Oct 20, 2003

Tears as Blaine leaves London box

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Illusionist David Blaine is in a hospital after ending his 44 days suspended in a box over the River Thames in London with only water for sustenance.

Thousands of fans cheered the 30-year-old American who burst into tears as he emerged from the box, saying: "I love you all forever."
Blaine smiled as his transparent box was lowered to the riverbank by Tower Bridge on Sunday night.
"This has been one of the most important experiences of my life," he said.

My conclusion of what he did:

1. Locked in a plastic box
2.Drinking water from a tube
3.Took dippers with him! (he did- why did he needed them anyways if he wasn't eating anything?)
4.Not eating food of course
5.44 days until it was finished

At the end all he did wasn't magic or illusion but self torturing!
Overall I found this funny and entertaining.

Update: Blaine: I choose to not be bored