Aug 1, 2003

Iranian English bloggers more than ever!

There has been a sudden boom, it's like a miracle that Iranians are starting to blog in English, we have to show the public of our interests and have a voice in cyber space, not like we don't have any but I mean we need to tell everyone how it feels to be in Iran. If I was in Iran I would have blogged more on Iran. But those who have the opportunity on this can now blog and tell the public your ideas and opinions on world and everything else, that seems to be important to you guys. Since I have started a blog there were few Iranian, English bloggers. These guys are the only English Persian bloggers I have ever knew, check my blogrolling you might find more English Persian bloggers around than ever. more than anything. So start yours now. I can help anyone who needs help with there blogs drop me an email.

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