Jan 31, 2005

Milk Bags v2.0

A whole site about Canadian milk bags lol , man everyone around the world does it. link

New Cancer Gene Identified

Pokemon cuases cancer? OH MY link via metafilter

Malcolm in the middle fun fact

23-Jan-2005 pc: 06-04-608
This episode was funny but did you know:
The website Malcolm mentioned, GiantJackass.com, does not exist. The website that Malcolm mentioned, www.GiantJackass.com, was purchased in 23 Jan 2005 19:55:26, only a few minutes after Malcolm mentioned it. Taken from Tv Tome

ACSI matrix movie lol

This one is cool it is done entirely in Javascript. link

What's next for next-gen consoles?

BBC: The next generation of video games consoles are in development but what will the new machines mean for games firms and consumers?

Jan 30, 2005

Funny jokes on Easter

Here is a good picture about EASTER. link

Chess Basics

IBM on Chess Basics they also have something on hacking to protect yourself that i'm trying to find.

update: I found those hacking links here they are >

Ethical Hacking
Hacking techniques 1 and 2

They are all from IBM

Jan 29, 2005

Japan bean plants sprout messages

BBC: Ever wanted to say "I love you" and never found the words? Well now you can buy a plant that says it for you.

Good abondonware website

Abandonia is a good site for all of thos those abandoned games link
Dosgames is good too :)

The 'Complete' History of the Internet


Old computers back in 1986

WOW sooo many of them link

Pc self destruct button

Awsome I want one of these link (Foreign)

Epitonic Radio

Epitonic Radio - Epitonic.com: Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music


Jan 28, 2005

Windows Media Center for all THEME

Go here and download the Windows Media Center 2005 edition theme! very cool


Blog Overkill

Slate: The danger of hyping a good thing into the ground.

Vintage videogame commercials

Joystiq: Remember the good old days? When a console was advertised by getting, say, George Plimpton (God rest his soul) to come in and talk smack about the competition? Those were the days. Especially when, looking back, both consoles produced output that looked like rubbish. Gameplay was king, baby! link, it is nice to see these old ads, see the new ones at gametrailers.com

Awsome old Apple ad

Taken from the site: Matt Groening Apple Ad This is an ad for the Macintosh around 1989. link

Yellow Pages on A9.com

Yellow ppage? only for U.S. that sucks. link

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing chimeras—a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.

This stuff is scary!

Jailed for using a nonstandard browser

BB: A Londonder made a tsnuami-relief donation using lynx -- a text-based browser used by the blind, Unix-users and others -- on Sun's Solaris operating system. The site-operator decided that this "unusual" event in the system log indicated a hack-attempt, and the police broke down the donor's door and arrested him...

Update:Is this the same thing?

BBC : An attempt to hack into the website of the Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC) that was set up after the Asian tsunami, is being investigated.

Jan 27, 2005


Here it is all of the archives of bittorent I could find on my blog

What is BitTorrent?
Bittorent again!
First time when a search engine was very nice with BT
The shadow of internet by Wired
A Torrent searcher + IRC ;)
Here is a list of BT sites that are usefull I update it most of the time (daily sometimes)

Other websites:
BitTorrent Terminology
How to Make a Torrent File

Wikipedia on BITTORENT

I recommend Azureus, it only uses one port, for uploading and downloading and there are also a lot of extensions that can be obtained from their website.

Honourable mentions:
G3 Torrent very easy to use
ABC (I used to use this all the time a lot of bugs and also a CPU usage is big)

New links, These will be added soon ;), as being part of the big list:

Jan 26, 2005

Google snaps up top Firefox programmer

Cnet: Google has hired the lead programmer of the Firefox Web browser, the newest step in the search engine powerhouse's encroachment on Microsoft's turf.

Google webbrowser? any time soon

Information Wants to be Liquid

Wired: The web as we know it was invented by a British academic working in Switzerland. Is a Nordic academic working in Britain about to redefine it forever?

What if the whole web was editable ? like WIKI's

The Firefox Explosion

Wired: It's fast, secure, open source - and super popular. The hot new browser called Firefox is rocking the software world. (Watch your back, Bill Gates.)

About the people behind Firefox


This is kinda old but this is my favorite feuture on my computer now days, I've been using it for couple of weeks now. I can watch some highlights of some shows that I like. Go and test try this thing, this is good too after Google Video.


X-Play's Best of 2004 Nominees

G4techtv:We all know X-Play is notorious for it’s “Brutally Honest Reviews,” and the second annual Best of 2004 awards reflects that reputation. The 2004 nominees are listed below (in no particular order), but in order for you to find out what game wins each category and the top-spot of Game of the Year you'll have to tune in to X-Play's Best of 2004 airing January 26 at 11pm ET/8pm PT.

Look at this list!

Something awfull: My Snowy Tribute to Calvin & Hobbes. Bunch o'

Something awfull forums has something every time, this time they have Snoman shaped like my fave comic strip Calvin and Hobbes! link

The Daily Show on Iran

This funny episode that was aired yesterday, talked about USA attacking Iran, and invited Seymour Hersh, the writer of the New Yorker, John also talked about what we don't know about Iran.
haha I giggled and laughed at some parts because it was funny specially when they talk about lets go bomb Iran brought to you by Target.

The Daily Show 01 25 05 Seymour Hersh download it now while it has a lot of seeders ;)

Torrent file from btefnet, also here is a debate on bombing Iran ;(


This iis neat, you can convert any 400*400 (max) jpeg to an ASC. link

Funny Hamster

This hamster is getting ready to go to IRAQ

Jan 25, 2005

PlayStation 3 in WIKIPEDIA

Wow, I started this, with some stuff on it in WIKIPEDIA and now there are tons of information on it in less then a day. I love this

Here is the page that I started about the Ps3

Windows 64 to arrive in April

The INQUIRER: SOURCES CLAIMED Microsoft is planning to introduce its 64 bit operating system for Intel and AMD processors (iAMD64) on the 29th of April. The sources are close to Microsoft.

Video of Jobs introducing the Macintosh in 1984

Kottke.org:acintosh turns 21 years old today and as a birthday present, the long-lost video of its introduction by Steve Jobs has been posted to the web by TextLab on their weblo....

Are you tall or not?

Compare your height to some famouse people like BUSH and HITLER! link

Are you tall or not?

Compare your height to some famouse people like BUSH and HITLER! link

Jan. 24 called worst day of the year

MSNBC: British psychologist calculates ‘most depressing day’

This is true, well it snowed a lot, and I have an exam coming up on Thursday and we just had three storms, I also have hit a snow bank ruined my car. what can I say I hate jan 24th lol, It is the new Feb 13th

Ukrainian hasn't slept in 20 years

OH MY, ANANOVA reports that this 63 year old man hasn't slept in 20 years. Link


Wikipidia animation on how Wikipidia works, and how it changes

This is for Wikipidia, link

Google video is here

Nothing new I've seen http://alltheweb.com do this in 2000 and 2001, next thing we are going to see is search FTP from google I guess.

Google Video

You can't watch the videos lol, you can only see the monologue

Video shows U.S. hostage with gun to head; 3 police killed in Baghdad clashes

CBC: An American hostage pleaded for his life with a rifle pointed at his head in a video released Tuesday, while nine Iraqis, including a senior judge, were killed in a series of attacks that highlighted the security risks ahead of this weekend's elections.

Cool family time pictures

Check this out, very intresting link

Jan 24, 2005


Is this the next Playstation? ps3 check this screen out, here is another one.

we have to wait till 2006 and find about this or this May at E3 2005

Palestine banknotes & coins

I thought it was intresting, because I have never seen any Palestinian bank notes and coins. link

Random live webcams from Google

Opentopia has made a tool that you don't need to put in commands in google. It will show you what is out there, here is the link.

Some new Longhorn screen shots

Awsome, link

Jan 23, 2005

Bunny suicides!

link, it will make you luagh ;)

Update: Oh someone asked how I found this link, I found it while surfing the net with StumbleUpon, good tool ;) I hope you guys/girls like it.

Jan 22, 2005

eXeem is released

Download it

Gourmet Salt: Reference Guide

I found this website selling salt and they had a salt information on their products, there are soooo many kinds of salt out there. Here is the Guide to salt.


This site is awsome it has all of the 80's cartoons in it, it has archives of the names and all the things you need to know about that era. link

Portable Firefox 1.0

This is a how to, here it is.

Jan 20, 2005

Guidelines to development on the HOLLYWOOD OPERATING SYSTEM

Here is the text read it, it's funny ;) link

Jan 18, 2005

Bill Gates Strikes a Pose for Teen Beat Photospread, 1983


link (from BB)

Jan 17, 2005

Don't do this at home!

Linux kernel?

wow this must have taken them a long itme to build. link

Gran Turismo 4 it's coming

Check out these leaked pictures of the game covers and the cd ;) I heard that this game uses Double layer dvd's, hmm.. I can't find a single Double layer media around here.

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

BBC: We are all seeing rather less of the Sun, according to scientists who have been looking at five decades of sunlight measurements.

Blogs contribute to political reform in Iran (New York Times...

NYTIMES: TEHRAN, Jan. 15 - Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a vice president of Iran until his resignation last fall in protest against the new hard-line Parliament, is that rare reformist who has kept alive the movement's promise for open communications with the public.

I dont know if his actions going to do anything!

Look at me I can take pictures with my phone.

By the way I have the same phone the same colore and everything lol

Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Reuters is reporting this not me ;) link

Jan 16, 2005

U.S. Tsunami donations equal one day of Iraq war cost

When the tsunami first hit the shores of South East Asia on Boxing Day, the leaders of the world's richest countries were a little slow on the up-take, (and not exactly quick to open their wallets either). Here in the U.S., for example, the government initially, seemed quite proud of the fact that they had pledged the grand total of $1M to relief operations. link

The world's tallest virtual building!

Get your apartment today! lol link

Movie mistakes!

All the bloopers you want. link

Some pictures of fish

link (RUSSIAN) they look cool, i've never seen anything like it.

more on this on Slashdot wow this is now an urban legend

Jan 15, 2005

Cool comic strips

e-sheep.com has some cool comic strips. (their huuuuge)

This flash video doesnt make sence lol

Funny flash animation, very familiar to the end of the world. link

Beta News

Nice information about unreleased software ;)



Description:TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software. The programs run in Windows and cover the most common tasks such as word processing, presentations, e-mail, web browsing, web design, and image manipulation. We include only the highest quality programs, which have been carefully tested for stability and which we consider appropriate for a wide audience.


Linux Themed Wallpapers


Green Tea Kit Kat ??

Well there is in Japan link

Opportunity Spots Curious Object On Mars

Space.com: NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has come across an interesting object -- perhaps a meteorite sitting out in the open at Meridiani Planum. Initial data taken by the robot’s Mini-Thermal Emission Spectrometer (Mini-TES) is suggestive that the odd-looking “rock” is made of metal.

Teen Web Editor Drives Apple to Court Action

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Nicholas M. Ciarelli was not even old enough to shave when he started getting under Apple Computer Inc.'s skin.

oh my


It has landed, check out the sounds and the pictures link

Jan 14, 2005


All of the celeb ads in one site from JAPAN nice link

Shoot it

Just load the picture and start shooting at it lol, link

Probe Sends Pictures of Titan

WIRED:The international Cassini-Huygens space mission to Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is officially a success. Scientists got their first image from the Huygens probe Friday afternoon.

100 things that we did not know this year

BBC list 100 things that we did'nt know and did not care about. link

Jan 13, 2005

GMail Messages are Vulnerable to Interception

HBX: It all started about 3 days ago when MrYowler and I were working on a mailing list script to send out a batch of newsletters for a free hacker-friendly shell service we operate.

OH MY any official word on this yet?

World of Warcraft "oversold", pulled from shelves.

b&w:We heard a faint rumor yesterday that World of Warcaft had been pulled from stores per instructions from Blizzard Entertainment....

wow this is insane, why cant they just add more servers?

Jan 12, 2005

American Media and some reports about Canada

Watch this, this speaks for it self that American media is run by idiots and fools.

Unpacking the iPod Shuffle

Engadget: So immediately after the keynote finished, fellow Engadgeteer Lenn Pryor and I decided we had to have iPod Shuffles RIGHT NOW! Go now and check it out.

First iHome now Shuffle, SWEET G4TTV is weeping right now lol, TTV was way better and we all know it, I don't see a single sign of good tech news, it's all gaming and I got INTERNET for that.

Mutable Realms cancels Wish MMORPG title

GameIndustry: Ambitious "Ultra Massive" title is dropped from development.

   Very sad, they lived 10 minutes away from me. I went there yesterday to see if they were selling anything.

   My dad bought some of their quality chairs, and also sofas and desk and i'm also going to get a gaming rig from them. I talked to their game designer named Dana (unofficially offcourse), and he said that World of Warcraft or any other game on the market was not their reason to close down, they were not competing against those games. He said a lot of people signed up for the Beta testing but a lot of them did not show up. He also added that the Beta testing was rushed, while the game was not even 80% done, he said that they needed more work on it. Because of the poor reception of the gaming community they shut down.

   Dana also said that he got the news at 3:00 AM while working on WISH, he was very saddened that all of his work has been gone in one night. They are selling everything in their HQ in Nova Scotia same as New Foundland, Canada. I asked him how did you get into this game design and he replied he studied History and then he found this job, he also joked about from being a game designer to a computer salesman :)

Another cool game getting shutdown but I liked their ideas with Ultra Massive Online Gaming, as WISH was " the first Ultra Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (UMMORPG™). "Ultra" means that Wish supports more than 10,000 simultaneous players in a single, seamless world, without any zones or "shards"."

Official WISH site


COOOL, link

Jailed for a song

A campaing against U.S. government actions link

Mc Shuarma

Coming to Middle east near you. Man Mcdonald seems to be better in Middle east then here I guess because they have MC Shuarma.


Jan 11, 2005

New Data Shatters Video Game Player Stereotypes

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 11, 2005--New research released today by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shatters myths about the profile of typical American video game players, revealing that they regularly volunteer, exercise, and attend religious services.


Hallway time animation

Nice! check this video out. Funny but cool link

PeerCast p2p

What is PeerCast?

PeerCast is a new, free way to listen to radio and watch video on the Internet. It uses P2P technology to let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of traditional streaming. This means you get to hear and watch stations not normally found on commercially funded sites.


20 Year Archive now Available on Google Groups

Sweet, check it out link

Jan 10, 2005

Iran: Journalists Receive Death Threats After Testifying

HRW:Presidential Commission Heard Their Testimony of Torture During Detention
(New York, January 6, 2005) -- After testifying to a presidential commission about their torture during detention, a group of Iranian journalists have received death threats from judicial officials under Tehran chief prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi, Human Rights Watch said today.

By the way these were the webloggers that were arrested then released. OH MY

Jan 9, 2005

Bill gates Video is out on the net now

Here it is people

D-Links: Bill Gates demonstrates his new Media Center which doesn't work not only once but twice on TV. Go Conan.


Google exposes web surveillance cams

The register: Blogs and message forums buzzed this week with the discovery that a pair of simple Google searches permits access to well over 1,000 unprotected surveillance cameras around the world - apparently without their owners' knowledge.

This is cool it actually works too, more from BB

Jan 8, 2005

Toyota to employ robots

NONAMENEWS:Tokyo - Toyota Motor will introduce robots which can work as well or better than humans at all 12 of its factories in Japan to cut costs and deal with a looming labour shortage as the country ages, a report said on Thursday.

wow, Japan as we know it will be governed by Robots in Future too. :) it's going to be an actual real life Matrix movie.

G-Money and Me: Bill Gates Interview

Nice interview, read it


Engadget, has some pictures of what is supposed to be the 500$ (USD) Apple computer media center.

Atari Adventure

Recreation of Ataris Adventure game in Flash Macromedia. Adventure is the first of its genre and was the father of all adventure games.

Play it
This is a dragon lol

Bill Clinton Last days

Funny video starring himself, I can't beleive it, It would be cool to have a President like him. Here is the video

StarShip Dimensions

link, this is a cool site.

Jan 7, 2005

Lots of free gmail invites


Wow a site just dedicated for...

Funny videos that circulate on the net from tv, ads from super bowls and a lot of other stuff that you might have seen or not seen, (peeing monkey). yea that is soooo last century (1999 I think).

here is the link

Wired: Vaporware Phantom Haunts Us All

This one is my fave each year it gets better, check out this years Vaporware from WIRED, as usual Duke Nukem 4ever is the #1 of all time

"Take 3D Realms, the (so-called) publisher of the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever. After years of waiting, in 2003 we gave the company our Lifetime Achievement Award just to get it off the list."

amazing haha, read it NOW

Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses

The Register: Players of Electronic Arts' enormously popular simulated life game are complaining that their artfully-crafted homes and mansions are beginning to resemble the Twilight Zone, thanks to an artifact of the game's design that causes hacks to spread like viruses from user to unwitting user.

wow this is funny

Microsoft Windows AntiSpywere (Beta)

Nice, but this sounds a little iffy, a software maker going after other software companies

Download the beta now

Update: Don't get this, if you have kazaa or any other p2p file sharing program on this it will make you delete it, if it has adwere or spywere or not. It also will get rid of your downoad manegers such as Flashget and more. This is a crime, I almost lost all of my music. Just help yourself and get ad-aware.


Conan's full monologue before Bill Gates' Keynote Speech at CES 2005


Jan 6, 2005

Cigarette Advertising on TV

link OMG

Big news

Sixapart: Weblogging Software Leader Six Apart Acquires LiveJournal

SMS.ac fruad

Ok this is the first time I received a fruad email that it actually convinced me to click on. But I stopped, because it asked for my Hotmail Username and Password.

Read more about this SMS.ac, here


Jan 3, 2005

Gaming in Iraq by US troops

Metal Filter:Gaming in Iraq by US troops. Soon after the battle for Fallujah ended in November, U.S. Marines brought their Xbox consoles, Gameboys and laptops forward and started fighting the Covenant hordes in "Halo," Mario and Luigi's worst enemies and those irksome roommates from "The Sims." Of course such actives during war are nothing new. Iraqies have also gotten in on the action too.

I love these 2 comments people made about this lol

I guess the obvious suggestion would be to get US troops and insurgents onto the same network and off the streets.
posted by 327.ca at 11:17 AM PST on January 3

Awp wh0r3 c2mp1ng f2gg0t!
posted by basicchannel at 11:41 AM PST on January 3

Fly sui!

Hard and addicting flash games, i'm up for that. So I started playing this game my max is 4 :( link

Blogs Booming?

The Motley Fool: Everyone's been saying that blogs are hot. Well, despite the fact that a supposed 62% of us don't actually know what a blog is...

Nice article about blogs and their popularity

Jan 2, 2005

The shadow of internet by Wired

I actually printed this article and read it while I was in bed. Intresting stuff, link also The BitTorrent Effect, Artifacts from the future.

Gotta get my stuff done

Nice! link