Oct 12, 2003

Freedom Fighters

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Review By: Charlie Sinhaseni

Let's quit "Stalin," time to get on with it...
Admit it; killing Nazis is getting a bit repetitive. Even the series that’s most notoriously known for Nazi cleansing, Medal of Honor, is taking a different approach with its next installment. It’s time for a new enemy and no, the Chinese just won’t cut it anymore. Leave it to IO Interactive and Electronic Arts to deliver the oppressive Communist Soviet Union for our killing pleasure. To give more credit where it’s due there’s an excellent reason for you to kick some Communist ass as well. In this alternate universe the Russians beat the Americans to the Atom Bomb and thus held all of the world’s power. In the years following the Second World War the Communist regime spread, eventually ending up in Mexico. Castro was polite enough to provide the Russians with ample space to build Nuclear Silos within striking distance of the US from Cuba. As you may have learned in your 8th grade history class this is a bad thing. When the game begins the Russians have invaded the United States and it’s up to you, a plumber in New York City, to lead the resistance and send the commie bastards packing. Continue reading this