Jul 16, 2006

New Lebanon air strikes kill 23

BBC: At least 16 died in the city of Tyre, while strikes on a border village killed at least seven, including five with Canadian and Lebanese citizenship.

well it happened

Canada's message to its citizens in Lebonan before this:
Canadians warned to be wary

Canada's Foreign Affairs Department told CBC News that it has been monitoring the situation, but has no immediate plans to get Canadians out.Ottawa issued a travel advisory, warning Canadians in the region to remain indoors and take precautions to stay safe."The Foreign Affairs Department is looking at making plans available for Canadians to be able to leave," CBC's Nahlah Ayed reported on Sunday."They have not announced any plans yet, but they are asking everybody in Lebanon to stay in touch and to get registered at the Canadian Embassy."

Well no one in our government gives a shit... at least as I'm aware of.

Update: Their sending ships to evacuate the citizens