Mar 31, 2003

We are going to have a science fair on wednesday.

Me and my partner in science fair for grade nines are working in a science fair due wednesday so I might not write allot today. thanks for visiting and come agian for more."

NBC, MSNBC fire Peter Arnett

Mr.Peter Arnett, center, had been reporting from Baghdad for NBC News and MSNBC
while on assignment for "National Geographic Explorer."

Sassan says: He was a reporter,he was doing his job,why fire some one by telling
the thruth, I'm not a pro war or anti war but I think the U.S. media is taking
this veryyy Pro war they should tell the truth.

Mar 30, 2003

Aljazeera's Hacked again!!!!

After I said that Aljazeera was back online it seems that it was for a few minutes or hours,untill it got onther attack, and it's not working for me no more.

Aljazeera Wont censor it. so what else is new!

DOHA, Qatar, March 30 (Reuters) - Blasted by Washington and London for beaming distressing pictures from Iraq, al-Jazeera television said on Sunday it would not censor the horrors of war.
Reuters AlertNet - Al-Jazeera defends images,won't censor war horror

Aljazeera's Back

Aljazeera New and enlarged with it's new server in France after being hacked by hackers from U.S.A both Arabic and English sections of Aljazeera were hacked but no more The Arabic part is up and running but not the english part, it might be online after few more days I think.

So its finally out

Go to this link and you would see what Mr.Derakhshan wrote about it.
E:M | Second issue of Siah-Sepid;

Live Baghdad

Go to this site to watch tv stations for free and watch baghdad live webcasting go to it now.
give your stations to them and tey will post it for you.Like I did for the Iranian section. If you want to watch it from here go here.


I got to go do my projects+My Science fair well tomorrow is going to be Monday so I'm going to be busy that day,got to back to school and do my projects and other things.
Cya and bye untill tomorrow


what a funny weblog!
Have you seen it well take a look at it

Yahoos Iraq coverge

Take a look at Yahoos Iraq coverge too they have evry thig about it up to date.

Breaking News in Tapesh!

I think breaking news in Tapesh is funny with Sassan Kamali do you think so too if you have seen their braking news?

My weblog mirror!!!

I made a Path or a mirror to here by going to it will sends you directly to here.

Give me your comments now!!!

Ok I made some changes to this blog Now I have comments I guess thats good.
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Newest Iranian search Engine!

Today I saw the newest Iranian search Engine it seems they are still working on it. the search engine called searchestan.
I have seen other persian search engines like one of the best Iranian search engines there is also

Watch Tv

For those who are Iranians: I guess you have woundered if you can watch tv from internet, guess what yes you can here is some Iranian tv. For more go to here


I bet everyone is looking for some sort of source to know what's happening in the War well I have some links from Reuters and other websites that could be helpful, in Reuters they have the headlines and the Raw videos.


Here I come!!

Hi to evry one I just started this weblog.
I'm a 14 year old guy that live in Canada,Novascotia.Well I'm a webdesigner, one of the websites I builded is in here take a look at it.well I'm going to write about my Life and evrything I like abut computers, Internet and more.My name is Sassan and I was born in U.A.E,My family is Iranian and now I live in Canada for two years.

I was actualy trying to FTP my blog to but it didnt work.
I'm going to add as much feuturs to this blog as much as I can.
First I thought im going to build a weblog in persian then I said Naaa It would be kinda not good,I mean as a public opinion No one would understand.

I'm working on my science fair now for grade nine,my science fair is about ellosions and my title is when eyes go wrong.