Nov 30, 2003

Hacking Billy Mouth Bass in Linux

They say:This project uses the power of Linux to add brains to the Big Mouth Billy Bass. The goal is to use any Linux device--desktop or embedded--to make the Big Mouth Billy Bass say or act any way you want! That's right, we want to convert Big Mouth Billy to the least expensive peripheral you'll ever buy.

Nov 29, 2003


Print to PDF without using Adobe Acrobat
ROGER: You always try to put your best foot forward, so why do you still email résumés and letters as .doc or, worse, .txt files? There's a better way: the PDF file. PDF, an Adobe creation, lets you format the look and shape of your document and include graphics and scalable fonts. As long as the people opening your file have a PDF reader, they'll see the exact file you sent.
Download Go2PDF now

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DAN: Photoshop may set the standard when it comes to editing and manipulating images, but its $600 price tag has been known to scare off more than one potential graphics designer. Today Roger demonstrates a great free alternative, the GIMP. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and it has many of the features Photoshop users have become accustomed to: the ability to create layers, add filters, feather, add text, and animate. You'll also recognize the familiar floating palette that gives you easy access to a standard set of graphics tools.

Download the GIMP for Windows here
Our thought on Hoder going to The Parliament

Read this
Woman Knocked Unconscious By Wal-Mart Shoppers

ORANGE CITY, FLA-Authorities said that Patricia Van Lester arrived at Wal-Mart at 3 a.m. for an early sale on a DVD player for her mother. When the store's doors opened at 6 a.m., Van Lester grabbed the DVD player but was quickly overcome by hundreds of shoppers rushing into the store.
The woman was knocked to the ground, slammed her head on the ground and suffered at least one seizure, according to Local 6 News. Her sister watched the incident and tried to stop the crowd as they made their way to the merchandise.
Blogger receives $1000 camera from secret 'admirer'

He says: I am speechless
An anonymous MetaFilter member sent me an early holiday gift from my wishlist that I have been wanting for quite a while now: a digital SLR camera. I was shocked and surprised that someone would send something so expensive and I'm ecstatic that I've got an amazing 6 megapixel camera now. I don't know who or how to thank them but I am forever grateful for this gift.
Blood could generate body repair kit

NewScientist- A small company in London, UK, claims to have developed a technique that overturns scientific dogma and could revolutionise medicine. It says it can turn ordinary blood into cells capable of regenerating damaged or diseased tissues. This could transform the treatment of everything from heart disease to Parkinson's.
Englishman Discovers He's a Canadian Native Chief

Reuters - A 59-year-old retired builder from Yorkshire, northern England, was shocked to discover he is in fact a tribal chief with a claim to thousands of acres of land in Canada, British newspapers reported on Friday.

Nov 26, 2003

Vote for Hoder!
Jeff Jarvis:" Hossein Derakhshan, the Iranian weblog pioneer, has decided to run for the Iranian parliament!
See also the post below on the at-home primary. I suspect that weblogs give a person a small scent of power and can change their lives.
Hoder: Put up a tip jar for your campaign. I suspect there are no campaign spending limits in Iran, are there?"


Jon Lech Johansen's blog the guy who cracked Itunes for Windows users.
At first introducing it then getting angy emails.

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New Program Skirts iTunes Protection

Game console sales start to slip

BBC- Sales of game consoles are starting to slow down report market analysts. Sales of game consoles such as the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube are starting to slow down.
Star journalist embraces the hijab
BBC-An anchorwoman who appeared on an Arab satellite channel in a salmon-coloured Islamic veil has prompted a flood of calls to the station's switchboard.
Intel's new process preserves Moore's Law
New Scientist - Intel, the world's biggest maker of computer chips, has achieved an average feature size of just 65 nanometres for its next generation chip. The memory cells produced are half the size of the most advanced manufacturing technology in use today.
SUSE Targets US Markets With Service Pack - Linux distributor SUSE Linux said it is addressing major market shifts in hardware and storage with a free update to its recently released Enterprise software.
At the Movies With SBC Yahoo! - As the broadband connections become the norm and wide-screen computer monitors double as TVs, SBC Yahoo! is promoting a movie download service from Movielink.
Windows iTunes copy-protection cracked

MacworldUK-Apple's success in the nascent digital music market has justified its service as a potential target for crackers and hackers.

New software called QTFairUse appeared online last week. The software is capable of evading the anticopying technology that protects tracks sold through Apple's service – but only on Windows.

QTFairUse has been developed by Jon Johansen, a cracker that made a name for himself for figuring a way to break the copy-protection technology found on DVDs.
Iran censured for nuclear program coverup

CBC News - VIENNA - Washington has been forced to settle for an indirect threat of UN Security Council action against Iran for the country's coverup of its nuclear program.
TechTV's Top 20 Gifts
Techtv:This holiday season, Leo Laporte and Jessica Corbin count down TechTV's top 20 gotta-have gifts of the year. TechTV Labs reviewed hundreds of products this year and picked the 20 best of the best.

Nov 24, 2003

The Sims? 2 is the first entirely-new generation of The Sims, the ground-breaking game that allowed players to create and control people.
The Sims 2 challenges you to direct the journey of your Sims' lives as they grow from infancy through childhood, teenage life and adulthood.
Go to the official website
Feel Free to Jack Into My IPod his regular evening walk, software executive Steve Crandall often nods a polite greeting to other iPod users he passes: He easily spots the distinctive white earbuds threaded from pocket to ears.

But while quietly enjoying some chamber music one evening in August, Crandall's polite nodding protocol was rudely shattered.
Crandall was boldly approached by another iPod user, a 30ish woman bopping enthusiastically to some high-energy tune.
"She walked right up to me and got within my comfort field," Crandall stammered. "I was taken aback. She pulled out the earbuds on her iPod and indicated the jack with her eyes." Warily unplugging his own earbuds, Crandall gingerly plugged them into the woman's iPod, and was greeted by a rush of techno...

This is an awsome article on how people with iPods do.
German 'cannibal' tells of regret

BBC:A German accused of killing and eating a man he met on a website for cannibals has expressed regret for his actions. There are
800 German cannibals.

The government of Germany has to do something about this! or the numbers would go higher. I hope it doesn't.
GloFish? Fluorescent Fish

There is a fish like that!
GloFish? fluorescent fish will be on sale at a pet shop near you beginning January 5, 2004.

Where do fluorescent zebra fish come from?

Fluorescent zebra fish were specially bred to help detect environmental pollutants. By adding a natural fluorescence gene to the fish, scientists are able to quickly and easily determine when our waterways are contaminated. The first step in developing these pollution detecting fish was to create fish that would be fluorescent all the time. It was only recently that scientists realized the public's interest in sharing the benefits of this research. We call this the GloFish? fluorescent fish.
Link xylophonist prodigy video
Jed sez, "Video clip of Mo Kin, a 3-year-old North Korean girl, playing a complicated xylophone tune. (Until the voiceover narration made a big deal about how perfect her facial expression was, I thought she looked like she was having a great time; later, I wasn't so sure.)" Link
Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden

Sunday mirror:THE Queen is furious with President George W. Bush after his state visit caused thousands of pounds of damage to her gardens at Buckingham Palace.

Royal officials are now in touch with the Queen's insurers and Prime Minister Tony Blair to find out who will pick up the massive repair bill. Palace staff said they had never seen the Queen so angry as when she saw how her perfectly-mantained lawns had been churned up after being turned into helipads with three giant H landing markings for the Bush visit.
"The lawns are used for royal garden parties and are beautifully kept. But 30,000 visitors did not do as much damage as the Americans did in three days...

Ipods dirty secret

BB:iPod's Dirty Secret is a three-minute movie made by an iPod owner to protest the fact that Apple won't replace his 18-month-old iPod's dead battery. He's engaged in a one-man guerrilla anti-advertising campaign to stencil a warning over Apple's street posters promoting iPod. 6.9MB Quicktime Link

Nov 23, 2003

Trackback for bloggers

Some easy to use trackbacks for blogger users
1.No-Host Trackback
I just found out that these too all full and no more accounts are going to be created until further notice.

About trackbacks

If you know more please tell us!
HP and it's lack of service!

I hate HP from now on, I asked for my recovery disks in the last days of October! now it's getting to
December, I called them and they said the receiving date has been postponed. SO I have to wait this week If I get them or not. If I get it I will Blog more like before, if I don't then I have to Blog from another computer that is not mine and I don't have much control on it.

Sassan reloaded coming soon!
Half life 2

Changed the release date to April 2004

By Suneel Ratan, Special to Yahoo! Games

Half-Life upon its release in 1998 became one of those games that truly defines genres and raises our sights as to how video games can transcend mindlessness and begin to border on art. Based on the little we have seen thus far of the forthcoming Half-Life 2, we're looking forward to another game that further pushes at that frontier of the kinds of entertainment that computers can make possible...

PC Magazine article predicting the demise of blogging

PCMAG:Blogs, or Web logs, are all the rage in some quarters. We're told that blogs will evolve into a unique source of information and are sure to become the future of journalism. Well, hardly. Two things are happening to prevent such a future: The first is wholesale abandonment of blog sites, and the second is the casual co-opting of the blog universe by Big Media.
Man Arrested Over 'Spam Rage'

Wired:SAN FRANCISCO -- Call it spam rage -- a Silicon Valley computer programmer has been arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of the company he blames for bombarding his computer with Web ads promising to enlarge his penis. In one of the first prosecutions of its kind in the state that made "road rage" famous, Charles Booker, 44, was arrested on Thursday and released on a $75,000 bond for making repeated threats to staff of an unnamed Canadian company between May and July, the U.S. Attorney's office for Northern California said on Friday.

Nov 21, 2003

The moment JFK was shot| Slideshow

Eyewitnesses tell of the shots ringing out in Dallas. Watch
Blair lined up for Simpsons debut

BBC:UK Prime Minister Tony Blair will make his debut in US animated comedy The Simpsons on Sunday.
Mr Blair, who is said to be a big fan of the show, recorded his dialogue in April for an episode in which Homer Simpson meets him in London. Actor Sir Ian McKellen and Harry Potter author JK Rowling appear alongside in the show, called The Regina Monologues...The episode reportedly sees Homer crash a Mini Cooper through the gates of Buckingham Palace...

I haven't seen this episode yet.

Jackson Booked in Child Molestation Case

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) - Trailed by a phalanx of TV cameras, a handcuffed Michael Jackson was booked on suspicion of child molestation Thursday after arriving by private jet to face charges that could finish off his already declining career and send him to prison for years.

Image from Smoking click here to go to the page.

BBC:Holiday - 50 Places,
In April 2002 we asked you to tell us about the places you think that everyone should see in their lifetime. This is how you voted...
What to do if your internet connection goes down?

The toque: Every year we grow more and more dependent on the Internet. But would you know what to do if your connection suddenly went down?

No one knows when the Internet will fail. It could happen at any time, leaving you bereft of your e-mail, your sports scores, and your Blogs. Therefore, it's important that you and your family have a contingency plan for just such an emergency. If your connection to Cyberspace were to ever get severed, you should at least be prepared. We have included a few key points that should assist you if that were to happen.

Continue to read the options that we can choose if this happened

Canadian government on the benifits of RSS in an Governmental news website.

Nov 20, 2003

Canada revives UN measure rapping rights in Iran

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Canada said on Tuesday it introduced a draft U.N. resolution accusing Iran of human rights abuses, including suppression of free speech, torture and discrimination against women and religious minorities.

November 12, 2003
Seattle, WA, U.S.A. – Jones Soda Co. (the “Company” or “Jones Soda”), announces today that it will introduce a new seasonal flavor in its popular Jones Soda line – Turkey & Gravy flavored beverage.
A review:
Holy cow, when I bought this soda I was thinking, "This will taste like crap, I'm sure." Then I opened the top and smelled it and it smelled pretty bad. I started to drink it and I thought it tasted like a bunch of dried horses. Then I was vomitting all over the place and my mom was like, "Holy crap, did you just eat poison?" Then I said, "Hell no, this is some turkey soda. It's really good." Link

-Reek Stankleberry

A meat flavoured soda!

Nov 19, 2003

Ie 6.5 beta

Downlaod it now and check it out!

I have put a link of IE 6.5 in my Link dump but it was offline back then, now you can download it and check it out!

Link (includes-Downloads and screen shots)
Exposing the fake
Examine the evidence that unmasked Piltdown Man.

This was in our History text book as a fake. Link
Whale species is new to science

BBC: A previously unidentified species of whale has been recorded by researchers.
The creature is a close cousin of the blue whale and has been given the formal scientific name Balaenoptera omurai, reports the journal Nature.
Its Japanese discoverers say the 12-metre-long animal's DNA and anatomical features mark it apart from other whales that use combs to trap food.
Commentators believe the new finding may complicate the debate over whether commercial whaling should be resumed.
It was likely to delay any return to the regular harpooning of certain whale species, they told the BBC.

How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog
by Blogger Support

Do you blog at work? Do you check your referrer logs and surf the blogosphere all day from your office? Do you think it might be funny to mock your co-workers publicly, or that it could be a good idea to post photos of sensitive corporate information on your blog? If only Blogger Support could have reached this unfortunate Blogger sooner. Folks, this doesn't have to happen to you. Continue
President Bush Discusses Iraq Policy at Whitehall Palace in London G.W.BUSH speech in London today.

Broadband could be a ?22bn boost

BBC: Increased use of broadband internet connections could boost the UK economy by ?22bn, according to a new report. The study estimates that by 2015 broadband should have boosted Britain's productivity by 2.5%.

A news bot that collects pictures of the news around the net without words. link And here is MSN's newsbot after Google. Show's Jon Stewart boning up on Canadiana

TORONTO — Give Jon Stewart credit.
He's boning up on his Canadiana now that CTV has picked up his nightly news parody The Daily Show. When the American comedy import hit the CTV airwaves earlier this month -- until then it was seen only on the Comedy Network - Stewart had a few Canuck jokes to offer. But he agreed to sit down and be interviewed by Ben Mulroney for ETalk Daily, to air next Monday and Tuesday.

Disney's Toil and Success
Motley Fool- While it is our business here on, every once in a while we have to take time out from the stock market's frenetic pace and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Today, on Mickey Mouse's 75th birthday, I am doing just that ...

Nov 18, 2003

iranFilter (Beta)

Finally our own English cummunity blog, in Englsih. Here check it out!

Nov 17, 2003

Bush shrugs off UK Iraq protests
BBC: US President George W Bush has said protests planned during his visit to the UK this week do not worry him.
Hoder is thinking of flashmobbing the Iranian ISP's that blocked other people's sites plus his?
What good is a flash mob when you know who started it all?

Hoder:(Summary in English)Please provide the names of major ISPs that have still not unblocked my weblog and other some other popular websites. I'm thinking of flash-mobbing them. got their database currupt?

Metafilter: Blogrolls around the globe now all point to Laura's blog. Laura doesn't sound like your stereotypical evil hacker to me, but something sure went wrong at Anyone know what? Laura's blog seems to have gone down what with all the hits it must be getting, but you can still read Google's cache of it.

Nov 16, 2003

Slate: Did Bush mean a word of his speech about democracy?

America's proper role in promoting democracy and freedom in the world was a big issue in the 2000 presidential election. One of the candidates was a Wilsonian idealist, arguing that the prestige and even the military strength of the United States should be used to remake other governments in our image. The other candidate was contemptuous of this woolly-minded notion, saying American blood and treasure should be spent only in humanitarian emergencies or to protect our own narrowly defined self-interest.

BLOGGER: What to Do When Your Mom Discovers Your Blog ?

What to Do When Your Mom Discovers Your Blog
By Blogger Support
"With the raw materials in my blog, [my mom] could actually construct an accurate picture of who I am. This is f***ing serious." –The Onion
Canada's Chretien Confesses Italian Rooftop Prank

TORONTO (Reuters) - And now we know what at least one of the world's leaders has done when his guards aren't looking. Feeling shackled by the Canadian Mounties and Italian carabinieri who were protecting him ahead of a 2001 G8 summit in northern Italy, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his grandson scampered across rooftops to get free. "My grandson said, 'Grandpapa, let's escape.' So we managed to escape ... and it was quite a thrill. You know, we jumped from one roof to the other roof to a third roof," Chretien said with a boyish chuckle in remarks broadcast on CBC radio on Thursday.

Related: Chretien Bye bye
Hanging Corpse Admired as Sculpture on Campus!!!

BUDAPEST (Reuters-The body hung for a whole day in a garden building that had been re-opened for repairs before onlookers realized what it was and called the police, local media said.

Nov 15, 2003


Pedram at has writen about this music video Aisha made by a group called Outlandish
Pedram writes: ZaneIrani (Iranian Woman) one of my favorite (and regularly read) weblogs offers a link to this video sweet so beautiful ... nobody knows how she feels...

I found a post on an Islamic forum I found while I was Yahooing-Googling check out the reaction!

Click here for the lyrics

Update: Thanks for Mamad for correcting me, also go to and look for outlandish.
Big bird's peace bid
Arab and Jewish Muppets star in Middle East's Sesame Street
A series based on the TV show Sesame Street has gone on air across the Middle East, with the hope of encouraging peace and mutual acceptance amongst the region's children.
Baghdad Blogger

Salam pax has published his documentry watch it
BBC: Salam pax
Guardian: Salam pax is making a documentry ,about the documentry.
Salam Pax weblog

Nov 14, 2003

A Flash movie on how Legos blocks are created

wow, lego is some is some weird company! watch the flash animation.
Man I'm going to miss Jean Chrétien!


Martin promises government of change and renewal

Paul Martin, elected Friday night as the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, will soon take over as Canada's 21st prime minister.

Bush will welcome Martin as PM |

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Blogging forever!

Hey guys, I'm back check this live webcam of Dubai, man It was a cool place. And here is a link for a live webcam for Toronto More Toronto webcams and here are more Canadian webcams, and here is a Tehran traffic live camera. More countries

I'm getting my recovery disks so I can get all of my drivers back, so I will be blogging more next week.

Nov 12, 2003

Ghostzilla-CD 1.0.1

Ghostzilla browser for Windows shields you from the looks of people around you, when they try to see if you are surfing the Web. With Ghostzilla, they see your normal work screen. You see the Web page, drawn to appear inside your work application and to look like that application to a bystander.

The Onion - Mom Finds Out About Blog

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In a turn of events the 30-year-old characterized as "horrifying," Kevin Widmar announced Tuesday that his mother Lillian has discovered his weblog.

Nov 11, 2003

Twenty-Six House Democrats Push to Fire Rumsfeld

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of more than two dozen House of Representatives Democrats on Monday said they had introduced a resolution urging President Bush to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
Steve, Don't Eat it!

This guy ate DOG FOOD, his name is Steve he ate dog food! just to see if it tastes like real bacon! haha it's funny

How democratic is the Middle East?

BBC: President George W Bush has said the US will focus on nurturing democracy in the Middle East. Despite reform, Mr Bush says power in many countries remains clustered within monarchies, powerful families or single parties.

I realized from all of the Middle eastern countries there is no Turkey or U.A.E.! why is that?
Salam Pax is making a documentary

Guardian: Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger, was just a faceless observer. Then he was asked to make a film. But walking around with a camera, everything became very different...

Salampax: Can you imagine the shock my family was in when I walked into our house in Baghdad with three bags full of filming equipment? I basically decided to go for an offensive, and ditch the apologetic approach. "Surprise! You are going to be on TV." My mum ran out of the room with a screech. "Ya Allah!" she said. "The boy has no shame."
Iranian-Americans among most educated ethnic groups in the U.S.

PR: According to a report by the Iranian Studies Group at MIT, Iranian-Americans are among the most educated ethnic groups in the U.S., and actively contribute to the U.S. economy.
Aljazeera.Net - Shocking images shame US forces A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage.

"Existence of Israel contrary to Iranian interests"

TEHRAN, Nov 10, (AFP) -- The mere existence of Israel is contrary to Tehran's national interests, press reports said Monday, quoting former Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati, now a top advisor to Iran's supreme leader.
"One of the elements of progress in a country is regional cooperation. Israel was created to prevent unity and cooperation between Islamic countries, that is why the existence of Israel is in contradiction with the national interests of Iran," Velayati was quoted as saying by the conservative Ressalat newspaper.
Computer viruses now 20 years old
BBC: This week computer viruses celebrate 20 years of causing trouble and strife to all types of computer users.

TIME Magazine: Coolest Inventions 2003

Itunes is on top!


Nov 10, 2003

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

This is an awesome thing to see! It starts from age 0 to age 100. Overall there is some funny stuff for age 15 in this website like Albert Einstein, with poor grades in geography, history and languages, dropped out of school.
Not bad for useless and good information on people that did things around the world.

Powered by pizzas & soda, NRI builds a supercomputer

HOUSTON, NOVEMBER 9 : Virginia Tech’s scientists led by 30-year-old Indian American Assistant Professor Dr Srinidhi Varadarajan have amazed the computing industry by putting together the world’s third-fastest supercomputer in a record time of three months, and at record low cost of $5.2 million, using off-the-shelf components. The tab was kept low by Varadarajan and his team by using hundreds of student volunteers, who were paid only in soda and pizza for assembling the cluster in less than a month. They ate between 600 and 700 pizzas, Dr Varadarajan, who teaches Computer Science, estimates.

Nov 9, 2003

Wallop!! Rumors about Microsoft's Wallop have been greatly exaggerated, mostly due to the blogging community's inability to penetrate the site's invitation-only front door.
Speculation about Wallop began immediately following the company's low-key announcement at last month's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles that it was working on a tool that incorporates blogging and social-networking capabilities. Some observers surmised it was a blogging tool for the 2006 launch of Microsoft's Longhorn operating system. Others suggested it was knowledge-management software, à la Lotus Notes, slated for the second quarter of 2004...

I got this email from a freind of mine

When an iranian writes in english ...
This letter was written by an employee of the NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) back in the 1960`s to his American boss, Mr.Hamilton.

Dear Mr.Hamilton
I, the undersigned, have worked in the NIOC in Masjed-Solyeman for three years, But since Mr.Ahmadi transferred here everything has changed.

I don't know "what a wet wood I have sold him" that from the very first day he has been "pulling the belt to my lift" With all kinds of "cat dancing" he has tried to become the "eye and the light" of Mr.Wilson.

He made so much "mouse running" that finally Mr.Wilson "became donkey", and appointed Mr.Ahmadi as his right hand man, and told me to work "under his hand" Mr.Wilson promised me that next year he would make me his right hand man, but "my eye didn't not drink water", and I knew that all these were "hat play", and he was trying to put a "hat on my head" I "put the seal of silence to my lips" and did not say anything.

Since that he was just "putting watermelon under my arms" Knowing that this transfer was only "good for his aunt", I started begging him to forget that I ever came to see him and forget my visit altogether.

I said "you saw camel, you did not see camel"....but he was not "getting of the devils donkey"..."what headache shall I give you" I am now forced to work in the mail house with bunch of "blind, bald, height and half height"
people. "Imagine how much my ass burns"

Now Mr.Hamilton, "I turn around your head" you are my only hope and my "back and shelter"...."I swear you to the 14 innocents" please "do some work for me"...."in the resurrection day I`ll grasp your skirt"...."I have six head bread eaters".....I kiss your hand and legs"

Your servant
A nice looking and a perfect website for designing
They wrote:
TEHRAN -- After few months, Digital Persia Inc. experts finished This web site is our official web site for commercial purposes only and is in beta test.

This web site is fully Data-Driven and server side programming technology we used is ASP.NET. Site consisted of more than 5,000 lines of codes that are written in pure C#.

At Present we are working on some projects including IRIB's CIB Club Internet Learning Multimedia CD, CCW Magazine Top Weblogs Competition Web Site, Sanat Sayesh Co. Web Site, ...

Visit them
Matrix revolution

Man, this movie was great. It was full of action and everything in one. The action scenes were great it was better then the first one and the second one both together.

It's sad that there won't be any other movies on matrix, it was a great journey with Neo through out this trilogy. I read the reviews before I went to the see the movie and it wasn't what I was thinking of the movie maybe the critics haven't saw the first two matrix movies! But overall it was great. By the way I didn't see this on Imax but I have to try it on that too.

See it now!

I sure did enjoy it

Scary Movie 3 review

One of the funniest movies I have seen, with those funny scenes that was a mockup from The ring and Signs and The Matrix... 8 miles and etc.. It was great, I don't want to talk about the scenes and good parts because that would spoils it for those who want to watch it.
I recommend it
Go and and see this movie

Nov 8, 2003

McDonalds to give away 1 billion songs on iTunes

November 6, 2003 -- Ronald McDonald is stealing Pepsi's thunder.
Less than a month after Pepsi announced a blockbuster deal to give away 100 million downloads from Apple's iTunes music service to its customers, McDonald's is close to a announcing a much bigger deal, The Post has learned.
I'm going to watch scary movie 3 in a few hours tommorow I might go wacth Matrix revelution, but from the reviews it seems bad!
Google Deskbar

It's a nice feurere for your desktop, For more information click here.

Related: Google toolbar

Nov 6, 2003

Graphic Design USA - Feature - Corporate Identity -
15 Trends to design logos
Moon will fade to red

CNN:Stargazers across North and South America, Europe and Africa will see a full moon dim into a dark, ruddy orb over the weekend.
Mr.Bush demands Mid-East democracy

BBC: Bush | "Our commitment to democracy is being tested in the Middle East," he said in a televised Washington speech in defence of US democracy.

Mr Bush said dictators in Iraq and Syria had "left a legacy of torture, oppression, misery and ruin".

Turning to Iran, he warned that "the regime in Tehran must heed the democratic demands of the Iranian people, or lose its last claim to legitimacy".
Iran: "The regime must heed the democratic demands of the Iranian people, or lose its last claim to legitimacy"

Nov 4, 2003

Simpsons fan grows 'tomacco'

The simpsons Channel-Tomacco Becomes A Reality!

Rob Baur, a huge Simpsons fan, grafted a tomato plant to a tobacco plant, grew it, and tonight he has proof from the lab that it worked. "What we found was nicotine in the leaves". said scientist Ray Grimsbo. The plant grew off the tobacco roots and sucked up the nicotine, just like Tomacco on The Simpsons. The lab hasn't tested if the actual tomato has nicotine in it yet, but they say it probably does. "Generally in the fruit there is more material concentrated because that's what everything's going through to produce the fruit for the next generation. I would expect there would be more." And that would make the real life tomacco plant very poisonous. Rob Baur says he grew the tomacco plant just for fun, just to see if it would really work. But what's next for him? "I'll have to review my DVD's to see if there is more Simpsons science available."

Watch the video

Internet littered with abandoned sites
NEW YORK (AP) -- After Ajay Powell quit smoking and decided to run the Honolulu Marathon in 2001, she created a Web site to track her progress, updating it weekly with photographs and tallies of her training miles..... Despite the Internet's ability to deliver information quickly and frequently, the World Wide Web is littered with deadwood -- sites abandoned and woefully out of date.


Stone: Worst Album Covers Ever , it's very intresting to see how weird the covers of music albums at that time.
Other intresting things: German crowned world beard champion
Trance and techno

Here is the new remix for november 2003 from

Also look at this crazy Flash remix.
Related: | | Discussion


ME & MY - Fly High (Remix)
MASTERBOY - Heat Of The Night 2003 (Remix)
MAD DONNA - Hollywood
COOPER - I Wanna You Back
NAIVE - Looking For Happiness
STYLESHAKER - Breaking My Heart (Remix)
ATTENSION - Cover Me With Kisses
DJ VOLUME - Spirit of Yesterday
BEATS IN TIME - Fly away
ERIKA - I Don't Know (Remix)
JON WAYNE - Guide You
IAN VAN DAHL - Can't Let You Go
MARDIE - Sexy Witch
HI SKOOL - Summer Night
RACOON - Cheri Cheri Lady
FLOORFILLA - 6 Is Dangeraous

Nov 2, 2003

Is The Blood Red Water For Real?

Metafilter: A discussion on egullet, of all places, suggests at least one of these shocking pictures (inside) has been retouched. A more interesting question is: is it OK to "enhance" real evidence, if the salient facts are true? Or even, more radically, if the cause is just and dedicated to save lives or relieve suffering?
via: Boing boing

Photo: a river of blood
In this AP photo shot near a Japanese fishing town, fishermen work on a boat full of just-killed dolphins, as a diver prepares to submerge into blood-filled water.
Cafe blog in Tehran!

From Hossein Derakhshan's blog:
"I'm not sure if there is any Cafe for bloggers in other cities, but there is one in Tehran. Actually it's recently opened in a northern area of Tehran and Ive heard that it's quite popular among Tehranian bloggers. It's called Cafe Blog and based on the website, they held some basic technical workshops for their members. There are some photos from their opening on their website."

WOW their making a Soccer movie!

Lights! Camera! Shinpads...

FIFA are planning to make a trilogy of football movies called Goal! Phil Holland considers the reasons why.
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Nov 1, 2003

Physical perils of gaming

Playing video games can lead to all sorts of odd injuries, says Daniel Etherington of BBCi Collective.
Big Bang sounded like a deep hum
New Scientist: The Big Bang sounded more like a deep hum than a bang, according to an analysis of the radiation left over from the cataclysm. Physicist John Cramer of the University of Washington in Seattle has created audio files of the event which can be played on a PC. "The sound is rather like a large jet plane flying 100 feet above your house in the middle of the night," he says.

BBC: Audio- John Cramer interview

Boingboing: Nokia's sideways phone makes people feel silly

Sidetalkin' is a photoblog devoted to pix of people demonstrating how ridiculous they feel talking into the new "sideways" Nokia N-Gage phone, which requires that you hold it at a right-angle to your head and talk into the thin edge. Link

Girls pummel man who exposed himself
Blogdex: Act of civil justice or new Britney Spears video? You decide
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (Reuters) -- A man described by authorities as a known sexual predator was chased through the streets of South Philadelphia by an angry crowd of Catholic high school girls, who kicked and punched him after he was tackled by neighbors, police said Friday.
Northumberland Coast

Northumberland Coast