Mar 31, 2004

The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman

Very cool, I red the Global And Mail about this, the people who made this with Seinfeld were in Toronto the unplugged Tv did this.

An Interview from MSNBC

Xp Service Pack2 Full

Here are the Mirrors that I could find, the yare all 279.77MB Enjoy

Mar 29, 2004

Virtual Peace for Middle East

Wired: It may sound crazy, but an Israeli cybernetics expert believes a hologram, a blimp and a massively multiplayer game could bring peace to the Holy Land. By Joshua Davis from Wired magazine.
Immigrants less likely to commit suicide than native-born Canadians: report - OTTAWA (CP) - Immigrants are much less likely to take their own lives than native-born Canadians, suggesting they may have coping mechanisms that could be copied by society in general, experts said Monday.
Google changed!

After one year google's homepage has changed, you might notice Froogle now is on the index so is more, nothing new but some pages deleted and have been updated to the index that's all.

Mar 28, 2004

F u t u r e M e . o r g

I'm sending an email to future me! except I don't know what i'm writing to myself.


Mar 26, 2004

FEATURE-Video game industry faces 'crisis of creativity'

Forbes -SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - The video game industry is facing a hardening of the creative arteries as aging gamers' tastes increasingly shift toward sequels and games based on movies, industry participants said this ...

I'm starting to learn how to Mod maybe I will pick the Half life engine, or maybe the Unreal engine.

Mar 24, 2004

Windows XP packaging as a Linux PC case

Boingboing | This is pretty perverse: a PC that runs Red Hat Linux, painstakingly constructed within the packaging for Windows XP. Link

Circular saw won't hurt finger

Boingboing | Amazing video of a circular saw that can tell the difference between wood and skin. Link (Thanks, David!)

Link, so cool
Reuters Uses Search Against Copyright Abuse

internetnews | At a time of heightened awareness of corporate intellectual property, news service Reuters announced said it will use Fast Search & Transfer's (FAST) software to track copyright violations of its content. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
GSM reaches 60 million subscribers in US
CommsDesign - ATLANTA, Ga. The 3G Americas trade association reported at this week's CTIA Wireless 2004 showcase that 60 million subscribers are now using GSM technology in the Americas, equating to a 110% growth rate since February of 2003.

GSM is way better then any other system on the phones in my opinion
Online game sales surpass $1 billion in U.S.

Mercury News | Online gaming on video game consoles gathered momentum in 2003, with U.S. retail sales of online games exceeding $1 billion.
3D ads to put virtual beers on bars | Three-dimensional foaming glasses of beer could soon leap out of TV screens and on to bars, to try to tempt customers into buying drinks.

Anti-MS Fund Goes to Charity

Wired | A teenager who tangled with Microsoft over his domain name says he's donating most of his legal defense fund to a hospice for terminally ill children. Mike Rowe, a 17-year-old resident of Victoria, was accused of copyright infringement by the software giant in January.keep on reading
But Will IRS Accept Virtual Cash?
Wired | A journalist immerses himself in the virtual world of online gaming and sets himself a challenge: to earn more from the sale of imaginary goods than from writing. As his deadline looms, he scrambles to make good on his bet. By Daniel Terdiman.
Server compromise delays GNOME 2.6

Cnet | Evidence that intruders gained access to its Web server, the GNOME Project said on Wednesday that it has launched a cleanup effort that will delay the next version of the open-source desktop by a week.
Europe VS Microsoft

Cnet | In a decision that could affect consumers, competitors and PC makers, the European Commission requires Microsoft to unbundle Media Player from Windows and pay a $613 million fine.
update Regulators hit the software giant with a fine of $613 million for violating European Union antitrust law and also order the unbundling of Media Player software from Windows.

This is goingto be something very cool, do we have to pay for Media Player then? if Eu want's the software not bundled?

Mar 23, 2004

New domain names aid net to grow

BBC:New net domain names including .xxx for pornographic sites and .mobi for phones could be live by early 2005.

Nasa considers impact alert plan

BBC:The US space agency Nasa is clarifying the procedure for telling the President if the Earth is in danger of being hit by a newly discovered asteroid.

Lacuna Inc.

These people make you forget about things!! What type of Inc, is this?


Mar 22, 2004

Awesome bot

This bot knows all of the answers! talk with it.


Mar 21, 2004

UT2004 vs Battlefield Vietnam

planetunreal: A lengthy article at GameSpot has their editors compare UT2004 and Battlefield Vietnam. In the end UT2004 is clearly the preferred game, but they do bring up some strong points for Battlefield Vietnam.

I'm a big fan of FPS games. Also a big fan of Halflife and Unreal

First blog marriage proposal

Cool but sooo long

Microsoft co-founder funds ET search

Reuters - SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen has donated $13.5 million (7.3 million pounds) to help fund the search for extraterrestrial life.


Engadget:It’s sort of thing we’d think would be hard to say with a straight face, but Logitech is touting its MX510 Performance Optical Mouse as its “most powerful mouse ever”. Which mainly means that the mouse is extremely accurate (something hardcore gamers look for), but it still sounds funny to describe as mouse as being the “most powerful”.

I want that! I will see if it's good then I will buy it. I have to take it to a test drive.
Bill Gates Mugshot

Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, and the richest man in the world at over $50 Billion net worth, arrested in New Mexico 1977. via The "Unofficial" Bill Gates
Harrison McCain, Billionaire Who Built His Empire on Frozen French Fries, Dies at 76

New York Times - Harrison McCain, a Canadian billionaire whose family-owned business began in a cow pasture in New Brunswick and grew into one of the world's largest producers of frozen French fries, died Thursday night. He was 76.


They say: This is not a joke. We are alone and constantly battling for our lives.

Is this some sord of joke blog?

Mar 20, 2004

Yasser Arafat Says Gibson Film Not Anti-Semitic

Reuters - RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat watched Mel Gibsons's controversial "Passion of the Christ" at a private screening on Saturday and said it was not anti-Semitic, officials said.
Game XP Game XP is intended to optimize the performance of your computer for gaming needs. It tweaks and modifies various XP settings (cache settings, CPU priority etc.) and optionally disables or stops several Windows services that are usually not needed. The program does not require any installation, and does not need to be running at all times. Game XP extends your operating system's capabilities and makes Windows faster and comfortable for maximum gaming experience.

Download : Game XP
Author : theorica
Water from air

MetaFilter: This company has released a device which claims to provide water "anytime, anywhere" (No Goodies jokes,please) - from the humidity in the air. With two other companies selling these machines in Australia and prices ranging from AUD1,000 to AUD2,300, is this a viable solution to the massive water shortages around the world, or just something else to talk about around the water cooler?

By the way we have a Dehumidifier I think this is the same thing in Canada it's 220 dollars I think. Here is one example I found in the comments.
PC Problems? Use this handy troubleshooter.

Via Meta Filter

Don't be angry if you got your self a version of windows.

Can you tell the difference?

Newscientist | In this chatroom dialogue, which is the bot and which is the human?

THe funny part is Humans have to start the conversation. Can you make the bot talk first? Don't think so


Mass rape atrocity in west Sudan

BBC:More than 100 women have been raped in a single attack carried out by Arab militias in Darfur in western Sudan.

How disgusting is that? I mean these people are insane. Next thing you know they did it in the name of Islam.
Blog Survey:
Expectations of Privacy and Accountability

So scary what blogs can do!


Mar 19, 2004

Muslim Veil Could Cut Cancer Risk?

Reuters - Veiled women are protecting more than their modesty -- they are also less prone to nose and throat cancers because their veils screen out viruses, a Canadian doctor was quoted Friday as saying.

Inresting now what about this?
Crowd Storms Restaurant Over Alcohol
Reuters - Some 100 Bahraini Islamists shouting "God is Greatest" stormed a French restaurant serving alcohol in the pro-Western Gulf Arab state and threatened diners with knives, witnesses said on Thursday.

What year is it now 1389? Oh well Happy Nou Rooz.

Look at these Fishes, part of Iranian Tradition.

Update: Found the video

Ok I found a video that has some sound of the musical of the robots playing, I wish I could get teh whole thing.

Link to watch

My last post on this
Pirate problem

BBC:Why a new European law against piracy could hurt innovation... While it's true that a teenager doesn't have to fear his bank account being seized, it's not true to say that he can't have his CD collection seized. Neil MacCromick, MEP

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 (Due Date March 18 in Canada)

Yesterday, I walked all the way to a store called FutureShop those of you who are living out side of Canada, this is like The Best buy but it's the Canadian Version of it. Unreal tournament 2004 is the best game of 2004 in my opinion I don't care about the other games that are coming out like Half Life 2 because there are other games that are coming out near that month too, like Doom 3 and Halo2.

Any ways check out the Demo, and watch the videos. If you like it buy it

Unreal tournment official website
Yeti Sports part 1-3

Cool site, here play one of them and have fun

Mar 17, 2004

Sun's massive explosion upgraded

BBC: The massive solar flare that erupted from the Sun last November was far bigger than scientists first thought.

Good God!

Fark | Massive explosion on the Sun. Al Qaeda claims responsibility
More Legal Wrangling Around Kazaa

Wired | The company that owns the file-sharing software is embroiled in legal battles all over the world. Now its being sued by a software developer who says he wrote the source code to Kazaa and should be paid for his trouble.
Hey, It's Me! Don't Drop the Bomb

WIRED:The military is looking for ways to keep soldiers from bombing their own troops. Sandia National Labs might have some old hardware that could help identify friendlies on the battlefield.

Very intresting 15% !! That's couple of thousand's of soldeirs.
Affleck gives up on action flicks and tries comedy

The Star: “I can’t imagine doing another action movie. I’m not interested,” Affleck said.

Instead, the actor is enjoying the adventure of new challenges, like the holiday comedy Surviving Christmas, which hits American cinemas on November 19.

Did you guys see Saturday Night Live? Ben was the Host it was funny, I think he can make it.

Robot trumpets Toyota's know-how

BBC:A trumpet-playing robot has been developed by Japanese car maker Toyota.

Here is the Videos

Also Mitsubishi Glant Vs Camry Accord!

Engadget | We don’t think we’ve ever been this angry at hardware: frustrated by the death of his hard drive, some guy in Mexico decided to take it out back and shoot it.


More photos
Osama bin Laden: missed opportunities

MSNBC:As the 9/11 commission investigates what Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush might have done to prevent the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, one piece of evidence the commission will examine is a videotape secretly recorded by a CIA plane high above Afghanistan. The tape shows a man believed to Osama bin Laden walking at a known al-Qaida camp. The question for the 9/11 commission: If the CIA was able to get that close to bin Laden before 9/11, why wasn't he captured or killed? The videotape has remained secret until now.

Read this, it's very intresting
We locked you up in jail for 25 years and you were innocent all along? That'll be £80,000 please

Sundayherald | WHAT do you give someone who's been proved innocent after spending the best part of their life behind bars, wrongfully convicted of a crime they didn't commit?

ROBERT Brown was just a 19-year-old from Glasgow when he was jailed for life for murdering a woman called Annie Walsh in Manchester in 1977. He served 25 years before he was finally freed in 2002, when the courts ruled him innocent of the crime.
'New planet' forces rethink

BBC:Astronomers are to rethink the system for classifying planets following the discovery of what some claim is the 10th in the Solar System. A probe will be sent to investigate Pluto - a planet or not.

I think pluto is just a large stone shaped as a circle, sometimes this known as a planet. Sometimes large object with no purpose.
Symantec Report Puts Corporations, Consumers in Crosshairs

ECT: Ken Dunham, iDefense director of malicious code, told TechNewsWorld that attackers and virus writers are constantly developing worm technology and increasingly using it to carry out country- or company-specific attacks.

Jeez don't download viruses in the first place, and don't use any Email Clients, also get a Anti Virus and you are safe 99%.
Swastikas scrawled on Jewish homes

The Globe and Mail - TORONTO -- In broken English, 81-year-old Maria Leib struggled yesterday to articulate how the horror of being forced from her Romanian home during the Holocaust came flooding back as she opened the front door of her Thornhill townhouse.

Also from the Toronto Star

I don't know about Anti Islamist and Anti Semitism but I hate them both! That Adlof Bastard taking my blood line name to kill everyone!

Mar 16, 2004

SoCal city falls victim to Internet hoax, considers banning items made with water

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - City officials were so concerned about the potentially dangerous properties of dihydrogen monoxide that they considered banning foam cups after they learned the chemical was used in their production.
The paralegal apparently fell victim to one of the many official looking Web sites that have been put up by pranksters to describe dihydrogen monoxide as "an odorless, tasteless chemical" that can be deadly if accidentally inhaled.

Haha, I've been to that website here it is, the fact page won't work so look at this cache. There are even more websites I mean look at this.

dihydrogen monoxide = H2O
Di= 2 Mono=1
Jewish community ‘shaken' by anti-Semitic graffiti

Global And Mail- A woman who survived genocide in Germany opened the door to her home north of Toronto to find a crudely painted swastika.
Pictures of Sedna

Mar 15, 2004

I think I have reached the end of the internet!

Haha, but I think that my brain is going to explode.

By the way what is going on in Iran? Any news from CNN, BBC, CBC? no news coverage what so ever. This is it let's blog it out and have our support for those who are fighting in Iran for the freedom.

Blank is saying: The Media is only interested in what brings them $$$ & hype...i.e. Martha Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Aflac, gay weddings etc......
They are not interested in showing the suffering of Iranian people or helping their cause. On the contrast, you have BBC and CNN & NY times that basically distort the truth to promote their own ideology.....

This is excactly with happened with Khomeini, they will start execute everyone in there.

Check the news here
Apple Sells More Songs Than There Are People in Canada

macteens:Apple has sold over fifty million songs from their iTunes music store. Purchases are now averaging 2.5 million songs a week.
Apple today announced that music fans have purchased and downloaded over 50 million songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store, not including songs redeemed from the currently running Pepsi iTunes promotion. iTunes users are now downloading 2.5 million songs per week, which is an annual run rate of 130 million songs per year.
Lifting the lid on computer filth

BBC:ce workers are exposed to more germs from their phones and keyboards than toilet seats, scientists reveal. Work stations contain nearly 400 times as many microbes than lavatories, it is claimed.
Unrest and clashes continue in N. Iran
SMCCDI News Services
Mar 15, 2004

They say Unrest and violent clashes continued, today and for the 3rd consecutive day, in Fereydoon-Kenar and spreaded to the neighboring cities of Babolsar, Khezer-Shahr and Babol.

Also on Metafilter

Check the news out!

Good god!
Winamp5 v5.02 Full / Lite / Pro + KeyGen

ztpc writes "Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI,ASF,MPEG,NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

Download : Full
Download : Lite
Download : Pro
Download : KeyGen

This is a must have one of the best, enjoy

Mar 14, 2004

Checking out the comments

Thanks for those who commented my blog content. If you find something offensive or very stupid. Please prove me that it was. Or that something came out wrong, or something you readers want me to cover!
Going to talk about my gaming time and also some of the cool downloads I came up upon during last two months.

It's March Break people, hope you all having a wonderful time, I'm staying down at Canada. Not going anywhere.
Hotmail users locked out

A "significant portion" of people who use Ninemsn's Hotmail and other internet-based products had trouble accessing the services for more than 24 hours on the weekend.
I knew something was going on!
Astronomers discover 'new planet'

BBC: Astronomers have discovered a new world circling the Sun farther away than other planets.

Observations show it is about 2,000 km across, and it may even be larger than Pluto which is 2,250 km across.

Also about Nasa CBS writes

Hubble Future In Jeopardy
CBS News - With all due respect to the achievements of the NASA robots roaming around Mars, when it comes to star power and scientific significance, nothing captures the public's imagination more than Hubble -- the multi-billion dollar telescope that NASA
Iran to ban UN nuclear inspectors from sites

Financial Times - Iran is to ban United Nations inspectors from its nuclear facilities for an unspecified time after reacting angrily to a resolution passed at the weekend by the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN's nuclear ...

Something fishy is going on in Iran
Disaster in desert for robot race

BBC:bot race across an American desert has ended in disaster with all entries crashing before the finishing line.
Fifteen driverless machines were competing for a $1 million (£555,000) prize, but they either broke down or withdrew, a race official said.


Mar 13, 2004

UN nuclear agency criticizes Iran

CBC News - TEHRAN - Tensions increased between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Saturday when the UN agency censured the Islamic Republic for keeping part of its nuclear program secret.
Bunch of celebrities saying their favourite swear words

These celebrities are over loading lol (Don't watch this too much swearing)


Via: adland
MY HELL IN CAMP X-RAY BRITISH captive freed from Guantanamo Bay today tells the world of its full horror - and reveals how prostitutes were taken into the camp to degrade Muslim inmates.

What happened to human rights?! Everything changed over one night. In these prisons America is building newly born terrorists, after they get freed most of them would seek revenge.

Mar 12, 2004

Gov't moving to contain DND fraud, Martin says

CTV: Still struggling with the sponsorship scandal, Prime Minister Paul Martin's government is now looking into another massive misappropriation of taxpayers' money -- this time at the Department of National Defence.

George Michael Puts Free Songs Online

Article Central - George Michael is planning to put his latest album - which he says may be his last - online for free, the BBC reported this week.

George Micheal has so many fans around the world! I like his songs too, not all of them, but some.

Remember Shoot The Dog

officail website
Global TV cancels low-rated Mike Bullard Show effective immediately

TORONTO (CP) - Global's got him. Not.

Late-night talk show host Mike Bullard, who jumped from CTV to Global television last year only to see his ratings plummet, has had his show cancelled. "Unfortunately, and in spite of a major promotion effort by Global, the program has not demonstrated the degree of success that merits a continued run," Doug Hoover, senior programming vice-president at Global, said in a statement Friday. "We continue to hold Mike in the highest of esteem and wish him much well-deserved success in the future."

Mike Bullard.

My faviroute Canadian Sitcom after Rick Mercer! Poor Mike, Iwould be pissed by now if it was my show.

Mar 11, 2004

Thieves steal more than 40 manhole covers in English city of Gloucester

GLOUCESTER, England (AP) - Thieves have stolen more than 40 manhole covers in this southwestern English city, leaving dangerous holes in the streets, officials said Thursday.

That one was the funniest one, can't stop luaghing
Cousins, Age 70 and 85, Die in Pistol Duel

Reuters - Two Mexican peasant farmers, cousins age 70 and 85, argued for years over water rights and finally faced off in an old-fashioned pistol duel that killed both, a judicial official said Wednesday.
Meat from Farm May Have Had Human Remains

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Pork products processed and distributed from the farm of accused Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton may have contained human remains, police and health officials said on Wednesday.

I don't eat pork but this is gross.

Mar 9, 2004

As a young boy never witnessed anything like this!

Things like this happened in Canada all the time as I see it from the CBC ARCHIVES.

By far this is the best inspiring act that could have inspired Tony Montana Wanna bees.

Look at it and watch the video, it's freaky when he says "I just wanna look at their faces before I kill 'em." (This clip is from CBC raw footage and features no reporter.)
Hijacker Abbas dies in U.S. custody

CBC-IRAQ - Abu Abbas, the Palestinian man who orchestrated the 1985 Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking, has died of natural causes while in U.S. custody in Iraq, U.S. officials say.
Long live HP!

HP's invention, due in drives soon, lets users burn labels.

PCWORLD:Looking for a way to label your multitude of CDs and DVDs neatly and efficiently? HP has come up with an elegant answer: Use the same laser that already burned the data to make a label on the flip side of the disc.

I hope I don't have to buy inks for this thing.
Guess who's birthday is today?

you gussed it right, my birthday. Sassan was born on March 9th 1988, the year of fall of Berlin wall and all of those good things, I'm 16 years old now.

Happy birthday to me ;)

Birthdates which occurred on your SELECTED date of March 9th

Archives CBC


Mar 8, 2004

Volvo's Revolutionary 'Your Concept Car'

Techtv-Sporty new coupe conceived by all-women team. But don't call it a 'chick' car.
How news travels through internet?

Well check this out
The Mystery of Dalaro!

32 people in Dalaro Sweden buy the same model of Volvo on the same day!
Freaky documantry but in some ways funny.

Click here

The Evil Volvo S40! lol
US and Iran clash as nuke review opensReuters - VIENNA (Reuters) - The United States has accused Iran of constantly changing its story about its nuclear activities, and the head of the UN atomic watchdog has rejected an Iranian call to stop investigating the ...

Finally! The truth will come to us

Mar 7, 2004

Why having fun makes time speed
BBC:Scientists have come up with a theory for why time flies when you are having fun - and drags when you are bored.

It would be so cool if we could fast forward the time, except we would get older faster.
RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Republican National Committee is warning television stations across the country not to run ads from the Voter Fund that criticize President Bush, charging that the left-leaning political group is paying for them with money raised in violation of the new campaign-finance law.

wow it's The Islamic republic of USA! censorship all the way
Cuba? It was great, say boys freed from US prison camp

James Astill meets teenagers released from Guantanamo Bay who recall the place fondly

Guardian: Asadullah strives to make his point, switching to English lest there be any mistaking him. "I am lucky I went there, and now I miss it. Cuba was great," said the 14-year-old, knotting his brow in the effort to make sure he is understood.

Sounds like a 5 star hotel
Egypt Deploys 1,000 Police After Christians Killed

SOHAG, Egypt (Reuters) - Egyptian authorities deployed some 1,000 police around a southern town on Saturday to forestall any Muslim-Christian clashes after two Christian men were killed in a street brawl, security sources said.
Sheddings from Opportunity Lead Rover Fans on a "Bunny" Chase
There is a bunny on Mars haha, well it's a peice of the Rover.

Click here for more

Mar 6, 2004

Martian Hidden Mickey
Boingboing: The Spirit rover's stainless steel brushes on its Rock Abrasion Tool left behind a hidden Mickey on one of Mars's rocks.

Check this picture ;)
Man Sells Garage Sale Painting for $1M
NEW YORK - A man who paid $5 for a 19th-century painting he bought at a garage sale has sold it to a museum for $1 million, an art publication reported.

Great! I wish I was that guy. It's time for me to hunt pictures and sell them for 1M$ lol
Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious

Wired:The most-read webloggers aren't necessarily the ones with the most original ideas, say researchers at Hewlett-Packard Labs.

Using newly developed techniques for graphing the flow of information between blogs, the researchers have discovered that authors of popular blog sites regularly borrow topics from lesser-known bloggers -- and they often do so without attribution.

Those people who don't give credits! blogger from now on please give credit

Links: HP/Blog
3-Headed Frog Found
Wildlife experts in Britain are stunned by the apparent discovery of a frog with three croaking heads and six legs, Local 6 News reported Friday night.
CNN:Gates: Buy stamps to send e-mail
EvilGate: Give me your money, so I can get more richer then waht I am.

NEW YORK (AP) -- If the U.S. Postal Service delivered mail for free, our mailboxes would surely runneth over with more credit-card offers, sweepstakes entries, and supermarket fliers. That's why we get so much junk e-mail: It's essentially free to send. So Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates, among others, is now suggesting that we start buying "stamps" for e-mail.

Intresting concept but would never work
What radiation can you to peoples lives!?
Click here

Via: BB
Starsky and Hutch
Funny and great movie based on a 70's classic show, Starring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. I watched it last night, awsome movie go watch it. I don't want to spoil any details on this movie.

'My So-Called Blog'
MSNBC:Online journals give teens creative outlook they need to express what they feel, think and do on a daily basis.

Articles like this ruine then fun of blogging, she talks about blogs like she invented it.
Computerless for about a week
Blogging lite

Mar 4, 2004

Winners Of Bafta

These are the Winners for 2003 BAFTA BAFTA Games and the BAFTA Interactive Awards.

Click here

Nokia's N-Gage ads are 'violent and sinister'

The Register:Nokia has been banned from showing a number of ads plugging its N-Gage games device after they were branded violent and sinister.


Mar 3, 2004

Calvin and Hobbes search for stripes?!!

I have the whole collection of the Calvin and Hobbes in my room. I'm a big fan.

Check this out if you are a fan like me, Bill Watterson is the greatest man to creat something like this. It sucks that he stopped it.
Today's Comic strip from Ucomics
Biggest fan website



A blog to keep up with the MP3 and Phone and PDA warz in the technology world.


A first, violent video game gets R rating
Toronto Star - The Ontario government has taken the unusual move of slapping a Restricted rating on the "vile and violent" video game Manhunt, Consumer Minister Jim Watson announced today.

Manhunt is banned in New Zealand, beauty of piracy on internet is that you can easily download it, even if your country banns something.
Manhunt's official website, the next towards video gaming

Mar 2, 2004

To be heard

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Take one exasperated Iranian woman. Add a computer. Hook it up to the Internet.
"And you have a voice in a country where it's very hard to be heard," said Lady Sun, the online identity of one of the first Iranian women to start a blog -- a freeform mix of news items, commentaries and whatever else comes to mind.

CNN coverage on Blogs in Iran via Aslan
Study: Very few bloggers on Net

NEW YORK (AP) -- Despite the potential of turning every Internet user into a publisher, relatively few have created Web journals called blogs and even fewer do so with regularity, a new study finds.
RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them

Want to share an event with you, that we experienced this evening..



All types of fish

Click here
10 facts about Dr Seuss

BBC:It's the 100th anniversary on Tuesday of the birth of the children's writer, Dr Seuss, author of classics such as The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham.

What a great author he was! I read some of his book. By the way did you know that he hated children? Shoking?!
SCO to sue commercial Linux user today
Search Enterprise Linux - More than two weeks past its self-imposed deadline for filing suit against a commercial Linux user, the SCO Group is expected to finally take someone to court today.
Mars Once 'Drenched with Water,' NASA Says
Reuters - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Parts of Mars were once "drenched with water," so much that life could easily have existed there, NASA said on Tuesday.

What happened to all that water then?

Mar 1, 2004

Magic Mix of the March!

Listen to it my fellow Trance lovers.

Go here
To Download it go here
Shohreh Aghdashloo won the best Dress?
Best Supporting Actress Nominee
Click here
More pics

OSCARS 76th 2004

Last night I watched it live untill 1:12 in the morning. Waked up at 7:00 AM next day, I wasn't tired at all!

Any ways I'm checking out the behind the scenes that I didn't see live.

Links: OSCAR WINNERS, Yahoo Covearge, E!, Backstage Blog, Oscar's in persian