May 31, 2005 : This will be the future site of – the philanthropic arm of Google. We are currently working on staffing as well as defining the goals, priorities, and principles of We hope to have a lot more to share with you on this front in the coming year. Check back here for updates.

May 30, 2005

Smoking kills

hehe... this is a good flash animation ;) link

May 29, 2005

Spores video from gdctv

Here is the press conference from WIll Write the creative founder of Maxis ;)

Spores is looking pretty damn good link

Link to the video

Watch this!

hehe link (swf)

Comic Strips Updated daily


Media Portal

Media Portal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi MediaCenter / HTPC.
It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video's and DVD's, view, schedule and record live TV and much more. You get Media Portal for free/nothing/nada/noppes and best of all it is opensource. This means anyone can help developing Media Portal or tweak it for their own needs! link

Switch to linux

Funny mac parody flash link

Tile based user interface

digg: Sony Computer Science Labs has an interesting experiment... a physical user interface using special tiles. Take a look! Be sure to check out the mpeg video there on the site. link

AMD's Latest computer

Link to the picture

May 28, 2005

Sock Master's Game Console Controller Family Tree

How did the current home-console controllers come to be? How have they evolved? You may have noticed some similarities between the current generation controllers, or between them and the previous generations of controllers. So, how do they all tie together?

neat link

Two horrible movies I've seen this week

First is the new Star Wars movie called Revenge of the SITH (SHIT).... that was just hyped and only for bunch of Star Wars fans. George Lucas should get a better hobby, don't waste you money on this one, oops I'm too late. If they made this a silent movie it would have been way better, the dialogue sucked and everything was too obvious.

Second is The Longest Yard, which is a remake of the 1974 movie that is about an ex-football player who is convicted of a crime that is now serving 4 years in prison. He has been asked to make a team of convicts to play against the guards. I didn't like this movie much except for some good funny parts, the rest was just felt like fillers, I think the original is as better, I guess I have to rent and watch it ;)

I recomend all of you out there to go and watch Mean Machine a british movie based on the longest yard from the 1974 that came out in 2001, which was a great movie about Football (SOCCER TO YOU N. Americans).

Google Print is up!

Google Print, this is a neat idea

Internet Explorer WE DISCOVERED THE WEB!

hehe this is a parody of Firefox rediscover the web campaign... link

Remember this game?

This SFCave game is now a classic on internet ;) they have made the 3d version of it, yay!!

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia reported dead

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May. 27 (UPI) -- Reliable sources in the Saudi capital Riyadh said Friday King Fahd is dead, reports the Saudi Institute.

Iran says US, Israel are the real nuclear threats

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States and Israel represent the real nuclear threat to the world, not Iran, Tehran's chief envoy to the United Nations ...

hehe... well I guess the next thing they might do... is nuke their neighbors with their "NUCLEAR WEAPONS" then they are going to get U.S. , then everyone is going to Nuke Iran and then we are all doomed.......... welcome nuclear winter hehe

actually that is disturbing :(

May 27, 2005

BitTorrent maker sets up search

BBC: The man behind the popular BitTorrent file-sharing program has set up a way of searching for torrent files. The search tool on Bram Cohen's website makes it easier to find links which can then be used to download large files. It was launched as US authorities shut down a prominent BitTorrent site, Elite Torrents, which had links to download the new Star Wars movie.

nothing new... but oh well ;(

eBay of the day: 24 carat gold-plated Xbox

engadget: Somebody went and hacked Willy Wonka’s golden geese and put the results up on eBay. If you thought the Xbox 360 was gonna be expensive…

ebay link

Netscape 8 'breaks' IE

ZDNET:Following a problem in IE with XML rendering after Netscape 8 has been installed, Microsoft is advising users to uninstall Netscape.
Microsoft has alerted users that Netscape's latest browser appears to break the XML rendering capabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) - 16 mistakes

hehe cool! link

May 26, 2005

Abusing Amazon images



Paris Hilton Ad Too Hot For TV?

(CBS/AP) A Carl's Jr. commercial starring a scantily clad Paris Hilton frolicking with a water hose is too hot for a media watchdog group. "This commercial is basically soft-core porn," said Melissa Caldwell, research director for the Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council. "It's inappropriate for television."

Carl's Jr : Burger restaurant chain with locations across the United States. Information about
jobs, an online store offering clothing and gift certificates, ...

Sweden passes law to ban music and film downloads from internet without royalty

Forbes: STOCKHOLM (AFX) - Sweden has passed a law banning the sharing of copyrighted material on the Internet without payment of royalties, in a bid to crack down on free downloading of music, films and computer games.

Does this mean the end of Piratebay?... then there is not a single good p2p that I would like except newsgroups, but you have to pay for that :(

View Xbox 360 game trailers in high definition.

Official from microsoft :)

Click here

May 25, 2005 Down

SLYCK: The BitTorrent community has seen its fair share of indexing sites go offline - whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Sites like LokiTorrent, UK-Torrents, s0nikfreak, TVTorrents and YouceffTorrents have all either fallen under the weight of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America.) Today, it appeared another website has fallen, The homepage of this website was replaced with a permanent shutdown notice, purportedly announced by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and U.S. Customs. The FBI is under the United States Department of Justice, while U.S. Customs is under the Department of Homeland Security. won't be up for days, or maybe weeks :( oh well I can wait, here is my list

DAMN IT, Stupid DNS hackers! MPAA ;(

Update: very sad day :(
Update 2: Mpaa Press release
Update 3: Not a hack?
Update 4: U.S. shuts down network that leaked 'Star Wars'
Update 5: CNN...
Update 6: Authorities strike back at 'Star Wars' pirates Watch Bob Sullivan confess that he downloads Pirated material at the end of the clip ;( while he adresses the noob who thinks that you see peoples heads in the movies...
Update 7: First criminal BitTorrent bust in USA: Elite Torrents
Update 8: Some good stuff happening at Digg, apprently it seems to be an insider of the MPAA who had planted SW's EP III

May 24, 2005

Play h.264 in Windows Apple's new h.264 video compression technology which looks much better than DivX and stays looking better at lower bit rates is now playable in Windows.

Next for BitTorrent: Search

Wired: SAN FRANCISCO -- Whiz kid inventor Bram Cohen and a small cadre of developers and entrepreneurs are in the final stage of launching an advertising-supported search engine dedicated to cataloging and indexing the thousands of movies, music tracks, software programs and other files for download over Cohen's popular BitTorrent protocol.

Two hurt in mock light sabre duel

BBC: Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.

A man, aged 20, and a girl of 17 are believed to have been filming a mock duel when they poured fuel into two glass tubes and lit it.

Victim's E-journal led to slay suspect

Daily News New York: A doomed Queens man's chilling computer entry led cops to a suspect who allegedly robbed and killed the victim and his sister to finance a return to China, police said yesterday.

Jin Lin, 23, was charged with first-degree murder yesterday in the bloody slayings of Sharon and Simon Ng in their Kew Gardens Hills apartment Thursday, officials said.

Here is his last post :(

A Gamer's Manifesto

Hellogamer: The article covers points that certain developers should take note of – such as the fifteen-year old symbol of lazy game art design (you guessed it, the crate – we reckon the exploding barrel is just as worthy), the concept of pulling gamers in by using ‘exclusive screenshots’ that don’t represent the final product (Killzone 2?), and jumping puzzles in FPS games (just don’t do it). link

May 23, 2005

The Simpsons as Described by WGBH

wfmu: The other night, I turned on The Simpsons, only to find that the program's audio had a weird narrator describing almost everything that was happening. At first I thought that The Simpsons were parodying the voice-over approach from another Fox show, Arrested Development. It turns out that my broken VCR was picking up an additional audio channel instead of the main one, and in the case of The Simpsons, I was hearing the DVS, or blind captioned version of the show. DVS stands for Descriptive Video Services, and it's the audio equivalent of closed captioning for the deaf. Here's a large MP3 of the DVS version of The Simpsons "Rapture" episode from May 8th (right click to download).



The Sith Sense hehe

Which new game console do you think is best?

Cnet is doing a survey over at their site... you will be surprised by the results link

PlayStation 3, in...

Next - Gen magazine in Fall of 1999, talks about PS3 WOW link (Magazine Scan)


Iran Scan - The democratic future of Iran

Via:">BB, also check out HODDER's blog

Iranian students protest against presidential bans

TEHRAN, May 23 (Reuters) - Iranian students, often the spearhead of the bludgeoned reformist movement, on Monday protested against the banning of presidential candidates, chanting slogans against the authorities.

A Reuters witness said 100 to 150 students were clapping, whistling and shouting "down with dictators" from inside their university dormitory in central Tehran.


From the creators of thebroken, the bring you their network.... their first episode will be downloadable tonight ;)

The system is created by the former hosts of TTV

Also Kevin Rose leaves G4? well there goes all the tech in that dumb show link

May 22, 2005

Man Cited for Snapping 'Star Wars' Photos

gainesville - May 21 - A man was cited for taking snapshots of the new blockbuster "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" with his digital camera.

Thats just horrible

'Star Wars' Breaks Box-Office Records

LOS ANGELES, May 22 - "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" became the year's first movie blockbuster while setting some historic benchmarks, as it rode a record-breaking debut on Thursday to the biggest number ever for a four-day opening, $158.5 million.

That is just crazy

Talk about Futurama Direct to DVD

Good news, everyone?

gotfuturama: Over the last week, several sources from within the animation business have indicated to us that there is renewed talk at FOX about bringing fresh Futurama content directly to DVD. We corroborated this with other sources close to the show before publishing the information.

MPAA Blames BitTorrent for Star Wars Distribution

Slyck: Two days prior to Episode III's release, inaccurate reports dictated this movie was already spreading on the BitTorrent network. However, it was soon discovered the copy purportedly existing on BitTorrent was simply a false copy. On Wednesday, May 18th, approximately 3 hours before Episode III officially debuted in theaters, a release group named "ViSA" uploaded this film to the Newsgroups. This was the genuine article.

Johny Xtreeme

Johny Xtreeme is a charected on a video game show called Xplay, watch this skit from E3 live, Johny tries to sell his xtreem game! link (SWF)

US PSP 1.5 Firmware Cracked?

Hellogamer: A video of the Wipeout Pure ISO running on a v1.5 US PSP has been posted over at, suggesting that somehow the firmware has been cracked to allow code to be booted from a memory stick.

May 21, 2005

Showdown Rankings

Contagious Media Showdown Eyebeam May 2005

Who will win the prize? link | Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes:

Good for a smile or a luagh ;) link

Ten Things I Didn't Know About Google

PC WORLD: by Harry McCracken | I spent most of today at an event called the Google Factory Tour--which involved neither a factory nor a tour, but turned out to be a worthwhile opportunity to hear a bunch of Google people talk about Google the company, Google the array of services, and Google the philosophy. (If you're sorry you missed it, check out this Webcast of the whole thing, including me asking a couple of questions.)

Give Your DVD Player the Finger

Wired: Researchers in Los Angeles are developing a new form of piracy protection for DVDs that could make common practices like loaning a movie to a friend impossible.

University of California at Los Angeles engineering professor Rajit Gadh is leading research to turn radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags into an extremely restrictive form of digital rights management to protect DVD movies.

WTF this is dumb!


A game made by the creator of the Sims, this game has made a lot of talks around E3 link

Saddam to sue over prison photos

BBC: Saddam Hussein plans to take legal action after a British newspaper published photos of him half-naked in his prison cell and doing his washing. "We will sue the newspaper and everyone who helped in showing these pictures," said Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer Ziad Al-Khasawneh, speaking from Jordan.

Google Sets

Google is putting out a lot of stuff now days... Google Sets

Maddox and I hate Cameron Diaz.

Read this hilarious post by internet comic Maddox on a new show made by MTV link

NNew Keyhole from google?

Possibly this screenshot from Google is about the new Google Keyhole link

Google Earth they call it link

Xbox 360 Prices

Joystiq: XGP Gaming is reporting “leaked” Xbox 360 prices. The basic package is expected to retail for $299.99 and will include the console, one controller and all the requisite cables.

Powermac G5s at the Show In Microsoft's own Xbox 360 booth, we saw tons of kiosks running upcoming 360 titles that were actually playable.

May 20, 2005

Dj Flash

Here is a cool flash video of a DJ :) link

Mozilla ad's ;)


Crying while eating

hehe check this out! link

Learn to Dance with Napoleon Dynomite by Unkel_Jim

Napoleon Dynomite one of those funny movies that I have seen, check out this flash movie based on the movie ;) link

The last Ep's of redvsblue of the season

Episode 57
The Storm



Watch this Robot cat made in Japan... link

BitTorrent enemies face new hurdle

Antipiracy operatives have lost an edge over illegal downloaders of movies and software thanks to a new feature in BitTorrent.

Cnet: BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen has eliminated the need for Web site hosting of centralized files, known as "trackers," in the latest beta of the peer-to-peer software. These easily located files have been a key resource for antipiracy units in identifying people downloading and sharing copyrighted material.

May 19, 2005

Qur'an Desecration: Far Worse Than Abu Ghraib

alt.muslim: The reports in the media that Americans at Guantanamo facility allegedly desecrated the Qur'an to torture prisoners has unleashed an intense wave of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world, which has already caused 16 deaths. This is worse than Abu Ghraib; Abu Ghraib represents the physical and psychological torture of a few Muslims, Qur'an desecration represents a spiritual, emotional and psychological torture of all Muslims. Even if it turns out that the Newsweek report was false, most people will see it as a cover up and another American attempt to eschew accountability.

Revenge of the Sith leaked online |like all the other movies ;) |

BBC: The final Star Wars film has been leaked on to an internet file-sharing network just hours after the movie opened in cinemas.

I downloaded it and also I will watch it in the theaters

Here is how the quality looks like link and the file size is 1.43 GB (DVDR)

What I've found link

Notice: Please watch the movie in theaters , as I am this weekend

Microsoft sued over Excel

cnet: Microsoft illegally took technology used to link spreadsheet data between two of its programs from a Guatemalan inventor, lawyers said during opening statements at a jury trial that started on Tuesday.

konfabulator 2 is out ;)

One of my fave useless aps out there

Official site

Miller announces Sin City 2

Cinematical: Frank Miller has already begun scripting a sequel to the sucessful comic book adaption of Sin City. Speaking at Cannes Film Festival's annual luncheon for international distributors hosted by the Weinsteins, Miller announced that both Robert Rodriguez and himself will return to direct.

"My Google" Feature Coming Soon?

Google Blogoscoped: several sources report Google will unveil a new “My Google"-style, customizable portal app later on today. As usual, you’ll sign up using your Google Account. You can then have Gmail, weather, stocks, news, driving directions or movie quotes all on one page, and drag-and-drop position them to wherever you want. Feeds from sites like the BBC, the New York Times, Slashdot and others can be included as well (I suppose this is a general RSS reader, but I don’t have any details or official announcements yet). << here is the My google site

if you live in Canada go here

BitTorrent Goes Trackerless !

go4i: As part of our ongoing efforts to make publishing files on the Web painless and disruptively cheap, BitTorrent has released a 'trackerless' version of BitTorrent in a new release.

May 18, 2005

BSA: One Third of All Software Pirated

Slyck: A new study from the BSA (Business Software Alliance) paints a troubling picture for the software industry. Although the global rate of piracy decreased by an entire percent from 2003 to 2004, the total financial losses increased by $4 billion. In total, nearly one third of all software currently used around the globe is pirated.


Here is anothero one of those cool flash music videos,, that makes you stare at it for............ I dont know how long

check it

ATI Catalyst Drivers 5.5

New drivers has just been released link

Opera vs. Firefox: A side-by-side review

Newsforge: Opera Software recently released version 8.00 of its eponymous Web browser. I decided to see how the new version of the popular commercial browser compares to the open source Mozilla Firefox 1.0. I found both Firefox and Opera are capable browsers, and though they are very different, each has much to offer any user.

May 17, 2005

Starwars Website

If you go to the Starwars website you would face a still image in Flash animation of two Jedies fighthing Star

Port Knowledgebase

List of frequently seen TCP and UDP ports and what they mean. The goal of this port table is to point to further resources for more information. link

It's E3 time

NOTICE: This post is constantly updated with torrents and other material
Digg this please ;)

E3 2005 is finished, E3 2006 will store a lot of goodies for us

For those of us who won't be able to go to LA and to E3, will not get that experience of the video game journilists have... Don't be sad ;) there is internet

Check these sites out for new content from E3 (Nice blog) (Gaming blog)

Pictures from the floor:


Gaming Podcasts from E3:
e3 2005 podcasts (google)

Related E3 news:
Xbox 360 post by me
E3 2005: PS3 vs. Xbox 360Ps3 vs. xbox 360 from gamespot
Gameboy Micro (Skinz)
Nintendo Revelution (pics)
E3 2005: PS3 Price Revealed?
Xbox 360 game prices at Ebgames
Mountain Dew and Microsoft to Give Away an Xbox 360 System Every 10 Minutes This Fall

Unreal Tournament 2007 a PlayStation 3 Demo (Video)

The Pirate Bay
E3.2005.Live.Coverage.part.1of5.avi G4tv (May 16, 2005) (Preview)
E3.2005.Live.Coverage.part.2of5.avi G4tv (May 17th, 2005) 1st day before the openin
E3.2005.Live.Coverage.part.3of5.avi G4tv (May 18th, 2005) 2nd day from E3 (Opening of E3)
E3.2005.Live.Coverage.part.4of5.avi G4tv (May 19th, 2005)
E3.2005.Live.Coverage.part.5of5.avi G4tv (May 20th, 2005)

May 16, 2005

Engadget & Joystiq’s live coverage of Sony’s PlayStation 3 launch

Engadget: Hey everyone, we’re at Sony’s press event in Culver City to cover their unveiling of the PlayStation 3 this afternoon. Things are just getting started, to stay tuned for our comprehensive live coverage on Engadget and Joystiq!

Update: the parking lot ordeal was harrowing — they almost didn’t let us in! It was a mob scene out there. Some journos were so desparate to get in that they went through all sorts of contortions for the gatekeepers. Check this lady out. That’s a pushup with one foot above her head.

YOOOOOOOHOOO look at that! looks like a minifridge or something... but it looks good.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3

mirrors: 1 | 2 | 1

Can't wait for this one!

Read the cover story ;)

Time magz talks to Dave Chappelle

On the Beach With Dave Chappelle
In South Africa, TIME's Simon Robinson talks with the comic about his sudden disappearance from Chappelle's Show

UFO captured via Satelite

WTF is this? Found on google maps via some other blog... check it



IEBLOG: In general, I think tabs are a great idea. I liked them a lot in Office dialogs and in Excel in the early 90's. (I used to work on Office, and I admit we almost added tabs to Word at one point.) I like them in Visual Studio. I think, as an industry, we have a ways to go in refining the experience, consistency, and value of tabs.

Three killed over role-playing game in Brazil

SAO PAULO, Brazil - A 21-year-old man and his parents were killed after the man agreed to be murdered along with his family if he lost a murder-mystery role-playing game, local media reported Saturday.

There has been soo many MMORPG related murders out there


The web's largest
movie script resource!

Sony's countdown to E3


PS3 pics and specs: leaked? Disclaimer, disclaimer, yadda yadda. We're kind of hoping these pics aren't legit because frankly, we're not feelin' the love for the design. But we digress! The specs that accompany these shots are saying the Sony PS3 will have wireless controllers, a 160GB hard disk, 1 CELL processor running at 4GHz (pumping out 256 GFLOPS worth of power - getting close to 1.21 gigawatts, here, folks), ethernet port, USB 2.0, memory stick duo support, and will read Blu-ray disks only. Backward compatibility for the older systems won't be via the drive mechanism, then, but will be achieved via emulation in the CELL processor itself, providing retro compatibility with both PS1 and PS2. read

image | image 2

It looks like it's fake, because it looks like a 3d renderation and also it has not been confirmed and it's all rumors. Over all that Ps3 looks hot! if its a concept or not, I like it. These concepts are better though

Other unix's

UNIX® was registered by Bell Laboratories as a trademark for computer operating systems.

Description: I decided to gather whatever not-our-Unix items I could; here is the current harvest. Other sightings and scans gratefully accepted. link ;)

May 15, 2005

'Chappelle' production suspended

NEW YORK (AP) -- Production of the popular Comedy Central series "Chappelle's Show" has been suspended and its third season's premiere indefinitely delayed.

Comedy Central issued a statement Wednesday, saying: "All parties are optimistic that production will resume in the near future."

That sux, hes a funny man

We offer one GIGABYTE of web space absolutely FREE. Each Account comes with the following:

1024 MB (one gig) of web space
PHP + CGI + SSI Scripting (coming soon)
100 gigabytes of bandwidth
Optional 'no-popup' ads...your site stays clean.
Free Support from professionals.
MySql free upgrade options.
No file size limits!


May 14, 2005


Better then Teamspeak and Ventrilo? link

AsiaSource Interview with Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi was born in Iran and currently lives in Paris. She is the author of the internationally best-selling and award-winning comic book autobiography in two parts Persepolis. Her most recent book Embroideries was published in April by Pantheon. link

This is a tv video search engiene link

May 13, 2005

Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy (Dolphins)

Here is that Dolphin song in the movie ;) link

Bob's Cube

A nice flash site ;) link


Discription: Help spread firefox. Download this cd burn it and give it to your friends and family. Firemonger

Xbox 360 stuff before and after the luanch party

Ok here are some stuff: video (Final puzzle finished) link | mirror | mirror 3 | Download
Gamespot video
Japanese XBOX 360 games (videos)
Stupid MTV luanch party (Torrent) (official MTV xbox 360 site)
Xbox360 SCREENSHOTS! (Ghost Recon, DOA4, and more)
Madden 06 Cover
Pre-E3 2005: Xbox 360 The Software
Game Reactor Magazine leaks Xbox 360 deets:
Joystiq: 1 | 2 | 3
Engadget's live coverage of the Xbox 360 launch
Official xbox360 site

Update: The new xbox might be the next Dreamcast... we don't know much about the Ps3 and the Nintendo Rev, Remember how Sony smacked Dreamcast down?


Xbox 360 Prototypes - The Ones That Didn’t Make It
Xbox 360 close ups
Exclusive: Xbox 360 In-Depth Video
Xbox 360 gameplay videos is gone ;(

Damn YOU MPAA!!!!

zdnet: MPAA targets TV download sites

Check my bittorent list for alternatives

May 12, 2005

Grocery Starwars

Grocery Store Wars hehe


NYP: Employers are expected to see a dramatic spike in absenteeism as workers play hooky to see "Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith," when it opens May 19, according to a new report.

That loss of productivity could cost employers as much as $627 million in the first two days that the picture — the last installment of the epic sci-fi series — hits theaters.

Game Reactor Magazine leaks Xbox 360 deets

engadget: Not that it’s going to matter much in a few hours (you are going to tune in, aren’t you?) but there was yet another major leak on the Xbox 360 from Scandi rag Game Reactor Magazine, with a load of new details.


CNET tries to take down Engadget : An Open letter to Molly Wood from CNET who claims that Engadget and other blogs have no ethics.

Firefox 1.0.4 Is out

This version fixed all those bugs that was very critical. link

Blair backs possible UN action on Iran

IHT - LONDON As the European Union warned Iran against resuming its nuclear program, Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Thursday that Britain would support American moves to invoke UN Security Council countermeasures "if Iran breaches its obligations and ...

Flash Linux

This is like DSL but for USB Key's link

Skin your GMAIL

Gmail Skins

Creating a Multi-Boot DVD -

:: Introduction ::

Anyone who works in a multi-os environment or in IT knows that it is a pain to have to carry around multiple cds and floppies filled with operating systems and diagnostic and support software. This guide hopes to simplify those problems. I will show you just how easy it is to create your very own DVD consisting of every Windows based operating system you could want as well as how to add support and diagnostic tools as well. You will have one disc with every operating system and support tool you could ever need!


May 11, 2005

E3 IS COOOOMING!!@!@!#@!!@$

Only 5 more days!

E3 Insider... also watch this not so that good ad ;) , they ripped off Jack Black

A Modern History of Game Hackzoring

Joystiq: Sure, they’re trying to sell the game industry stuff, and nothing sells like a little old fashioned fear, uncertainty and doubt, but they’ve got a point: “In 2004, game security became a truly serious problem for the computer games industry. Virtually every major game, including Halo 2, World of Warcraft and Half-Life 2 had a major cheating or piracy incident.”

Crack my knuckles


Half Life 2 with HDR lightning

Good looking 3d models in the new technology link

Novell: Public Service Announcement


HiS Technology Radeon x850 XT & x850 XT PE AGP 8x Review

Newowin: A couple of weeks ago Guru3D received an email from HiS technology with the request if they would like to review their new AGP8x based Radeon x850 XT and x850 XT Platinum Edition. Both products tested today come with the very chilly IceQ II cooling package that means a large but very silent cooler. For the standard Radeon x850 XT model additional iTurbo overclocking software is included, which makes the product run as fast as a Platinum Edition within the click of a mouse button, a very cool feature. They take it through a nice photo-shoot and multiple benchmarks with the best poosible settings. The result ? Yeah .. of course it's sweet stuff. If you have the processor to juice it up though!

Pac Man turns 25

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - It's easy to see "Halo 2" fans lined up for several blocks in the hours before the game is released and think the industry has never been hotter; but if you want to see what a true phenomenon looks like, jump into your wayback machine and head to 1980.

Sometimes even PSPs get the blues

engadget: Very, very rarely does a pic require no commentary. This is one of those rare instances.

wow! lol

How to float like a stone

Guardian: What goes up no longer has to come down. British scientists have developed an antigravity machine that can float heavy stones, coins and lumps of metal in mid-air. Based around a powerful magnet, the device levitates objects in a similar way to how a maglev train runs above its tracks.

Two in Custody After Capitol Plane Scare

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Capitol and White House were evacuated Wednesday after a small plane entered restricted airspace and came within three miles of the executive mansion. Military jets scrambled to intercept the aircraft and fired warning flares.

White House: Grenade Was No Threat to Bush

TBILISI, Georgia - Georgia's security chief said Wednesday that an inactive grenade was found 100 feet from the site where
President Bush made a speech in Tbilisi. Gela Bezhuashvili, secretary of the National Security Council, said the Soviet-era grenade was found in "inactive mode" near the tribune where Bush spoke on Tuesday. Bush wasn't even aware of the grenade report until Secret Service agents on the plane told him about it as his plane was returning to Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington, spokesman Scott McClellan said, adding that the White House never believed the president's life was in danger.

Microsoft regrets 'leaked' pics of new Xbox, still has head-start Next time Microsoft throws a party it might just have a metal detector and insist that invitees leave their camera-phones outside the venue. Pictures and details of their next video game console the X-box appeared on various Websites, three days ahead of its official launch.

Sony and Nintendo do that most of the times...

May 10, 2005

Cannibalism copycat who kept a man in his fridge

TIMESONLINE: A CANNIBAL confessed yesterday to a court in Berlin that he had killed a teacher and fed the man’s lungs to his cat before he had sliced off and salted other parts of his body with a view to eating them later.



Here is a free program for anyone to burn cd's if you don't have the money to get Nero or Alcohol 120% although you can get those for free too ;)

Discription: burnatonce can master data and audio discs, read/write image files and copy on the fly. It's drag and drop interface has multi-language support and is fully compatible with XP themes. link


In here you can download SWF tools link

Clever Flash animation

Click on this intresting and clever flash animation

Has Your Favorite Show Been Cancelled????

Ain't it cool news: This time every year, USA Today’s Gary Levin tells us which scripted shows are dead, which will live next season, and which may or may not be back.


colinux: Cooperative Linux is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. More generally, Cooperative Linux (short-named coLinux) is a port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively alongside another operating system on a single machine. For instance, it allows one to freely run Linux on Windows 2000/XP, without using a commercial PC virtualization software such as VMware, in a way which is much more optimal than using any general purpose PC virtualization software.

Far Cry AMD64 Edition - A First Look at 64-bit Gaming

AnandTech does Farcry 64 AMD link

Bram Cohen: Creator of BitTorrent

WrongPlanet's interview with bram Cohen

May 9, 2005

Mystery man in the wall

Mystery man in the wall
Originally uploaded by shadowbox.

Eeeerie... Can you see him?

PacMan Graffiti in Portland

PacMan Graffiti in Portland
Originally uploaded by douglas.

I found this on Flickr while searching for GHOST ;) NICE GRAFFITI dUde!!

Video gaming causing repetitive strains

CBC - VANCOUVER - An affliction once thought limited to the adult world of office typing has spread into the youthful playpen of living room video games.

Some call it Nintendonitis or Nintendo thumb, but it may be known more widely as repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Remedy unveils their self funded title: Alan Wake

Neowin: First screenshots of the new Remedy's new game title, Alan Wake, have been unveiled.
Also according to the official homepage we can except the game to be "A Psychological Action Thriller".

Teaser | Screenshot 1, 2

Unreal Tournament 2007 ;)

Beyond Unreal - Unreal Tournament 2007 is Epic's next Unreal Tournament game. UT2007 is a completely new game, not a continuation of UT2003/4. The game is powered by Epic's next-generation Unreal Engine 3. Much of what is known about the game comes from the exclusive feature in Computer Gaming World's May 2005 issue. This article is available online at this location.

UT2007 will be officially announced and shown behind closed doors at E3 2005.

MTV Debuts the Next Xbox!

nothing new here but here is xbox's official site talking about MTV and the new Xbox link

DC Unveils New Logo


looks pretty neat

Office Online File Converters and Viewers

Microsoft: With the help of converters and viewers from Microsoft Office Online, you can share your Microsoft Office files with people who have different versions of Office programs, or even with people who don't have Office installed.

This is pretty neat ;) I forgot that i can download these

May 8, 2005

I have no clue!

Ok I want to get this clear, I'm a boy and I was Born in U.A.E. and I'm Iranian Canadian. I was born in 1988... any questions?

yes i'm single ;)

I'm saying this becuase of a very nice post Tze Ting has said about me :( she/he thinks i'm a girl and Malaysian (giggling)

The assault on software giant Microsoft

BBC: The next two years will be crucial for software giant Microsoft: Under attack on numerous fronts, it could falter - or it could fight back to become even more dominant. In the first of two reports, we examine the challenges facing Microsoft.


Google map findings

This is in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada, near the Cargo Docks for ships. It's a rail road and a train on it, and it's pretty long.


Blogger on the go!

Blogger: Blogger Mobile link


Its mothers day ;)

Windows Longhorn being built from scratch once more...

Well here you go again after one year.... again


Space love ;)


Google Web Accelerator Take Down


"Thank you for your
interest in Google Web Accelerator.
We have currently reached our
maximum capacity of users and
are actively working to increase
the number of users we can support."

If you are still intrested download it here

Discription | Do you love the Atari 1050 Disk Drive, Atari 2600, Atari 2600 Darth Vader, Atari 2600 JR, Atari 400, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Atari Jaguar CD, Atari Lynx 1, Atari Lynx II 2, Bandai Playdia, Bandai Wonderswan, Bandai Wonderswan Color, Coleco Gemini, Coleco Mrs. Pac Man Tabletop, Coleco Telstar, Colecovision, Commodore 64, Commodore Dattasette, Commodore Disk Drive 1541 II, Commodore VIC 20. Fairchild Channel F, GCE Vectrex, Goldstar 3DO, Intellivision II, Intellivision III, Magnavox Odyssey 2, Magnavox Odyssey 200, Magnavox Odyssey 3000, Microsoft Xbox, Milton Bradley Microvision, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo Color, Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, Nintendo Entertainment System 2, NES 2, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Virtua Boy, Nintnedo Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1, Paddle IV, Panasonic FZ-1 3DO, Panasonic FZ-10 3DO, Sears Super Video Arcade, Sears Tele Games, Sega 32X, Sega CD I, Sega CD II, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Game Gear (plastic screen), Sega Genesis 3, Sega Genesis I, Sega Genesis II, Sega Master System, Sega Nomad, Sega Power Base Convertor, Sega Saturn, Sony PS 2, Sony PS One, Texas Instruments 99/4A, Tiger Game.Com, Tiger Game.Com Pro, Tiger R Zone Extreme Pocket Gear, Tiger R Zone Head Gear, Turbo Grafx, Turbo Grafx CD, Sigma Raijin, Sony Funbit, Coleco Quiz Whiz, Tiger Quiz Whiz, R.O.B., Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo Game Boy Pocket, Tamagotchi, Sega Pocket Arcade, Zelda Game and Watch, Zelda Nelsonic Watch, and many others? Then welcome, and please leave your shoes at the door, thank you.

lol yea that's a lot of text, link

bling v7

A good looking case mod ;) link

PSP ontent for download

psp content on the web
Originally uploaded by Sassanix.

PSP - UMD gets cracked & hacked Following the Hello World announcement, we have received word that the PSP UMD format has been effectively cracked, and at lest three titles have been ripped Paradox has released a handful of ISO files for these games.....

isfahan THE MOVIE

an animated film inspired by the persian architecture (awsome) link

Also check magpie, metafilter

Google Accelerator (2)

Google Web Accelerator: Hey, not so fast - an alert for web app designers

How To Block Google’s Web Accelerator

Also here is a nice post about Google being baaaad by By Jeff Jarvis link

Here is the last post I posted crap about google

Google down? Google hacked/not hacked! >

Engadget: Not normally something we’d cover, but damn, is Google down? Is such a thing even possible? Anyone know what’s going on?

also read Google (NOT) Hacked? Just A DNS Glitch says Google : xbox 360

Engadget is most likely getting paid by microsoft by hyping xbox 360

Live Xbox 360 shot!
Close up shot of the Xbox 360’s controller
Xbox 360 Windows Media Center Remote Control

May 7, 2005

Icon Factory

awsome icons for use ;) for mac or windows. link

May 6, 2005


If you use firefox if you put in your address bar (MPA BITTORENT) or (PSPHAX) it takes you to my blog because of google pretty neat ;)
It uses the google's I feel lucky option niiice

Earth has become brighter, but no one is sure why

Cnet: Reversing a decades-long trend toward "global dimming," Earth's surface has become brighter since 1990, scientists are reporting today. The brightening means that more sunlight--and thus more heat--is reaching the ground. That could partly explain the record-high global temperatures reported in the late 1990s, and it could accelerate the planet's warming trend.

Open Kensington laptop lock with toilet paper roll, tape, and pen (VIDEO)

Digg: In this video a guy demonstrates just how easy it is to open a Kensington laptop lock using a roll of toilet paper, tape, and a pen. It's really scary to know that a roll of toilet paper is all that it takes for someone to take your laptop... watch the video


Here are some fun flash games ;) link

Test your speed the better way

If you are picky about your speed, go here and you can check what others with the same ISP are getting... and compare link

Stupid users?

link, Discription: These images are the result of 8 years in the retail computer industry - 8 years that are thankfully behind me. I used to work in the service department in a retail store of a very famous computer company (think cows...). During this time, I was able to observe (and preserve for posterity) the aftereffects of the - shall we say - "technology challenged" folks. My friends and relatives couldn't believe the stories I told - thus this collection of photos.

How Lightsabers Work

Howstuffworks : Chances are that you have seen a lightsaber at one time or another, whether on the evening news or down at the local cantina. Therefore you know that a lightsaber is an amazing and versatile device that is able to cut through nearly anything in a matter of milliseconds.

Google being evil lately?

Much Controversy Over Google's Accelerator is an article written , it is awfully wrong and the new google accelerator is just a bad idea. link

How To: Throw A PSP WiFi LAN Party

Playfeed gives us some directions on how to do that... Sounds pretty booooring but oh well. link

Cool CG movie

A releastic renderation of a human face ;) link

Discription: Welcome to the Wiki. This site will allow you to not only learn about all things Linux, but will also allow you to share your knowledge. link

Valve reassures retail over boxed product plans

Gi : Half-Life developer Valve has moved to reassure retailers that it will continue to distribute its products in boxed form despite the recent announcement of the end of its publishing deal with VU Games.

May 5, 2005

Peter Rojas interviews Bill Gates

Thu, 05 Apr 2005 8:00:00 GMT

Podcast from

PSP UMD Game Format Cracked

PSPHAX: So far, the following titles are reported to have been ripped:

Vampire_Chronicle_The_Chaos_Tower_JAP_PSP-PARADOX [407.4MB in 29 files].
Wipeout_Pure_USA_PSP-PARADOX [132.9MB in 10 files].
Ridge_Racers_JAP_PSP-PARADOX [491.4MB in 35 files].

The NFO is here

Via: Joystiq


Download Conan Obrein tv episodes and clips link

Warning Starwars Episode III SPOIIIILER with photos ;)

If you are a starwars fan then click >>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<

the funny thing is it's all over Starwars Irc rooms link

Apple ad archives

an awsome apple ad archive on the net... watch them all link

Awsome clay tricks :)

Check this out... link

New Doom Movie Photos!

Check out these new Doom 3 photos, there are now four pictures circulating the web on the new Doom 3 movie :), they seem to be on some sort of ship or on a diffrent planet, and another photo of The Rock shooting with his Buddy. check out the photos here | Via Megagames | also check out Silent Hill movie prop photos

May 4, 2005

E-Mail Icon Generator

Awsome tool.. if you are a blogger or a webmaster. link

Real Time Html Editor!!!

Niice, something cool, just to check some of my html codes. link

May 3, 2005

Updating my Flickr

I almost got kicked out of the book store from taking these photos, also check out the Earth worm pictures. I didn't put it up here so you guys won't close my blog down :( lol

Go here for all the photos I take everyday of stuff that is soooo random you won't believe it

Firefox Tweak Guide

Here is none other then Koroush Ghazi writing on how to make your Firefox better. Go here and learn link

May 2, 2005

Half-Life 2 to be pulled from shelves

Gamesradar: Half-Life developer Valve and publisher Vivendi Universal Games have finally settled their long-running dispute.
A federal court lawsuit was originally filed by Valve in the US in August 2002 but, in a brief statement, Valve has just confirmed that "the parties have resolved their differences and the settlement provides for the dismissal of all claims and counterclaims".
As part of the settlement agreement, Vivendi will cease distribution of retail packaged versions of Valve's games from 31 August, opening the way for Valve to sell its games exclusively via its Steam download service.

Thank god I got my copy... Phewww

ABC spreads news to gamers

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - ABC News has reinforced its reputation for pioneering new media by offering its content to PlayStation Portable users, making it the platform's first news and information content provider.

cool... But it's too boring

May 1, 2005

PS3 Pre-E3 Screenshots released! While surfing the net last night, we ran across several Web sites with some pre-E3 pictures of PS3 titles posted. Here are a few of them below, with brief descriptions and links to additional pics of them (where available)

Scroll down and check out those screenshots niiice

Longhorn Cd and Packaging

Longhorn Cd 4
Originally uploaded by Sassanix.

I got this last year, don't worry it's only Beta. I got this from Iran, they are selling them lol since 2003 or 2001 they are not illegal to sell since Microsoft has no control over Iranian Copyright rules, in Iran any software is usually ranges from 1$ to all the way let's say 20$'s, on software such as Windows to Photoshop, sometimes they sell stuff that's not even out in the North American market yet like Windows Longhorn. Check out all the pictures hope you guys enjoy it.

Here is the rest of the Longhorn photos, also check out the Longhorn Slideshow from Pc mag | Digg This

Update: the price for this was 3$'s (3000 Tooman)

PSP screens turn pink

Because of May all PSP screens will turn pink... So that sux. I also posted a link of a Green PSP sorry I was wrong I saw a psp that was pink today.

Asus bring you the next-gen Case

Look's like a Shuttle from front, or a car, It looks ok I guess. link