Jul 31, 2003

'God of the Skies' Makes Channel Crossing

LONDON (Reuters) - An Austrian stuntman on Thursday became the first person to skydive across the English Channel, free falling at 124 miles per hour in the process.

I want one of these! It would be cool to fly around in a jet without being fried to death, flying like superman.
Experts Anxious Over Possible Net Attack

AP: WASHINGTON - Government and industry experts consider brewing hacker activity a precursor to a broad Internet attack that would target enormous numbers of computers vulnerable from a flaw in Windows software from Microsoft Corp.

Picture distributed by the Iranian news agency IRNA shows Iran's Revolutionary Guard band performing during the inauguration of the new medium range Shihab 3 missile (background)(AFP/IRNA/File) Via: Yahoo, Hamed
Paul Martin has his blog now!

Paul Martin, Liberal Leadership Candidate of Canada has made his own blog. I was reading his blog right now. After Howard Dean made his site and his own blog some politicians are realizing the meaning of blogs. Next are the Canadian politician Paul Martin started his just a few weeks ago. Read why he blogs! it's interesting to see he blogs and he likes it, for a politician like him this is a big leap in my opinion.

Paul Martin: To be honest, until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know what the hell a blog was - I joked that I thought it was something that might climb out of a swamp.

My internet has gotten slow, Bloging light today.

Jul 30, 2003

Iraq's oil theft in full steam
Hamdan, Iraq - Four months after the fall of Saddam Hussein, oil smugglers are operating under the noses of British forces and Iraqi police on the Shatt al-Arab, the ma...

Iran says journalist probably murdered
TEHRAN, July 30 — Iran's Vice-President Mohammad Ali Abtahi said on Wednesday Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi, who died in custody in Iran this month, was probably murdered.
There were three of us!

Check this flash animation out it's funny. Click here to watch there were three of us.
Cox & Forkum:

From America With Love

Ezzet Kazemi, mother of Zahra Kazemi, told the Yas-e No newspaper she was pressured to agree to a burial in Iran because the Iranian authorities wanted to get rid of the body as quickly as possible. source BBC
Portuguese man plans to take passion for Mercedes to the grave

LISBON (AFP) - A retired carpenter in central Portugal plans to be buried in a wooden replica of his Mercedes 220 CDI dream car which he built over the past year, the Lusa news agency reported Sunday.
Longhorn Alpha

What happened to the new Windows Longhorn there is no news about it!

Jul 29, 2003


Via: Cyberwriter
Vigen the great
Vigen is one of the best Iranian Jazz singer of Iran. He's serving his people by his beautiful songs, that he sang for 50 years in Iran and outside. I just got this in from television, he has cancer and he was talking with tears in his eyes, every single Iranian knows who Vigen is, he is the greatest. They are collecting donation from around the world, go to his official site to help this great man.
Official Site

I guess everyone has already saw that flash animation yare dabestani by now. And I also think that it was very suitable for us Iranians. For those who might need this I have put the High quality MP3 of Yare dabestani in my server if they want to download. To save it to your desktop or your hard drive right click on the file and then save target as.

My brother Ehsan or ehsany has made a template site check it out.

I have fixed Bloglet so everyone should get my updates through email too.
Comedian Bob Hope dies

BBC: Legendary entertainer Bob Hope has died, just weeks after celebrating his 100th birthday.
Lightning Strikes Couple in Iron Bed
AP-Trying to sleep through a storm wasn't easy for a Norwegian couple, especially since their cast-iron double bed took a direct hit from a lightning bolt that lit up the bedroom.

Jul 28, 2003

RSS for each post

I have added RSS for each post so if you guys wanted to see the newest additions to my posts it will be good to see them that way too. Each RSS in each post is for their archive. If anyone needs help with their Blog RSS I will help them.
Kazemi a martyr to democracy by REZA BARAHENI
An article which was sent to Torontostar by Reza Baraheni, Read it.

Update: After you read that read this Take case to world court, Kazemi's son says
A letter to Torontostar : Give Iranian students benefit of coming here

This is a letter from Brian Sandbeck, Mississauga that he talks about Iranian students and their benefit in Canada. read the letter
In Pictures: Iraq's forgotten poor
Forgotten victims ,Iraq's war wounded struggle to survive.
Take a look at these pictures, what do you think?
Iran holds 'senior' al-Qaeda men
BBC:Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi told reporters in the capital, Tehran, that a large number of "small and big" members of al-Qaeda are in Iranian custody.

This is like Tom and Jerry it never ends. Now the problem is that no one is accepting these Al-Qaeda members, none of the Middle east countries have accepted Iran's choice towards them. now Iran is stuck with them, Iranian government are not giving those to U.S. I think they are crazy.
Teen director up for top film award

BBC:A film by a 14-year-old Iranian director is up for one of the main awards at this year's Venice Film Festival.

Jul 27, 2003


The Newest blogging tool called q2u.net it works with Movabletype and it's free and the subdomains are shorter then blogspot.com I guess bloggers who are looking for something better can use this. q2u.net

Jul 26, 2003


Downloads: This site has a lot of Audio converter programs.
Government information awareness

Pierre: This is neat, though the full name is a bit of a mouthful, and the site is broken right now because of too much traffic. But it looks like there's a thorough framework in place and it seems well executed. What a great idea.
Iran arrests five over Canada death

BBC: Five members of the Iranian security services have been arrested in connection with the death of a Iranian-Canadian journalist earlier this month.
Beep beep: You've got a message ... and a divorce
Reuters - Sat Jul 26, 4:15 AM ET
Malaysian Muslim men can divorce their wives through text messages on mobile telephones, the New Straits Times daily reports, quoting a religious adviser to the government.

In my opinion this is outrages. It's like using technology against someone, hmm.. I guess it is.
Swiss Tourist Finds Old Message in Bottle

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - A message in a bottle apparently thrown into the sea 60 years ago by an Estonian refugee fleeing the Nazis has been discovered on a remote Swedish beach. more

I might throw a message in a bottle too. I wonder what I should write in it. Hello I'm Sassan blah blah blah blah. haha I guess it would be better than that.

Cuba denies jamming broadcast

BBC:The Cuban Government has denied that it is intentionally jamming an American satellite TV broadcast to Iran.

I fixed my old shortcut to my blog go to khonj.org/i and you get to my blog. Same thing but this Domain is shorter.

Jul 25, 2003

Plate Down
Me and my dad changed our cars plate today, our old plate said SASAN on it since 2001 now we have changed it to numerical and variable in it.
I guess I have to hang the old plate in my room, all though I hate my name missing a letter. My name was always Sasan not Sassan this how we spelled it in English and then I realized I was wrong so we changed it to Sassan. the following picture is the old plate. Click to enlarge.
My Grandpa called
My Grand fathers and everyone else always call from Iran to us to ask for our health and all of those good stuff. today my Grandfather from my Dads side called.
I guess you guys have heard about the problems between Iran and Canada these days. I hope it doesn't get too bad. I want both side to shake hands and kiss each others cheeks. This morning my Grandpa called and asked for us and said if we were all right, I laughed and I told my dad to tell them that it was in Vancouver not in Nova Scotia. The Policemen had to defend himself all though I don't like to see my country man die in a shameful way. I remember thhat my aunts, uncles and etc.. were calling to see if we were doing good during the Mad Cow and also the SARS.
His Side of Story ( Saddam Sons)

Read this Iranian blogger side of the story,very touching.
Introducing Arash Dejkam's Iran pages

A good site with some information on Iranian Culture. Link
Google:A bio on Omid Kordestani

Omid Kordestani : Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Field Operations
As the individual responsible for Google's revenue generation efforts, Omid Kordestani is the tireless leader of an international sales effort that has brought Google to profitability in record time. Kordestani has more than a dozen years of high-technology consumer and enterprise experience, including key positions at Internet pioneer Netscape Communications. As vice president of Business Development and Sales, Kordestani grew Netscape's website revenue from an annual run-rate of $88 million to more than $200 million in 18 months.

Kordestani joined Netscape as director of OEM Sales, and during his four-year career at that company he was responsible for establishing major customer relationships with Citibank, AOL, Amazon, Intuit, Travelocity, Intel, @Home, eBay, and Excite. Prior to Netscape, Kordestani held positions in marketing, product management, and business development at The 3DO Company, Go Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard.

Kordestani received an MBA from Stanford University and a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from San Jose State University. Via:Google, BBCPERSIAN, TIME EUROPE.

Cubans make freedom bid in floating Chevy truck

Check this out!
MIAMI (Reuters) - The 12 Cubans who tried to sail a 1951 Chevy truck from the communist-ruled island to the United States got no marks from U.S. authorities for their creativity.

Jul 24, 2003

He's not crazy he's French!

Chrétien is the best PM ever in my opinion with his sense of humour he will always be the best.hehe
Have you seen him that day when he was talking about Iran!

Furious PM pulls envoy out of Iran
'They kill a journalist ... It's horrible what they've done,' Chrétien fumes

Canada.com:Norma Greenaway (The Ottawa Citizen)
Thursday, July 24, 2003
A visibly angry Jean Chrétien lashed out at Iran yesterday over the death in custody and the burial of a photojournalist from Montreal, describing the behaviour of Iranian authorities as intolerable and recalling Canada's ambassador from Tehran in protest....

Project Free Iran

Check it out. via:Slings & Arrows
I don't know who's behind this site, but is has a wealth of information on things Iranian.
Saddam's sons photos released

The Canadian Press
BAGHDAD -- The U.S. military released pictures Thursday showing the bodies of Uday and Qusay Hussein, the sons of Saddam Hussein, two days after they were killed in a fierce firefight in a villa in the northern city of Mosul ...

Lucky me

I have deleted all the stations in our international receiver we had Iranian TV stations on it too.
Tehran through the view of a Turkish photographer!
Incredible photos of Salah Sev who had a trip to Tehran; in cappuccino...comments were also interesting, some guys were talking about the great view of photographer & showing paradoxes of Tehran, & some others were searching for the phone number of the girl in the fifth photo!!! via: Notes of an Iranian Girl
Torontostar:Iran now accuses Canada of murder

Torontostar-War of words escalates after Ottawa pulls ambassador over Kazemi killing
TEHRAN (AP-CP) - Iran accused Canadian police today of killing an Iranian in Vancouver and said those responsible should be punished, a demand that echoes Canadian protests over the treatment of Montreal photojournalist Zahra Kazemi who died in Iranian custody.

More on Kazemis death

Jul 23, 2003

Body double needs to see proof that Uday is dead

I was watching this on Euronews very strange story about a double of Uday. Read it

LATIF Yahia can see the ghost of Uday Hussein simply by glancing in the mirror. Reflected in the glass are the thick eyebrows, broad-planed cheeks and full lips of Saddam's eldest son...
Another Iranian-English Blog directory

Ehsany: Here's another link to a page of links to the Iranian English blog writers. The reason why I recommend you to see it is because this one is more complete!
The Blogalization Conspiracy : IranBlogsInEnglish
Grumpy! Cranky!
Research shows that positive attitude shows it's good for your health.
ABC News - Jul 22, 2003
It is estimated that over the course of one year, Americans suffer 1 billion colds. But new research shows that all it may take to avoid this common affliction is a positive and upbeat attitude.
I'm back
Last day I didn't have access to Internet.

Jul 21, 2003

"First Iranian Internet Festival", Tehran, July 2003

Check out the pictures. From Iranian.com.
Harry Potter: The Order of Phoenix

This is the cover of the translated Harry potter4 that has conquered the world with it's magic. This new book in Persian has been translated to Persian by Vahid Behlool. Vahid Behlool is the first one to go and translate their books around the first days it came out. Harry potter is the best selling book for children in Iran. Vahid Behlool found the Idea of translating from the World Wide Web. And this is the new cover of the new translation of Harry Potter: The Order of Phoenix. Until now three chapters has been translated into Persian. It is available to be downloaded from haftom.org.


Evry Iranian blogger knows who HODER is, he is the first one to start blogging in Persian. HODER= Hussain Derakhshan.
Well today I was searching for his weblog and I found an interesting link as ranked number one. I found this link take a look at it it's from the University of Ohio, the description of the site is Student presents his portrayal of the Norse god of winter and darkness. Includes illustrations.
Americans Considering Canada for living!

What's new nothing!
{Discontented Americans consider Canada} read this to see why some U.S. Citizens considering Canada to live better.

July 19, 2003 | NEW YORK (AP) --
For all they share economically and culturally, Canada and the United States are increasingly at odds on basic social policies -- to the point that at least a few discontented Americans are planning to move north and try their neighbors' way of life. ...

New song

Hope you guys like this new song by Farzad aghili to know about this song go to his site.
In my last 4 posts I guess I wrote about these songs that I wanted to put in here.
For this song I wrote:
This song came out just this month this guy is Persian too and yes he is a trancer, his name is Farzad aghili. I cant remember this songs name but hopefully I will get it.

Jul 20, 2003

Cosmos for Blogger and Movable type

I have shown and introduced some bloggers how to put RSS and other tools for their blog now you add COSMOS from technorati I got inspired by a Movabletype blogger.
To know how to put this in your weblog you simply have to paste this code in your post entry where is your <Blogger> </Blogger> at the blogger body codes.
In there you have to paste this where you want the cosmos same as mine to show up.
The code for blogger :
(change Sassan to your own domain name)

If you don't want it to pop up then erase a target="_blank"

For Movabletype use this:
(change Sassan to your own domain name)

For popup it's same as the Blogger code. I hope this is something good and useful for blogger users.
French Government Bans Term 'E-Mail'
AP - Sat Jul 19, 6:22 PM ET
Goodbye "e-mail," the French government says, and hello "courriel" - the term that linguistically sensitive France is now using to refer to electronic mail in official documents. More AP
If every single country wanted to do this what would have happened!
'Ban teens from chatrooms'

Bill Thompson says: Children should be kept out of chat rooms, argues technology analyst Bill Thompson. more on this from BBC
End nears for Netscape browser

BBC:The iconic Netscape browser is about to disappear.The Netscape browser has moved to Mozilla

Blogspot is stil blocked in Iran

Hoder:True evidence that blogspot still being filtered in Iran
If you'd like to see what exactly is heppening to Iranian weblogs after the recent filtering in Iran, take a look at the stats report of a popular Persian weblog which happenes to be a little sexual. As you can see in this diagram, the page views have suddenly dropped to about %50 after July 9th and 10th. Therefore the rumors are true about blogspot still being blocked in Iran by most of the ISPs. Please do something about this as much as you can. At least spread the sad news.
you heard Hoder please spread this, for other fellow Bloggers in Iran. I think It would be good if we told Blogger to change their DNS for the sake of Iranian Bloggers.

Jul 19, 2003

Ageless project

Check out this site you add your Blog and your age to support their message of being a creative blogger and ageless. You can add yours too.
This post about Rice makes me feel sick.
A riceless year by Posterized.
Iran keeps an eye on the bloggers

(CNN) -- Iranian authorities are keeping a close eye on the Internet amid growing online access and the popularity of weblogs.

Jul 18, 2003

Bad boys II

I just came from the theaters, just watched Bad Boys 2. That movie was the best It was funny and it has all the actions you want. I think this movie was better then T3 in my opinion I mean T3 sucked the ending was bad. But Bad boys 2 was one of the best movies I have seen in 2003, after Matrix reloaded.
The main characters in this movie are: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Jordi Molla, Michael Bay

Official Site

Jul 17, 2003

New background music

I have been making few background flash music for my weblog but I thought I will let you guys choose. So here they are, click on the play button. Don't worry about the my archive songs I will make a page about it with all of my background music's.
1.The creator is a Persian trancer from L.A. his name is Nami this song is called Planet dream.
2.This second song came out just this month this guy is Persian too and yes he is a trancer, his name is Farzad aghili. I cant remember this songs name but hopefully I will get it.
3.The third one is from Scooter a famous trancer from Europe who I like some of his songs, this song is called weekend.
To play these songs you have to have Macromedia Flash.

Please see and tell me which ones you like the most, thanks everyone.

Who killed Kazemi?

Hoder:French paper, Liberation, has reported that Saeed Mortazavi, notorious and hated young judge, has persnoally caused the death of Zahra Kazemi, Iraniaan-Canadian reporter, by beating her. He is the person responsible for shutting down of hundreds of newspapers and magazines and sending hundreds of journalists and activists to prison. He was recently appointed to a higher position as the prosecutor general of revolutionary courts in Tehran

Howstrange.com I found this website with full of funny pictures. I found this website called Howstarnage.com through hamedbanaei weblog.


I don't know why but I think with all the heat from the Summer I sure can use some Rain. Tomorrow morning at Nova Scotia, Dartmouth we are going to have some rain.


If you hate spywere well this is your answer the all of that software that is up-to-date and get rids of all of those spywere files.
spywere causes your Browser to Download or to appear ads that are not in a site but a file saved on your internet Browser.

Downloads.com: Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer. Spybot can also clean program and Web usage tracks from your system, which is especially useful if you share your computer with other users. Modules chosen for removal can be sent directly to the included file shredder, ensuring complete elimination from your system. And for advanced users, it allows you to fix Registry inconsistencies related to adware or malicious program installations. The handy online update feature ensures that Spybot always has the most current and complete listing of adware, dialers, and other uninvited system residents.
PS3 Memory no Longer A Secret
The current favorite subject for online rumours has to be the upcoming PS3, with sources claiming to offer exclusive news, appearing left and right. This need for information has been fed this week by consecutive leaks by Elpida, the only confirmed P...

My whole post got deleted while I was writing it and then my computer got restarted! I will write bacl later, I hated that.

Jul 16, 2003


Check this page out from Yahoo news, It's funny to read or maybe painful about these everyday odd news stories. ODDLY Enough.
DOS Teaching:IP

Through this link you would get to know how send messages through MSDOS to other IP's. Link

DOS commands
Search engine added

I have added a search engine for my Weblog so every one can search my text and information.

Jul 15, 2003

Just Live and Let Di Via:Time

Imagine the pitch meeting. "It's a comic book about PRINCESS DIANA! Superpowers? Uh - let's make her a mutant! She's dead, you say? Great! We'll totally save on legal fees!" The foregoing is completely made up, but this isn't: on Sept. 10, Marvel Comics will publish a comic book featuring a resurrected mutant Diana, Princess of Wales. According to Marvel, the comic is a media-savvy satire on celebrity in which Diana must escape evil Eurotrash. The title? Di Another Day. No, that's not made up either.
Via:Time-People July 12
More on this:Marvel Cuts Princess Diana Reference From Comic Book
CNN:Marvel scraps plan for comic book Princess Di
Two Charged After Human Catapult Death in London

LONDON (Reuters) - British police charged two men with manslaughter Tuesday following the death of an Oxford University student who was flung from a giant catapult.

TIME:A Doctor's Duty
An Essay by Charles Krauthammer-The conjoined Bijani twins had good reason to gamble. And so did their surgeons
Yahoo is buying Overture

Yahoo is going to buy Overture with 1.63 Billion Dollars, Overture helped Yahoo gain power around 2002 with their online advertising.

More on this:Reuters.co.uk Via: iProDev.net/
Why we shouldn't take drugs

That's nasty. Via:Yahoo.
These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed

Check this 404 Error page. More on this from Yahoo.
Blogging tools unblocked

Hoder: Good news is that Iranian government has ordered ISPs to unblock blogging services and has said that it was a technical mistake by service providers. (Source: ISNA)
Bad news at least for me is that my own weblogs are still unavailable in Iran. If they don't unblock them by Tuesday evening, I'll do something!

Mehdi Sadeghi

The Iranian cartoonist who hates U.S.A. through his Cartoons. Check his cartoons out.
Blogs shall set you free

I was checking my referrals and guess what I found a great piece by Pedram, In Iranian.com he encourages Iranian bloggers to express them self's freely and set themselves free by writing their Ideas and interested and show it to the world.

Jul 14, 2003

Khatami is resigning!

Is it late? After a Public letter to President Khatami telling him to resign with the peoples wills. Link

AP-Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, who is facing growing public dissatisfaction over his failure to fulfill promises of democratic reforms, has offered to resign if people want him to go. It was the first time that Iran's formerly popular, elected president has publicly offered to resign...

Jul 13, 2003

Had a Car accident!

Talk about luck in front of McDonalds. O it was about 11:00 AM this morning that I waked up cleaned my face and went upstairs to get something to eat. Time passed so it was 12:00 PM about that time I guess My mom said let's go to McDonalds because your sisters are saying they want McDonalds (We eat there like 3 days a month I guess) I like home made foods more I mean I like Junk food but not McDonalds, their weird I mean talk about their reason for their business to feed people around the world 24 hours a day unless they pay us. So where was I oh yes so I got a paper I asked my Brother what he wants he says a Mc'Chicken I say sure why not! I ask my sisters one of them is 5 and the other is 7 the little one says I want Mc'chicken because Ehsan (off course my brother) said it, I said sure too. And now I put another stuff on it then I have to change the list because my siblings want something else, My sisters now want a Happy meal. So we drive to down McDonalds then we check the drive thru with my mom we were going the wrong way we tried to go around McDonald but we went backwards so we hit a truck nothing happened to the truck except we had a Flat tire like totally damaged on the Left back side. Ahh it was a long story now we are fixing the car. I'm O.K. if your are wondering and My sisters got their Happy meal except my brother he ate something else I didn't buy it because someone brought something and he ate it from one of our Iranian friends. Hey by the way today is just horrible it's 13 by the way I realized that right now it's even not Friday!

The 16 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

See best some nice and good programs that might come handy. link

Jul 12, 2003

Death of Iranian-Canadian Photojournalist

Zahra Kazemi, an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist who was covering the recent protests in Tehran, died today in a Tehran hospital, after several days in a coma. According to Kazemi's son, she was arrested and beaten after being accused of "spying" after "taking pictures of a prison in the capital".... more on this from Prsianblogger, Read Hoder's post on this.

American Soldeir with an Iranian Origin In Iraq, Najaf

Ali Payam an Iranian American Soldier in Najaf, Iraq holding imam Ali's Picture one of the holy ones in Shia and Sunni Muslims.
Via: Roozi,Jul 13, 2003 .
Iranian Twins Buried Side by Side, in Two Graves

LOHRASB, Iran (Reuters) - Iranian twins Ladan and Laleh Bijani were buried side by side, but in different graves Saturday as thousands mourned the conjoined sisters whose determination to lead separate lives touched people around the world.

Iranians say no!

Iranian bloggers are saying no back to the Iranian government after cooperating with a lot of Iranian ISPs that provide internet in Iran. After they have blocked Political sites with Porn sites I agree with blocking porn in Iran but I don't agree with blocking blogger and Persianblog and also Political sites or any site that is involved in Political actions or even a groups point of view like women's site from Iran (Iranian Feminists). Now ISPs in Iran have blocked Free blogging providers such as Blogger and also Persianblog now Iranian bloggers are limited with these blockings around them and their Ideas to express freely, Iranian internet society have made a petition that you can support Iranian bloggers. There is few ways to help blogger get back to blogging one of them is stop buying their ISPs and buy the ones that do not block sites or by using proxy they can get rid of the blockings. for a good proxy site provided by Iranians is this one called Iranian bloggers against censorship.

Jul 11, 2003


Which one is more important!

Read about this in Coxandforkum.com.
Via: Demonstrations 82

Pictures from Nova Scotia-Dartmouth

These are new pictures that are taken by my brother Ehsan hope you guys like it.I guess this would give everyone an Idea about little bit of envirnment in Atlantic Canada.

Go to
ehsan's blog for the rest of the pictures.
More: Halifax, Dartmouth.
Blocking: Optimistic scenario
Hoder: Optimistically speaking, I guess the recent blocking of all blogging tools in Iran (+ my own poor weblog!) in the days of July 9th, has been a matter of security. Almost any kind of communication with outside world were cut off: cell-phones, long-distance calling cards, VoIP phone lines, satelite TVs, Internet access, and finally weblogs. It is very likely that the reformist government has arranged all of it for the fear of riots in the city and a more than possible savage reaction to them by hardliner vigilante and revolutionary guards. Because hardliners are not practically capabale of doing all this.

So I'm hopeful that the input/output channels will be opened again by saturday and people can access blogosphere again. But anyways, please spread the word. It's very important.

Please write about this in your weblog too as hoder said.

Jul 10, 2003

Blogspot, persianblog blocked in Iran

Hoder: Ok, now it's official. Hamshahri, a very well-known newspaper, has reported that all Blogspot and Persianblog subdomains plus my own Persian and English weblogs (Editor:Myself) are blobked by the government. It might be something temporary in order to control the information from outside in the days of July 9th anniversarry. But anyways, they have done it now I guess it desreves attention.

U.S. satellite feeds to Iran jammed

MSNBC- NEW YORK, July 9 - U.S. government officials as well as Iranian Americans and communications satellite operators confirm that all U.S.-based satellite broadcasts to Iran are being jammed by an unknown group or individual, possibly Iranian agents operating out of Latin America.
Michael Ledeen on Iran on National Review Online

Today, July 9, is the day the Iranian student movement has designated for national demonstrations against the regime, and a general strike in favor of democracy.

Jul 9, 2003

Iranian Vigilantes, Police, Youths Clash in Tehran

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Hundreds of Iranian hardline Islamic vigilantes, police and pro-democracy youths fought sporadic street battles near Tehran University on Wednesday, the anniversary of violent 1999 student unrest.

Live Iranian TV

Click here to watch LA and Iranian based Television.
July 9

It has started. I will let you guys know more on this later today. I would recomend people to go visit BuzzMachine ... by Jeff Jarvis for news on this.

Update: Tehran online: is blogging live from Tehran via: Hoder

Jul 8, 2003

"Everyone upstairs is crying," said the nurse

After 29 years this is what happened to Laleh and Laden the two joined at head sisters. Look at this world they died because they wanted to live like us. We should respect or should we just thanks God for who we are. At least they are free now and I guess on the other world they are happier than they were in here.
In the memory of Laleh and Laden.

The Associated Press

CNN.com - The Bijani twins: Your tributes - Jul. 8, 2003

McDonald's begins Wi-Fi trials at 75 locations

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp. MCD.N on Tuesday said it would start serving up fast wireless Internet connections along with its menu of fast food.
ComputerWorld- McDonald's signs on for Wi-Fi in San Francisco area, Singapore.

Jul 7, 2003

Iran Confirms Tests of Missile Said Capable of Hitting Israel

Voice of America:Iran has confirmed that it recently conducted a final test of a mid-range surface-to-surface missile that analysts say is capable of reaching Israel.
More on this: Voice of America | Financial Times.

More on the Iranian twins

Iran says it will pay for entire cost of operation to separate the twins.
Channel News Asia, Singapore
President Mohammad Khatami announced Iran would cover all medical expenses of Iranian twins Laleh and Ladan Bijani in a surgery to separate them. ...

Twins' separation proves more difficult - The Scotsman
RSS and XML links

Hope these are usefull for all of you bloggers and non-bloggers.
Find more RSS feeds:
www.newsisfree.com: huge categorized listing of feeds
www.syndic8.com: like newsisfree

www.news4sites.com: general topics
www.moreover.com: commercial scraping service
myrss.com: build custom RSS channels for virtually any news site (beta)

RSSify a Yahoo group (translate forum URL into feed): feeds.archive.org

search engines for RSS (find items within feeds):
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More about RSS:
Introduction to RSS; how to create a simple news feed:
Hear it from the Maker at Userland.com: www.backend.userland.com
Most recent: www.Weblogs.com

I have seen a lot of movies after Matrix reloaded that I haven't write about it in my weblog. Like, Bruce allmighty,2fast 2 furious, Xman2 , Hulk, About Schmidt and T3. I promise next time I will right a report on it. Here is what my brother said on T3 me and him went and watched it the first day it came out.

I saw this movie yesterday and I liked it, but it was too unreal and sometimes it funny. Like here's one part that was so funny, the lady takes the gun and she shoots at Schwarzenegger and then he stops it with his teeth and says " Don't do that" I laughed at that part so much. This other funny part was when Schwarzenegger gets hit by a firefighter car and one side of his glasses were all torn and the firefighters had a silent with they're mouths opened in surprise and then Schwarzenegger says "Il drive" and he throws the firefighters out of the car and he drives, that was also so funny for me.

Ehsan forgot about that part were there was near the end wheen Arnold is killing the other robot and he goes you have been terminated.

Jul 6, 2003

Who should I blame?

Should I blame anyone? Shah, Khomeini, People, U.S.A (CIA.) , United kingdom. The funny thing is all of these that I just said have been involved in 1979 Revolution (Iran), if you say No this was an people uprising I think you might be right but who was behind it was it Khomeini or was it Shah, so who actually convinced people to go to streets and say Death to U.S.A. Death to Shah!
All we have to do now is to wait and see, what's next? 3 more days until the big event 9th of July is coming up and the only one is who afraid of it is those Mullahs who have been eating peoples money and dreams and feeding it to their greed. Ah enough already ,all they do is has to do something with Islam or Quran I mean anything even the most simple things.
TIME Magazine Archive of Iran covers
Lale and Laden

Check out the latest on the Iranian twins they are having their surgery operation today. Their chance of living is 50/50, their surgery is setting place in Singapore and they have went to Germany but the doctors said no to them because they have said that one of them would die, now as I said their are in Singapore.
Read these:

Conjoined Twins Surgery in Critical Phase ABC news.
Conjoined twins begin four-day operation in search of a life apart independent.co.uk .

Channel News Asia
Iran's President Mohammed Khatami on Sunday declared that his entire country was praying for the success of an unprecedented operation in Singapore to separate ...
FTP downloading program Flashfxp

I have found a program that is good for downloading from FTP it has it all, you can resume and everything.

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Jul 5, 2003

Turkmenistan president

Someone worst than Saddam and all the other dictators! well there is one a stupid one in my opinion. Turkmenistan president has made it possible.

Read this
Iran on the target from everywhere!

Lombezzi from studioaperto a newspaper in itally emailed me a few times last week.
Here is one of them:

our news and our website have just started a campain to trasform the 9 July in Italy in our "Iran day" in support of the Iranian students. You can see the text calling all the people in Italy to write on our peace's flags still hanging to our windows from the Gulf War : "FREE IRAN! "

This is their website
google translation

And here is about Iranian day in Italy translated from Italian:

9 fridays ' July 1999. To 4 and 30 of mattino the bands of picchiatori Muslims and units of the police a dead man and hundreds of the wounded assault the dormitories of the university of Tehran leaving to earth. Little hours after a corteo of protest of the students he comes attacked of new, under the impassible look of the police, from armed miliziani of the "Party of God" of sticks and chains. The repression that follows invests all the fields of the civil and cultural life of the Iran and ago to tramontare the last hopes of a reformist evolution of the regimen. Under the Kathami presidency that in the West comes considered a reformist comes stoned to death at least 30 women. Four years after, the same scene is being repeated but the revolt of the students today expresses the malaise of an entire country and just for this it could end in a bath of blood, crushed from pasdaran and the military services the Muslims. Our proposal is not lasciari single! To make of the 9 July a great day of international solidarity writing on the peace flags that still wave in all FREE Italy "IRAN!" Why the 9 July becomes our "Iran day" a day dedicated to the freedom of the Iran. A day lived with the students of Tehran.

For the original Italian text email me.
Dude where are my posts?

Well duo to my last post something funny was going on as you can read the comments from me and other bloggers about it.So I was searching for news on bloggers and look what I have found!
Online, Some Bloggers Never Die from Wired News talks about Adrian Heideman, an 18-year-old college student, as him being a blogger and his weblog.

Wired News: Online, Some Bloggers Never Die

Jul 3, 2003

Ten O'clock, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, London

This Clock might be keep ticking but we might not.

Picture from Freefotos.com

Jul 1, 2003

Happy Canada Day

Intresting facts:
Did you know that before 1982 Canada Day had been known as Dominion Day, First of July, Confederation Day, and July the First? Canada Day celebrates the events that occurred on July 1, 1867, when the British North America Act created the Canadian federal government. The BNA Act proclaimed "one Dominion under the name of Canada," therefore the original title of the holiday, "Dominion Day." Dominion Day was officially renamed "Canada Day" by an Act of Parliament on October 27, 1982. This change reflected the policy of successive governments to downplay Canada's colonial origins. Canada's national celebration is always observed on July 1, unless that date falls on a Sunday. In which case it is observed the following day. Via: Happy Canada Day

Phantom the game console

I guess we all have heard about the Game cube, Game boy advanced, PS2, PS1, Xbox and the console wars. Well guess what a new game console is going to come out soon it's called Phantom it is being developed by Infinium Labs, and right now they are looking for beta testers, they have started their website too. I have never seen a snapshot of it all you can see is a covered console nothing else.
By the way click on broadband to see their cool and very well done intro that I liked a lot.

Official website