Oct 6, 2003

What Would Bill Clinton Do?
In a bind over tax cuts for the rich, President Bush should take a page out of Bill's playbook
A few weeks ago, Senator Joe Biden had a perfect little epiphany: Why not pay for the $87 billion that's needed for Iraq by asking the wealthiest 1% of Americans to forgo their Bush tax breaks for just a year—2010? The Bush breaks, after all, would be worth $89 billion that year. "I haven't found one single wealthy American" who wouldn't be willing to do that, Biden told Fox News. The idea has been gaining steam among his fellow Democrats in the Senate and may be introduced in the House by Congressman Tom Lantos of California. It probably won't pass, since Republicans control both houses, but Biden had found his way to the heart of the 2004 campaign: the notion that Bush's tax breaks for the wealthy could be put to better use.