Aug 27, 2003

Santour International Festival in Iran

Considering and recognizing the cultural relationship between different nations has been taken into consideration since early days. So recognition of the cultural identity is not possible without knowing the other culture’s specifications. Undoubtedly, at our time this knowledge is being felt more. For this reason, paying attention to different domains of culture, art and wisdom is a duty being felt on the shoulder of our generation.Meantime, music, in title of the most unintermediary art is doubtlessly of a great attention. One of the most important cases in cultural transactions that must be over looked is using common instruments among different nations...

Santours are so calm! I still don't know if it was originated in Iran or Greece or India? I would say Iran, because they are similar to other Iranian instruments and they all look like Iranian type of music. I know Greece has a similar type of music to Iranians, so does the Hebrews!