May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code

A movie based on the book by Dan Brown, pure fiction with some fact...

Ive never read the book because I dont read books that dont interest me and also books with plots that seem too obvious.

I watched the movie the second day it was out on the theaters and let me say, it was a good thriller and with some interesting plots but almost every timeyou could have guessed what would come next.

Some funny parts I have to say were the monk beating himself up for Jesus, Tom Hanks saying he needs a library fast and many more...

2 hours long with a lot of useless dialogue and I'm not sure why Christians are upset about this movie. The whole concept is WHAT IF... nothing else and I respect that. Besides that if anyone believes the religious aspects of this movie then they are clearly stupid.

Watch it, its a good fun movie but not a great movie... if your parents going to kick you out of your house for watching this movie then thats just ridiculous.

If you are going to starve your self to death so people will not watch this movie then you need a life, and if youre suing this movie for religious reasons than again your stupid.

Thats all I have to say