Oct 9, 2003

chaos or propaganda?

First heart attack for Yaser Arrafat now Stomach canser? is this another one of those propagandas!

Arafat's Illness
TIME Exclusive: A source inside the compound says that Arafat is believed to be suffering from stomach cancer.

Here is from a Israel news agency:
Arafat's Health is Failing
(IsraelNN.com) Rumors that the PA leader died circulated yesterday, as well as other reports ranging from tumors, heart attacks, and that he is in good health.

Now here is from a source from Ramallah west bank:

Arafat Diagnosed With Stomach Ailment
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Yasser Arafat has a minor stomach ailment and is responding
well to treatment, two of his doctors said Thursday, denying reports that ...

You see what I mean?!

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Arafat Aids Deny He Had Heart Attack

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