Dec 7, 2003

Bad luck

Yesterday I went to Superstore (Supermarket) and tried to get a haircut appointment, then I decided to adjust my glasses, so I gave the employee my glasses to adjust, after 2 seconds later she comes back and says to me, the weirdest thing happened to her. I said what? , she said one of my lenses got broken.
I didn't shout, or burst in anger, I said what should I do now? She said they have to fix it for two weeks!! I had to go to school during those two weeks. My glasses were coded, made out of light glass also anti glare and they are transition. I got pissed, so the only choice was to use contacts for the first time of my life, off course temporarily. I hate contacts, at first their hard to wear, then it got easy. I hope you guys all had your glasses or your eyes intact without breaking anything.
I hope my glasses get fixed soon; I have to check on Monday. Sunday's the shops are closed, Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada which closes down their shops.