Aug 7, 2003

Is Iran developing ‘the bomb’?

MSNBC: Sources say nation could have weapon in a few years.
Aug. 6 — There was a ceremony in Tehran two weeks ago to welcome the newest missile to Iran’s arsenal — a missile designed in North Korea. The CIA says the new mobile missile could deliver a nuclear payload over a range from Cairo, Egypt, to Bombay, India, by the end of the decade if Iran is not stopped from developing a nuclear weapon. But U.S. officials and foreign intelligence services told NBC News that Iran is within just a few years of building a nuclear bomb.

These people are insane, if they have the bomb what are they going to do drop it on U.S.A. ? It's impossible to do that, maybe they will throw it on Israel but that's suicidal. I mean come on all of the world would be against you! no one wants another Hiroshima in this world. I surly don't want it to happen. If U.S.A. is saying they are developing it well it's not benefiting U.S.A. or Iran.