recognizing your people?
You really think our problem is some girl wearing clothes that's too revealing?
Is this our countries problem? Is this our societys problem?

The irony is his government started caring for those problems such as womens clothes and what people do... a crackdown on social issues they call it, such as dress code.

Iran police crack down on unIslamic women's dress

April 23rd Sassan:

An Iranian policewoman (back to camera) watches a couple kiss before restraining them on a street in Tehran, Iran April 22, 2006.