Dec 21, 2003


Pedram was talking about Conspiracies on Saddam capture situation, and before that me and my brother and my dad had an argue about it, the BBC report on the so called hole of Saddam was interesting, because the reporter was standing right above the hole, and there was a palm tree. It had all grown dates on them, the color was yellow. This color means that Saddam was captured in summer not in winter, trees don't grow date no where in Middle east during winter. The color of dates is green during July and it gets fully ready, Yellow in September. Why you ask now it was publicized? Well I think to give a boost to G.W.Bush's campaign for 2004 elections.
Saddam was already captured, before it was publicized to people around the world, their playing games with us. Leaders like Khamenie and Saddam were servants to British and U.S.