Aug 18, 2003

Directory of the executions in IRan in the year 1988 (1367)
Via: Sobhane

Translated from Persian by me
In the summer of 1988 with orders of Ayatollah roohollah Khomeini executed hundreds of the political prisoners in Iran, with only question and answers and then they killed them in horrible ways, like terrorizing them with guns on the head, torturing them and even more horrific ways. They assaulted young prisoner girls before they executed them! those who died were buried secretly at night without anyone knowing it in the graveyards all together.
until now there has been some who notified there loved ones and found them and signed up their names as they have found them. hundreds more never found or ever notified of who they were. 4484 number of the ones who have been notified and found.
This is the directory