Aug 21, 2003

KaZaA Lite K++ Edition

Kevin Rose from Techtv gives us the stuff I like too! So I wanted to talk about Kazzalite and it's features. First of all no adds! no Spywere or anything like that. Here is the list that he said that was the best.
Kevin Rose:
No spyware, adware, pop-ups, or banner ads. (Yeah!)
No bitrate limits for MP3 files. (Cool!)
Multisource downloads have a maximum of 40 simultaneous sources. (Daddy like!)
Finds sources for a download once every minute instead of every 10 minutes. (Oh yeah!)
Uploaders can't cut in line anymore regardless of their participation level. This improves the number of completed uploads and takes away the advantage that cheaters have. (Ha!)
Shared files are scanned every five minutes instead of every minute to save system resources.
For more information visit his page.