Jul 17, 2003

New background music

I have been making few background flash music for my weblog but I thought I will let you guys choose. So here they are, click on the play button. Don't worry about the my archive songs I will make a page about it with all of my background music's.
1.The creator is a Persian trancer from L.A. his name is Nami this song is called Planet dream.
2.This second song came out just this month this guy is Persian too and yes he is a trancer, his name is Farzad aghili. I cant remember this songs name but hopefully I will get it.
3.The third one is from Scooter a famous trancer from Europe who I like some of his songs, this song is called weekend.
To play these songs you have to have Macromedia Flash.

Please see and tell me which ones you like the most, thanks everyone.