Aug 30, 2003

Microsoft Bloggers Multiplying Exponentially

Mary Jo Foley:It had been a while since we updated our list of current and former Microsoft employees who are blogging. There are now more … lots more. Kind of makes us wonder if Microsoft is secretly making blogging part of employee's job descriptions these days. (Hey, if there were no Microsoft conspiracy theories, life would be dull, wouldn't it?)

Internet 'worm' arrest nabs Minnesota teen

Press: An 18-year-old high school student was arrested and charged Friday with creating one of the variants of the "Blaster" computer worm that contributed to crippling attacks on thousands of unprotected home and business computers this month.Jeffrey Lee Parson, a senior at Hopkins High School, was arrested without incident by FBI and U.S. Secret Service agents in a raid at 7:20 a.m. at his family's townhouse, FBI Special Agent Paul McCabe said.

Jeffrey Parson

More on this: 'Big Daddy' on Blaster charge
Yahoo! in 1996

This is from I found it somewhere I can't remember. click here to see how yahoo looked like in 1996 for all of yahoo click here, and this is Googles archive.
Game Maker

Techtv/Callforhelp:Design your own videogames with this free WYSIWIG game creation program. Game Maker, an excellent gamemaking program written by Mark Overmars, lets you create a variety of action games ranging from platform games to top-down racing and maze-style games. On today's "Call for Help" I'll show you how to use it to create your first basic PC game.
School starting!

Summer was so fast, I still enjoy summer. Well this Sept 3rd I'm going to grade 10 in High school, with the coursec I have picked.I got to get myself ready for school since there are only four courses I need only four binders and the rest is pen and paper and my effort for school. I'm still blogging but when the days are booked up I won't be blogging. But I'm still blogging.

Aug 29, 2003

Minister expresses doubts in Kazemi case
Chief prosecutor in Tehran 'potentially implicated' - Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham suggested yesterday that Iran might have arrested and charged the wrong people in connection with Zahra Kazemi's murder. Mr. Graham expressed doubts about the guilt of two Iranian women who have been ordered to stand trial for the killing. He also said Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran's chief prosecutor -- and one of Canada's key points of contact on the case -- is "potentially implicated" in the violent beating that ultimately killed the Montreal photojournalist...

Teenage Blaster Worm Suspect Under Investigation

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Washington state teenager suspected of making the devastating Blaster Internet worm even more potent is under investigation and his arrest is pending, US law enforcement sources said on Friday. The 18-year-old suspect already has been questioned and put under surveillance, according to a report in the Seattle Times newspaper, which said the teenager will likely be charged as an adult. continue
I also have seen an interesting article in TIME that I read yesterday, on their magazine, the article is called Attack of the World Wide Worms.
English journalist from kabul!

Ben Hammersley is blogging from Afghanistan, it seems that he's using mobologing to blog, his weblog has a lot of interesting subjects in an day to day activity in an Afghanian day. His weblog is called "Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent".
Link via: Buzzmachine, letter from London

Aug 28, 2003

The biggest idiot ever!

Who would pay 20$ to eat burgers at all you can eat! well this big fat idiot, I don't want to say these horrible stuff about this eating machine but when I looked at this page, I mean it's disgusting I wouldn't eat Fast food for a while after what this guy has done.
Via popdex: The horrific truth of cartoon-sized fast food .. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger .. gone, horribly, horribly wrong .. All you can eat .. biggest burger .. Bon Appetit .. America. Buzzmachine had to say some stuff on this too!
BBC News site offers syndication feeds
Adrian holovaty:
Via Danny O'Brien: The BBC News site is offering a beta version of official RSS feeds, which syndicate headlines and short descriptions of stories. (Here's the BBC's announcement, which says "XML and RSS feeds will be available over the coming months.") Click here to continue and get all of the feeds. More information on RSS and where I found this BBC syndication information.
Wiseguy huh? I suppose you hang on a wall and go tick-tock, huh?
Metafilter:You too can give change. [Flash]
An RSS feed!

I hope you guys will enjoy this, here is the RSS feed that I made from scratch I was writing this since morning, and when I was free. If you want me to add new links to this RSS feed let me know by my email. sassan(at)
Click here to get the syndication, there are 44 links that are related to games in this RSS/XML.
Xbox Healthy Gaming Guide
Don't over-do it! Play it safe and know the guidelines to healthy gaming.
Click here to see this guide!
I'm making an RSS feed for games, I will post it down here, so people can add it and subscribe to it.

Aug 27, 2003

Roll your first rss feed from scratch

Lockergnome:Jamsterdam offers a really great tutorial for the RSS “first timer”. With this tutorial you can roll your own feed just like the pro’s do. You will find everything completely “broken down” into the basics so that it can be absorbed quickly. Even the simplest parts of the code are explained. This is most definitely one of the easier tutorials that I have seen. Nice job Jamsterdam.
If this is still a bit much or you really don’t give a rip how it works, try this RSS creation tool from instead.
Want to be Bill or Gareth Gates?

BBC: Not so long ago, if you asked young people what they wanted to be when they grew up, most would have said a pop star or the Prime Minister.It now seems they want to be Bill Gates not Gareth Gates, according to a poll of 12 to 15 year olds.

Kids and Teenagers comments on this!
Games developers need people skills, industry says

LONDON - The games industry needs to train people who can work in teams, collaborate with marketing staff and generally have people skills, speakers on the keynote panel at the Game Developers Conference, Europe, said Wednesday. The days of the bedroom programmer are over, Jez San, founder of Argonaut Games PLC in Edgware, England, said. Smaller development companies working in their basements aren't likely to survive and the industry is likely to consolidate from today's 400 to 500 companies to around 50 over the next two years, he said. That means staff have to be able to work in that environment...
Uranium Traces Found In Iran
Report heightens UN, U.S. concerns

Vienna - United Nations inspectors found traces of highly enriched, weapons-grade uranium at an Iranian nuclear facility, a report by the UN nuclear agency says. Iran said yesterday the traces came with equipment bought abroad decades ago. The find heightened concerns that Iran may be running a secret nuclear weapons program. Inspectors at the International Atomic Energy Agency found "particles" of highly enriched uranium that could be used in a weapons program at the facility at Natanz, said the report prepared for a meeting of the UN agency's board Sept. 8...
Montreal gallery shows Zahra Kazemi's photos

Canadian Press
MONTREAL — Zahra Kazemi's haunting photos line the walls of a small downtown gallery, depicting Muslim women and children in a region the photojournalist sought to document until being savagely beaten to death by officials in her native Iran...
Santour International Festival in Iran

Considering and recognizing the cultural relationship between different nations has been taken into consideration since early days. So recognition of the cultural identity is not possible without knowing the other culture’s specifications. Undoubtedly, at our time this knowledge is being felt more. For this reason, paying attention to different domains of culture, art and wisdom is a duty being felt on the shoulder of our generation.Meantime, music, in title of the most unintermediary art is doubtlessly of a great attention. One of the most important cases in cultural transactions that must be over looked is using common instruments among different nations...

Santours are so calm! I still don't know if it was originated in Iran or Greece or India? I would say Iran, because they are similar to other Iranian instruments and they all look like Iranian type of music. I know Greece has a similar type of music to Iranians, so does the Hebrews!

Yahoo has their news in RSS, click here to see all of them. Google news should do the same too.

Aug 26, 2003

Paycheck is one of the movies that I'm looking forward to see. The movies genre is a Action,Drama the stars are Ben Affeleck,Aaron Eckhart, Uma Thurman and Michael C. Hall.
Watch the trailer
Full text of Greg Dyke's Edinburgh International TV Festival speech
It seems every generation has a media revolution. For my mother, it was radio; for me it was television; for my children, it is digital.Each revolution is different, and we are still learning about how digital can make a real difference to people's lives...
RSS, Javascript

Here is a JavaScript for those who like to see the latest news of Iran. The RSS is from and the JavaScript is from RSS to JS.
This is the result of search for latest news on Iran in
This is how it would look like in your blog or website.
Here is the Javascript for it Copy and paste it:

If you want to subscripe to the RSS then click here.
12-year-old begins medical school

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Sho Yano's mother hands him his lunch for school in a brown paper bag -- a turkey sandwich and cookies included. The response from the public -- and some of his undergraduate classmates -- has not always been positive. Recently, Sho did an Internet search of his name and was surprised to find many people commenting about his life in blogs (or Web logs). "One person said, 'Look at this miserable child with a pushy mother,"' Sho says. "Another said, 'Look at this miracle of God with his supportive parents."'
Link via

Aug 25, 2003

CD-Recordable discs unreadable in less than two years tests showed that a number of CD-Rs had become completely unreadable while others could only be read back partially. Data that was recorded 20 months ago had become unreadable. These included discs of well known and lesser known manufacturers...

Dyke to open up BBC archive

BBC:Greg Dyke, director general of the BBC, has announced plans to give the public full access to all the corporation's programme archives...
Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design
Washingtonpost- Between the Blaster worm and the Sobig virus, it's been a long two weeks for Windows users. But nobody with a Mac or a Linux PC has had to lose a moment of sleep over these outbreaks -- just like in earlier "malware" epidemics...

Aug 24, 2003

BBC - Radio 4 The Reunion
Sue from BBC radio4 gathers together some of the most senior of the Shah of Iran's court who became exiles from their country shortly after the revolution which saw Ayatollah Khomeni take power...
UK rejects Iran's call for apology after arrest of former envoy to Argentina
Independent - Britain yesterday ignored a call from the Iranian President for an apology following the arrest of a former ambassador...
Thai Inmates to Host In-House TV Shows

BANGKOK, Thailand - One of Thailand's main prisons will begin operating an in-house cable television station next month that will feature news and entertainment shows hosted by inmates, a prison official said Sunday. The station at Bang Kwang Central Prison, just north of Bangkok, is the latest in a series of measures to try and ease tension among inmates at Thailand's overcrowded prisons...

Robot Shows Prime Minister How to Loosen Up
PRAGUE (Reuters) - A robot with impeccable manners charmed guests at a state dinner with his wisecracks and dancing, outshining Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla and showing up his often-mocked social stiffness. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi unveiled an improved version of the 4-foot-tall Asimo humanoid on an official visit to the Czech Republic, where the word robot first appeared in author Karel Capek's 1920 play "R.U.R." (Rossum's Universal Robots)...
Iran escalates envoy arrest row

BBC :Iran has demanded an apology from the UK Government over the arrest of its former ambassador to Buenos Aires on terrorism charges. President Mohammad Khatami escalated the diplomatic row with Argentina and the UK in remarks on Iranian state radio...

Why people write computer viruses

BBC: Millions of inboxes and networks have been brought to their knees by a triple whammy of computer viruses. So who are the people behind these creations that can wreak havoc on the net?

Aug 23, 2003

New link dump
I just realized that I can do an easier linkdump with out any problems and javascript.
Screensaver tools
Any SWF-file can be turned into a screen saver easily and there are several programs availaible for this.
Here finally I put the link dump there! I will explain everything later, this is working by PHP and RSS and JavaScript so whenever I gave a link to my link dump blog it will show it here. I can also do recent entries, but it would take a long time. The JAVASCRIPT seems too update very slow but the linkdump blog seems to be working also the RSS. So updating might be slow.
Update: It seems that it made my comments not to work!

Aug 22, 2003

Working on my blogger account!

I'm working on a linkdump for my blog.

Update: It might work, I will put a test in here soon on how to do it, Untill then blogging light.

Aug 21, 2003

Free antivirus programs
I decided to do some free programs against viruses after I did spywere. These are some good free programs that are free and will protect your computer.
eScorcher AntiVirus
Gladiator Security Labs
Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions
KaZaA Lite K++ Edition

Kevin Rose from Techtv gives us the stuff I like too! So I wanted to talk about Kazzalite and it's features. First of all no adds! no Spywere or anything like that. Here is the list that he said that was the best.
Kevin Rose:
No spyware, adware, pop-ups, or banner ads. (Yeah!)
No bitrate limits for MP3 files. (Cool!)
Multisource downloads have a maximum of 40 simultaneous sources. (Daddy like!)
Finds sources for a download once every minute instead of every 10 minutes. (Oh yeah!)
Uploaders can't cut in line anymore regardless of their participation level. This improves the number of completed uploads and takes away the advantage that cheaters have. (Ha!)
Shared files are scanned every five minutes instead of every minute to save system resources.
For more information visit his page.

Aug 20, 2003

August 19

Two of the most historic event's happened in Iran! Read Iranian posts.To learn more about them read these two posts by click here.
The beast of Mashhad

Guardian's article on the Iranian serial killer, Saeed Hanaei who murdured 16. (Mashhad is a province on North, eastern of Iran.)

Guardian: When the drought ended and the rains came, Saeed Hanaei believed that it was a sign from God that his killing spree had divine approval. "I realised God looked favourably on me. That he had taken notice of my work," Hanaei said. With 12 prostitutes already dead by his hands, Hanaei carried on his "work" and strangled at least four more women after luring them to his house in the Iranian city of Mashhad.

Why doesn't Pedram moalemians blog work! I'm having a bad feeling abut this! Does it work for you guys well In Atlantic Canada, at 9:00 Pm it didn't work. I hope it's only his host not himself, I hope he comes back as soon as possible.
Design your own hell!

I tried to paste mine over here but it didn't make sense! Geeks were on top of my evil list!
Design it now!
Facts on The Ground- I just realized that I never blogrolled Me and Sassan, that problem has been rectified.

Am I a blog magnet! oh nonsense, anyways thanks Kombiz. By the way visit his blog, He has verity of posts on Iran.
Links on Iran!

I haven't done Iran for a little bit. Well here are the news that I found interesting on Iran!

World Press Review- Iran and the Bomb: Three Endings

In the years since the end of the Cold War, the United States has put a strategic focus on containing countries that are capable of challenging its superpower status. But the events of Sept. 11, 2001, convinced the Americans that antiterrorism and antiproliferation are their highest priorities. Considering the general political atmosphere in the United States, it was just a matter of time before the U.S. government started investigating Iran’s nuclear plan...

Iran Parliament to probe into photo journalist's death
Payvand, Iran - An Iranian female lawmaker said in Tehran on Wednesday that Majlis' Article 90
Commission will meet next Tuesday to examine the case of the death of Iranian ...

Iran, Ukraine to set up stamp expo
Irib, Iran - Tehran, Aug 20 - Iran and Ukraine are to set up the first ever exhibition on "stamp"
in Tehran next week to display stamps from forty countries round the globe ...

Why Nuclear Weapons May Be In Iran ’ s National Interests
Eurasianet - For more than two decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been
at odds with the foreign policy of the United States. The most ...
'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time' (PS2)!

Most of the game freaks should remember that game Prince of Persia for Dos. Well the new version is coming out for ps2 it's under development. The release date is in November 2003.

Read the previews

Antivirus worm chews through Canadian systems

Toronto — A computer worm designed to eliminate an earlier virus brought computer networks to a standstill Tuesday, swamping computer networks with traffic including Air Canada, which was forced to check passengers in manually across the country. Vancouver International Airport reported huge delays and long line ups in the international departures terminal as the virus slowed Air Canada's check-in computer system. Air Canada spokeswoman Laura Cooke said the virus affected the airline's call centre in Toronto and check-in systems across the country...

Why they didn't install antivirus in the first place!

Aug 18, 2003

Link! Hussein in the Membrane

Worth 1000- Photoshop the wacky Iraqi
Flashmobs hit Montreal Four people open their umbrellas at 1 p.m sharp, signalling forty others to approach for instructions. Minutes later at a designated spot -- in this case Place-des-Arts -- they begin quacking, drop rubber ducks in the fountain and leave.

I wish something like this would happen down at Halifax, Nova Scotia! Or even Iran haha, how would that be!

There is a blogger from ottawa too who is a flashmobber! Flash Mob Ottawa
Cameraman in Iraq killed by US troops
The straitsTimes
BAGHDAD- US troops shot and killed a Reuters cameraman while he was filming near a prison on the outskirts of Baghdad, the US military said Monday. US soldiers in Baghdad thought the cameraman was aiming a grenade launcher and opened fire at him,His camera cost him his life.
Toronto gets back to work

Torontostar: Subway trains were a bit less crowded than normal this morning, but many Toronto area residents ignored Premier Ernie Eves' pleas to stay home and headed back to work for the first time since Thursday's blackout. Across the city, many neon signs and flashing lights were dark as businesses tried to conserve energy. Josh Rubin reports...

Aggregators Attack Info Overload

Wired news: Maniacally wired netizens who read a hundred blogs a day and just as many news sources are turning to a new breed of software, called newsreaders or aggregators, to help them manage information overload. Many now say that their news aggregator is as indispensable as their e-mail client...
Finding a sister Earth!

NASA thinks we can find another Earth in another nearby star. When we do, how can we possibly travel light-years to get there? It might not be as hard as you'd think . . .
By William Speed Weed
Read the article
Directory of the executions in IRan in the year 1988 (1367)
Via: Sobhane

Translated from Persian by me
In the summer of 1988 with orders of Ayatollah roohollah Khomeini executed hundreds of the political prisoners in Iran, with only question and answers and then they killed them in horrible ways, like terrorizing them with guns on the head, torturing them and even more horrific ways. They assaulted young prisoner girls before they executed them! those who died were buried secretly at night without anyone knowing it in the graveyards all together.
until now there has been some who notified there loved ones and found them and signed up their names as they have found them. hundreds more never found or ever notified of who they were. 4484 number of the ones who have been notified and found.
This is the directory
Blogjam presents: Neil Armstrong - The Truth

Notice! language
In 1969, Neil Armstrong made history by becoming the first man to walk on the moon, uttering the immortal phrase, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Or did he? Previously suppressed footage discovered by blogjam shows that Armstrong's reaction was a great deal more uninhibited than history suggests, and that a hasty editing job was needed to prepare the astronaut's moment of glory for broadcast. Watch the truth!

So here, for the first time, in the unedited NASA film from the triumphant Apollo 11 mission.
The F-ing eagle has muther F-ing landed .. jesus h. christ in a chicken basket .. Neil Armstrong: The Awful Truth .. man landed on the moon .. quite that well .. footage
The Bush Toy Was Not Much Fun 8/17

This article was the funniest thing ever!

Dear Blue Box:
With great disappointment, I am returning the George W. Bush “action figure,” which you will find enclosed in this package. I am seeking a full refund for this defective toy for the following reasons:
? Despite its billing as an action figure to pair up with my GI Joes, it was obviously not made to be a soldier. Never mind the lack of any scar on its face. The bigger problem is that I cannot find any weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the box. Heck, I can't find any weapons at all! continue

Night Lights satellite image about seven hours after the blackout

Update: Wired- Power Up! Twenty years from now, the whole world will be sharing electricity through one grid.

Images taken by a NOAA of the blackouts from space. before and after. Via:Yahoo
Lemmings Online!

Can you believe it! you can play the DOSGAME in DHTML format. In your web browser.
A blast from the past Lemings click here.
How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back
By: John H. McWhorter

John: Not long ago, I was having lunch in a KFC in Harlem, sitting near eight African-American boys, aged about 14. Since 1) it was 1:30 on a school day, 2) they were carrying book bags, and 3) they seemed to be in no hurry, I assumed they were skipping school. They were extremely loud and unruly, tossing food at one another and leaving it on the floor...
Via: Hoder
The Free HTML Editor 6.1

I found this very good for html editors. I downloaded it and it was good.
This is the description:
This utility allows you to create Web pages. You can use the top half of the screen to modify HTML, and use the bottom half of the screen to preview the results in real time. You can also insert simple and complex tags, including tables and fonts.
The program allows you to build a personal library of frequently used code, which you can use to edit multiple files, switching between them. The find-and-replace function can be applied to single files, all open files or all files in a specified directory. Unlimited undo and redo operations, and FTP functionality are supported.

More information

Aug 17, 2003

Iran in news!

Iran in news that I found very intresting were these!

Iran claims it has foiled al-Qaeda strike plans
The Scotsman, UK - IRAN has foiled a number of attacks which al-Qaeda had been planning to
carry out on its soil, a senior government official has claimed. ...

Iran defies US with plan for second nuclear plant
Guardian-Iran is to get a second nuclear reactor with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts, and is beginning feasibility studies for a 5,000MW reactor, the official news agency IRNA reported yesterday. First Vice-President Mohamad Reza Aref authorised the atomic energy organisation to sign contracts for the second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear power site, it said. State television said on Wednesday that plans for a second reactor had been approved, but it did not report the size of the plant.

Adobe Reader 6.0

The dream software of PDF reader is out! this new version does all of those good stuff that me as a web surfer wants even copying the files or even taking a snapshot of the pictures.

Wasn't on the computer!

Sorry I was at a someone's house and then I had to play soccer pretty fun. Anyways I'm blogging tomorrow.

Aug 16, 2003

Salam Pax

Salam Pax is writing repeatedly. read his blog to see what's going for a normal human being in a messed up place!
Make your games work faster!

GameGain is a tool that optimizes your computer performance to make your games run faster. Based on the popular PCMedik software, GameGain differentiates itself by focusing entirely on gaming performance upgrades only. Playing computer games that run entirely too slow or show poor performance? GameGain attempts to solve such problems and at the same time increase computing performance.

Babak: BBC report on the "Husband Crisis" in Iran According to the statistics, even if all the currently eligible men marry all the currently eligible women in Iran, there will still be some 1,700,000 women left with no mate! This is one of the direct results of the 8 year Iran-Iraq war and the deaths of over a million young men.
New York City

Hamed banaei:Pictures from New York city and blackout .

Cheesebikini?: Rich at reports on the biggest flash mob yet. And you wondered what caused those blackouts.
This was pretty funny
Paraguay leader faces travel ban

BBC: A judge in Paraguay has barred the country's outgoing president from leaving the country after he hands over power to his successor on Friday.
Luis Gonzalez Macchi has been accused of involvement in the embezzlement of $16m from two banks, but as chief executive is immune from prosecution until Friday...

Longhorn part 2!

The Road to Windows "Longhorn" Part Two

Iran condemns Argentina's bombing decision
CNN: Iran's Foreign Ministry accused Argentina's judiciary on Thursday of playing politics after an Argentine judge ordered the arrest of eight Iranian officials suspected of involvement in a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires...
Iran develops nuclear plant

BBC: Experts question why resource-rich Iran needs nuclear power
The Iranian Government says it is going ahead with the second phase of its controversial nuclear power plant in Bushehr.
Iran's state news agency Irna said the decision was taken by the country's High Council of Atomic Energy, which did not give a start date for the second phase, but did mention for the first time construction of a particle accelerator.The United States and Israel accuse Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian programme, but Tehran insists its programme is to generate electricity and is for peaceful purposes only...

Click here fore more news on Iran

Why We Should Care About Iranian Films
In this new-and lasting-wave of Persian cinema, the movies are not just about them but also about us

May 15 - Every year in early February, a date chosen to coincide with celebrations of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Tehran hosts the government-sponsored Fajr Film Festival, where many of the year’s new Iranian films are unveiled...
Google toolbar 2.0

The new google toolbar is out for those who need it check this site out for more information on it. This was a beta.

Net survives power outage

BBC: The net has survived the US power outage largely unscathed.
Firms monitoring the internet's core cables said the blackout had not slowed traffic or caused any significant delays. Experts said the net's structure helped it cope with the shutdown of networks in the affected areas...

Aug 15, 2003

Toronto is dead, almost!

Hoder: Ok, I just have to say this: The whole concept of modern society is based on electricity and when it goes out, big cities would be worse than deserts.

Anyway, this is what I think:

- Happiest man in North Ameica: David Suzuki
- Happiest man in the Middle East: Osamah Bin Ladan (I don't mean any terrorist has done it. But anyways, all anti-american would be happy and I'm not among them, by the way.)
- Most important word: Kyoto agreement
- Most happy people: Envoironmentalist

To be continued...
Two Hicks Hunting

One day two hicks decided to go hunting. One of them fell over and didn't seem to be breathing. The other hick called 911 and told the operator that his friend was on the ground and he thought that he was dead. The operator said, "First make sure that he is dead." There was silence and then a shot rang out. The hick said, "okay, now what?"

Aug 14, 2003

US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq

American pilots dropped the controversial incendiary agent napalm on Iraqi troops during the advance on Baghdad. The attacks caused massive fireballs that obliterated several Iraqi positions... via: POPDEX

Googles Calculator!

To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the expression you'd like evaluated in the search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button...

Aug 13, 2003

What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm

Microsoft: At 11:34 A.M. Pacific Time on August 11, Microsoft began investigating a worm reported by Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS). A worm is a subclass of a virus that generally spreads without user action and distributes complete copies (possibly modified) of itself across networks. A worm can consume memory or network bandwidth, thus causing a computer to stop responding.

Who Is Affected?
Users of the following products are affected:

Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0
Microsoft Windows® 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server? 2003
More information on this go to microsoft!

Update: If you are allready infected download the fixblast.exe now.
Techtv: Blast the Blaster Worm , Beat Blaster Now

Busy today blogging light.

Aug 12, 2003

News on Iran

US Wants Access to Al Qaeda Suspects in Iran
Reuters, UK -CANBERRA - The United States said on Tuesday it wants access to high-level
members of al Qaeda who have been detained in Iran so it can interrogate ...

US, Iran, the Nuclear Bomb and Negotiations
Payvand, Iran - Concern about Iran's nuclear plans has reached a new height. Officials in the US and other countries frequently have made it clear that a "nuclear" Iran is "dangerous" and "unacceptable." Iran has been threatened by the US and European countries with all sorts of sanctions and even hints of military "actions." How serious is the situation? Why has the Iranian government engaged itself in such a high-risk policy? What are the consequences for US-Iran relations and the issue of democracy in Iran? ...

Atomic experts in Iran for inspections
IranMania News, Iran - Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have arrived in Iran
to conduct routine inspections of nuclear sites there, a spokesman for the ...

For more, scroll down to see all of my news links on the left side of the template.
British Airways says gets go-ahead to fly to Iraq

LONDON, Aug 12 (Reuters) - British Airways Plc, Europe's biggest airline, said on Tuesday it had been given the go-ahead by Iraq's Governing Council to resume flights to the country after a 13-year interlude.
"We have been given permission to fly to Basra in the near future," said a spokeswoman, who added that service to the war-torn country would grow gradually.Flights to Basra, Iraq's second city, were likely to resume by the end of the year, the airline said...

Aug 11, 2003

Costliest UK film takes on epic scale

Cast of thousands and record-breaking ?49m budget to put story of emperor Cyrus on celluloid for the first time.
The Guardian - An action adventure with a cast of thousands about the Persian emperor Cyrus is set to become the most expensive British film ever made.
Oscar-nominated director Alex Jovey, who has only made one previous feature, hopes to start shooting the $80m (?49m) epic in December. It is the first film about the shepherd boy who founded an empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to India. Jovey, 32, said he wanted to create spectacular battle scenes reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers but with the sweep of Lawrence of Arabia "and the kind of authenticity you can only get by using thousands of extras". He is amazed that the story of Cyrus's rise in the sixth century BC has gone untold on celluloid.
Resource:Guardian, BBC Persian, dcpersian

Related: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Veteran neo-con advisor moves on Iran

WASHINGTON - When The Washington Post published a list of the people whom Karl Rove, President George W Bush's closest advisor, regularly consults for advice outside the administration, foreign policy veterans were shocked when Michael Ledeen popped up as the only full-time international affairs analyst...
Lockergnome's RSS Resource

This blog has some interesting information on RSS and blogs.

Click here
My RSS links

Aug 10, 2003


MR MIX 9, This mix features current EURO and TRANCE sound.

Visit the page
Listen to current mix

Digitali imported
Intresting links!

Smart mob storms London
BBC: The flash mob phenomenon has hit London.
Since June spontaneous crowds summoned up via the internet have been assembling in cities around the world and taking part in a form of performance art.

Cities on 'flash mob' hitlist
BBC: A bizarre activity called "flash mobbing" has come to Britain from the United States and several cities are set to be targeted by the craze.
Since June, spontaneous crowds summoned up via the internet have been assembling in cities around the world and taking part in a form of performance art.

Cosmonaut on Space Station Marries Woman in Texas
Reuters - A Russian cosmonaut circling 240 miles above the earth on the International Space Station married his fiance in Texas on Sunday in the first space wedding.

Rare Japanese Bird Spotted on Chicago Lakefront
Reuters - Chicago had an unexpected visitor this week, when bird watchers on the city's lakefront spotted a rare black-tailed gull believed to have begun its journey in Japan.

Algebra Points the Way to a Happy Marriage
Reuters - A mathematician says he can predict with almost total accuracy which newly wed couples will enjoy a happy marriage -- using two lines of algebra.

Smelly Mystery Blob Takes Over N.J. Town
AP - It smells like rotten eggs at best, decomposing flesh at worst. It looks like the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."
Iran in News!

Iran marches toward the Bomb
Edmonton Journal, Canada -VIENNA, AUSTRIA - After more than a decade of working behind layers of front companies
and in hidden laboratories, Iran appears to be close to having the ...

Iran: The Mystery Meeting
Newsweek - ONE SOURCE FAMILIAR with administration infighting on Iran says that neocons in
the Defense Department don’t trust “appeasers” at State and the CIA to ...

Iran, Italy discuss ways of bolstering mutual ties
IRNA -- Iran and Italy here Sunday explored possible
avenues for bolstering of bilateral ties in various fields. ...

Iran not an easy target for regime change
Gulf News, United Arab Emirates- It seems that the United States has already made strategic plans to deal with regime
change in Iran, the way it has done with Saddam Hussain's regime in Iraq. ...
Radio Free Blogistan: The day the blogging died

The day the blogging died

Blogistan Pie

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
How those weblogs used to make me smile

And I knew if I had my chance
I could make the Googledance
And maybe Technorati for a while

September always made me shiver
My aggregator would deliver
Bad news in my newsfeed
I couldn't take one more read

I can't remember if I cried
When he cut me from his blogroll side
But something touched me deep inside
The day the blogging died... more
BlogExpress is a full-featured .NET application for content syndication (also called a news aggregator). BlogExpress supports all RSS versions. It can read contents from any Weblogs (a.k.a., blog) and any Websites that provide XML files for content syndication (Generally, a file with .rss, .rdf, or .xml extension . more ...

Aug 9, 2003

Intresting links Democracy in Action
How to install Windows XP in 5 hours or less
The BloggerCon 2003 Weblog
Notepad popups | Bush for President in 2004
Are you a Web addict?
All the Scripts and Mp3s from plane crashes that happened
random personal picture finder
Day of Journalists
Pedram from eyeranian said:
Some Iranian bloggers have decided to "hang their keyboards" for today (day of journalists) and not write anything in protesting the arrest of their colleagues. Journalists are prosecuted, arrested, tortured and sentenced everyday in Iran for only expressing their opinions. As is the case with Zahra Kazemi, many pay the ultimate price for just merely doing their job. This is why Reporters without borders has called Iran "the biggest prison for journalists in the Middle East ". Let us not forget them and work even harder to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

Mortazavi: 'Iran media have highest degree of freedom'

TEHRAN, Aug 9 (AFP) - Tehran's chief prosecutor Said Mortazavi insisted Saturday that the media in Iran have the "highest degree of freedom", matched by only a few Western states, during a visit to the student news agency ISNA.

I can understand all of his lies I mean com on! what does this guy thinks we are. Idiots?!?!! Iranian media has freedom! In a country whose government closes all the privet newspapers who had their own voice, In Iran about 122 newspapers have been closed!

Aug 8, 2003

Korea's Weird Wired World

Strange things happen when an entire country is hooked on high-speed Internet.

South Korea has gone gaga over broadband. This nation of 46 million people, packed into an area smaller than Virginia, has quickly become the world's most wired nation. Politics, entertainment, sex, mass media, crime and commerce are being reshaped by a population as online as it is offline. Some 11 million homes, or 70% of the total, have broadband accounts, and at peak times just about all of those homes are online. Nearly two-thirds of Korean mobile phone users have shifted to so-called third-generation handsets that offer speeds up to ten times that of mobiles in the U.S. Here, residential broadband isn't expected to enter 50% of homes until late 2004.....
Microsoft Uses Linux
Netcraft, an Internet services company based in Bath, England, has gathered data which suggest that Microsoft London Internet Data Center distributes Microsoft content in London using Linux servers. If the data proves to be correct it would...

Nintendo New Device and 3 Games
Nintendo have announced that they plan to announce a new game product next year. The statement was made during a briefing on Nintendo's new business strategy. It seems that part of Nintendo's strategy is to blame Sony and their PSP announcement for t...

Macromedia Flash Player 7 Public Beta

This is the last version of Macromedia flash players out due to v7.0.0.249 Macromedia Flash. Flash player allows you to play any files that have been made by Flash macromedia such files are .swf.

Reasources:, Cyberblog

Aug 7, 2003

What is the National Iranian Khoresh?

Poll: has this cool poll for an Iranian food called khoresh and it gives all of the Iranian khoresh around. so Iranian or others would vote on them.
Iranian yahoo!

I have seen a lot of sites that are trying to replicate into Persian but Yahoo4ir is the best one. And the best Iranian yahoo messenger that only works on Winxp and also Win2000 is this one. Everything is the same except they have changes the whole text on each window for the yahoo messenger.
Is Iran developing ‘the bomb’?

MSNBC: Sources say nation could have weapon in a few years.
Aug. 6 — There was a ceremony in Tehran two weeks ago to welcome the newest missile to Iran’s arsenal — a missile designed in North Korea. The CIA says the new mobile missile could deliver a nuclear payload over a range from Cairo, Egypt, to Bombay, India, by the end of the decade if Iran is not stopped from developing a nuclear weapon. But U.S. officials and foreign intelligence services told NBC News that Iran is within just a few years of building a nuclear bomb.

These people are insane, if they have the bomb what are they going to do drop it on U.S.A. ? It's impossible to do that, maybe they will throw it on Israel but that's suicidal. I mean come on all of the world would be against you! no one wants another Hiroshima in this world. I surly don't want it to happen. If U.S.A. is saying they are developing it well it's not benefiting U.S.A. or Iran.
Iran whip Japan to win AFC futsal crown

KUALA LUMPUR: Iran maintained their supremacy as Asia’s best futsal team when they defeated Japan 6-4 in the final to clinch the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Futsal Championship title for the fifth consecutive year. Iran triumphed in front of 12,000 home fans at the Azadi Stadium in Teheran, thus cementing their place in the annals of Asian futsal history.

Today I'm going to Halifax biking to see Buskers festival. Buskers are people who are performing on streets, they are funny and entertaining. to learn more about buskers festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia click here.
I have to cross the Halifax harbor to get to it. I bet it's going to be awesome, I have packed everything for it. I got my water bottle, Cell phone for emergency reasons, I have my money to cross the Halifax harbor. I have brought tons of chocolate, I have all of it.

Update: Buskers was fun. It was awsome. I watched three peformers all of them were awsome.

Aug 6, 2003

N.Korea Plans to Export Missiles to Iran

TOKYO (Reuters) - North Korea is in talks to export its Taepodong 2 long-range ballistic missile to Iran and to jointly develop nuclear warheads with Tehran, a Japanese newspaper reported on Wednesday. The conservative Sankei Shimbun, quoting military sources familiar with North Korea, said that the communist state planned to export components and Iran would then assemble the Taepodongs at a factory near Tehran. continue

Iran Says Talks on Nuclear Inspections Positive
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's official news agency said on Wednesday Tehran held "positive and constructive" talks with the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog on snap inspections of nuclear facilities Washington suspects may be used to make atomic bombs...
Iran blocks share price gains

BBC: The Tehran Stock Exchange has taken steps to try and halt an explosive rally in share prices amid fears the market could be headed for a crash. The head of Iran's stock market sent a statement to brokers on Tuesday forbidding share price increases for a two-week period.

Iran 'opposes' nuclear weapons

BBC: Iran's nuclear programme is entirely peaceful, says President Mohammad Khatami. "I emphasise that Iran is totally against any form of weapons of mass destruction and denounce as false and groundless the claims that Iran is producing nuclear weapons," he said.

Iran to Release Nine Student Protesters

Voice of America - Iran's state prosecutor, Saed Mortazavi, has ordered the release of nine student leaders arrested during a wave of pro-democracy demonstrations in June and July ...
Cool Flash animated sites in my bookmarks


Bandwidth Monitor 1.50a

Monitors a networks bandwidth. Daily, weekly, and monthly information stored. Configure monthly reset and capped bandwidth users can keep track of average download allowed per day.
Features :
- Session, Day, Week, and Monthly statistics.
- Bandwidth left for capped users.
- Configurable.


This is a new weblog made by Reza living in Tehran... he is 25 years old as he introduced himself. His weblog template was made by Macromedia, pretty cool.
Via: Ehsany

Aug 5, 2003

Iran Parliament Vote Provokes Opposition

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Guardian - A vote by Iran's reformist-dominated parliament to join an international agreement on women's rights is provoking bitter denunciation from hard-line clerics.

Two detained for Canadian's death in Iran released

MSNBC - officials have said was killed by a blow to the head after her arrest for taking
photographs outside a Tehran prison, has sparked a diplomatic row between Iran ...
Xbox Mods

Check this out on Techtv they are showing the Evox, Evolution x you can do anything with this!
Check the video highlights too.

The updated RIAA Hit List

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has now issued more than 911 subpoenas to Internet service providers across the United States, trying to get the names of people still offering music on file-sharing networks such as KaZaA and Grokster. Via: Techtv
Stop spyware from installing itself on your system. it prevents spyware from installing in your system. Ad-aware and Spybot - Search & Destroy spywere are the ones that delete the spyweres. but this one actually stop it from installing.


Soldier Sleeps in Fridge to Escape Iraq Heat

Reuters - A British soldier serving in Iraq tried to escape from the sweltering heat by sleeping in a walk-in fridge but ended up being treated for hypothermia.
Camel racing comes to sizzling Britain

I thought this was only in Middle east!

BAKEWELL, England (AFP) - With much of Britain in the grips of a heatwave, there couldn't be a better time for a spot of camel racing at a traditional English country fair.

Sending in the Cops to Stop Exam Cheats

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia deployed hundreds of police, including elite "Flying Tiger" commandos, outside schools across the country on Tuesday to stop students from cheating in national exams. Roads around state-run colleges in the impoverished southeast Asian nation's capital, Phnom Penh, were sealed off in a bid to stop errant students from throwing their exam sheets out of the window to accomplices waiting below.
What a game it was!

Congratulation to Iranian Futsal team who just won from Japan by 6 to 4. Shamsayi was great with his playing and one of his goals were about to make a big deal out of everything it was more like mocking Japan. Shamsayi a forward player who scored while dragging the ball with his head, pretty funny. JAPAN played good too. Iran won the championships for the 5th time in a row.

Aug 4, 2003

UN seeks snap Iran inspections
BBC: Talks on inspections without notice of Iran's nuclear facilities have begun in Tehran.
A team of legal experts from the UN's nuclear watchdog is seeking to persuade it to drop opposition to such visits. Iran said in the past it would only agree to them if it was granted more access to nuclear technology. Continue reading

Khomeini's grandson: US can free Iran
THE grandson of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the cleric who launched an anti-American Islamic revolution in Iran that sparked 25 years of unrest in the Muslim world, has condemned his country’s clerical regime and suggested military intervention by the United States as a possible path to liberation.
"In Iran, the people really need freedom and freedom must come about. Freedom is more important than bread," said Hossein Khomeini, 45, a cleric who has taken up temporary residence in Iraq. "But if there’s no way for freedom in Iran other than American intervention, I think the people would accept that. I would accept it, too, because it’s in accord with my faith." more on this

Update: Kin of Khomeini turns to U.S. for military help in freeing Iran
Radio Free Europe: Khomeini's Grandson Calls For New Revolution
Iranmania: Khomeini grandson blasts "dictatorship" in Iran

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Last night we borrowed this movie from a friend I recommend you to watch it there has been a lot of fuss about this arounf the arab world as they say the only show Barbaric Arabs, I guess they were always like that, history has changed since then!
This movie is directed by David Lean, one of the best directors in my opinion. This is one of the best adventure classic movies I have seen this year. The cast of this movie was good too, this story is based on a World war one British soldier that is a writer, he is serving in milatary in Cairo and he meets with king faisel and the story goes on. This movie has won 7 academy Oscars, The DVD version came out last 2 years I think, the best thing ever!

Here are the cast:
Peter O'Toole TE Lawrence
Alec Guinness Prince Feisal
Anthony Quinn Auda abu Tayi
Jack Hawkins Gen Allenby
Omar Sharif Sherif Ali Ibn El Kharish
José Ferrer Turkish Bey (as Jose Ferrer)
Anthony Quayle Col Harry Brighton
Claude Rains Mr Dryden
Arthur Kennedy Jackson Bentley
Donald Wolfit Gen Murray
I.S. Johar Gasim
Gamil Ratib Majid
Michel Ray Farraj
John Dimech Daud
Zia Mohyeddin Tafas

I wasn't online

Today I went to Digby a far place from my home. We went there with three other Persian families. I went on the rides there, it was awesome. It was a long trip but it sure was a bit fun, I found some sour apples we Iranians love sour stuff like sour plums we call them gooje baghii it means the garden tomato we bring the salt and eat it with the plums and sour apples, my mouth drools when I think about it! Oh and there is sours almonds! can you guys believe it I guess not, but their awesome. I love these traditional Persian stuff.

Aug 3, 2003

US options on Iran

Roger Hardy(BBC): The Bush administration has dubbed Iran part of an "axis of evil", yet there is a widely-shared feeling that it has no clear policy towards the regime. In the last of four reports, Roger Hardy looks at short-term and longer-term US options. US policy is, for now, to work with allies, the European Union, Russia, Japan, to put pressure on Iran to accept more stringent inspections of its nuclear facilities.
Hyundai chief found dead

AFP- A leading South Korean businessman has died in an apparent suicide after becoming embroiled in a scandal involving secret payments to the North Korean leadership.
Chung Mong-hun - chairman of Hyundai Asan - was found dead after falling from the 12th floor of company headquarters in central Seoul.His body was found by his secretary at about 0600 (2100 GMT) - police said he appeared to have jumped some hours before.
Tear-free onion on sale

BBC: Few chefs will shed a tear at the latest breed of vegetable - an onion which does not irritate the eyes. The Supasweet onion is specially bred - not genetically modified - to halve the content of the ingredient which irks the eyes and nostrils.

Downloader Dragnet

TIME: The industry issues hundreds of subpoenas seeking the names of music pirates. Is yours among them?

Bob Barnes never dreamed that the long arm of the music industry would reach into his personal computer. Sure, the bus operator from Fresno, Calif., had used Napster to grab music files off the Internet. And when that file-swapping service was put out of business, he switched to its most popular successor, Kazaa. But he was careful not to leave a trace, transferring all his downloaded songs to separate discs. A visiting teenage grandson wasn't so careful, however, and last week Barnes, 50, was slapped with a subpoena from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). continue reading this
Leader Worshipping:An Iranian Disease? By parvandeh

Read the quotes of Ayatollah Khomeini after and before the Islamic revolution in Iran. Read exactly what this guy said.
China and Russia Urge Space Arms Ban

GENEVA (Reuters) - China and Russia, with the United States clearly in their sights, said Thursday "Star Wars" dangers were growing and called for a quick start to talks on a treaty to ban weapons in space.
Disabled Iraqi vets look to U.S. for help

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- They were Saddam Hussein's heroes, the veterans disabled in his wars in Iran and Kuwait. He gave them medical care, housing in a tree-lined enclave at the edge of the capital, and cash bonuses on patriotic holidays.
Siah Sepid starting it's English blog community come help us with it
Siah sepid is trying to start a new weblogs Persian community in English as teams of blogs, they allready have a Persian Blog community for their E-magazine. we are in the process of creating the first Iranian Community blog in English and were wondering if you'd like to be a part of this project. If anyone is interested please email me at sassan{at}

Aug 2, 2003

Iran Wants U.S. to Swap Rebels for Qaeda Men -Times

Reuters - NEW YORK (Reuters) - Iran wants the United States to hand over members of an Iranian opposition movement in return for any al Qaeda figures it extradites to Washington, the New York Times said on Saturday.The newspaper quoted a U.S. official as saying Washington had approached Tehran with a request for the handover of members of Osama bin Laden's network in Iranian custody, including Saif al-Adel, an Egyptian thought to be al Qaeda's security chief.

UK bans iPod gadget

A gadget that lets you send songs from Apple's iPod music player to an FM radio has fallen foul of UK laws. The $35 cylindrical device, made by Griffin Technology in the US, has won critical acclaim from fans of Apple's digital music player.

Chemicals ban is leading to recovery of ozone layer Scientists have found evidence that the Earth's protective ozone layer is beginning to heal after the enforcement of an international treaty banning CFC chemicals.

Wrapped in Iraqi flags, Hussein brothers buried

AP: BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Saddam Hussein's two elder sons and a grandson were buried as martyrs Saturday in rocky soil near the deposed leader's hometown, where insurgents afterward attacked U.S. troops with three remote controlled bombs.
Microsoft warns Explorer users of worm

AP: SEATTLE -- Microsoft Corp. is warning its customers about a computer worm that exploits a flaw in its Internet Explorer browser.

ICAO Airport Codes

All of the International Airport codes around the world, from A to Z. Click here
Not so perfect
Who should be searched? Khalid Akhmed Al-Habibi Bin Hamal or Sister O'Connor, the Irish nun

The Iranian: I am outraged. Not a day goes by without talking to a fellow Iranian who tells me about a friend who's neighbor's cousin's classmate's brother told him that his girlfriend's uncle had a friend who was treated very harshly during a security check at some US airport. continue
Iran's Nuclear Program: For Electricity or a Bomb?
New York Times: For its part, Iran says that its nuclear program is benign, legal
and meant only to provide energy. It has cited its membership ...
Iran ' s student movement : a catalyst for change ?

Daily Star, Lebanon: Recent civil unrest in Iran reawakened interest in the potentially significant
role Iranian students can play in the evolution of the Islamic Republic. ...
Iran detains al-Qaeda No.3 IRAN is holding Saif al-Adel, the third-ranking member of al-Qaeda, but has refused
to hand him over to the United States, the New York Times reported today. ...
New links
I have added new blogs and new sites that are related to my blog in here take a look at them.

Aug 1, 2003

Former Microsoft executive delivers books on a yak
AFP -A former top executive of US software giant Microsoft Corp has traded his high-flying job to deliver books to remote villages in Nepal on the back of a yak.

Dog Gives Flasher His Come-Uppance
Reuters - A drunken Croat flasher got more excitement than he bargained for when he pushed his penis through a woman's fence and her dog bit it, local newspapers said on Friday.
Man Arrested for Firing Half-Baked Weapon

Reuters - German police have arrested a man for firing potatoes at passers-by with a home-made bazooka, authorities in the western city of Essen said on Friday.
Arizona Committee on Academic Freedom in the Middle east send send a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Read this letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Middle Eat Studies Association of North Amerca. Translated article
Directory of games on net
Notice! for those who are bored to death.
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Search online games:
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