May 28, 2005

Two horrible movies I've seen this week

First is the new Star Wars movie called Revenge of the SITH (SHIT).... that was just hyped and only for bunch of Star Wars fans. George Lucas should get a better hobby, don't waste you money on this one, oops I'm too late. If they made this a silent movie it would have been way better, the dialogue sucked and everything was too obvious.

Second is The Longest Yard, which is a remake of the 1974 movie that is about an ex-football player who is convicted of a crime that is now serving 4 years in prison. He has been asked to make a team of convicts to play against the guards. I didn't like this movie much except for some good funny parts, the rest was just felt like fillers, I think the original is as better, I guess I have to rent and watch it ;)

I recomend all of you out there to go and watch Mean Machine a british movie based on the longest yard from the 1974 that came out in 2001, which was a great movie about Football (SOCCER TO YOU N. Americans).