Apr 30, 2003

The guys

The guys Is the first movie that is being created in U.S. based on the September 11 attacks in U.S. there is only a trailer I saw of it nothing more, except it's a drama and their lead actors are Sigourney Weaver, Anthony LaPaglia.

history for kids!
I like this website a lot because it gives all the history in a simple way for children and adults, (don't get fooled with the name).
visit this website to know about lots of stuff that happened around the world.
The history on Persians
Anthrax genome unveiled

Researchers have decoded the genome of the bacterium that causes anthrax. The sequence may aid diagnosis, and highlight new targets for vaccine and drug development.
Windows 'Longhorn' Leaked To Public -- Again

For a third time, the successor to Windows XP has appeared on the Internet, raising suspicions among some that Microsoft isn't all that interested in plugging the leaks.

Apr 29, 2003

"I think, therefore I am."

Rene Dwscrates was the man who is responsible for cartesian plane (or the X-y graph). he created in the early 1600s. Surprisingly, he was a philosopher (considered one of the fathers of philosophy) and used his reasoning and logic sills in mathmatics and science. on of his famouse quotes is:
"I think, therefore I am."
Canadian or Iranian!

Aslan wrote in his blog:
Iranian Version Of Islam

I ordered my favorite pizza at a small pizza place in UBC. The guy behind the counter, who is from Pakistan, got kind of confused and he double-checked my order. "So, you want Pepperoni & Ham?" he asked; I confirmed the order. I could understand his confusion; he knew that I am Muslim, just as he was.
Most Iranians don't practice Islam like Muslims from other Middle Eastern countries do. We are considered a Muslim nation; however, most of us were born Muslim, not chose to be one. We are called Muslim because our parents were called Muslim because their parents were called Muslim because... and it goes on and on. Although it doesn't seem like it; however, the people who really practice Islam are a minority in Iran. Simply compare the Iranians to the people from other Muslim nations who live abroad, you'll clearly notice that the Iranian Islam is somehow different! Iranian women don't cover their hair (In fact they lose their scarf right on the airplane which they are leaving Iran with), Iranians drink alcohol, eat Ham & Pepperoni, we don't necessarily fast during the month of Ramazan, and etc. You don't see such thing in Muslims from Arab countries; at least you don't see it at the magnitude that you do see among Iranians.
A joke has been circulating around since the early years of the Islamic revolution; I find it very true and cleverly said. It goes as following: A few years after Iran's Islamic revolution, a TV reporter is interviewing people about the difference that the revolution has made to their lives. To which a man replies: "Actually nothing much; before the revolution, we used to do our prayers inside, and drink our Vodka outside; but now we do our prayers outside, and drink our Vodka inside."

ScrollBar Styler

ScrollBar Styler 5.5 is a software tool that generates scrollbar CSS "style" code for colored, flat-style, and custom scrollbars. It also creates JavaScript code for multi-color blinking scrollbars. (Requires IE 5.5 or later.) Super for styling your page and building eye-grabber scrollbar effects.



BSplayer is a Windows player that plays back all kinds of media files ( avi / mpg / asf / wmv / wav / mp3...) and specialises in video and divx playback.
About the program

Official site



I read these two articles today in both Hoders blog and Buzzmachine.

From buzzmachines blog
The Persian bridge
: Hoder (does he need an introduction? he's the Persian blogging pioneer who has been reporting on the arrest of Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi) writes about this very blog today. It's on his Persian blog -- so I have no idea what he said -- but you can see the headline in English here: "Jeff Jarvis is trying to bridge between Iranian and American blogosphere in his BuzzMachine" or "ديالوگ بين بلاگستان ايرانی و آمريکايی "
To Hoder's many readers: Welcome!

: Thanks to Sobh in the comments, here's a translation:

He says: Jeff Jarvis is one of famous webloggers/journalists of English blogland. He's got concerned to Persian weblogs after Sina's arrest (some may say he is a spy of CIA!) and in his weblog named Buzz Machine, is making a dialog, as he says, between Persian and English blogland by pursuing English Iranian blogs. For example yesterday he made a permanent section in his weblog for links to Iranian weblogs and listed some most active ones in it. Except that, he is continually quoting from some interesting Iranian weblogs. (I wish there were more Iranian weblogs, getting updated from inside Iran.) Jarvis has launched Entertainment Weekley and some other magazines before and now is running Advance.net.
Spy? I'm sure he's just joking but it would improve my image and explain lots of mysterious behavior.

Link to the post
Cheese.com !

I found this website very interesting all their information is on cheese they have everything you want to know about cheese around the world.

Apr 28, 2003

The new version of w.bloggar

The new version of W.bloggar is out and you would get new things out of this one, one of the best out there for your blogging system.
the new version is V3.01go here and download it if you are a blogger or any other type of blogging.

My last post on W.Bloggar

The worls as the blog

Ok I have introduced this website before now you can login with your geocoded URL very neat.
You would know more about it on the website.
Click on view bloggers and you would see from where I'm blogging.

Apr 27, 2003


This is a program that works even better than Movable type and it uses php/mysql for its blogging tools, you can look at the screenshots through the website also you can get a free download directly from the website.
Raymondpirouz is one the bloggers that uses this program.
World Meters

A very neat work to see waht is the numbers around the world.
Uncertainty:Iman and Farid's Iranian weblog

Imans weblog is starting to write after his flight from Iran to Montreal,Canada.
visit it, it is a very nice blog to visit and read, by the way this weblog is in English.
Convert Binary to ASCII or ASCII to Binary

You can use this for many funny things like chatting in codes maybe, or something else who knows.
I found this link at gessaman.com weblog
Persian blogs ceremony for last year

Persian bloggers in Iran last year had a ceremony about the growing of web logs and daily writing here is the link in Persian you might find some pictures of the ceremony.
After the arrest of Mr. Sina matlabi there is some fear of getting arrested by the regime but I guess there is nothing to be afraid of the truth.

A program that help you access your email in Yahoo through POP3, since the Yahoo POP3 services are not free you can do it free with this program by accessing it through Outlook Express XP and I guess it might work on the other ones too.

this is a website that gathers all the weblogs around the world that talk about peace in their luanguges.

Geek style:
Classicate is another piece of art from Shaahin Mohammadi.
Classicate (or Classic 8) is the best MAC OS style I have ever seen.
I do not use windows themes or skins, but this one is really diffrent.
He has also changed the MSN messenger icons.

Album Shahanshah Aryamehr

I found these while I was searching for a picture in alltheweb.com, and I found this all of the Royal pictures for Shahs family. You can take a look at it too. I also found a poem for Shah in here, that I found weird because I have never lived in around that time, take a look at the poem, it says the poem is for when Shah came back from U.S.A. ,click here for the poem.
I have never been in favour of Shah or Khomeini I think they are both not good for Iranian society, I think Iranians should have a government by the people with out any religion mixed with politics, and Iranians should have a freedom of speech and everything else that a human being needs, like democracy.
To the website
Banner Killer

I found some websites that you can get rid of your ads in free webhosts, so I'm going to give you the websites that I found.
Ad killer 1
Ad killer 2
Ad killer 3

This is for Dot.tk:
The friendly people of .tk provide it themselves:

1) Login to your mydot.tk account on dot.tk

2) Click on "Dot TK Linker Promo" under "My Marketing" on the left side of the screen.

3) Click continue at the bottom

4) Select the "no banner" radio button

5) Click continue at the bottom

That's all!
Blogshares is going free

BlogShares goes live May 1st! Yes, only 7 more days of Beta testing remains.

Apr 26, 2003


A website about video games has serial numbers and more in Iranian, it is one of the best Iranian gamin sites I have visited.
"W" Speaks

Funny quotes that Goege.W.Bush have said that didn't make sense from Pedrams Weblog
Hell in Canada

Canada is been in hell for past few months, like the talk about the war should we or shouldn't we go and then we don't go, George bush cancels the flight to Canada, a lot of anger from Canadians on Mr. Bush after that. After all the politics and the war there is the policies between U.S. and Canada, Canadians don't like those policies because they don't see any benefits from Canadians side. Then we have SARS the illness that killed more than 200 people I guess until now and then it comes to Canada out of no where, oh I remembered it was from Honk Kong a Chinese women brought it here, it killed about 17 people in Toronto, now WHO is saying that no one should go to Toronto or get out of it, there is a lack of tourism around some provinces and the Health minister wasn't paying attention to provinces like Nova Scotia also I guess New Brunswick to give them equipment for hospitals also money to provide, some provinces got upset.

Apr 25, 2003

the World as a Blog

This is something same as www.weblogs.com but this one is more entertaining take a look at it.
It is Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world

The best video streaming entertainment for Iranians.
They have everything from TV shows to music and Films, if you like what I'm saying try to visit it. Oh I forgot to tell you to watch Tom And Jerry it's the funniest ha-ha I'm still laughing.

More shows

RSS master!

It is a free software that helps you build you RSS better.

About the software:
RSSMaster is a .NET class library which helps you generate RSS feeds for your web site with a few lines of code. It supports both 0.91 (the most popular) and 2.0 (the newest) versions of RSS. RSSMaster is fully customizable and totally FREE


Today I was trying to make templates for blogger from here www.oswd.org and it worked very good but If you want it they you want it you have to work on it.
I also found a weblog that helps you build your own templates this is the weblog Blogger FAQ blog.
Here is one of the templates I came up with in there take a look at it.
Currency converter

It converts dollar and other currencies to yours.

Apr 24, 2003

The Project for the New American Century

I got this from their site:
The Project for the New American Century intends, through issue briefs, research papers, advocacy journalism, conferences, and seminars, to explain what American world leadership entails. It will also strive to rally support for a vigorous and principled policy of American international involvement and to stimulate useful public debate on foreign and defense policy and America's role in the world.

An article

Braindroppings wrote:
This is an article I wrote for Perspective, journal of Iranian Student Cultural Organization of UC Berkeley. It is trying to introduce the Iranian blogging community to the English speaking world.

A website for teaching flash and the news about flash it is very good for flash developers.

Hosts made with flash animation!

This is a website of oddcast that you can see and try how to make your own host and also you can save some of them, with your own voice.
click here to see this interesting website.


I found this link that matches your weblog or website to other weblogs and websites that are semilar, I found it very intresting because I get all these weblogs that mathced me with, there are, 2516 weblogs that's a lot but they are all intresting.

Apr 23, 2003

Fast food comes to Iraq

Basra: Fastfood giants Pizza Hut and Burger King have set up their first franchises inside war-torn Iraq, even as many aid convoys waited on the borders for the war to officially end.
link to the article

Iraq is the next target for the pop culture I guess after this their music is going to change then it is the way the wear clothes then is they way the talk to each other, a lot of things are happening there.
Media awareness

This is a website I found that analyzes ads in TV and everything else that is related to media and it tells you with it thinkable articles about media and stereotypes in media and TV even the world wide web.

Digitaly imported radio

All the music that you want in digital format the best straming radio on Internet, you can get from cllasical to techno trance.
Flash drawing through the web

you can print it or send it by email or even save it through internet.
Blogsky got hacked!

at first I read this comment on my blog saying this:
AK () @ 04/23/2003 15:13:
I am afraid that blogsky has been hacked:(.. By some idiot calling himself Mash Ghasem

At first I thought it would be a rumour going around then I read an article on it in IT Iran that said someone calling him self Mash ghasem, grouped hackers that hacked 100 sites is hacking again, they have hacked Blogsky the newest Iranian bloghost in English and Persian. ITIran says one of their Journalists have said on the page it said that Mash ghasem is coming back new and enlarged with his sons, and in this page it said that any interviews with the Mash ghasem group is a lie. The staff of Blogsky have deleted and changed the page that said hackers were here.
Link to the article
Snapshots: click on it to see the hacked page.

Apr 22, 2003

My math project
Here is my latest project in Math that we had to make a game of probability and so it is like a draw. So see for your self what I have done, It took me like 30 minutes to finish it because I didn't have time for it, it was like 10:50 Pm any ways I hope they would like it the next day, my game involves Cookies.
This whole project is for a new Unit so this is like an assignment that has to be done after tomorrow we are only going to play with them and see who is going to win the most and how many students are going to win and lose.
here is the link to the page I'm going to show the math class.
Google's labs

I guess most of you want to know what google staff do in their Labs, well I guess you can go here.

This is what google says about their lab: Google labs showcases a few of our favourite ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time. Your feedback can help us improve them. Please play with these prototypes and send your comments directly to the Googlers who developed them. *

Thank you

iProveDev.net Weblog have introduced my Weblog to their readers I should thank them because of their good Weblog and everything else.

Thank you iProveDev.net
Gard pictures were today!

We took our graduation picture forgarde nine also we gave our signup sheet that was due today for high school.
For the grad photos I looked very intelligent and very good looking :)
I guess that is enough of me talking about my self if I get my grad picture here I will post it so you would see it too.
More on this

We have two student teachers since before Christmas and they are new and they are steel under the fingers of University so they are teaching us as student teachers, one of them for Science and Math and the rest and the other one is A women who teaches us English.
The Math teacher is better has sense of humor and everything and I think he is going to be a great teacher but the English teacher doesn't make sense to me she is a Psycho, I don't want to be rude about my Student teachers but they are filling us with homework and projects after Easter and before Easter and right now I have to finish them as fast as I could.

Apr 21, 2003

Officials deny press reports on SARS death in Iran

When I was looking for news I found these
Tehran, Apr 20 - Health officials here on Sunday denied press reports on Iran's first death from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) -- a flue-like virus which is said to have killed over 200 people worldwide so far, IRNA reported.
BBCPersian SARS in IRAN:
When I was reading the BBCPersian website I read an article on it too, they said that two guys in Shiraz a province south west of Iran have died with some SARS symptoms. Iranair an Iranian Air agency owned by the government cancelled their flights to Kuala Lumpur, and Iranian football (soccer) medics told their team to not to fly to Hong Kong , Singapore, Canada, Vietnam, China and Taiwan. All the panics of SARS in Iran got to Majlis Iranian Legislature. In Iran after all the panics because of the WAR and the SARS some Iranian after the warnings of Iranian Health they went to Far east for heir new year vacations Nourouz. There has been a lot of things been going on because of SARS in Iran, some doctors said more actions should be done to defeat SARS before it even comes here.
That was my summary of BBCPersian article on SARS in Iran.

What is Swf kit?

SWFKit gives power to your applications! Access databases, use real-time socket communication, send and receive email, read and write files, access the system registry, play & record multimedia, embed ActiveX controls, and much more.
Use SWFKit to make application installers, generate serial numbers, create auto run CDs, and create screensavers - all out of Flash! Check out the feature list.
you can creat Screensavers and more..

Download size: 5.05MB
Crack of the program size: 56KB
I have got these informations from this blog iProDev.NET
Banners everywhere!

You might see few things that I added in my template for today one of them is the Free Sina Motallebi banner and the other one is Persian top 50 weblogs, whom my brother made just for me so go to it and signup or go write your name after you click on Free Sina Motallebi banner.
To get Free Sina Motallebi banner click here so you might help too."Free Sina Motallebi" petition.

Apr 20, 2003

Mr. Sina Motallebi Is worldwide known now!

Nice Dave Winer's link started the buzz about Sina Motallebi's arrest. now it's almost everywhere.

Hoder said that thanks to some English websites Sina has been known internationally in English websites. Here are the websites he said were helpful:
Scripting news
Here are some that he didn't mention:

In blogdex It is number 1 at this moment when I looked at it, with 10 links.
At first with 6 links then 8 links then 10 links.
BBC full coverage over the war in Iraq.

Every related issues and time to time news.
Flashbloggiong might come true!

A little application to view summaries of news and blog sites with; that warns of new things with an MSN-style popup. Made in Flash MX and Screenweaver.
I'm using it and it is the best for RSS, you can try it too by pressing download.
NASA Caught Faking Images (again), Steve Wingate

I found this page while I was Googling around and I found it interesting enough to put it here.
They say this is a fake image from NASA.
Click here to see the image
More about the trick they did!
New reality
The world learns to live with tough new US foreign policy

Who's next?
Same techniques in Time

Apr. 21, 2003, May. 07, 1945

See anything similar?
The Real Hussein

It is a remake of that song the real slim shady but this one is better.

Iranian blogger/journalist arrested

Hoder:Sina Motallebi, well-known blogger and journalist was arrested this morning. He is accused of threatening the national security by giving interviews to Persian language radios outside Iran, wrtiting articles both in newspapers and his weblog.

His weblog, WebGard (i.e. web surfer), was among the top 5 Persian most popular weblogs while his wife, Farnaz, has her own weblog, mostly writing about their newly-born baby boy, Mani.

Sina used to write film reviews for Iranian film magazines in the begining of his career, then joined the reformist paper of Jameah and continued to work with reformist papers. He was the political news editor in Ham-Mihan newspaper which only lasted a few months.

His father, Saeed Motallebi, who is a respected and experienced screenwriter, has been unofficially banned from working after the revolution because of his films in pre-revolution years.

NOTE: Spreading the word may help him to be released earlier. help spread the news!

Some of his pictures:

An Iranian weblog after the arrest of Mr.Sina made a weblog in Persian saying No to what they did to take Mr.Sinas freedom.

Farzandaneiran.Blogsky.com (Pe)

Apr 19, 2003

What the!

I don't like when in Cartoons or Caricature they show a member of Iranian government and they would call him Iran, they should call the guy with their names or say Iranian government. I do not like that at all, I'm offended by this. For instance take a look at this click on it.
I think they are not saying It's the people who are scared but It is the government.
So you see what I mean?

They should have done something like this.
The new Blogger!

There is a new version of Blogger coming out soon it is under Beta at this moment, but you can make your weblog under the beta version of blogger too, I tried it and it was good but I don't want to recommend it to people because it is under development. The new Blogger is called Dano.
Dano FAQ
The new Blogger

They have everything written down in these pages for you to know about it.

Picked my courses for next year

remember when I said this:

Highschool here I come
Ok as most of you guys might not know that I have turned 15 in March 9 and so that means I'm not in grade 10 so this year is going to be a new experience for me because I'm going to pick my courses for high school, something that I have never done before. well I guess I'm going to do it now, So a guidance counselor walk in to our classroom and introduced himself and starts giving our registration books and what courses we are going to take so I'm getting ready for high school and grade 10 and I guess the first few days it's going to be hard, I guess I can handle that.
At this moment I am focusing on what courses I should take, I will let everyone know what courses I'm going to take for grade ten and 11 and 12 because we have to pick them in grade 9.

I have picked them and I need to pass them in until Tuesday.
This is how my courses look like click on it to see what I have picked:

Apr 18, 2003

Fingilish 2 Persian

This is a program that translates Finglish to Farsi or Persian. Because Iranians don't have their own script in websites they use Unicode or Pingilish or Fingilish same thing, Unicode is the most used one to write Persian in websites but In emails people use Pingilish (using Latin letters for Persian writings) because people do not like to use all those codes for Unicode for their emails. This is a good program that does the translating for people.

Check the screen shots or download the program.
A funny flash clip click on it


More on Markfiore.com
Introducing a website!

Ok if you like to listen to all the Iranian singers go here to Newpersia.com they have a gallery of songs from different Iranian singers.


In this website you can check all of those Persian singers in Flash made clips.

Irantaraneh has Persian songs too in MP3 and WAV formats.
Hot Dog Vendor Gets Terrorism Insurance

This is the first time I'm seeing anything like this.
take a look at the article

Saddam: Life in Pictures

Take a look at the pictures of Saddams life. I found it very intresting.
Arab TV Footage Shows Saddam After Fall of Baghdad

Arab television has broadcast footage it says shows Saddam Hussein on the streets of Baghdad the same day the city fell to coalition forces.
Abu Dhabi television, based in the United Arab Emirates, says the footage was shot on April 9, two days after a U.S. bombing raid on a Baghdad building where intelligence officers believed Saddam and his two sons, Uday and Qusay, were located. April 9 was also the day U.S. tanks rolled into central Baghdad and Iraqis toppled a statue of Saddam...


Sassanids: last native dynasty to reign in Persia before the Arab conquest.

As you might know my name is Sassan and my name came from Sassanids dynasty, the name 'Sassanids' is derived from a Persian priest named Sassan, the ancestor of the dynasty.

Check the link for more information about Sassanids

Articles on ancient Persian
Irantarikh, Iranian history and culture

Iran khodro!

This is a site for Iranians lead car making in Iran, they have all their models in their site also they have their history in their website.
Peikan is been around since 1967, their design is still the same.

The first model of Peikan

Hoders article on peikan

Soccer got to love that game!

I always said Football not Soccer when I called my friends to play the game now I'm stuck with soccer, I don't like to call it soccer because it's not the same when you call it soccer, I think they should change the name in North America to Football and their football to American football. Doesn't sound better?


I was is uefa.com and I was looking for new things and what is happening, so I found the website for Euro2004 take a look at it

Apr 17, 2003

CNN makes a deadly mistake

CNN announced on the internet that the Pope , Fidel Castro, Bob Hope, Nelson Mandela, Dick Cheney and Ronald Reagan had perished.

That is funny, CNN is not that good as everyone else says.
All the pages that was predicted that they were dead.
Take a moment to read the article.
Javascript for webcams!
I found this JavaScript for web cams, I think this JavaScript is the best out there, you can even put an offline image when the picture is offline or an online image when the picture is online.
take a look at it.
Toolbar for your blog for eiditing
Download this toolbar for free, to edit your weblog directly from your page, by using IE6, sounds interesting I have not used it yet but you might take a look at it.
This is what it says on their site:
You see your blog in the browser. You want to add to or edit it so... You go to some other app or site to do your blogging. Does this make sense? No. You should be able to edit and save standards compliant XHTML right there, in your browser, on your blog page, WYSIWYG style.
Meetings are not boring!

I found a website for meeting persian bloggers,that all persian bloggers or non bloggers could meetup, I found it intresting, untill now Hoder from tronto is 4 and the rest is up to you, my city is 1 I'm the only one in it.
If you are a Persian or an englishPersian blogger please meetup with us, there has to be more than 5 people to vote the place so that meetup would work. You might know more about it if you visit the page.
You can the place you want too in there.

Halifax,N.S. bloggers come meetup

Halifax, NS

Apr 16, 2003


Ping your website or your weblog to see the downtime or Uptime of your weblog, It is good to see if your weblog is working but not showing up then you can report it to your weblog provider.

Download and screenshots
We aren't arabs!

An Iranian weblogger recently started English blogging wrote about Iranians/Persian being different than Arabs and that Persians are way different than Arabs. Which is interesting to read, to see how iranian young think about their Past and about Arabs!
Take a look at it and get informed.
Article by Rasa from Rasa.blogsky.com
Bloksky testimonial!
Blogsky the new Persian weblog provider in English and Persian published a page called testimonial and they are saying that they are the best, and everyone else said that too. They have my post about blogsky there too, I was the only Persian, English weblog in there that talked about blogsky. Take a look at the page.
Flash MX

While I was in a weblog I found this crack for Flashmx.
Crack you have to know how to use the crack then dowload it.
All togeter would be 46MB
Office2003 Beta
The new version of Office2003 is coming out soon but you can get the Beta version online.

From heart

Iraqi people and Midd-east people that are living in Toronto are giving their opinions on War in Iraq.

There is an Iranian guy named Bahman Kalbasi who gives his opinion too.
It is very interesting.
See the Iraqometer that sows you the results of the Iraq war, check it out.
Free download of the day for Screen savers archive

Check this out all the free downloads from Techtv, screensavers. I like that show, it's fun to watch and learn about new things.
Hack Google!!
Learn how to search faster and more effectively with Google -- and have fun while doing it.
a good article from techtv check it out.

Red Hat Linux 9 Preview

Find out what the latest version of Red Hat's OS has to offer.

Apr 15, 2003


It is a 2D animation software that uses flash and .swf files to create good animations. I tried to find a crack for it but I couldn't find any. When you use this software you get more tools then FlashMX it has all you need to draw a perfect animation.

All the codes!
Recently Bink.nu has released all the codes that has been used in all Microsoft's programs and applications are shown in here.
ADSL to reach 50Mbps over copper lines

The new technology, eXtremeDSLMAX, is capable of running at up to 3Mbps upstream to go with the phenomenal downstream rate. The range is also fairly good with a maximum of 7Km, though Centillium does not say what speed a service would be reduced to at that distance...
Article:ADSL to re...

Study shows that jogging is good, walking is a waste of time!

I always though they were the same as in Running and Walking you are just exercising your muscles nothing else.

Moderate exercise such as half an hour of brisk walking five times a week is unlikely to prevent an early death from heart disease, say researchers.

Current UK guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on at least five days of the week to ward off premature death...

Scientists studying SARS now have a genetic map

New solutions for SARS, in U.S.