Aug 12, 2003

News on Iran

US Wants Access to Al Qaeda Suspects in Iran
Reuters, UK -CANBERRA - The United States said on Tuesday it wants access to high-level
members of al Qaeda who have been detained in Iran so it can interrogate ...

US, Iran, the Nuclear Bomb and Negotiations
Payvand, Iran - Concern about Iran's nuclear plans has reached a new height. Officials in the US and other countries frequently have made it clear that a "nuclear" Iran is "dangerous" and "unacceptable." Iran has been threatened by the US and European countries with all sorts of sanctions and even hints of military "actions." How serious is the situation? Why has the Iranian government engaged itself in such a high-risk policy? What are the consequences for US-Iran relations and the issue of democracy in Iran? ...

Atomic experts in Iran for inspections
IranMania News, Iran - Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have arrived in Iran
to conduct routine inspections of nuclear sites there, a spokesman for the ...

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