Mar 31, 2006

Slashdort changes its desing

Another early April fools joke on the web...

OMG!!! PONIES!!! <3

A can of spray and a laptop

That's all you need (I lie) to make your message be printed on a wall... link

ThinkGeek Does April Fools a Day Early

Check out some cool fake tech stuff... link

Windows Live Messenger Final - Sneak Peek


CNET top 10

This stuff is amazing ... I mean horrible lol, I have to agree the remote control is kind of a bad idea. Worst tech of 2006 (so far)

Monkey Lander

This is a classic flash game ;) Gameplay lives on Flash :-)


Rarely available images

Pictures of some famouse people who changed the world ;) link

France vs All Blacks - The Haka (2004)

Oh my I never knew rugby could be sooo cool, watch this team from New Zeland called the All Blacks scare the living out of the French team ;)

Google Video

Vegetable Oil PC

wow awsome!!! link

What Alternatives Are There to Microsoft?

Intresting read about what else you can use besides microsoft products...


Mar 30, 2006

I Lost 20lbs In Two Months, Ask Me How (6 Minute Short Film)

This is a short film starring John Di Maggio the guy who did the voice for BENDER on Futurama ;)

Hapland game

These are some clever flash games, try number 1 and 2 and 3 out :)


If you are a web developer check this site out, it's basically a mac browser compability test. Link

Mar 29, 2006

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

Link, also check out ComicBookReligion... this stuff is fascinating.


God I love Futurmama ;)

Look at this Stick art

Best Rejected Ads

Cool website ;) Link

Crowds gather for solar eclipse

Guardian Unlimited: The first total eclipse in years today plunged Ghana into daytime darkness, in an eagerly awaited solar show that will sweep northeast from Brazil to Mongolia.

Iran : It's My Party

Despite the strict rules governing their society, teenagers in Iran are much like their Western counterparts. They often skirt the mullahs' rules and throw dance parties — much to the chagrin of the "morals" police. LINK

intresting read from November 08, 2005 ;)

Mar 28, 2006


Note: IGOD is meant to be used for fun a sense of humor is recommended. iGOD

Now I can get answers to a lot of stupid questions ;) , it won't get you a new Benz but overall it's just fun.

A380 Flying Display Dubai

Watch the Flight Display over here :) link

Also ...

DUBAI — A U.S. Navy destroyer collided with an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf off Iraq, slightly injuring four people, the Navy said Sunday.
The USS McCampbell collided with the tanker late Saturday about 30 miles southeast of the Iraqi coastline. Two sailors and two crew members of the tanker were treated for minor injuries, a Navy spokeswoman said.
No oil was spilled. link

Iran Vs. World

I found another video about the Iranian Military...

Also check this, and this...

It was a slice of life

The Chronicle Herald: It’s something few Nova Scotians will confess to indulging in sober and, like it or not, it’s given the province a unique place on the international culinary map.

Mr. Kamoulakos
It's one the things that I like about Canada ;) and that is Donair... it's a modified Gyro (greek) and Doner is turkish or Shavorma in Arabic.

In the Cusine scene of Canada Nova Scotia is known for its Donairs and Quebec for its Poutin.

If you are intrested in Donairs go check this Wikipedia post

Northern Spring on Mars

Unbelievable picture with a great explanation, link

Two Canadians held hostage in Iraq

CBC: On Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005, four western humanitarian workers were grabbed by gunmen off a Baghdad street. A day later, officials with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa confirmed that two of the four men were Canadian and that the federal government was working for their release.

The 'Eye of God' returns

It has been called the Sun-eating Dragon. The Spirit of the Dead. The Eye of God. A harbinger of great events, good and evil — terrible famines, bumper harvests, wars, the birth and death of kings.

Also read this one, intresting stuff!

iEat: the Internet recipe database

iEat is a free web-based recipe sharing application. It allows you to create recipes, meal plans, covert recipies to different measurement systems, and generate shopping lists.

This is very cool, it's running Java so you can have it on any OS.


ABOUT CC: "This site uses digitized collection material from Library and Archives Canada to highlight lots of fascinating people, places, inventions, achievements and events that make Canada cool. Project themes include Incredible Inventions, Canadian Giants, Interesting People, Fascinating Places and Amazing Events and Phenomena. Some of the unique materials that have been digitized include UFO documents, patents of invention, documentary artworks and photographs."

Cool click here to go there

Mar 27, 2006

Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom

DI:Early in the morning on November 21, 1980, twelve men decided to abandon their oil drilling rig on the suspicion that it was beginning to collapse beneath them. They had been probing for oil under the floor of Lake Peigneur when their drill suddenly seized up at about 1,230 feet below the muddy surface, and they were unable free it. In their attempts to work the drill loose, which is normally fairly easy at that shallow depth, the men heard a series of loud pops, just before the rig tilted precariously towards the water...


Bob Sinclair - Love Generation

Nice song and video, enjoy

Beatles Flash Videos ;)

I love these Flash Videos of Beatle songs

The Beatles - I Feel Fine by Melon
The Beatles - Come Together by Melon
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows by Melon

If I find more I will post them over here :)

Dj Sammy - Why

Pet shop boys!

They have a website? WAAA?!!! I never knew that, it seems like they are still recording and doing a lot of tours.

Official website

Mar 26, 2006

A penguin for you

This is cool ;) you make the penguin write your messages on the snow :) neat


Download videos from Youtube and etc...

Download videos from Youtube, Google Video and iFilm directly to your computer (and how to convert .flv files to other formats)

Pretty nice tut check it out right over here

Farshid Amin - Iran

Awsome song...

Final victory in nuclear dispute with Iran, says Ahmadinejad

Tehran - The final victory in the nuclear dispute would be with Iran nation despite Western intimidation, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday.


Deev - Sarbaze Irani (Iranian Soldier)

If you like Persian Hip Pop go here Persianhipop

ATB - Till I Come

Another old song that I like ;) enjoy

Ten Obscure Factoids Concerning Albert Einstein

Click here to see the 10 facts ;)

Want aggregated news?

Go here and there are some good ones... although most of these sites allready have RSS feeds. link

Mar 25, 2006

Motorcycle hits VW car at 155 mph…

Another reason not to speed :(

Read the post over at blizzardz

The Iranian revolution in pictures

Take a look at the Iranian revelution in only 9 pictures... from BBC

brrrr! Cold

Take a look at these pictures

Concept art paintings

Carbonmatter has some cool matte paintings and concept art linkHATCH they do lots of them for movies.

Sheep Game

Click here

Dj Jurgen Ft. Karen - Higher and Higher

old school ;) , enjoy


Check this blogger out, he just posts a picture and then writes a caption under it, very unique

Click here to check it out

Open Source Windows

A simple list of the best free and open source software for windows. Link

Iran World Cup 2006


Yellow Fever

Click on the picture to see it

From Wong Productions

Ronaldinho Dribble Nike ad

Urban Ninja In University of Toronto

Click here

German Coast Guard

Click here to watch this

Dj Aligator Music Is My Language @ Energiya Megadance 2005

Official Website | Music Video

Chuck Norris Facts

Kind of old now but here is the site ;) check out all the facts

Also check this video out

Daily Show - Gimme Shelter

One of my fave skits on Daily show is when they did this with Ed ;)


Isaac Hayes

Isaac hayes quit being the voice of chef on south park now he's doing voice over for Tom Cruise ;) funny stuff


Tiesto FT. Bt - Love Comes Again

Inside Firefox 2 Alpha 1

Cnet: Firefox 2 Alpha 1 offers features that keep up with Microsoft's latest enhancements to Internet Explorer 7 beta 2.

Take a look at the pictures

Jesse Sullivan powers robotic arms with his mind

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- It's Sunday night, and my wife and I are watching "The Sopranos." This is appointment television. No calls, please.


"For some reason, I made contact with a live wire in the ground," he told me.

"How much electricity did your body take in?" I asked.

"Seven-thousand two-hundred volts," Jesse said. That's enough to power homes for 9,000 to 10,000 customers, he said, adding a bad shock -- enough to make you jump -- would be around 120 volts.


Russian Software Developer Beats Pirate in Boxing Ring : An employee of Cognitive Technologies computer company has beaten a man who was selling the company’s software illegally...



Crysis is an upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter computer game game that is currently in production by German developer Crytek, best known for the company's successful 2004 first-person shooter Far Cry.

Click here to watch the GDC video, they say it uses the new Directs 10 framework from windows vista 0_0 ! it's amazing.
Screenshots | Also here
Coming to PC and XB360

Gigi D agostino - I'll fly with you


Gigi D agostino has been doing music since 1980's , and he's considered one of the best Meditranean composers for dance and electronic genre of music. Official Website | Wikipedia link

Mar 24, 2006

bt - simply being loved

Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)

Released as a single on March 20, 2003, BT's Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved) was the most successful track from the album Emotional Technology.

The song was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2003 for the largest number of vocal edits in a song: 6,178 BIAS Peak edits.

The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Electronic Albums chart.

Click here for more BT information

Mar 23, 2006


Now you can get Windows MSN LIVE 8 by clicking here (this is an auto acceptence to the beta)

A-Patch (Patches MSN 8)

Faithless - We come one

One of my favourite songs by faithless

The entire Jesus movie is free on the internet

Hmm... who's loosing money here? MPAA? ... anyways I don't know if this is illegal but apprently you can watch the entire movie on google video.

Dj Encore - I see right through to you

A realy old song but still it's nice ;) enjoy

Mar 22, 2006

Flow in Games

This is a pretty intresting game, it's diffrent and free

Try it out

Mar 21, 2006

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By

Jessy - Head Over Heels

Another music videos that I like, I hope you like it as well ;)

Or click here


Sauerbraten is the next-generation Cube engine/game. Free = Good!

Looks much better than the old engine

Some movies that ...

Here are some movies that's I'm looking forward to see
Da Vinci Code and Unknown White Male. They look promising is done for?

Well there seems to be a newer search engine that does the job kind of better, it's called Riya check it out

2006 Community Choice Awards

About: Welcome to the first annual Community Choice Awards. Now is the time to vote for those Open Source projects you think are shaping the technology landscape. link


Soldiers Use Game Skills to Master Remote Guns

Strategy Page columnist James Dunnigan says that CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapons Systems) -- which are big guns manned remotely by someone inside an armored vehicle with a joystick and live cam...

HOLY SE#$%$1

Persian Poetry

Persian language is very beautiful and it can be proven with its poetry

Check these poets:

Omar Khayyam

and more

Bond _-_ Explosive Music Video

Official Website


Mar 20, 2006

The Streets _-_ Fit but don't you know it

Click here to watch it (ASX Windows Media Player)

Pretty cool music video... ;)

Happy New Year! 1385

Happy Norouz and happy new year to all my Persian readers out there ;) I hope you guys are all doing very well and hopefully the new year would be awsome!

Check out Shahriar's little ChaharShanbe soory! wow

For info on Iranian New Year

Tunatic Song Identifier _-_ Freeware

Description: Ever thought ‘what is this song?’ Let Tunatic hear it and you will get the artist's name and the song's title within seconds. Tunatic is the very first song search engine based on sound for your computer. All you need is a microphone and Internet access. click here

Ali Karimi - New Maradona in number 8

Iran is in Group D

Want more? | Official Website

Pepsi ‘MyDaDaDa’ World Cup site

Watch the ad :) We'r getting close to the World Cup!! almost

via: adfreak

Mar 13, 2006

Music Video: Afshin_-_Dream

Life sux but you can allways dream ;)... enjoy

Top Jokes in different countries

Here is the best one ;)

Top joke in UK
A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!” The man says: “You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you.”

Check out more jokes here

Dubai WaterFront

Look at what their doing in middle east ;)

Description: The Dubai Waterfront is the largest waterfront development in the world. The project is a conglomeration of canals and islands studded with luxury hotels and homes. It is expected to house 400,000 people and transform the last stretch of Dubai's undeveloped Gulf seashore. New to Dubai real estate, the project is open to foreign investment with its developer, Nakheel, owning a 51% stake. It will consist of 170 square miles of water and land developments, an area two-and-a-half times the size of Washington, D.C.

Official Website

Iran Imperial Guard Parade

Military Parade from Iran under the old Shah (KING)

Isn't sad? ... even his army turned against him, I don't feel sorry for the Shah though he deserved it, he was a puppet nothing less, making people scared of their government and not caring for the people at all.

Also watch the present military of Iran


This is a very good blog about advertisement, it's a good read ;) check it out

Spitting Llamas is a funny blog

Weird facts

Did you know that Eskimos use refrigerators to keep food FROM freezing?

if you want to know more weird facts go here

Movies that you should watch

I recomend everyone to watch these movies! In no particular order :)

1. Everything is illuminated

2. Paradise Now

3. Munich

4. Memoirs of a Geisha

5. The world's fastest indian

6. Goal

7. Syriana